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Henry to coach Red Devils (not those ones)

Thierry Henry has joined the Belgian national team set-up as an assistant to new boss Roberto Martinez.

The former Gunner had accepted a coaching role with Arsenal’s under-18s earlier in the summer only for Arsene Wenger to withdraw the offer when the 39-year-old refused to give up his media work with Sky Sports.

Henry will use his post with Belgium to complete his UEFA Pro Licence – the mandatory qualification needed to manage a top-flight European club.

Following an induction period, those wishing to qualify for the Pro Licence need to undergo a year-long course which involves around 240 hours of study combining a mixture of distance learning, online learning and conference calls. It is followed by a residential study week at Warwick university.

Belgium, currently ranked second in the world, face the likes of Gibralter, Bosnia, Greece, Estonia and Cyprus as they look to secure qualification for the 2018 World Cup in Russia.

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Good luck to him even though I’m not quite sure how valuable international coaching experience will be to him

the only sam is nelson

UEFA Pro License qualification looks like a bit of value on its own

Getso gunner

It was like whaaaatttttttt????????
Henry is a good human will never turn to devil, especially red one


Yep that’s exactly word for word, the thought, that passed through all our heads.


I’m glad it’s not a certain Red Devil we all hate…Good luck to our Legend.

Me So Hornsey

I came over all queasy and was a little bit sick in my mouth at first glance of the article title.


I’m not gay but thierry is smooth as fuck.

Ok, maybe a bit gay.


I don’t know why, but ever since he hung up his boots, Henry has just been gradually dropping in my estimation of him.

I still love him mind, but I see him as more of a disruptive influence to the club now than an asset.


Why? Can you name anything he has said that is incorrect or untrue?


He didnt say incorrect or untrue. He said disruptive.


Thierry speaks the truth, sorry if that upsets yourself and arsene.

Remember the uproar when he said we’ll never win the league with giroud. Now it seems every gooner in the land wants a better striker, just like Thierry said and got slated for.


nothing says “disruptive” like coaching Belgium.


another legend failed to be used by Arsene only to find even better opportunities somewhere else.


It was right that he couldn’t stay at Arsenal while continuing commentating on Arsenal. It was right — but also sad. So I’m very pleased about this, especially as it’s Belgium.


He was offered a job with us by wenger. He turned it down so he could suck skys rocket


Why the fuck do people care so much about where ex Arsenal players end up, especially those with a legacy?
Are these people more likely to succeed in management? Not necessarily. Does having extra ‘pashunn’ and romance for the club lead to better results and performances? Definitely not.
I have two personal requirements of support for those who are recruited by Arsenal:
1. They must not be a cunt (rules out most of Manchester and Chelsea)
2. They must be good at their job


castigating the manager for not indulging the career whims of every single player he has managed or signed in the past is a consequence of a particularly dimwitted kind of club chauvinism, I feel.


Exactly. It is a sort of tribal fanaticism that overrides a person’s critical thinking. There is already too much of that in the world as it is.


Arteta learning alongside Guardiola, and now Henry coaching the no.2-ranked international side.

This is a good thing guys!


It is a good thing for these two new coaches. That is it. They experience new events and grow as humans. But I for one do not expect an ounce of of sentimentality or ‘loyalty’ from them when they choose which club to manage, even if the become the next Guadriola. If you want success in any endeavor, actions have to be based on facts and logic, not emotion or nostalgia.

Red runner

He’s certainly the best player Arsenal ever had, but his Mr Arsenal ego smugness does rub me up the wrong way these days. Sorry!

David Hillier's luggage

It makes sense for him and Belgium. International assistant is very much a part time role (even more so given he’s a second assistant), and involves watching and analysing a lot of first team football and footballers day in day out (not a prerequisite for an assistant u18 coach). This doves tails nicely with his role at Sky (watching Premier League football all day with Sky footing the bill), given the majority of Belgium their squad play in the England. Also, given Sky don’t have Champions League football, it gives him the freedom to got to see other Belgium squad… Read more »

David Hillier's luggage

urgh so many typos

Eternal Titi Berg Pat Nostalgia

But good analysis.

Now fit Gooner

I think he want’s that Arsenal managerial job. I personally don’t want him to become the “next” Giggs, in that I don’t want the club to have to suffer a half prepared manager.


it’ll be interesting for sure. two smart football guys (don’t see much Sky coverage so not sure what his punditry’s like, but I feel like there’s a vast discrepancy between what is talked about in TV studios and the more interesting minutiae of the game, the sort of thing that must surely be picked up in 240 hours of teaching time, say) coaching a team of much promise but little cohesion.

Cliff Bastin

Maybe now they won’t use 4 centre backs.


He’ll be a hop skip and a jump away from having pints with the non-flying dutchman.


They’ll certainly be the smartest dressed pair of sweater vested coaches at whatever tournament the Belgians play in.

broken red army

good for him. can learn a thing or two assisting Martinez. his Everton had almost the same energetic attacking style of 2000s Arsenal.


And now learn how to spell ‘Gibraltar’

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