Sunday, May 19, 2024

Henry respects Wenger decision & confirms exit

Thierry Henry has taken to social media to confirm he will not be taking up a position coaching Arsenal’s under-18s.

The Frenchman has worked with the club’s Academy while undertaking his UEFA A Licence over the last year and had been offered an opportunity to continue in a more formal capacity on the proviso he gave up his media work with Sky Sports.

Reports circulated this morning that Henry was put out by Arsene Wenger’s request, but made clear he respects the decision of the man who gave him his professional debut 22 years ago.

His statement, shared on both Twitter and Instagram, reads: “I would like to thank Andries Jonker for offering me the chance to coach the U18’s at Arsenal, which I was honoured to accept.

“However, I respect Arsène Wenger’s decision and I want to wish their manager Kwame Ampadu, the boys and everyone at the club all the best for the forthcoming season.”

Tony Adams looks set to take up the vacant position under Kwame Ampadu. We await confirmation of the return of Mr. Arsenal.

Henry will presumably go in search of a club that will allow him to undertake his UEFA Pro Licence alongside his media duties, thereby throwing up the ugly prospect of him wearing the badge of another Premier League club.

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All the best. Big ups for standing your ground.


Wish Arsene was busy buying a striker rather than chasing one off.

Scott P

I think we can all understand the frustration of waiting for our team to do business in the transfer market, but does every bit of news have to be viewed through this lens, no matter how unrelated?


Every season the same we wait we wait then nothing I hope this coming season will be better.


that’s him. a year of near misses again when immediate competitors conclude their business early and decisively.


If you’re the Glazers and you want to pull a cunt brace, don’t you hire him for ManUre’s U18 squad just to put a thumb in our eye?

Andy Mack

They wouldn’t hire him because he’s a pundit.
If they did just to get at us then the first time he said MaureenOs team were poor then he’d be sacked.

Nacho de Montreal is tasty

Man U gave a first team assistant coach to Giggs, Chelsea proposed same to Drogba if it wasn’t for his MLS contract. We denied the most significant player in club history, a temporary U18 assistant coach position.


No, we offered him the position, but he said he’d rather make the big bucks spouting waffle for Sky Sports instead.

Andy Mack

I’m 100% certain they wouldn’t let Giggs or Drogba do pundit work at the same time.

Stuart Steele (@Stuart_Ten)

I’m sure Wenger respects Henry’s decision as much as Henry respects Wenger’s.

And so should we.

Move on, people.


It doesn’t take long for a Wenger apologist to show up!
Thumb down this as much as you like but Wenger should be announcing signings rather than disenfranchise our legends. If he knew Thierry was going to refuse to leave Sky sports then why didn’t he offer Arteta the job? At least we could have kept one of them at the club.


He did offer Arteta a job.

Daft Aider

long after everyone else had already done so


How simple everyone thinks the world of professional football is. Playstation Syndrome is a beast!


do you see any other coach from other PL league club working for TV ???? no?because other club are the same, how can you be objective on TV while you are working for the club
why it should be different for Henry, full time coaching or media , he decide the easy way ,wenger respect his decision , step in another legend Tony Adams


It’s a conflict of interests. Wenger is very guarded when he’s talking to the media (bit too much perhaps!). Henry can’t really expect to work for Arsenal while working for Sky and spouting some of the stuff he has been about the club. He couldn’t do it if he was working for any other company. Arsenal is a big football club that is in the media all the time. I can’t see that he can go and do coaching at any other top club in this country while he is still working for Sky because he will have the same… Read more »


Conflict of interest? Doesn’t Arsene also do tv punditry in france?

Bob's Mexican Cousin

In France…?!


Arsene won’t be talking about his employer though. Sky want a story. Quotes. Good tv. That’s Henry’s job if he works for them.

Arsenal will want to control their image and control what comes out in the media. Also it is bad for the team if he’s slagging the players or the club off on TV.

A Gorilla

Firstly, it’s internationals.
Secondly, it’s in the off season so doesn’t conflict with regular club football matches.
Thirdly, you don’t treat the U18s coach the same as the first team manager


Its the U-18’s a huge undertaking and a huge responsibility, Henry wasn’t even qualified in the first place.

Stuart Steele (@Stuart_Ten)

Wenger apologist? I’m far from it. But if Henry chooses Sky, and Arteta chooses Man City, over Arsenal then that’s up to to them.

And yes, if I could thumb you down more than once, I would. You berk.


As a coach at the club, even at the under-18 level, Henry would have has access to a lot of inside info about the club. He’d have a finger on the pulse of the mood at the training grounds, he’d have opportunities to “bump” into the senior players, he’d have means maintaining and cultivating relationships with different members of the club, all of which ultimately gives him an edge in his job as a pundit/journalist. It’s an unfair advantage vis-a-vis his relationship with the club. I think Wenger had been generous to allow it to go on in the first… Read more »

Nacho de Montreal is tasty

Everybody on planet earth knows that Wenger will never give inside information about Arsenal to others. Nevertheless, when Wenger does punditry, doesn’t he put himself in situations where the media outlet could try to get information from him? Organizations do not rely on personal qualities of employees but processes that apply to all and protect them.

Andy Mack

Have you seen the work he does for French TV?
Not the same as fuck-wit redknapp, ‘trigger’ Carragher and Gary ‘the manager…. 😀 ‘ Neville sitting round whinging and bitching.


Gary ‘the manager…’

That’s hilarious! Although, I have come to tolerate him a lot more since he left united and started commentating. Still though. Never forget. Arsenal forever.


No need to get personal. Express you opinion without resorting to insults.


I bet he’s so cut up about being called a berk..

Not all ex players are Legends

Henry is a legend. Adams is a legend. Arteta was a good player & a good pro. The word legend is horribly overused these days.

A Gorilla

Completely agree. Interesting how the legendary players hardly ever become legendary managers.


Did you find this out in your conversation you had with Mikel & Arsene?

The Armchair Analyst

I am sure Arsene does respect Henry’s decision only because choosing to leave was indeed Henry’s decision.

Nacho de Montreal is tasty

Nope, this is not as simple as you seem to believe. Wenger was tactically wrong on this. Henry is now free to tell his mind about our players, the manager and his job. Due to what Henry represents for Arsenal, whatever he says about us will always go viral. Now , what’s the problem ? Didn’t Henry tell the truth about Giroud ? Did we win the league with him ? Wouldn’t we win the league with a striker who could score 12 more goals ? Fans and any other pundits who discussed how Arsenal could win the league said… Read more »


Although probably nothing to do with Henry leaving the post as some papers are painting it, our former players are absolutely fucking cunts whenever it comes to punditry. Dixon and Keown aside. The others just go with the same fucking shit Shearer, Savage and Lineker trot around. Although some criticism is justified, it just sounds like an absolute broken record whenever they talk about Arsenal.


Andddd having said that, IF and only IF it’s true Wenger didn’t promote Henry because he’s being an absolute d*ck while doing punditry works then it speaks really poorly on the managers behalf. More than once he’s blamed the fans last year for the team’s failings and if true, again he’s averting blame from himself. This transfer window already have the symptoms to go to absolute shit (again) and we have this sort of news doing the rounds on Arsenal. Jesus get your shit together Wenger.


I class John Hartson as one of our own and I think he’s excellent.


Charlie Nicholas, a top man too!


Yeah, big fan of Lee Dixon on NBC Sports.


Lee Dixon is great. I’ve heard some excellent wit from him

Godfrey Twattschlock

But the brightest of them all is Owen. A true entertainer as well as a source of intelligent analysis and wit.


Maybe because the last ten years has been a fucking broken record. It’s the sameness that does my head in.

Nacho de Montreal is tasty

Henry was extremely professional when he played for us. Now we want him to be an unprofessional pundit who only supports his former team. Last year, he had to say good things about Spurs and he did. There was a documentary about Henry last year. Clichy said, after winning the double, everybody wanted to go to a bar and Henry declined and said he had EURO that summer. Doesn’t Wenger want to have that guy around Wilshere?


Perhaps because our performances have been like a broken record over the last 5 years?


Wenger’s decision? It was Henry who chose what he wanted to do.


Well I guess £4m is a lot to turn down!

Shame though, would’ve been great to have Henry coaching our young strikers.

Saying that, I think Wenger’s totally in the right here to insist he makes a choice and devotes himself to the club.

I don’t understand Henry’s statement calling it ‘Wenger’s decision’ – surely it was his own.

Looks like he chose a cushy and very lucrative number over the club to me…

Nacho de Montreal is tasty

Who wouldn’t?

Giroud's Buldge

So Henry, you love the club but you’d rather work for Murdoch?

Do one mate. You once said that our Cannon was heavy, where did you ditch it?


So he should plan his life to be 24/7 around Arsenal?
He is allowed to want to be a pundit and do something outside of Arsenal. You go do one mate.
He is a person, not just an Arsenal person, and in no way does that diminish what he has done for the club.

Dr Strange

How can you tell a legend that loves the club to do one? The worst is people are giving thumbs up for that stupid fucking comment.

Aaron Lockyer

Money talks.


Henry is clearly enjoying his time at Sky and I don’t think it’s an unreasonable request from Wenger to ask Tito to choose between one or the other. I’m sure he’ll be back at the club when it’s the right time for him, and with TA filling his shoes it’s not such a big deal….. I’m sure the press will now report a rift between the two but that’s just standard.


Have to question how serious he is about a future in coaching/management if he chooses punditry at Sky over an opportunity to coach full time, especially at his “beloved” Arsenal.
On the positive, you can’t really get a bigger legend to replace him than Adams

David C

does he have much more to learn from Wenger? That’s about the only other motive I see for him leaving as well.

Andy Mack

He’s working for the U18s team manager, not directly for AW…


well for one thing a good manager stands behind their club and players. He’s not got that down yet.


I personally wouldn’t be so quick to judge his commitment. As a pundit he needs to be relevant, popular and charismatic for the role. Right now he is all 3. after a few years trying to be a manager? not so 100% whats to stop him going into management after a few years as a pundit? nothing Whats to stop him going into punditry after attempting (and failing because lets be honest a successful Thierry wouldnt just quit) management? see above. why should Thierry put his career on hold for Wenger? if Thierry was derogatory towards Wenger’s past seasons’, when… Read more »

Daft Aider

you could say the same about our manager every summer

Andy Mack

But only every SUMMER.

Bank of friendship

Still no striker .

He's the soup

Wenger’s right. But if I see TH14 ending up at Citeh coaching their youth, then it’ll feel wrong.


If Henry is to be affiliated with the club then being a pundit for Sky is a bad mix. Just look at how what he said about Giroud hit home. It might be true and he might need it, but there’s a massive difference saying that to him face to face and saying it to the world in a studio. I do not agree with Wenger on too much, but here he made the right call. Continuous criticism of the players in public while you’re a coach is just a bad mix.


Now he will be very critical of Arsenal without fear or favour in his punditry. Giroud, Wenger be ready


Wenger is 100% correct on this matter. If Henry wants to be a manager/coach in the future he has to be fully committed to that club even if it’s the U18 (they are the future of the club). Really disappointing from an Arsenal legend who put Sky (££££) before a club he supposedly loves and adores. On the positive side, Mr Arsenal is back. People slating Wenger need to realise that you cannot stay at a club and criticise it afterwards on live TV. Really disappointing from someone as respected as Henry. Arsenal have a statue of him outside the… Read more »


You opine that coaches have to be 100% committed to a club, but Wenger also does tv punditry.


Lets be clear: Wenger does international punditry in the offseason and on international breaks, not Premier League punditry. Big difference.

.. and compare Henry to Wenger in terms of their nous on how to handle the media?! I love Titi… but he says some stupid shit.


except its when most of the player go on holidays after the season end ,not in middle of the season


Henry presumably has a contract with Sky. If he can’t commit to the club at the moment because of it, it doesn’t necessarily mean he doesn’t want to or that he won’t do when he can.


Did you ever think he might just like being a pundit and doesn’t want to give it up?
Isn’t he allowed to do something outside of Arsenal without being abused?
Still an Arsenal legend regardless of you sensitives abusing him for allegedly “betraying you”.


From a playing legend to a cunt because of one’s actions after leaving the club is not the longest route ever, as a few had found out in recent years.


No doubt the Chavs try to sign him now


well if he want to work for the chav he will have to quit his jon at TV too, dont know why people think we are the onlly one who do this, tell me once PL coach who do Tv work in same timen as coaching … none


If Arsenal offered to match/better his current package at sky, then this is dissapointing. if not, It doesn’t bother me much. I can’t fault a man for looking after his best interests.

Andy Mack

Henry needs to be involved in a team to gain his full coaching qualifications.
He’s not fully qualified so why would we offer him £4m salary as an Under 18s coach.

Now Henry will have to find a lower league team to finish his qualifications with, or maybe he’ll give up coaching.


Pardon my ignorance here. Can any other manager of a premier league determine who gets hired and on what condition at the club? I don’t get it!

Andy Mack

Every established manager would have that level of involvement.
Every PL club would have problems with one of their coaches in this situation.


Henry is all about Henry. Arteta will make a bettter coach than Henry will, and I was sad that he chose City but I can understand that he wanted to work with Pep. I still hope that one day he will come back. Mikel is always professional and respectful, he would never criticise the team or any player in the way Henry has done. Henry plays the fans to his own advantage, I’m disappointed in him since he slagged off Giroud, to be honest.

Third Plebeian

Couldn’t agree more. For all that I adore the man, Henry was a terrible team captain, and I’m not sure he’d be a very good manager either. There’s just something a little self-indulgent about the guy, a quality that is wonderful when you’re a talented goalscorer, but not so much when trying to lead a team.

I don’t think Arsenal will miss him.

Andy Mack

I think we will as a youth/U18s coach, but I agree that I don’t expect him to become a great manager.

Super Joshi

Agree. Always thought Gilberto would have been a better captain. This has a touch of little girl whining about it. Just like the 1st time he left. Slag.

Maybe he should do a spell coaching Charlton and then come back when his head’s right.

Andy Mack

It’s certainly possible that they’ll take him as U18s assistant manager, as they’re not in the PL so his TV work couldn’t effect the club.


Well said. Completely agree regarding Mikel’s class and Henry’s mouth going off before his filter warms up.

Mick m

Henry, at his peak, was probably the most exciting player I’ve seen at Arsenal and up there with the best in the world but he’s not a manager. A fact born out by his decision to stick with Sky rather than coach. The former pays far more and keeps him in the spotlight, which I suspect, he enjoys. Good luck to him but don’t forget, for all his proclaimed love of Arsenal, he held the club to ransom to stay an extra season prior to leaving for Barca. I’m not anti-Henry by any stretch of the imagination but as someone’s… Read more »

Bergkamp 3:16

Henry loves Arsenal only to a point that it suits his agenda. Leaving for Barca validates that fact. He could have steadied the ship after moving to the Emirates and perhaps even help Theo even if he wasn’t playing at his peak but no, he decided to lead the exodus that followed for 6 seasons after. As you rightly mentioned he was a terrible leader and I doubt he has the ability to be half as good a manager as Wenger was/is. His decision to choose Murdoch’s filthy lucre tells it all. Henry is nothing but a self-centered individual. He… Read more »


Bit alarming that he’s more attached to his Sky pay packet than to a club he’s always professed to loving. Parting of ways is for the best if that’s the case. Hope Adams does well.


Watch Jose stir the pot and offer him a job

Andy Mack

He’ll only offer him a job if he quits Sky, like every other PL team.

Dan D

He has clearly become a media whore and would prefer to spend his time in the company of the many young women that work in TV as opposed to young men.

Dan D

That was a test to see how many thumbs down my my tongue in cheek comment received. I wasn’t surprised. You bunch of tarts…


No club will have a full time coach do full time punditry. There is a clear conflict of interest there and Henry cannot eat his cake and have it. I feel Wenger has done him a big favour there, to do his work in the studios without inhibition.

Good luck Titi.


Never should have been allowed to happen in the first place, untenable situation.


4 million a year worth of ground. It’s all about the money and spotlight


NO big deal. One has to not confuse good manager prospect with legendary player. Special players do not necessarily make good managers. Granted Pep, Simeone and Conte have made it (Ancelotti), many othes have not. And Henry seems to have a lot of learning to do yet. Some of his comments as pundit were naive at best. He hasn’t shown anything to suggest he is any better than any other candidate for the job. I suspect fans (the more simplistic section)sentiment is being stoked here by the media. If punditry is anything to go by, its easy sniping from sidelines… Read more »


Henry loves himself a bit too much, far more than the club. I’m with Wenger on this one, massive conflict of interest and he seems all too happy to slag Arsenal of late. Can’t have it all Henry.


So how long before Manchester City offer him a job?
I’m a bit torn on this- I understand Henry wants to make money and be on TV talking about the sport he loves and at the same time earn his coaching badges- but I understand the position that Wenger is coming from, too. That said, it’s a bit hypocritical for Wenger to do French tv work while managing the club and not allowing others to do the same.


It’s not hypocritical. Wenger’s not doing punditry during the season, only when the team is on break and it’s for International matches. And he doesn’t insult his own players and club recklessly affecting their performance. Thierry does punditry on the PL and was criticizing fellow employees at the very club he was coaching for.

I have no doubt this would not have been an issue had he been doing french international tv work while the teams are on break like Wenger does.


It is hypocritical. Managing is a full time job with no offseason (though one might argue Wenger works while doing punditry, eg alexis). Almost all the same people play internationally as do in the c.l. & epl so it’s not like Arsene is commenting on separate groups of players. moreover, i found nothing wrong with Henry’s statements re: Arsenal (even though i didnt always agree) as long as he spoke from the heart (as opposed to just stirring up shit for tv purposes) and would say the same to players’ faces. Nothing necessarily wrong or “reckless” about criticism as long… Read more »


Have you ever watched Arsene when he’s doing his media stuff for french TV? It’s totally different than what the Skybots do. He rarely comments on individual players, and whenever he does it’s usually just something complementary (“I like Kante”) which then prompts a storm of stupid media headlines about how we’re signing Kante. He doesn’t slag off players – not his own players, not other managers’ players. And he certainly doesn’t comment on Arsenal or the premier league.

Nobody would have a problem with Henry doing an appearance on french TV during the euros.

Jeremy O Dwyer

I think at first glance it looks similar but there’s a big difference between Arsene commentating in France on national teams during the off season and Henry commentating in England about club teams (including Arsenal) during the league season.

Third Plebeian

Yup, and there’s also a problem when slagging off your team is something your network wants you to do more of just to increase ratings. Wenger never slags off Arsenal players when he’s commenting for other agencies.

However, I will say this: I firmly believe that Wenger wouldn’t have offered the ultimatum if he thought Henry had the potential to be a truly special manager.


Plebeian – again i fully agree. Wenger is very calculated. I don’t think he would have offered the ultimatum if he believed Henry could handle both the pressure from the network to say things just to get ratings, and the responsibility he has to the club. It was clear, Henry said things to be sensational. He’ll get better with time. I loved him as a player.. I didn’t like him as a pundit.


I think that Wenger would never gave the ultimatum if he though Henry has an ability to control what he’s saying as not to damage the team. Apparently, Henry either misses common sense or doesn’t care, hence the ultimatum.

Andy Mack

If they offer him a job it’ll be subject to him leaving sky.
The same as every other PL team will insist.

team spirit

Did u notice that this french tv work takes places mostly during international competitions in the close season?

The Great Ex-Priest Tobin

I wish Wenger had left instead of Henry. Still no new striker, pathetic.


good to see fans taking this in the right way and not blaming wenger
if henry wants to do media work good luck to him i will always be a fan of the player he was for us but not a fan of his me me punditry which just goes with the rest of the Arsenal bashers that work for sky and bt
COYG looking forward to this season


He’ll regret that when Nev comes back with his tail between his legs and gets back on what he’s best at. Something our Beloved Thierry isn’t the best at I’m afraid.

Andy Mack

Gary isn’t much good at it either since Carragher joined him.
They egg each other on to make more and more outrageously dumb comments.

kampala gooner

Much as I love Titi this was never going to work. Your tell the world that we could do better than Olivier what happen when you bumb into each other at London Coloney.wish him the best and hope the door is still open when he finally gets his options right.

Little Mozart

It hurt the last Henry left but now I’m just annoyed.

Over the fucking moon about Mr. Arsenal taking the vacant role instead. That’s surely a dream come true for every gooner!


Maybe we’ll finally start producing good defenders.

Andy Mack

I can’t see any PL team giving him a coaching job if he remains working for sky.
He’ll have to complete his coach badges at Villa or maybe Norwich…

Jeremy O Dwyer

Good luck to Tony Adams as well. Hope he’s a success.


He went for the money, and to work for SKY.

The day my hero became just another guy.

PS There’s an amazing article on this at VICE Sports if you look it up, that explains exactly why Henry did this.


What did I say earlier?

This is all for the best for both sides. Henry wasn’t cut out to be a manager, but I actually like him as a pundit – although for some reason he’s better on the BBC than at Sky. Now he can earn shedloads of money for just talking about football.


The BBC gives their pundits better scripts to work from.


It boils down to a conflict of interest, so it does! You can’t be doing one job in which you criticise (no matter how constructively!) the Club’s players, management playing style etc whilst doing another job working for the very same Club. Wenger was quite right to make him choose.

He chose, he’s gone but will remain ALWAYS a legend.

We move on.

Tony comes back: the King is dead, long live the King!


There isn’t one club in existence that will employ someone as Youth Team coach while also doing full-time punditry as it will subvert the main manager when youth team manager has to be honest about players and clubs on TV broadcast to millions. Name me one — there isn’t, for good reason. Hence why Neville left Sky when he went to Valencia; admittedly the main job but it’s the same deal, not even accounting for all extra time they need for management. Henry made this decision, him and him only. The narrative to blame Wenger is nice and convenient, but… Read more »

Super Joshi

A somewhat Van-Persien instagram post.


I do agree, TH has been a bad pundit, esp when he criticized Giroud at the important moment during that season. So I see many of your views. He also did say some things that are true, and we all knoe that AW likes to be the main decisionmaker re all things Arsenal and is quite stubborn and reluctant to change. On the other hand, today those pigs down the lane signed a potentially gteat striker (Janssen) so there goes one of the options for us, which are becoming slim. On thr other hand, we see our best ever striker… Read more »


If Arsene sign Hansenn, people will still slagging him for only buy an unknown young striker. Sorry, club as big as Arsenal are not allowed to do that, i’m afraid…




Ha ha ha Sanogo, Welbeck, etc, take your pick. A big club like Arsenal cannot do that my ass


I’d take jannsen over nobody tbh

Andy Mack

That could be a sensible comment when the window shuts.
But at the moment it’s just irrelevant.


True but he’s already gone hasn’t he

Andy Mack

But whilst the window is open, it only ‘kind of’ works if you really believe he’s the only and best option.


“Wenger cannot take criticism” and “Wenger is hypocrite because he also do punditry and not doing his job in transfer window” are all empty theory for me. Why? 1. Criticism theory: Err, the replacement is Tony Adams, who also said bad things about Arsenal on the media. 2. Punditry and not doing the job: People, It’s once every four year, either world cup or euro cup. Once every four year. And like others have said, Arsene has the team to do the transfer. But if you insist that it is Arsene who do all the transfer therefore he cannot do… Read more »

Vincent Kompany's Forehead/Jamie Vardinho

Don’t see how this is Wenger’s fault. At the end of the day fair play to Henry if he wants to stay @ Sky. You can call him a money whore for the CREAM but at the end of the day it’s his business where he wants to work so I really don’t get why people are getting worked up. I also don’t see anything wrong about him criticising Arsenal, it’s his opinion and many of us do criticise Arsenal, cuz its the club we love. I doubt Henry saw Wenger as being unfair, at the end of the day… Read more »


Bugger all going on in the transfer market…I’m a bit pissed off me.


I’m increasingly getting the feeling we aren’t going to do anything here, which is really really poor …

Most clubs seem intent on keeping the strikers they’ve got. Most of the available options see to have moved already.


And it doesn’t seem like we’ve made much attempt to sign any of them


It’s true we have the rest of the window, but we only seem to be hearing about who we can’t or won’t sign. Not sure how much truth there is in some of it to be fair. NapolI want 80m for Higuain. We’ve made no approach for Lacazette. Aubameyang staying at Dortmund. Jannsen has gone to spurs. Ibra to United. Batshuayi to Chelsea. Vardy staying at Leicester. Milik staying at Ajax. Morata staying at Madrid. Lukaku staying at Everton. Icardi is not for sale. Mkhitaryan to United. Guess Draxler and is still up in the air but don’t know if… Read more »

Andy Mack

As a club we try not to do our transfer business in public, so in most (not all) cases we won’t hear about something until it’s someway through the process. Not hearing anything in the gutter press doesn’t mean we are or are not in the middle of a deal.
Fingers crossed that we are in the middle of a top top transfer!


Hope so. The suspense is killing me.

Andy Mack

It’s killing all of us, but they won’t suddenly change the way they do business just for our nerves.


I can think of 4 million reasons I’d have made the same decision.


He’s already minted though isn’t he

He's got no hair but we don't care...

Sorry blogs but the ugly prospect of him wearing another premier league badge is Wenger’s doing but us fans will have to suck it up as usual.

When he’s at Citeh (or worse), helping them produce outstanding youngsters that will go on to win league titles in the future, our beloved Arsenal and its glorious Gooners will take the heat.

Excuse me, but since when are city producing outstanding youngsters? Get real, that’s just not going to happen.

He's got no hair but we don't care...

Seriously? Please attempt to not take things so literally.

I mean ‘when’ he goes there or anywhere else and they start producing excellent youngsters.

Any clearer for you?

Andy Mack

When he’s qualified and leaves pundit work, then a PL team would consider employing him and if we have a space in the coaching side, he may come back to us.

No worries, what you are saying was clear in the first place, but you are wrong. city don’t give a fuck about youngsters or developing players, so if you are trying yo make an argument along these lines, maybe you should start be saying why on earth one should think this will change. Seriously, was there a single(!) player which in the last 10 years came through their academy and became relevant (i.e. for more than two matches) for their first team?


Judging by his punditry record I don’t think he’d make a great coach. Not sure many strikers do.
All I’m worried about is starting the season with the squad we have. We need some signings and I have a horrible feeling they won’t be arriving.


This provides some insight into how seriously Wenger takes all aspects of the job. If you watch his media appearances and all his quotes , you’ll notice Wenger is extremely careful in what he says. He very rarely publicly criticizes or singles out a player and always protects his players and the team. It certainly explains why “I didn’t see it” is such a common utterance. And it definitely explains why Henry had a conflict of interests.


It should be noted that the same goes for all the other great coaches. This is perhaps best visible on morin*o’s criticism of a player if and only when it absolutely suits him and never just because the player ‘deserves’ criticism.

Blitz Bailey

To bad, Wenger could use more people around him whom is not afraid of dissagreeing with him and voicing their opinion instead of just all these Yes Men seeking his approval.


Well he had the choice of doing so.
If he Wanted to use his influence to act on his opinions he made the wrong choice. Now he’s just put himself in Wenger’s basket labeled ‘Them’.


What’s the big deal here about conflict of interest. He’s not coaching the 1st team or even the under 21’s, he was an assistant coach to the Under 18’s. What does that have to do with punditry?

Gary Neville was a pundit and Assistant Coach to the English national team and it was not seen as a conflict.

Just saying this smells of a bit of egotism here when you have to make a choice between 5 mill and 100K while the Boss does punditry for the Euros and WC’s without there being a conflict of interest.


Assistant coach to a ‘national’ team…..if he was a coach at yanited and sir alex were still in charge there, do you really think he would allow him anywhere near SKY? I don’t think so.

Andy Mack

You can’t compare with Gary Neville as that’s only the national team.
I’m sure Henry will do something similar like coach at Barnet U18s so he can get his qualifications.
Then he’ll be able to call himself a qualified pundit.


Well Arsene doesn’t want someone who spends his time with the likes of Owen and carragher around his U18 all day long of course,Arteta is not yet lost,he’s being with Arsene on the bench/training ground for a while let him pick some tips from pep them come back and mix it up for us i say COYG

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