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Pulis: Arsene has no interest in my Jonny

West Bromwich Albion manager Tony Pulis insists stories linking Jonny Evans with Arsenal have no basis in the truth.

As has been well documented the Gunners are desperately scouring the transfer market looking for defensive reinforcements and have also been linked with Shkodran Mustafi, Simon Kjaer, Omer Toprak, Jose Fonte and Jose Gimenez in recent days.

“It’s pure speculation and it fills newspapers and TV time,” Pulis told his weekly press conference on Friday afternoon.

“If Arsenal come in for Jonny we will do it between the clubs,” he continued.

“I’m not going to sit here and talk about doing a deal with anyone.

“We want him to stay with us because he’s outstanding. He was most probably our best player against Palace.”

Of all the names linked, it’s fair to sat Evans is by far the least sexy. The lad may have had a contract at Manchester United but he still looks like an accountant* who won a chance to play pro football in a Christmas party tombola.

Yeah, we’re not sure such tombolas exist…but wouldn’t it be cool if they did?
* There’s nothing wrong with accountants; we respect their ability to add up without an abacus.

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The most likely player we will end up signing on the deadline day.


Along with defoe


…who’s been injured. Proper quality, there.

(Mind you, he does score a few.)


That said, I’d be tempted by Willem Dafoe by now…


That’s not a phrase you see often.*

*No offense to Willem, of course. Loved his heartfelt character portrayal in The Life Aquatic.


Richard that really made me laugh. Cheers fella.

Granit(e) hard!

Not surprised……probably not interested in his Jonny because he’s got his own coq!


Ultimately, there is no ambition from Wenger or the board any more. If there genuinely was any desire at all to really swing for the fences and really have a go this season, Wenger would of got someone in by now and we would of done everything early. I don’t buy the clubs latest PR leak either that we are ‘holding funds back to get a top striker’ – That’s clearly total BS, because if that was the case then why did he go for Vardy? – its so obvious we attempted to do everything as cheap as possible, and… Read more »


Wha? I expect the news of his newly improved west brom contract being signed to be announced in 4 days…


Being a Arsenal fan gives you all that you can wish for in terms of emotion needs. You will get to experience a full scale of moods


Do list out if I miss out others….


Hopelessness and resignation?


Never hopelessness. Hopelessness is what sets in when you realise that:

1) You’re never going to win anything important, now matter how often the pundits say you will.
2) You’ll always finish behind your greatest rivals, even if that means the Football Gods having to get off their backsides and turn up in person on the last day of the season to wave a magic wand and turn Newcastle into a football team to make it happen.


You are absolutely right! Foolish thing to say really and thanks for the perspective.

Me So Hornsey

My Man U supporting mate reckons if it weren’t for his injury record he’d still be a starter for them.

Quick, tall, hard tackler, decent passer apparently. I personally can’t remember how good/bad he is but it was interesting to hear this from an outsider.

Merlin's Panini

My Man U supporting mate thinks he’s shit and was delighted they got rid of him. I think I would probably go with that opinion. Whenever I’ve seen him play I have to say I agree. He’s not good enough for us. He’d be in the Squillaci/Silvestre category for me.


Squillaci was in his own category i think


A corpse would only have been marginally less useful


Our most recent ManU defensive purchase is there too.

chippy's chip

Along with stepanovs

Jay Song

I really hope we sign a CB and ST but it looks more and more unlikely.
Mustafi is way too expensive I think (Sky Interview by Guiliem Balague, Valencia wants something like €40m apparently) and we are not linked with any ST right now..

Hope I am wrong for the sake of Arsenal

Ducks sake

Fuck guillemot balague. He’s full of shit.


I want £30m for Walcott.. doesn’t mean I’ll get it!

Andy Mack

Do you own him?


If you won the euromillions you could buy theo walcott and use him as a personal slave


Alright Ellen DeGeneres


Urg. No race reference intended.


Literally the thought that he was black never entered my head


The fastest beer fetcher on the planet … 🙂

Stuck on repeat...

Um…You know just yesterday when AW refered to players being out there that are prob worth 5m, but then along comes English club money & the same player is worth 30m, 40m or even 50m? This rediculous statement completely foxed me at the time, & I was about to call BS. But I can now only think of Theo as possibly fitting that description. The irony… Perhaps that’s our current problem though…AW is trying to buy “Striker” Walcott that he’s heard all about, although he’s only willing to pay about 5m. Meanwhile “Winger” Walcott is holding out for 40 –… Read more »


Balague also said he wasn’t really good enough for us and wasn’t worth the money they wanted.

Wouldn’t be surprised if we end up with Fonte. Could be a decent short term solution i guess.


Generally tend to take the exact opposite of what Balague says as gospel on everything


Perhaps, but it looks like maybe Arsene agrees


The transfer window should close before the start of the season. It does more harm than good for clubs, fans and players.


If there was some way to do away with this madness altogether i’d be in favour of it


I want him now he has admitted a love of spreadsheets

Third Plebeian

You can’t blame him for wanting to leave. I hear Pulis likes to shower with the players!


I had a PE teacher at school like that …

Welbeck coming back early...nice leak by the club to say striker not needed...

We were in the market but could not find top top quality available for discount prices

Welbeck to be back in December…no striker needed….
Gabriel to be back in 7 weeks…no defender needed….

I seriously doubt Alexis and Ozil will renew their contracts looking at the BS the club are pulling…


Being linked with signing Man United rejects who have since been Pulissed. What the fuck have we become.


An easy target for the gutter press and their lies i think in this case

Gooner Husker

“If Arsenal come in for Jonny we will do it between the clubs”. Yes, Tony, unless you have another way of conducting a transfer… carrier pigeon?

We are well and truly ______d if we’re dealing with the likes of Pulis for a ManU cast-off.

David C

I’d much rather us go with the kids (Bielik, Chambers, Holding) than buy someone of Jonny Evans quality and injury history.


No jonny evans wenger.Mustafi will do nicely….pull ur finger out and get it done before wer 6 points behind after 2 games…


Nothing against the guy, but I hope this is the last pic we see of him in the Arseblog! We as Arsenal should be trying to get top class, not mid-table players, and man U rejects to make things even worse


Strange how Welbeck, a Man U reject, is loved whereas Evans is not good enough because he’s a Man U reject. I haven’t analyzed his game much but if he’s good enough to marshal a defence at this level (and from the Euros, looked like he could) then we should consider him.


He’s forever tainted in my mind for that tackle on Stuart Holden.


I don’t think Welbeck should be at Arsenal, he’s clearly not good enough and they let him go even to us for a reason. Plus he is very injury prone


Welbeck’s a good player. Needs to score more goals but that might happen yet.

Don’t think he got many injuries before we got hold of him. That seems to be our main contribution to his development.


Development? The guy is 25 already.

And his injury record with man U is pretty important am afraid:


Three 3 week injuries and 6 weeks out with a knee problem in 5 years for united. We signed him Sept 2014.

590 days out for us by the time we get him back, according to this link.

He was younger when we got him. Looking promising before he got injured again.


As a baggies fan who has watched us a lot in the last season. I can tell you that Evans is by far and away our best player, in my view he’s one of the best centre backs in the league. But because we don’t get much attention, he goes a little unnoticed. I don’t care, I want us to keep him. Astounded some of you think he wouldn’t get into your team though, maybe I’m biased and saying this off the back of the result at the weekend but he would walk straight into your team in my opinion,… Read more »

Cygan's Sparkling Head

As a Northern Irish Arsenal fan (I was going to say gunner and realised that might have negative connotations), I too can confirm that Jonny is waaaay better than the dissing he’s getting in some of these comments. Actually, any chance Piulis might chuck Gareth McAuley in too?


I’m sticking with “we’re not signing anyone” I thought Benzema was done last year based on “reports”. Turns out it was never even close. We’re not signing anyone else.


Didn’t that come from that muppet emanuele giulianelli?

Blitz Bailey

He isnt as bad as alot of people think. I was cursed in life with 3 brothers whom are Manchester United supporters, and according to them he is not half bad, But neither is he United/Arsenal first 11 quality, But that holds true for Mertesacker aswell. Like Ferguson said when we swooped in for Arteta and Mertesacker on deadline day after failing to get our prioritized targets, They are good players he said, But they are not Arsenal quality. I believe Santos and Benayoun also was part of that particular deadline day, But Fergie didnt mention them. We also signed… Read more »


Arsenal quality like Campbell? Coquelin? Iwobi? Bellerin?

Bet you said the same about them.

Like Ozil? Alexis? Santi? Cech? Granit?


No signings will spell the end for Wenger.
I am kind of hoping he fails to sign someone then…


NO signings …like Granit for 30m?

Not enough is one thing but ‘no signings?’.


Indian Gooner

Looks like one of Arsene’s last minute deal at midnight on the transfer deadline day, after everybody has fallen asleep.
And in the morning when we all open the media.. Tadaa.. There it will be, to all our dismay.


Arteta and Metersecker were very instrumental signings for us. BOTH players brought in a measure of experience to stabilise the ship when we were starting to reel from key departures. Largely Wenger had to be frugal bc of the stadium debt but made the mistake of entrusting the team to development (The Denilson generation) When he realise they were not going to cut it (belatedly it has to be said), he could not at that point afford premium prices without jeopardising our commitments to the stadium build (There was no renegotiation on naming rights etc yet) Thereby BOTH Arteta and… Read more »

Bergy's big toe

I have a strange feeling that Draxler (the new VP) will arrive by the end of the window, especially as Wolfsburg have just signed Gomez. I believe a new CB will arrive as well.
You have to believe, don’t you?


Basically press is going into overload linking just about any Johnny come lately to us. And there are of course those amongst us foolish enough to lap it up. 😀 Seemingly we are haggling over Mustafi at 20-25m and then the press will run an article with us supposedly interested in some unproven young player called Jimenez for a release clause of 60m:D The problem is there are those gullible enough to believe every word reported by the press as characteristic of an “Arsenal failure’ in the market. Failure would be listening to the press rapt rapture about Eliaquim Mangala… Read more »


Aguero at United?


Surprisingly I read the whole thibg. Both is them!


Thing / of auto-correct fail


His Jonny is far too small for my Arsenal.


What’s happening at Arsenal Football Club is nothing less than gross negligence on every single level.

I can’t allow myself think about it for long. Its too much.


This summer feels so much like 2013. We lost the first game at home to Villa, not enough signings, and everyone were panicking. Then we signed Mesut at deadline day, and were at the top for a long time. Maybe, just maybe, we do something incredible at deadline day again. We have a better team now than then, so maybe, just maybe, we will be at the top until the very end. A man can dream!

Andy Abacus

I’m an accountant. My wife says I resemble a professional footballer with eye glasses just to appear more competent.


I am not normally one for thinking that new signings will make everything better, but this lack of activity when our need has been so great for such a long time, baffles me completely!

Hereford gooner

The centre back solution needs to be a young up and comer who wants to fight for a place, not a player peaking, peaked or beyond who is happy to play fourth / fifth fiddle amongst a fit squad. The problem is that we already have two of those, but as circumstances dictate are now furst choice starters. Do you spunk £40 mil and spell the end for per and Gabriel or do you find some naff stop-gap who we are stuck with for a few years? Not an easy one, personally I’d opt for a loan or a free… Read more »


So it’s official then, we’re signing Jonny Evans.


just watched UTD and its Mourinwhore style……..very impressed.
but next year the cracks will appear……im not convinced


Iknow the defence is creaking, but up front, like, whos gonna score?


Why does everyone not like Evans? In my opinion, although he isn’t a ‘sexy name’. He is the exact type of experienced leader we need for the younger CB’s we have in our squad to learn from. Yes, he played for Manure, but he is a dedicated professional and seems to have a strong desire to win with a ‘win-at-all costs’ mentality. This team could learn a lot from a player of his ruthlessness. Age maybe against him, but if it frees up more money for us to go in for a better forward option then it’s worth it. (The… Read more »

Gooner Husker

Good Lord. Has it really come to this? The hopes and dreams of an Arsenal season are hanging on the words of the Tony Pulis?

Tony Pulis can keep Jonny Evans and his baseball cap collection. Thank you. Good night.

“I’ve got nothing against foreign managers, they are very nice people. Apart from Arsene Wenger”. – Tony Pulis

Dixon's Awesome Own Goal

He’s done it. He’s cited Sanogo as an option. My summer 2016 Wenger trolling bingo card is complete.


This is going to be popular …


And to think some thought he had an ace up his sleeve!

Haha. There’s no going back if he starts the season without a striker he will sadly tarnish his memory for many. Last season though

Hank Scorpio

Can’t say I thought he had an ace up his sleeve but I did hope something could happen beyond signing a middle of the road player like Lacazette. Now even that seems unlikely. IF he doesn’t sign a striker & only signs a plodder like Evans I hope he is relentlessly booed & forced out. His hubris is outstanding…either that or he’s not picked up on the early signs of the onset of dementia. Not sure what else explains how he is not addressing what is so blindingly obvious to everyone else in the known universe.


SaNOgoal? Oh no!

SoCal Gooner

Why Aldo we keep talking about “she signing players?”

Do u see Wenger winning the league with Barcelna’s squad?? Honestly???

So what’s the point, anyways???

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