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Oxlade-Chamberlain to miss Euros after new injury

Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain will miss the European Championships this summer having suffered another knee injury.

The midfielder picked up the problem in training on Monday morning, and his slim chances of being part of Roy Hodgson’s squad have disappeared as he looks set to be sidelined for 6-8 weeks.

Speaking at his press conference ahead of the Man City game this Sunday, the Arsenal manager ruled out the 22 year old’s chances of going to France with England.

“There is no chance of the Euros for him,” said Wenger. “They told me yesterday that he’ll be back beginning of July.”

Asked if there might be an upside with the Ox rested for the new season, Wenger wasn’t prepared to look for the silver lining.

“It’s bad news. Alex was out for a while and, anyway, he was not overloaded with game.  You want a guy of 22 to go to the Euros, so it’s very sad.

“He’s an impact player as well so he could have helped England achieve success.”

The Frenchman also confirmed the hamstring injury that will rule out Per Mertesacker for the rest of the season.

Other than that Arsenal have a full squad to choose from before the trip to Eastlands on Sunday.

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Oi not this again, he’s injured his injury.


haha he’s injured his injury, we’ve got to be the only club whose players manage to injure their injuries, well it was fun having a full squad training for 1/2 days at least

Crash Fistfight

Is there anything we could be copying from this (not directed at people here, but rather the club)?


the injury merry-go round continues…


This is just getting stupid now


Sadly, I think we were looking at “stupid” point in the rearview last year. This is beyond ridiculous. Everytime I think, our injury/players leave me speechless something even more ridiculous comes around ….


Poor bloke. There’s definitely talent there (enough that if he’s not with us next season I’d vastly prefer a loan to a sale) but he can’t catch a break this year.


hahahahahahahahahahahahaa… ow.


“Oxlade Chamberlain to miss euros after shit season” would have also worked as a headline


He wouldn’t have played for England in the summer if he was fit anyway.


So just Welbeck then? Maybe Gibbo if he’s lucky. Theo can walk


Theo the Ball-boy might work.

Scott P

Hard to keep the multi-ball system going properly when you just jump over every ball you see on the ground


Get fit, refocus and be raring to go in August. Huge talent can’t quit on him yet.


Not to be rude, but where is the evidence of his talent? Are we just assuming that because he’s young and quick he’s going to come good?


You would need to suffer from a severe lack of football knowledge to be unable to recognise his talents.

Crash Fistfight

When he played for us in his first season he looked like a real talent – have you forgotten the cries of ‘you don’t know what you’re doing’ when he was substituted for Arshavin? Yes, he’s been pants this season (I actually thought he was one of our better players at the start of last season) but that doesn’t mean he has to be for all time. The difference between him and Walcott (and why fans are prepared to give him more time) is that he does have footballing ability, rather than just physicality (read: speed in Theo’s case). There’s… Read more »


giving him more time than Walcott isn’t difficult, is it. More than ten years…. but i do aggree, think he will come good. Then again, I thought the same about Theo… Still, keep Chambo, sell Waldo.


His tenacity, his running on the ball. The fact that a couple of years ago there was that run where he and Sanchez were our best performers. See the number of clubs who would want to buy him he’s a talented player.


AC Milan at home. Was fantastic that night in the middle.

Siggi Jonsson

Agree with Chris. He’s a YouTube player – you see a few isolated clips and think he’s better than he really is. Unfortunately he’s blessed with English-level technical ability – poor first touch, poor passing accuracy and range, lack of vision. It’s difficult to be an attacking player at the top level with that combination. Useless without the ball. Knows one thing – to put his head down and keep dribbling until he loses the ball or runs out of space. Good banter and makes pretty funny videos though.


You’d have to be optimistic to think he was going anyway.

He’s been pretty rubbish this season. Considering he scored against the chavs in the Charity Shield, I felt certain it was a watershed moment for him. Shame.


Does he deserve to go to the euros? Probably not. Can’t help but feel really sorry for the ox in this situation. Whilst he hasn’t shown in much this season, his skill set as a midfielder is underrated, and his best performances for us have come in CM. He’s more of an instinct player, and I think that’s been curbed to some extent by wenger. Not a slight on Arsene at all, but sometimes a player just needs to be allowed to express themselves, and with little or no confidence at points this season, the ox has looked like he’s… Read more »


Funny how people rag off Ramsey for his inconsistent touch and average technique and then turn we have others who tout Chamberlain as a CM. Ramsey looks like Bergkamp in comparison to Chamberlain. The kid can’t even control the ball half the time and people think he can be a midfielder in our team? Also if there is one thing I don’t think you can accuse Wenger of is shoehorning his players into rigid roles and not letting them express themselves. But I’m sorry if his instinct is just to run up and down the byline before losing the ball,… Read more »


I feel bad saying it but maybe it’s getting to the point where we should cut our losses with the Ox.

In recent years Diaby, Wilshere, Rosicky, Arteta, Theo and the Ox have been our most injury prone bunch.

I think as a squad you can afford to have one, maybe two, injury prone luxury players. The problem is we have too many, and often they just aren’t good enough to warrant the hassle of constantly nursing them back to fitness.


Suppose it saves him the confidence knock of just not being picked??


Fans? Meh

Rambo's Thai retreat

Gutted for him. Regardless of the season he has had, he needed to be there…


Were he to make the squad Euros would have been good for him. Fresh faces, fresh camp, new start, the boost of making the squad. For us it would have been potential time under his belt and a chance to see what he’s up to. It’s a real miss.

No word on whether it is the same knee? As long as he doesn’t have to go through the ‘doesn’t need a procedure – Ok maybe he does’ revolving door Welbeck got hit by.

Get well soon Chambo.

Ex-Priest Tobin

Sick of Arsene giving the young British players years and years to develop. Either start performing or get out. We can’t afford dead weight.


Looks like he can now concentrate on getting fit for arsenal again… then start really brightly again next season, then get a bad injury and sit the rest of the season out?

Sounds like pretty much every season he’s had so far at Arsenal doesn’t it?

Same old story FC


Shame he is missing the Euros. I just hope he doesn’t miss the summer transfer window through injury as well.

Greh Greysh

I hope we don’t sell him.

Mesut eyes

Nothing new he missed the whole season. Infact he has been missing everywhere apart from the social media

Yorkshire Gunner

interesting to note that his original injury came from going for a ball which he had mis-controlled which he had no chance of winning against Mascherano. If he had jumped the tackle like he should have done he’d be still fit.


Or, as he is an Arsenal player, he would’ve landed akwardly and both his legs would’ve fallen off.

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