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Wilshere gets England call, Walcott misses out

Jack Wilshere has been included in Roy Hodgson’s provisional England squad for Euro 2016.

The midfielder, who only made his first start of the season for Arsenal in yesterday’s 4-0 win over Aston Villa, has been given the nod.

After nine months sidelined by an ankle problem Wilshere, 24, now has 26 days, and three friendlies, to further improve his fitness before the Three Lions take on Russia in their opening Group B fixture with Russia at the Stade Velodrome in Marseille.

Despite contributing during the qualification campaign serious injuries to Danny Welbeck and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain ruled them out of contention.

Theo Walcott, currently nursing a minor hamstring problem, had been tipped as a possible attacking option but has been overlooked in favour of Newcastle’s one-legged Andros Townsend and Manchester United teen, Marcus Rashford.

Kieran Gibbs, who lost his place in the Arsenal first team to Nacho Monreal, has also been left at home.

England provisional squad 

Goalkeepers: Fraser Forster, Joe Hart, Tom Heaton

Defenders: Ryan Bertrand, Gary Cahill, Nathaniel Clyne, Danny Rose, Chris Smalling, John Stones, Kyle Walker

Midfielders: Dele Alli, Ross Barkley, Fabian Delph, Eric Dier, Danny Drinkwater, Jordan Henderson, Adam Lallana, James Milner, Raheem Sterling, Andros Townsend, Jack Wilshere

Forwards: Harry Kane, Marcus Rashford, Wayne Rooney, Daniel Sturridge, Jamie Vardy

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Gutted for Theo. Probably a fair decision though, he’s had a mare recently.

Arsene-al fan

Shame for Gibbs and Walcott too, especially if Townsend can get in.

With the Ox and Welbeck I thought we’d have 5 in the England team at one point, almost didn’t get any.

Good news for us is that they will get a rest over the summer.


Ox has been utter shite mate.
He’s got no chance. 1 legged Townsend getting in ahead of him should prove that point.


That’s not really fair considering the Ox is still injured…

Jimbo Jones

… so one legged Townsend > one legged Theo


Good ole British Core……

Jimbo Jones

Don’t forget Rambo flying the flag for the home nations!


Delighted for Jack. I don’t understand Mr. Hodgson’s decision regarding Townsend and not Walcott.

Also Milner?

Nasri's missing chinbone

Milner all day over Delph, Henderson, drinkwater etc. So consistent and utterly reliable. Not a player fazed by the big occasion.

Terrible at beating the first man from a corner though!


Drinkwater earned his place and should definitely go.


Cpuld it be that Townsend is playing better than Walcott who is not playing well at all?


Townsend is shit, but i don’t think Walcott has done much to deserve a spot. Townsend actually put in a few decent performances with Newcastle.

David C

Milner has been great for Liverpool. He was also the best Citeh player many a game.

I actually think Gibbs was a bigger snub than Theo. Gibbs is well rested and would have been a better option than Rose/Bertrand. I guess Monreal’s the one to blame for this one 🙂


Good for Jack. It was great to see him back. I think its a well deserved and timely kick up the arse for Theo. If you are Gibbs you move to another team right?

Stewart Robson's therapist

Bashing Wilshere seems to be the “in” thing to do, not so much among Arsenal fans but in the wider footballing community. I for one believe that Hodgson would have been mad NOT to pick him. He has a talent that no other England midfielder has.

Stick it to the doubting Thomases, lad. We’ve got your back.


Its ridiculous. Was it 6 MOTM awards in his last 7 England games before he got injured? And people are genuinely bitter/stupid enough to say he shouldn’t be in the squad.


The Wilshere bashing would have a bit more weight if either of Henderson or Barkley were anywhere near as good as the media have made out in the past, but the fact is they’re both absolutely miles behind the top tier of midfielders at this tournament (and I’m talking about ability not form). So rather than knock him, England fans should be relieved to have Wilshere in the squad who (as shown in the past for us) is the only midfielder in the 26 who’s proven he can hold his own against Europe’s best midfields. Oh hang on, what am… Read more »


Not just talent, but getting a few friendly games under his belt will also mean Jack will arguably be the freshest player in England, who hasn’t go through a physical and emotionally gruelling long season.


As mediocre as Walcott has been for us this season, I still feel he’ll add more than Townsend for the England squad. Gutted for him 🙁

Eternal Titi Berg Pat Nostalgia

Rashford made a joke of our defence not too long ago. There is always a spot for a young player in national teams for big competitions. Theo was selected 10 years ago but unfortunately was taking picture and videos in Germany.


Correct call from Roy. Walcott’s form has been woeful.

Crash Fistfight

Worth noting that 3 of the 26 named are going to miss out, so Jack may be one of them.

Hopefully one of the 3 will be Marcus Rashford – he’s got absolutely no business in that squad. Joke call up.


Good point Mr Fist! I think Jack is in though: Hodgson’s face yesterday was pure love. I expect Rashford will be dropped. Hope Rooney is too.

Merlin's Panini

Well this is a lesson for Walcott – up your game consistently or you’ll never play for England again. Same goes for Gibbs, but he hasn’t really done anything wrong per se. I would have picked him ahead of Ryan Bertrand especially given that he has filled in during qualifying for a big chunk of the campaign when Baines and Shaw got injured (also neither of whom have been selected). That defence looks pretty rickety if you ask me and how the hell Delph keeps on getting in the squad when he doesn’t even play I don’t know. Too many… Read more »


Why are there Spuds players on the team? Can the FA please change the rules to disqualify any and all Spuds from playing for the national team?

Perry S.

I honestly don’t think Walcott is suited for any role at the moment other than a depth option and honestly I’m not surprised it’s Townsend as that option ahead of him.


Shame Theo isn’t going but only because he would bust a gut for England which would enhance his sell on value. I’ve been so upset with his recent Arsenal performances because he doesn’t look to be trying.
Shame but he has to be sold.


His confidence is in tatters. The only way out of that is to bust your gut on the pitch. He has to learn that quickly. There’s nowhere to hide playing for Arsenal and I hope to god he’s not feeling sorry for himself. He’s had a few great moments this year – vital goals against city and Leicester, a storming performance against united and a last ditch tackle on yaya toure Spring to mind. I hope he stays, dusts himself on and finally justifies that number 14 shirt


Theo? Bust a gut?

Me So Hornsey

With midfield options of Milner, Henderson and Delph I think Wilshire will be on that plane even if he still had a plaster on his leg.

There is simply no one else anywhere near his class in the centre.

Also, why are there only 3 CBs in the entire provisional squad? And of those 3, Smalling is the only one who I have any confidence at all in. England’s current lack of quality in that position is frightening.


The 3 dropped, will probably be Rashford, Stirling and Delph. Rashford is competing with Kane, Vardy and probably Rooney. Rooney will not play in midfield, maybe number 10 role. Stirling is an impact player, but Townsend is playing better. Delph is a strange one, because he’s been injured loads and has been pretty poor for citeh. Drinkwater and Wilshire will occupy one of the central roles alongside (cringe) Alli. Even though Walcott has been poor I think I would have taken him ahead of Lallana. Other than neat little flicks I’m not sure what else he brings. Walcott’s pace alone… Read more »

Merlin's Panini

Obviously it’s all depending on injuries in the friendlies etc but I would probably have Sterling in over Townsend. I think Delph will be left behind and I would rather have Rashford in there than Lallana (who is shit) and make Rooney a midfield option. But maybe that’s too many midfielders getting the chop.


Adam Lallana is not shit Merlin

Crash Fistfight

I agree.

Not sure why anyone would want Henderson in the squad instead of Delph, myself.

Also don’t see the point in having Rashford in there – there are 4 good strikers already in the squad.


I pity Gibbs. I see him very humble and cool.

Sugar Free Haribo

Walcott completely undeserving of a place in the squad based on this (and the last 3+) seasons overall form.

Noticeable that if Hodgson applied the same ruthlessness to all potential squad members that Sterling, Rooney and Delph would all miss out too as they have been just as bad this campaign.

I hope Wilshere does go and it goes well and injury free for him but I can sympathize with other England fans when they say Noble should be going in his stead, he’s been excellent all year.

Mississippi Gunner

To pick Sterling over Theo seems a bit silly to me. At least Theo scores.


This place can be weird some times.

It seems people are now overrating Theo all of a sudden. I think, if not for him being an arsenal player, the defence he’s getting here wouldn’t exist.

Fact is, much as I don’t like him, Sterling is almost basically a starter for England. He’s actually performed for England. When was the last time Theo did so for England?

Theo is a passenger in all honesty, and Hodgson simply can’t afford to carry passengers to the Euros.

Mississippi Gunner

It’s weird that I would pick Walcott over Sterling? Not really. Neither are particularly impressive, I don’t see how I’m “overrating” Theo by thinking he should be picked over Raheem Sterling, who has been flatly mediocre for Man City this season. Meanwhile Theo is fast and can score, however shit he actually is. I didn’t say anything like “Theo should definitely stay at Arsenal” or “Theo is way too good to be left out”


Sterling is equally fast and can score.

More so, if you look at international form, Sterling has actually been hugely influential for England, whereas England has 4 goals in 7 and a half years (2 of those against San Marino).

And however poor Sterling has been, he’s still had better form than Theo.

Quite simply, if Theo played for Spurs and performed for them as he has for us, I’m pretty sure this place would be adamant that he deserved no place in the England team.


Walcott I meant, not England.


I’d have Sterling at our place – not for £50m of course, but he is a better option than Theo….

Crash Fistfight

He’s been total shit for City this season, and frankly, I’ve never seen him have a good game for England either. All he does is dribble into people constantly.

Crash Fistfight

That is to say, not saying Theo should have been called up, I just can’t stand Sterling.

Mississippi Gunner

I watched all of England’s qualifiers and don’t remember him standing one time

Mississippi Gunner

Standing out*

Eternal Titi Berg Pat Nostalgia

Theo definitely knows where the goal is but he cannot kick good crosses or dribble. Few years ago, Capello left him out of final selection because of his inability to do crosses. I am saying this but I love Theo. It hurts that he is not having a great career.


Is anyone seriously questioning how Walcott has missed out? Absolutely shocking football player, contributes nothing to the team, commanded equal wages to Sanchez and Ozil and then plays with the footballing quality of a stampeding wildebeast – no end product / no footballing brain / couldn’t finish his breakfast / replaced in the team by an 18 YO. Can’t wait til we ship him off elsewhere and buy a decent winger!
Need to stop being romantic with players and start being more ruthless – only way we’re going to move forward as a team.

broken red army

repots say Walcott is on this list; if you keep looking. his name disappears most of the time.
my coat’s the purple one.

mach iii

Walcott, the shooting star. such pace, he could scream across the galaxy the promise was true ! had we found our new Henry? no, not even him with flu… the thing about shooting stars is that they are so bright and beautiful, but they’re also a dying star too and so it was the boy regressed woefully so too. arsene wenger raising his wages all the way through! to no avail, he lost his pace, his head, his shooting boots too he can’t even outdribble a single player. his time is up and it’s time, and back to the championship… Read more »


Fuck Walcott. All mouth and no trousers.

BTW: How is Rashford in and Defoe out?

Hodgeson has gone soft in the head.

Crash Fistfight

Defoe’s always been crap for England, to be fair.


Ever since his shocker away at old trafford Walcott’s been missing in action (here’s hoping he can find his way back to some form, either with or without Arsenal). So his exclusion’s to be expected.

On the other hand Wilshere’s inclusion is a f”cking ‘heads-gone’. But hey-ho, it’s Englands at the Euros, so what difference does it really make?! Just come back in one piece Jack – if that’s not too much to ask.


Anyone who would pick one more CB (Marshall for example) instead of Delph or Townsend?

Wilshere is class above every other english midfielder and played great before injury so it’s one totaly deserved.

Theo hasn’t deserved spot(although Delph and Townsend are shit too).


Always had a soft spot for Milner, sad to not see him included. Defoe , Gibbs and probably Baines (though Everton have been shite) can probably be disappointed too

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