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Report: Leicester 0-0 Arsenal

Arsenal: Cech, Bellerin, Holding, Kosicelny, Monreal, Xhaka, Coquelin, Cazorla, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Walcott, Alexis

Subs: Ospina, Gibbs, Wilshere, Giroud, Ozil, Chambers, Elneny

Arsenal survived a late penalty scare as they secured a 0-0 draw against Leicester City at the King Power stadium. Both sides toiled for the win in an entertaining end-to-end game although the Gunners can count themselves lucky that Francis Coquelin was not sent off early in the second half and that referee Mark Clattenburg opted not to award a late penalty for a clear foul by Hector Bellerin on substitute Ahmed Musa.


Arsene Wenger made a number of changes to the team that lost to Liverpool, bringing back Laurent Koscielny to partner Rob Holding at centre-half. Granit Xhaka was handed his first start, while Santi Cazorla and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain came into the team in place of injured duo Aaron Ramsey and Alex Iwobi.

Jamie Vardy ran at Koscielny in the first 20 seconds, forcing a corner which came to nothing, while at the other end a Cazorla shot was deflected wide of the post.

For the most part Arsenal controlled the tempo of the game. As is their style Leicester were happy to surrender possession before pouncing on the counter but with Xhaka and Coquelin snapping into challenges we controlled the tempo of the game. The latter did pick up a booking for a foul on Vardy as his discipline deserted him.

In the final third we continued to work the left flank. Chamberlain curled a wicked effort just wide on 25 minutes, while Alexis and Xhaka shanked shots of their own. In between, on the half hour mark, Cazorla nearly found the net with a free-kick crossed into the box. Schmeichel stayed on his line as the ball bounced in the six-yard box before producing an acrobatic save to stop the ball nestling in the top corner.

At the other end Koscielny got the Gunners fans chanting his name with some expert marshalling of Mahrez and some very necessary cross blocking. The Frenchman then had to be on the top of his game three minutes before the break as Leicester stole in behind the Gunners. Mahrez sprung Vardy who was denied by Petr Cech sprawling dive before Kos nicked the loose ball from the feet of Danny Drinkwater with a desperate last ditch challenge.

The home fans howled for a penalty but referee Mark Clattenburg was unconvinced. Replays suggested it was touch and go.

Second half 

Having been cautioned in the first half Francis Coquelin was lucky to stay on the pitch when he took down Mahrez on the edge of the box. Clattenburg, thankfully for Arsenal, bottled the decision before the Algerian fired the set-piece just over.

The game began to open up on the hour mark as both sides probed. A mistake by Xhaka freed Vardy for a run on goal but, under pressure from Koscielny, the striker couldn’t hit the target.

With 18 minutes remaining Wenger removed Xhaka and Cazorla in favour of Wilshere and Ozil. The German turned on the style immediately, spinning on a sixpence on the touchline to spring an attack that ended with a left-foot attempt by Walcott. The final throw of the dice saw Giroud replace Oxlade-Chamberlain.

Walcott should have passed to the Frenchman but opted to go it alone following a tidy through ball by Bellerin on 80 minutes. On the touchline, Wenger was left howling furiously.

A frantic last five minutes saw both sides have chances. Ozil was denied by Schmeichel after great work by Alexis. Musa, on as a sub for Albrighton, then went down under pressure from Bellerin and should have been given a penalty. In response, Walcott went up the other end and failed with a dinked chip. Deep into stoppage time Cech parried a Mahrez shot low at his near post. There was still time for one last Leicester effort as Drinkwater’s free-kick, awarded after a foul by Holding, hit the wall.

It was the final action of the game as Clattenburg called time on proceedings.

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Bob's Mexican Cousin

i never want to see walcott in an arsenal shirt again


come on, he didnt play that bad, he put a defensive shift in and had chances. stop with the hate for hate sake, its getting boring

Bob's Mexican Cousin

Its not hate, its my opinion. He frustrates me almost as much as Wenger with transfers.


Totally agree. Everybody put a shift in today.

Alexis still doesn’t look fit. We’re missing some sharpness in attack.


It’s not because of his fitness. He is wasted in the wrong position FFS.


I’ve asked this before and I’ll ask again.
Gooners, right ow between two hooves, which would you pick? Get Van P back? Or keep things as it is?

Thumb up for Van P, thumb down for keep as it is.


Agreed. But is the “not that bed” good enough?


Bad 🙂


Why on earth is Walcott starting ahead of Campbell this doesn’t not make sense and is not fair to the player and to us the fans he’s obviously a much much better player than the OX and Walcott and they get to start ahead of him. It’s so sad and annoys me. Given how constantly shit Walcott is. If Walcott stays and Campbell leaves I’m done with arsene wenger I’m still not for those people who say he should leave but now I’m running out of reasons to defend him. It doesn’t make any sense something is serious bloody wrong… Read more »


Sadly Joel Campbell is not better than Walcott which is why he was loaned out. But that can only mean we need someone better. I don’t think Gnabry is that person, though he is a talent. We want an upgrade on Giroud, now we are simply praying for Giroud back because we can’t score.

Andy Mack

Is the loan confirmed or just rumoured?


One of our best players today. One of the most consistent in tracking back today. His finishing was a bit iffy today, but I’ve always got time for someone who runs his socks off.


Only today did u find his finishing a bit iffy? OMG….


He barely got a shot. Not sure what you expect …


One of his best performance denies us a goal. Worrying.


I’d rather my striker not have iffy finishing and refuse to track back. seriously


Yeah, that’s exactly what Campbell does every time he played. Plus, he’s got better technique and not selfish as Theo.


He should have passed when through.

Stringer Bell

I doubt he wants to see you in one either, now fuck off.

Bob's Mexican Cousin


Stringer Bell

No time for complete John Terry’s. Sorry.

Bob's Mexican Cousin


Stringer Bell

Hypocritical classless John Terry, now fuck off with delight ?

Bob's Mexican Cousin

You seem to be a terrible human being. Go back to the internet.

Stringer Bell

Haha. Don’t be telling people to fuck off on previous posts and then feel offended when you get told to fuck off. It ain’t one set of rules for bobs Mexican cousin and the rest of us have to show etiquette. ?

I miss Dennis

Chill Tinker Bell, we’re all gunners here

Bob's Mexican Cousin


I miss Dennis



Thought he had an okay match, some chances he missed but they weren’t that easy. Better fighting spirit than what he has showed in ages. The Ox was really poor the whole match, like he has been for a while now.How many more chances is he going to get? Alexis not up to speed yet, was better after Ozil came in. Otherwise a good/okay match against tough opponent. 2 signings short but I think there will be massive improvements when everyone is back 100% and Xhaka finds his rhytm.


what is the point, I’m sure we will get in form when our best players are 100% fit and we will start winning but the talk was from wenger that we were going for the title this year and the titles race today finished for us and don’t give me some bullshit like only 2 games because we all now that these games will happen again and we will be losing points and we can put a 6-7 wining run of games. Here is the new season battling to get in the CL again the only chance we had to… Read more »


What is your point? Is the league race finished? City and United have won 2 pretty easy games and everyone is claiming they are the favourites now. We have played a tough Liverpool with almost a B-team because of injuries and players coming back late and drew against the champions away. I get the criticism, and agree to it what comes to the board, but this season is surely not over yet as not even the transfer window is closed yet. We have Xhaka, possibly a fit Wilshere and good young wingers. Elneny integrated to the team. If we sign… Read more »


And why we allow it to play against liverpool with a B team and no defense ? Why city and united bought the players early so they have a perfect start which they did and we can’t buy one CB before the pool game which we desperately needed. And which fault is that? And if you think that is early and we had difficult games and we will be in the race several games in you are as blind as wenger.


City and United can also lose to liverpool and draw against leicester. And we can win against Sunderland, bournemouth, southampton at home. No matter what we did during the transfer window. That is my point.


Liverpool got shut out by burnley. They are hardly a strong team.


Do people realize that Walcott actually gets payed for playing football? Seriously? Like he gets actual money into his account every week for standing on the sideline and watching the match…unbe-fucking-believe


Walcott seems to be the designated Jonas this year. In previous years it was Eboue, Bendtner, then Ramsey and now Theo.

If you want to blame anyone then blame the manager, he continues to pick him and gave him £120,000 a week.


Blame Wenger and the down votes come in the droves. If I was to guess I think Theo’s fate was sealed when he bottled that challenge against Sunderland. To be fair I thought he was one of the better ones.

Turstin Fleming

Let’s not be hating on Lord Bendtner.


Easy does it now….

Daft Aider

it’s bad enough paying Theo a huge amount each week, but playing him as well is insanity


If there was a game that showed we desperately need a striker, the match today was definitely it. Sanchez doesn’t know what he’s doing up there, nor does Walcott. We’re 1 point from 6, and 5 points behind City, United and Chelsea already. This season is going to be so shit.


I know Theo isn’t everyone’s favourite but yesterday, limited as he is put in a really good shift. He was barging people off the ball ffs. He’s not getting sold and if works as hard as he did yesterday, I’ll tolerate him.


Koscielny was the difference between a draw and a loss today. Such an important player and a deserved captain. Wenger’s reactions to Theo’s misses… lol. Can only blame himself for not buying a striker.


I’d say the ref was difference tbh


Yeah but how long can Koscielny hold the mark? He was the difference alright but Wenger has got to bring on a competent partner. Holding looks promising but still got a few years of experience to catch up.
Walcott though, ….another day.


Fair result.

Now if we could clone Koscielny half of our problems would disappear.

Indian Gooner

I was thinking about the same thing.

Imagine having a world class centre back to partner him. We would be fucking solid.

But then again, We are The Arsenal.. We can just imagine good things to happen.

Sad Gooner

I’m bored of Arsenal 🙁

Indian Gooner

Getting bored of Arsenal would be an under statement at the moment.

Jim A

5 points possibly lost due to pissing about in the transfer window.


Stringer Bell

Good point away at champions. Jack looked good when he came on


i agree, hope he stays injury free


Except that he didn’t. I know he’s probably your favourite player but Xhaka was playing much better.

Bob Davis

A dull game overall. The game opened up when Ozil came on, but we got away with it when Bellerin brought down a player from behind in the box. Walcott was shit as usual. Should have chipped the keeper. 5 points behind the leaders already. Not good. Spend some fucking money!


Keep on experimenting, Arsene. The other teams are waiting for you to get it right.


This fabled chemistry was nowhere to be seen and the team looked dysfunctional at best. I new this would be 0-0 after the first 5 minutes and turned off.


You’re confident enough to claim that there was no chemistry in the team today, yet you only watched 5 minutes?

Should have watched the last 20 minutes when Ozil came on. Him and Alexis linked up fantastically well, just a shame that Alexis was a bit sloppy on his control. Still, the bloke needs a rest.


Alexis does not add value to our game when he’s not scoring, wants to go around or through opponents and lose it when the best choice would be releasing it to better placed mate in attack. Probably the reason why barca sold him.


We have too many players who try and pass it around a static back four that is well drilled. Players who like to run at the opposition are vital to probe stubborn defences.

Alexis also grabs 10 assists on average per year, so I disagree with your statement that he adds no value to our game without goals.


Awful substitutions by Wenger… Such a shame


Completely agree. Coq stayed on when he was lucky to stay on the pitch. Xhaka was steady.

Walcott stayed on when Ox was much better. I didn’t get why they kept him on.


Ox was better than Walcott? What match were you watching?


we’re wasting all the talent of many players with starting Walcott
we need 2 more class players and we can win the league
it’s such a shame we won’t buy them


If this match didn’t show Arsene how badly we need a striker then he simply shouldn’t be a manager anymore.

Ducks sake

If he didn’t know that already then we are screwed.

Was a good performance. We were much better attacking wise when Ground and Ozil came on. Sanchez is not a striker, he comes too deep, he doesn’t run in behind.

Good point though as we should have lost with the nailed on pen. Go clatterburg


So, we’re poor in transitions, poor in retaining possession without losing momentum, poor in the build up and all you can say is ‘buy a striker’. Come on, the problems are much much deeper than not buying a striker. This team has no identity.


Agree with all of that. But let’s be honest, none of those problems will be fixed until Arsene leaves, the only thing that can hopefully happen is a striker coming in.


Thank God we didn’t sign Pep Guardiola as manager. (sarcasm font On = True)


Hard to even call us a team before Giroud came on. Playing without a focal point in attack is causing us serious problems going forward.

Dr Strange

Well well aren’t we some lucky cunts with our own handsome referee.


Seriously, what a fiasco. I almost think I watched a different game than most of the people here. I watched a game where we were EXTREMELY lucky to get away with a point. We absolutely should have been down to 10 men on the 55 minute mark, we escaped the clearest penalty you’ll ever see at the end of the game, and they had the better chances throughout the match. And although the first penalty shout actually wasn’t, you’d see that given more often than not, so with any other referee we could easily have been looking at being down… Read more »

Turstin Fleming

Clattenburg man of the match. Koscielny and close second.


Thought Holding did well. Stone cold penalty at the end. Fair result all in.


Good performance


I swear most of the people spouting this crap weren’t watching the same game I was.

The team can’t do any more than they did there.

Leicester are a tough nut to crack, and dangerous on the break. We did well.


Cba with this site any more, bye 🙂


Stay strong mate we know who the proper people are here…

Dial square

@Anonymarse, bye then, what are you waiting for, people begging for you to stay??
If you don’t like the site, just fuck off, don’t tell everyone you’re leaving, just do it.


and this comment shows you how far we have fallen.

We would have never had said this in the Henry/Vieria/Pires years.


You don’t play your best winger as a Center Forward. Period. Get the chequebook out at the earliest. Pleaseee!

Indian Gooner

Sorry mate!He has got to pay 600 people their wages. That is all that he has in his bank account.

Sheffield Arse

5 points behind the 3 richest clubs already. No chance of catching them all now. Fuck.


Why did HE take off chamberlain ? Damn…..


5 points off top already and no strikers on there way. Gonna be a long old season this. One plus point has to be Holding, looked really good today, just needs to stop giving away free kicks in the edge of the box!!!


Probably out of the title race by December.


we’re already out of it let’s be fair


Worst is, unless that striker is Lewandowski tier, I doubt we have enough firepower to beat the Mancs.


It’s been Mourinho and another ex-Arsenal player in Sagna winning the league before we do. I’m confused on this one.


I honestly would have taken 4th place before the season even started. Watching all our competitors strengthen considerably while we’ve been completely stagnant in the market has made me really worried. If we want to stand any chance we really need to pull our finger out and do some business pronto!


Good to see Bosscielny back. Poor up front only improved when Wilsh and Özil came on.


The problems with our team and our club goes much deeper than just a lack of signings. There is a systemic problem within Arsenal…


Coquelin is such a liablity. Why does Wenger a) continue to pick him ahead of better options and b) refuse to take him off when he’s so close to getting sent off? It’s happened in both games this season already and countless times last season. And, fucking hell, we need a forward. Impressed by Rob Holding again it must be said. Xhaka looks like he needs some time to adjust to the speed of the PL, though. Some good flashes but a careless in possession


Coquelin is not a liability. How many times out of the countless times last season did he actually get send off? I remember one.


He did not get sent off so why exactly is Coquelin a liability when he remains Arsenal’s only true DM? Coquelin clearly has offensive limitations but he is selected to be a disruptor and win back the ball and defend. There is no one in the team that could have made the two successive tackles Le Coq made on Musa towards the end of the game to win back the ball. Moreover, to be fair, his yellow card was the result of having to take a foul due to a shitty pass by Xhaka. Speaking of Xhaka, he had an… Read more »


Best comment here.


Arsenal feel kind of depressing to me. Nothing to really get excited about. We need something to buzz about, a Draxler or a Lacazette or something.


If Arsenal were a spice girl then they would be Mel C. Some talent but ultimately nothing up top.

Seriously though, that was pathetic. Didn’t look like scoring all game, we had no idea how to break them down and in the end we were lucky to draw.

Although we are in a severe need of a striker & centre back I think our problems are more ingrained then that, we just don’t play as a unit & we are very predictable.

Lots of work needed both before August 31st and beyond.


Xhaka not Coquelin off made no sense whatsoever, and Alexis just doe not work up front


Sanchez upfront is not working. At least Walcott stretches the defense. There was no rhythm today and no clue on what we were trying to achieve with the passing. But anyway its better to start the season like than finish it. Can’t pick anyone and say they played well but Rob Holding did ok for a 20 yr old newbie.


No fun in the transfer market, no fun on the pitch. I guess this is what stability and cohesion brings to the table.


Lacazzette would’ve scored that chance Walcott had. 10 years insisting with a 100m runner


Would have loved to see Campbell in that game with his work ethic over Walcott and his beautiful back pass to Schmeichel.


taking off xhaka and cazorla and leaving giroud on the bench as if midfield was the problem. Jack and Ozil made a huge difference, but I think Giroud should have come on earlier.. Also love how we were putting high crosses in with Alexis as a CF then reverted to low ones when Giroud came on… lol




Don’t remember seeing the Leicester goalkeeper having anything difficult to cope with. They should have had a penalty and Le Coq could have been sent off and some say a good performance. No I think not oh and Cech saved us at the end as well.


Suarez-esque stuff from Sanchez today, right Arsene?


5 points dropped in first two games. For other managers the race has started, for wenger though, no, not yet.

Block 93

Theo played for 93 mins whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy


Walcott gets paid to score. He wasted multiple chances – his last tame effort was a crime for a forward playing for a team at our level.

Adam Muggy

Not a terrible point in the grand scheme of things. Jacky Wilsh looked decent when he came on and some good link up play from ozil. However I don’t know if it’s just me but why has the attacking part of our game become so predictable?! Really hope either our current players or the elusive transfers can work on some kind of plan b. Musa came on and showed us the kind of instant impact player that we are craving.


Why are people criticising Walcott? I get it that he was poor for the second half of last season but was actually one of the better performers today. He had some shots from pretty difficult positions that weren’t guaranteed goal scoring opportunities. He tracked back well and worked hard, passed well. The Ox was a lot worse and can’t really see why he is given the chances every year. Ca’t wait to see Gnabry have a run in the first team.


why does Ox get more chances than Campbell. I do like Ox but he lacks end product and runs up blind alleys some times, but campbell not starting before Ox is very strange if you ask me


A point away at the champions is not a bad result I feel.

However, Alexis looks lost in the CF position. Doesn’t have the nous to play there yet and gets marked out by the two defenders.

Ozil and Wilshere immediately turned on the style though. Watford’s gonna get screwed even if we don’t get another signing in.


Obvious that we need an actual striker. Team looked much better with Giroud because the opposition CB’s actually had to defend someone. Not to mention Özil made us look instantly better. Still need a striker desperately but it isn’t gonna happen

Dan P

Different side when Ozil came on


How do you take off Xhaka in a situation like that? Himself and Kos were both our best players on the pitch all day. Ozil provided some magic at the end, probably should have come on earlier, by far and away the best player at the club. Walcott tried to chip the keeper. Alexis was chronic, just really f*****g poor,sad to see. The substitutions were crazy though. I think Wenger has them all worked out in his head before a ball is kicked, regardless of how the game is going he knows what subs he will be making. Holding did… Read more »

Eternal Titi Berg Pat Nostalgia

Five points behind already. Points behind grow fast. Hope it does not get to 12 behind Pep and Mourinho in September.


Can’t help but feel we got lucky today after another below par performance. We have clearly gone backwards on last year and our competitors have strengthend.


Players look miserable. Same thing every season

Tony Hall

That was dull and to think we put 5 past them last season ? The whole world bar AW and the club management can see we need a world class striker yet I have my doubts we will sign anyone else and therefore end up being patonised as usual on Sept 1st with the same excuses … What has happened to Alex Ox the last couple of seasons. Yet the wisdom of the club is to keep him and loan JC out for a season who is by far the better player … The club management from top to bottom… Read more »

broken red army

thatnk you Mr. Clattenburg


Exactly. That one at the end was a stonewall penalty.


Right we had a disappointing season just gone, so surely you go into this one looking to improve!!! Last season we beat both Liverpool and Leicester, this season we get beat and draw!!! Why? Wenger faffing around in the transfer market when this could and should have been sorted sooner!!! I suspect Wengers last season will end on a downer, like Cloughs at Forest!!! Sad times gunners, sad times!!!


Thank you Clattenburg.


There’s that blatant agenda the refs have against Arsenal on show again.

Oh wait a second..

Dan D

Personally just feel like I’ve seen it all before. Played well enough, not enough cutting edge and some of the same players delivering the same things. Walcott should have been sold this summer, Ox very lucky to still be at the club and for me (gasps of shocks and utter outrage), I would have no qualms if wilshere was discarded. The lad had the football world at his feet when he burst onto the scene but injuries have ruined him. He’s loved because ‘ees Arsenal through an through’ but there is no end product to his play. Look at the… Read more »

Stuck on repeat...

Game 1 clearly showed that we need another CB.

Game 2 clearly showed that we need another striker.

What have we done during this period…we’re about to send Campbell out on lone! Surely there can be no more excuses. FFS AW.

On a seperate note, thought Kos was amazing. So good to see him back! 

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