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Jamie Vardy: By the Numbers

(All stats League play only unless otherwise noted)

Generic Stats

24 – Goals scored by Vardy this season
6 – Assists created by Jamie Vardy
4 – Penalties Jamie Vardy won
2 – Penalties Arsenal Football Club won
4 – Goals Vardy scored on the counter (most in the Premier League and tied with Chicharito, Neymar, and Aubameyang in top five Leagues)
3 – Goals Arsenal Football Club, aka. THE ARSENAL, better known as the entire team of 25 men, scored on the counter
10 – Goals Borussia Dortmund scored on the counter
5 – Goals Leicester City scored on the counter

Scoring situations by Jamie Vardy 2015-16

Let’s not count braces and hat tricks… how many games did Vardy perform well in?

19 – Games Vardy scored in this season (includes penalties, all competitions)
25 – Games Vardy either scored or assisted in this season (includes penalties, all competitions)
38 – Games Vardy played this season (all competitions)
2 – Games per goal scored

18 – Games Giroud scored in this season (includes penalties, all competitions)
23 – Games Giroud either scored or assisted in this season (includes penalties, all competitions)
52 – Games Giroud played this season (all competitions)
2.9 – Games per goal scored

Vardy also a big track bully

A lot of strikers get their meat and drink feasting on little clubs but Vardy actually had an impressive record against the top ten teams in the Premier League.

As Arsenal fans you’ll recall that he scored 3 goals against Arsenal (including a rather dubious penalty). But you probably don’t know that he also scored 2 on Southampton, 1 on Chelsea, 2 on Liverpool, 1 on West Ham, 1 on Man U, and 1 on Stoke (who finished above Chelsea, FYI).


Expected Goals
(League play only, based on Paul Riley’s Shots on Target model, which excludes penalties and direct free kicks)

Just a quick note on Expected Goals: this is basically a measurement of shot quality generated by the team and the player. If we look at where the player took the shots, what type of shot (header, etc), and what the preceding pass was (through ball, corner, etc) and look at the average scoring rate from those shot situations we can aggregate all of those shots into an “expected goals” metric. Higher expected goals means that the player was getting better shots. Higher ratio of goals to expected goals means that the player was finishing exceptionally well. The devil in the details about finishing is that it varies from season to season. In other words, one season a player might finish 20% of his chances (which is what Vardy did last year) and the next he might finish just 15%. That unpredictability in finishing from season to season is what makes football both beautiful (it won the League for Leicester) and heartbreaking (Arsenal’s atrocious finishing this season lost them the League).

15.63 – Expected Goals for Giroud
15 – Actual goals for Giroud
0.96 – Ratio of goals/xG for Giroud
13.94 – Expected goals for Vardy
19 – Actual goals for Vardy
1.36 – Ratio of goals/xG for Vardy

Clinical finisher

Arsenal’s biggest problem this season was finishing. Despite fielding the best shot creator in the Top Five Leagues, in Mesut Özil, they suffered Wenger’s worst finishing season’s in his career and only scored 10% of the total shots created.

Nothing else changed in terms of shots creation, Wenger still sets the team up to be patient and wait for shots in the 18 yard box. But Wenger’s men couldn’t put the ball in the back of the net.

Vardy was the best in the Premier League* in terms of finishing inside the 18 yard box, scoring 20% (17) of his 85 non-penalty shots in the box. Kane was second with 19%. This is a high level for the League. Players in Spain, like Griezmann (28%) and Suarez (27%), or France, like Zlatan (23%), put up better numbers but among top strikers in England Vardy was the best.

Finishing in 6 yard box 25%
Finishing in 18 yard box 20%
Finishing from outside 5%
Finishing from penalty 83%
Finishing from counters 50%
Finishing from open play 16%

People will now set their stalls out either for or against Vardy: he’s not a great dribbler (just 1.1 per game), he doesn’t win a lot of headers (2.6/8.1 per game), he doesn’t create a lot of shots for teammates (1.3 per game), he’s 29 years old, he is a player that relies on speed and space, he committed a racism, and he isn’t historically a great finisher (11% in the 18 yard box last season) but there is no doubt that he brings certain much needed talents to Arsenal.

My suspicion is that Wenger sees him as the player he always wanted Walcott to become: a huge threat on counters and a deadly finisher in the box. Whether he can continue that progress from last season to the next is the big question.


Sources:,, my personal database

*Among the top strikers, there were players who scored 1 of 1 shots in the 18 but we are concerned with players who put up 80+ shots in the 18, not the one-offs.

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Frank the Gooner

Doesn’t fit the arsenal mould. Might bang a few in next season but doubt he’ll repeat his performance from last. Will probably fail to curb his racist ways and will more than likely attempt to sell Bellerin some Ritalin. This whole situation smells fishy and I don’t like it.


Reminds me a bit of the time when we signed Jeffers, the fox in the box…


Jeffers was regarded as one of the top prospects in English football, he did not work out but few if any thought he was a bad signing at the time.

Pacific Gooner

Swap him for Walcott

Arsene-al fan

Other stuff to consider:

In the three seasons before this season Vardy scored 25 league goals, 20 in the Championship and 5 in the PL. Vardy is 29 (30 in January) and would need to integrate if he moves.

Walcott scored 24 goals in the PL in the same three seasons, though missed over a season due to injury. Walcott is 27 (28 in March).

Last season, excluding penalties, Giroud scored more goals than Vardy per 90 minutes played, despite his barren streak.

Woolwich Peripatetic

I think that needs repeating loudly and often. For all his inconsistency per game, Giroud is a very consistent striker per season, who works hard for the team even when he’s not scoring. Every Arsenal fan would like to see an elite level striker come in but most ‘fans’ have no clue what an elite striker actually looks like. If we’d bought Falcao (for example) two years ago for £50 million, there’d have been a riot this summer. Looking at the raw numbers he scored a lot of goals. Looking deeper, he scored a lot of penalties, in La Liga… Read more »

Eternal Titi Berg Pat Nostalgia

Vardy’s club owner said he once came to training drunk. What is scary is that Wenger is probably after Vardy because all other prospects are leaning towards other clubs.


I think he will be “used” in multiple player exchanges…


Personally I’m a little disappointed that we won’t see th same Leicester that won the league fighting in the CL. They put together this unbelievable season and the big clubs come in and rip their team apart, if it was happening to Arsenal we’d be fuming. I also think if Vardy goes it could have a knock on effect to other players, Mahrez, Kante, and it is all over for Leicester.

Regardless I’m in the camp that thinks this is a good signing, I remember Arseblog complimenting the goal he scored against us in the beginning of last season.


Arsene could have written this post. This explains the logic behind his approach perfectly.


Well, he surely capable of scoring goal than Ibrahimovic in the premier league


Ibra I think is a better option than Vardy. He can make up for his lack of pace with his dribbling skills, charisma and his leadership. Just my opinion.


Charisma….seriously? I think that both Vardy’s and Ibra’s presence in the changing room would prove divisive.


Yes Charisma …seriously! Ibrahimovic is a demigod who has played for the best clubs and won the highest honors with those clubs. If Vardy plays in other European countries most of them would not even recognize him let alone be inspired by him. Yes Vardy has won the Premiership but one swallow doesn’t make a summer. Ibrahimovic has been there and done that for years. He would have a stronger impact on the team purely because of his reputation.

Gutbukket Deffrolla

I don’t think you know what charisma means. You’re probably thinking of reputation. Nobody as self-centred as Ibrahimovic has any charisma because people like that lack consideration for others. Ibrahimovic is not a demigod, he’s a twat.


Looks like you don’t know what Charisma means and you are confusing it with his off field antics. If a player with such flair, talent and goal scoring potential (score 38 goals last season which is more that Ronaldo and Messi) cannot be called charismatic, I don’t know who else can!

Keep on waiting

Seriously?…he is 34 year old without pace. Going to a club playing Europa league…tells u all about the motivation. No matter what u say about Vardy, he has that hunger that we lacked last year. Imagine with Alexis and Vardy chasing down defenders….and Xhaka closing down in the midfield….opponents will have less time to build up or counter….


As Gutbukket says, Ibra is a self-centred twat. A mirror image of his next twattish manager at Manure.


you can’t compare Ibra with Vardy


He would be a useful player to have in the squad, but I a not sure he he is the top player Arsenal really need. Arsenal predominantly control possession and it is the opposition who play on the counter attack, so a player who can hold the ball and with better technical skill would be more of a priority.

Crouch End Gooner

Clearly someone didn’t read the article…


Yes I did. It points out that he is not a good dribbler, does not win a lot of headers, does not create many chances for teammates, relies on speed and space. What is your point? He scores well for Leicester, but might not be so effective playing for a team like Arsenal.


Well that is why we have giroud which is the opposite, his link up play is great always brings player in the final third, creates chances and assist with his flicks, also one of the best header in the league, only thing missing ??? Goals and pace and going behind the defense, so do you understand now what we were missing all this years and what we had in giroud and what we didn’t have with him ?

Gutbukket Deffrolla

Except, it’s our style of build-up play that makes Giroud’s job so difficult. We play a style which is best countered by two banks of 4 in defence and which doesn’t leave any space in behind for our players to run into. Vardy didn’t face that all that often last season. If we continue to play the same game then there won’t be much space for Vardy to run into so he won’t be getting the freedom of action with us that he gets with Leicester. This could well drag his effectiveness back to Giroud-type levels or worse. When that… Read more »


So what? Aren’t we all fed up with his obsession on possession, and slow build up play? If Vardy signs, and with Xhaka already there we’re well set up to play on the counter and I’m totally fine with that. What I don’t get is some fans’ insistence on keeping the ball tactics still. One season when we looked absolutely good was 13/14, that season unsurprisingly enough we also set up to play on the counter (mostly).


this* obsession. Fucking fingers

Andy Mack

You don’t seem to appreciate that we can’t often sit back against other teams. 14 of the PL teams will be happy to sit back against us whether we sit back or not, as they’re playing for a draw against us. It’s only the top 5 that try for a win against us.

Woolwich Peripatetic

Totally agree.
You can spot the people who don’t watch games in full by their comments about ‘Arsenal playing on the counter’.
Just watch one of our ‘paint drying’ 0-0 draws in full – we play terribly but the opposition does nothing, they just sit tight defensively and then try to score off a set-piece. A better team would punish us severely by attacking.

Trex d' Gunner

Good bye Theodore,


He’s a decent striker but not sure if he is an upgrade from Giroud. Giroud has an average conversion rate of 22% over the last 2 years compared to Vardy’s 17%. He relies more on pace which is likely to deteriorate considering his is nearly 30. Wenger should have signed Suarez or Higuain when he had the chance or at least should not have let go of Van Persie. I really like Arsene Wenger, for what he has done for the club but some of his transfer choices (or lack of it) over the last few years have been baffling.… Read more »

Gutbukket Deffrolla

Wanna know a secret? You can’t sign a player who doesn’t want to sign for you. Neither Suarez nor Higuain ever wanted to sign for us. They used our interest in them to help push through the moves they really wanted. Blaming the manager in either case is daft.


It’s funny how some of you Arsenal fans are so sensitive. Like it or not, had Arsenal signed a couple of good outfield players last season, we would have won the title.


Thanks Tim. If I read what you are saying right its that Vardy scores different types of goals to Giround and indeed Arsenal – but he really doesn’t get a whole load more in total. His conversion overall is marginally better than Giroud. But Giroud has had better conversion than Vardy does now a couple of years back. I think we are desperate and this is not the move of an elite club. Should have stuck down £70m for Griezmann.


Certainly not a move for an elite club. We do not play counter attacking football that suits his pace like LfC. We play possession football, can you see vardy playing with his back to goal, neat footwork in tight spaces to craft out a yard….I am not convinced.

I’m against this one.


This. They keep saying we can basically buy any player but Messi and Ronaldo (and surely Lewandovski) and they keep buying not-so-great players. Like, ok Ozil and Sanchez are great but they came because their clubs were willing to sell in the first place. If they really want to go for it, go get players like Higuain, Griezmann, Reus… Yes they’ll cost a shit load of money but ffs go for it if you can afford it. That is what it will take to win the league.


This is really tiring. Whenever there is intent people have issues. When we were linked with Benzema, people said he is just marginally better than Giroud and the same was said even when Higuain was linked with us because he was unproven in EPL and was second choice to Benzema. Suarez was a biting racist. For that matter when Ozil was signed people moaned that we had too many midfielders and didn’t need him. What the hell do want from him??? All the arguments being used here, like dribbling skills, playing with his back to the goal and all –… Read more »

Third Plebeian

Agree completely.

Gutbukket Deffrolla

They don’t ever say they can “basically buy any player but Messi and Ronaldo (and surely Lewandovski)”. They say they have money to buy top players if they are available and will improve the team. They don’t bother to add “and those players must want to come to us, and their clubs must want to sell them to us” because they assume that people are smart enough to work out that there are a lot of factors involved in whether a player get sold and who a player gets sold to. Sadly it seems that people aren’t that smart on… Read more »

Stuart Steele (@Stuart_Ten)

I hate this ‘elite’ club bollocks.

Also, people are forgetting we also need to buy a CB, LB and possibly a winger; If we can get a PL proven goal scorer with a bit of a nasty streak (which we lack) for 20m rather than a 50m unknown quantity I say go for it.

Third Plebeian

What do you mean this isn’t the move of an elite club? This is EXACTLY what elite clubs do: weaken direct rivals by buying their best players. It’s what United did to us with Van Persie.

I can’t believe there’s so much resistance to a proven PL striker joining Arsenal. I get reservations, sure, but the level of anger and frustration here is so over the top. Relax.

As well, this is a steal, all things considered, and leaves enough reserves to pursue further targets.

Good deal, Arsene. Keep it up. And welcome, Jamie Vardy.


This! I’ve never called Giroud names or complained about him much other than say he’s probably not main man(first choice starting forward) material for us. I’m surprised by how people are suddenly in love with Giroud again after demanding a ‘top’ striker for a while now. Looks like all of you are completely ignoring the number of games played by each player in the above comparison. Vardy played 38 games, whereas Giroud played 52! Now I don’t know if Vardy started all of his games but Giroud certainly didn’t come on as a sub in more than 5-6 games this… Read more »


“Should have stuck down £70m for Griezmann.”

Yes, because: “Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. Fuck Off.” is so entertaining to listen to when delivered with a heavy Spanish accent.

Gutbukket Deffrolla

It’s all very good sticking down 70 million for Griezmann, but if Griezmann says “fuck that, I don’t want to join Arsenal” then Arsenal get nothing and all the other clubs say “Arsenal? Elite Club? Fuck off”, and in the meantime Giroud gets an offer from elsewhere and we are left relying entirely on Theo to be our main striker. Griezmann (and every other footballer playing today) has a fucking hell of a lot more power to decide who he plays for than say, your average jar of peanut butter on a supermarket shelf. Footballers are people too, you know.… Read more »


Smokescreen maybe? I don’t see us signing a 29 year old, who with a 3/4 year old contract would have no sell-on value….

Not particularly impressed by Vardy the person and his divey ways to boot, although football fans are quite fickle and will accept all kinds of behaviour as long as they bang them goals in


No, it’s true. Not happy, but its true. Hope we buy another striker too and this is just back-up.

Gutbukket Deffrolla

Mate, if we got him for 22 million and we win the PL as a result of his goals, then sell him to the knackers yard for 50p and a plate of horse meat, wouldn’t that be 22 million well spent? If he costs that much and we win the league who cares if we don’t get a decent sell-on price for him? Mind you, he’s technically a reformed and thus ex-racist because he’s done the educational anti-racist course, and hasn’t been video’d “doing a racism” since, so I’ll forgive his evil use of the word “Jap” to describe somebody… Read more »


Would a straight swap for Walcott, jokes apart, be a fair deal?
Age, Pace, Contribution, Eagerness, Moral Values, Integration. There’s good and bad, but it could be very interesting.


No Walcott is younger and demands a higher free. I think he is crap and reminds me of Gervinho in terms of his frustrations and obvious flaws, but in today’s market, getting something like 22M for him isn’t unrealistic. Maybe lukakus replacement. Happy to see the back of him, too soft!

Eddie McGoldrick

Yes I think this would make most sense for us (as doing so would negate the lack of a future sell-on fee for vardy and Walcott really does offer us absolutely nothing 95% of the time, based on which I would expect vardy to significantly improve the squad.) Also worth noting that even if we had to buy vardy outright as long as we could sell Walcott somewhere for a reasonable amount (maybe within 10m of vardy’s 25m fee, assuming that’s what it is) then it would be the same outcome. Either way, if we did buy vardy I’d be… Read more »


Vardy had an amazing season and it will be interesting to see how he performs at the Euros. However he is a striker that relies on pace, currently he is 29 turning 30 in January and as such his pace will begin to decline. Also it is hard to see how he will fit the Arsenal mould but could prove to be an impact player if we do end up signing him. Ibra is off to ManU. Morata hasn’t yet proved to be prolific however would fit nicely surely him or lacazette should be options if Arsene is willing to… Read more »


ronaldo is almost 32 did he lose pace ?


Ronaldo does fuck all expect run when he has the sight of goal. And you can’t seriously be comparing ronaldo to jamie vardy. ronaldo trains and looks like an absolute athlete and he has much more in his locker i.e. heading which vardy isn’t too good. I was thinking along the lines of Jackson Martinez or Torres both good strikers have lost pace as they have aged —> atletico sold jackson to evergrande after 6 months.


His song could be:
“We’ve got a divey racist weasel…

Merlin's Panini

I’ve always thought he looks a bit like Mr Punch. With that in mind we could sing “That’s the way to do it!” Every time he scores. Also when he has a defender hot on his heels we could all shout “It’s behind you!”

Ike's Mood

Absolutely superb! About time somebody brought to this particular debate the level of wit and frivolity we’ve come to expect at arseblog. Good work, Merlin’s Panini

occam's hatcht

We’ve got Vardy
Jamie Vardy
I just don’t think you understand.
A divey, rascit twat
But better than you thought
We’ve got Jamie Vardy.


Hope he doesn’t turn out to be a one season wonder


Please no, of all Leicester’s players I would take Mahrez.


Walcott + some cash for mahrez! his wages wouldn’t even be 140k so we would save some $ there too

Mr. White

So random waking up to reading we’re bidding for Vardy. I’ll be happy if he’s walcott’s replacement and we get another young striker


what if they sell us that lookalike guy? probably a better person though


He’s caught stalking Vardy’s wife, I hear. Or that could be The Sun’s attempt at real journalism again.

Le Jim

Can’t really see him carrying his form and playing style from a team with essentially the least possession in the league, to the one with the most.

We’ve all been crying out for a pacey, clinical striker, but opposition playing with 9 or 10 men behind the ball would require that striker to be technically excellent. Vardy doesn’t really convince me, to be honest.

I also think he’s a bit of a twat.

Gutbukket Deffrolla

Last season Vardy had to find ways to run at one defender or just the keeper and create a penalty out of the slightest close approach by either. He was clearly very good at it.

If he plays for Arsenal he will have eight defenders and a keeper to run at and create a penalty out of.

Refs love his diving ways.

We must get a blue away strip though, so that he doesn’t look like an Arsenal player every time he dives.


Atleast we will be awarded more penalties


Yellow cards


As a so called big club, why are we always only trying to get players on a bargain? Sure, I understand it’s good to get things cheap in life, but how has that been working out for us in terms of winning trophies? We are always trying to buy the poor man’s version of the real deal. None of the other clubs at our level operate like this. When Bayern, Barca, Real Madrid or whoever else want a player, they do whatever it takes to get that player. That is why they always maintain their status as top tier teams… Read more »


Not a fan of this Vardy link, don’t think that I could cheer on this divey racist in good conscience. I’d feel like the Man U fans with Mourinho, slating him for the last 10 years and then creaming over him as soon as he gets there.

Gutbukket Deffrolla

How about you boo Vardy for every dive that wins a penalty for us, and cheer whichever good clean wholesome but embarrassed-looking player converts it for us?


Im all for this transfer. I know people are skeptical about one season wonders but one thing hes been doing consistently is working his absolute bollocks off. We need that work rate up front


Chat Shit Fuck Off – The case against signing Jamie Vardy
We don’t want an evil gnome playing for Arsenal
Literally a 1 season wonder
Doesn’t suit our possession based style of play or how most teams play against us, the ‘low block’ defence in depth.
No pikey racists from Sheffield.

Godfrey Twattschlock

Pikey being the derogatory term used for people from the travelling community. But maybe that particular slur is OK?

Lord Nicki B

Can we stop the fucking, “He’s a bit of a drunken twat” ? In case all of you forgot, Tony Adams, Mr. Arsenal himself had a similar rapport, outside of Arsenal. Personally I believe the massive flak he’s drawing is down to the fact he’s a flawed Englishman. And hell none of you were upset when we’re chasing the absolute twat, Suarez. I remember a whole lot of you calling for us to sign Michu when he had that season at Swansea. He might have turned out to be a one season wonder, but why are we turning our backs… Read more »


Actually, tons of people were upset about us signing Suarez

Gutbukket Deffrolla

Yes, including me, but Vardy apologised for being a fuckwit and did the anti-racism educational course. He hasn’t refused to accept that he did anything wrong, and he hasn’t done it again. Made a mistake. Recognised it as a mistake. Apologised for mistake. Paid for mistake. Educated against making the mistake again. Until and unless he reoffends he should be treated as being rehabiltated (and in the eyes of the law he has been) and should not be hounded by the likes of us. If he “does a racism” again THEN he is a thick c**t, and if he is… Read more »

Wizard of Ozil

Sometimes I really don’t understand our fan base. For years we’ve been crying out for a striker who plays a different style in order to compliment Giroud. Last season Vardy was the best thing since sliced bread and now all of a sudden he’s not good enough?

The fan base is so broken that we can’t even get excitied about a new striker because we are so worried he’ll fail. Personally think its a great signing, reasonably cheap, premier league proven and brings something we’ve been missing for a long time. Good luck!

Danny Ragu

Yes to this. Arsene is criticised for no plan B. This is a plan B or maybe even a plan A!

Stuart Steele (@Stuart_Ten)



well bloody said! (but he is a racist pikey)

Yankee Gooner

This, this, this!

Third Plebeian

Spot on, Wizard.


Vardy did not celebrate when he scored against us at the emirates. Perhaps because he was eyeing a move to our club and did not want to irk the fans of his future club, especially after diving to win the penalty. This is after all his last chance to join an elite club.

broken red army

this reminds me of Fergouson’s last shot on title and buying Van Persie. and also their renewd struggles just a season after.


But he did win the title!

Slow and steady building and development has let us a bit short so why not buy the best forward in the league last year.


I’m so excited about this. It makes perfect sense for the team. Welbeck would have been first choice striker next season because he has all the attributes needed i.e pace, power, height and is a good finisher. Wenger said said himself that pace is a huge advantage in today’s game. With girouds lack of pace and Walcotts inconsistency, vardy is the perfect short term solution. He’s proven himself in the league last season and is at the perfect age that won’t hinder welbeck for the future. Plus I feel like Walcott will be used as a winger for a lot… Read more »


Zlatan? Great great player, proven winner and a reliable scorer but way to expensive imo. One year left in him and to focused on him self…to say the least.

And about Vardy; decent signing but I am a bit sceptical

Godfrey Twattschlock

Ibrahimovic is out of contract and would come for free. Moot point anyway since he’s apparently joining Man U. As a Swede and from the same town as Ibrahimovic it fucking saddens my heart that he’s chosen to play for TCM (That Cunt Mourinho).

Danny Ragu

My only criticism of this move is we didn’t do it in January.

Vardy scores goals. That’s one of the things that’s required to win a football match. He also presses the ball constantly causing.

Danny Ragu

…the opposition to turn the ball over.

Good move Arsene. Keep them coming.


Let’s not compare Vardy to Giroud please. Giroud is a one touch player,Vardy is not. I agree with 7am, think Vardy is what Wenger wanted dear old precious Theo to be.

Mesut O'neill

Hopefully this is all Bullshit. Why pay £25-30m for an average player who had one good season and at 29 will not have another good one.

Pay the £50m that would be required to get Aubameyang.


I think he has what it takes.

Lord Bendtner

Vardy is not who we need.
We need a bigger signing, with all due respect to him. Someone who can play more of the Arsenal style.


This is a liverpool type signing. Seems like he is either unable to convince a top striker to come or unwilling to pay the going rate for a world class striker


What is the going rate? And who would you suggest?

Man Utd £200m to spend and they’re about to sign a 35 year old.

Aubamyang – publicly snubbed us
Greizman – no chance
Benzema – dissed us on social media
Lewandowski – going to Madrid
Higuain – same age as Vardy but would cost at least £40m. Can he adapt to the BPL at this stage of his career?
Lukaku – would be my pick but we would be talking silly money.
Morata – struggles to score goals. Would cost about £40m.


Let’s check out his attributes

Goals – check ☑
Pace – check ☑
Well groomed – nope
Thick dark hair – nope
Movie star looks – nope
Beautiful wife/girlfriend -? (maybe)

Interesting, can his goals make up for his over deficiencies?

Finally and most importantly, can he take a decent selfie?


Please pick Mahrez while you’re at it. Thanks


If we sell Walcott for at least 10m and get Vardy for 20m then this is a good move. Vardy alone? No thanks. Vardy on the cheap so we can fund a Mkhitaryan signing. Yes please.

Yankee Gooner

For the money, it’s ridiculous to pass on Vardy especially if Theo is going to be sold. As others have noted, Vardy seems like what we’d always hoped Theo would become–minus the racism–so if this move were pitched as a 10m upgrade on Theo (assuming we can move Theo for 10m), I think it would be met with much less angst. Also, signing Vardy would not necessarily mean that we’re done signing finishers (especially at that price). He’s clearly a short-term investment at 29 yrs old, and we already needed a new CF *before* Welbz was injured, so I would… Read more »

Joe from Virginia

Many people on here are saying that he does not fit our style because he is a counter attacker and we are a possession team. Well not against the oyherw big teams. Against them we are a counter attacking team. For example this year: Vs Barca 36 and 34 possession in two losses. Vs Bayern 31 and 27 possession in a win and a loss. Vs Man City 43 and 37 in a win and a draw. I could go on but I’m typing on my phone and it is a pain in the ass. It’s not universal but against… Read more »


Really dont see wenger selling Walcott, but its strange to see him trying to sign Vardy, who is just a hungrier version of Walcott, with perhaps more tricks.


This is a stop-gap til welbz comes back.
Would be a great move.


I hope you’re right Yankee.

is the Kante idea dead now we have xhaka? Keep signing I say and let them all fight it out on the training pitch to get in the 11.

Guaranteed starts only breeds apathy in my ever so humble opinion.

When Cesc was with us he commented on Ramsay and Wilshere snapping at his heels for an opportunity. That notion kept him focused. The following game ( I think ) he scored from a Spuds kick off. A goal that still makes me emotional.

Winning mentality – if you build it, they will come.

Yankee Gooner

me too, me too.


Ranieri has confirmed the bid saying “it’s all true” and Vardy’s wife has got all defensive on Twitter saying she has nothing to do with his career (and she seems just like him calling people “morons” and saying “crack on LCFC fans”)
This looks like it’s happening and happening fast!
Oh well, it looks like we getting him like it or not!


I don’t have a problem with Vardy,if he can get at least 15 goals for us plus Giroud’s 15 then that wouldn’t be a good season for Ozil.Haha…

sixteen swans over ainola

I haven’t a clue what to make of this given I’ve never previously liked the player one little bit. That said, Just how much did we pay for Francis Jeffers in 2001? You know, in old money. Just how much would we still like to have the bitey racist ex-scouser at our club. He is home grown – which is ultra important if we lose Gibbs, Walcott etc. in the summer transfer frenzy. It shuts up all kinds of people who think the club is comatose when it comes to transfers. It kind-of harks back to a golden age of… Read more »


Is anyone else concerned by the reportage coming from Sky Sports and BBC? I can’t help but sense a salty, underlying bitterness in the way they have prefaced the story with ‘news’ of United’s ‘snub’. It is common knowledge that the release clause applies to clubs within the top three – why are two media giants proceeding to ram information about ‘utd’s rejection’ down our feeds? We will see it a lot more when the season gets underway, but the media have their designs on Mancunian Action Thriller. They don’t want anything (and we see it with the Euros now)… Read more »


Can you give us a link to the Manure snub story please?




Having read that, I think it’s more “let’s get Arsenal fans to start thinking about Maureen” and that is their “page filling” plan as well as the Man U vs Man C topic.
Exciting season ahead!


I am so pissed off that Sky and the BBC are spinning this bullshit. This is the price we pay for spending a fifth of our rivals average expenditure over the last ten years. When we do things like buy Cech and no one else; they create narratives that make a mockery of us. We did not add much to their disgusting transfer window money counter and they punish us for it. I don’t give a shit, I’m with Arsene all the way. But let’s accept this; Whether we like it or not, the media does control fan opinion; and… Read more »

He's got no hair but we don't care...

Please do not compare Jeffers with Vardy. Jeffers was a kid who’s career went to pot as soon as the London lights and big cash came calling. Vardy is married with a kid, more mature and like Wrighty, is extended stint in non-league has made him hungry to score. Yes he’s a chavvy twat but he’s also a fantastic finisher.


Fully agree with you here. Character assassination has been pitiful, considering the culture of our club. We are a family, and if we can help a player on their personal journey (like Wright, Adams) we are doing our bit in the game.


I love this signing. Very savvy, and an incredible bargain when you consider the market for strikes. I understand many wanted a guy like Higuain, Aubameyang, or Morata. In Higuain, you’re talking about a guy who is the same age as Vardy, lacks pace, and will cost nearly triple. How do you plan on signing other players then? Aubameyang is in his prime and has been scoring buckets of goals in the Bundesliga. Sure, I’d love to have him. But again – how do play on getting that center half or another player when you pony up to sign him?… Read more »


I reckon I should have said “I hope there’s fire to this Vardy smoke.” I’ll take my walk of atonement now. SHAME SHAME

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