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Iwobi named in provisional Nigerian Olympics squad

Alex Iwobi has been named in Nigeria’s provisional squad for the Rio Olympics. The Nigerian Football Federation have listed the Arsenal winger in a 35 man panel, which will be whittled down before the games begin.

We can’t find the information as to the final squad numbers, but for the London Olympics in 2012, each nation used an 18 man squad.

Nigeria are in a group with Colombia, Japan and Sweden, and Iwobi will go if selected with Arsene Wenger not inclined to get in his way.

“We have to respect his choice,” he said after the talented 19 year old declared for Nigeria rather than England.

“We have to respect the possibility that he will go to the Olympic Games, that he will also go to the Africa Cup of Nations and travel a bit more than he would have done here.”

So, we’ll wait and see if he’s selected for the final squad, and start worrying about it then.

The football tournament at the Olympics starts on August 4th with the gold medal game taking place on August 20th.

The new Premier League season kicks off on August 13th.


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uncle D

Ooh…..Iwobi! That’s how I feel….


I thought dick law and order wasn.t going to let it happen?


I appreciate it’s a good opportunity for Iwobi at a young age to get a taste of international football and an international tournament (albeit without the reputation of a World Cup), but I think it’s also a small risk for Iwobi’s short term chances at Arsenal. He’s got the momentum of a fine end to the season and, unless a shiny new wide player comes in, he could be first choice on the left at the start of next season. If he goes to the Olympics, then he may find himself blocked in the short term by someone taking his… Read more »


Plus I feel like Iwobi’s not the kind to be too bothered by that. He’s pretty confident in his own ability and attitude. He seems like the type who’d be willing to wait for his chance and then grab it.

I could be wrong of course


Don’t Arsenal have enough resources that losing a 20 year old for a couple of months should not be the end of the world? No one to blame but themselves if they start out slow due to not having enough quality options in the squad. “Well if so and so didn’t get hurt and Iwobi wasn’t at the Olympics” is not a valid excuse.

Nacho de Montreal is tasty

With all other attacking players at EURO or Copa America and needing two or three weeks of rest after the season starts and we won’t even count on Iwobi, I see this as a big problem. Even if Wenger plays those coming from tournaments without pre-season training, chances are they will not be sharp and we would need one or two players in form to help them. Wenger will have to keep Walcott up to January for this reason.


I’m a Nigerian and last time this came up, I was all for it and pointed out it was hypcritical for Arsenal to try and block it, as they wouldn’t with a bigger country (they didn’t when there was talk of Gnabry doing the same with a Germany u21 tournament at a critical time for him). However….. I am aware that this pre-season may be crucial. Not just for him on the wing, as I feel he’s gonna face competition from the aforementioned Gnabry and also Silva and his return, but also because it’s easily not known to most that… Read more »

Andy Mack

I don’t think the club have any issues with any player wanting to play for their national team, and especially in an event like the Olympics. But the club is very careful about getting African players because of the ACN, and will try to encourage any youth player against playing for an African nation (when a European nation is an option). If it was every 4 year as it should be now, then it wouldn’t be such an issue but dragging a player away during an important part of the season every 2 year is a step too far, just… Read more »

An Arseblog News Comment

The tug of war between club and country can oft be a polarizing subject for players themselves. On the one hand, players dream of representing their countries at international tournaments. Growing up, they watch their countries’ heroes on big stages wishing to know what that feels like. How then can they say no when they come calling. On the other hand, they train for years just to get in first team. When that happens, your country suddenly recognizes that you have talent and ask you to change your allegiance so that you can miss many games for club that helped… Read more »


Test? Boooohooooo! 🙁


Ah! All is good…..:-)


Anyway, as you were…

MrBrain + Ozil's vision

The melodrama between the Nigerian FA and Arsene was put on hold ever since Kanu hung up his Arsenal boots. Now Iwobi has emerged, and I’m brazing myself up for season 2! However, as a Nigerian I’m proud Iwobi has choosen to represent us. His decision will surely propel our fan base in this country to a greater height . Kanu was an Icon here, he’s viewed by most as a footballing god due to the magic he possessed in his massive feet. And him being an Arsenal legend is a really thing of pride for us. But ever since… Read more »

don juan

So you’re admitting, what already knew, that most Nigerian fans are glory hunters?


I just hope it doesnt tire him out too much mentally/physically even tho he looks to be an energetic 19year old kid.. We’ve seen too many games at a young age can have an impact on a player (wilshere imo)


I’m gonna say it, he should turn it down. Next season with alexis reaching the final with chile, oxlade chamberlain injured, Campbell out of favour and Walcott just generally shit he’s basically garunteed 1st team football so it’s good for him and us. They’ll be better opportunities with Nigeria so I think he should remain with us. Also depending on how far Germany get ozil might need some rest too and iwobi might even find himself behind the striker for us.


Kid should be allowed to play for his damn country FFS.. It’s not like they play every weekend, he’ll be back by 3rd week of the season or even earlier so not a lot of harm done IMO

Andy Mack

I don’t disagree but it should be pointed out that he’ll probably get 3 or 4 weeks ‘rest’ before he re-joins the squad.

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