Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Xhaka starts, Kos back, Ozil and Giroud bench: Leicester v Arsenal team news

Arsenal are looking to bounce back from the opening day defeat to Liverpool, and there are some changes to the side from that day.

Here are the official line-ups.

Leicester: Schmeichel; Simpson, Huth, Morgan (c), Fuchs; Mahrez, Drinkwater, Mendy, Albrighton; Okazaki, Vardy

Subs: Hernandez, Musa, King, Amartey, Zieler, Gray, Ulloa

Arsenal: Cech, Bellerin, Holding, Kosicelny, Monreal, Xhaka, Coquelin, Cazorla, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Walcott, Alexis

Subs: Ospina, Gibbs, Wilshere, Giroud, Ozil, Chambers, Elneny

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Hope Kos doesn’t feel the massive pressure on him.


Not worried about Kos

Jay Song

Holding ahead of Chambers?? That says a lot about AW faith in Chambers??

I know we must still sign 2 players but we support Arsenal on a match day whatever happens before or after the match.

COYG!!! Come on you redssssss!!!!


Or says something about his faith in Holding

Bob's Mexican Cousin

Half glass full gooner


Trying my best 🙂


AW had more faith in Holding all summer. Not at all surprised to see him start. I think it’s justified too. But not end of road for Chambers. Be patient.


Feeling confident. 3pts to kick start our season please boys.


Did Arsene read Arseblog? Its the same line-up of what the blog wished!!


Except the win part, yet

Anonymous Kumquat

I think the win is now inevitable!


I thought Chambers was worse than Holding last time

Stringer Bell

I know this won’t be popular but am delighted Ramsey is out. We are so much more fluent when he doesn’t play. Square peg round hole. Coyg


That’s not actually not true, we’re better when Ramsey plays. It’s just that weirdly for various reasons, lately his best games for us have been from wide right like against United at home and Liverpool the season before.


I’d have Ramsey play RM instead of Theo, but oh well he’s injured. I’d have Joel ahead of both of them there but he’s going -.- Theo better perform. Cazorla over Ramsey at CAM? Any day of the week.


Ramsey gets more goals than Cazorla though, that’s the biggest weakness in Santi’s game atm. For such a great technical player his finishing is average at times. Ramsey’s got more legs too and without match fitness you could see how it affected his game against Liverpool.

Bob's Mexican Cousin

Fuck off with delight


You are right, I don t like Ramsey. We need a top right winger.

Prop Joe

Make you right. West Side.


Chambers dropped instead of Holding. Dayum


Wenger sure knows how to fuck up a youngsters confidence.


At last Wenger listens to Blogs! 🙂


Thought Elneny might have been in beside Xhaka and Chambers ahead of Holding, otherwise what I had for starting 11. Coquelin a better ball winner than Elneny but I really like how Elneny moves the ball and keeps himself available for passes..


I’m not that much a fan of Elneny so far, but maybe he’s playing within himself at the moment. For me he doesn’t do enough going forwards or defensively. He looks lively and neat and tidy but that’s about it. Lallana ran circles round him last weekend, that can’t be good!


Elneny yes, Chambers no. Half thumb up?

Bob Davis

Please God give Arsenal a victory today. Make us all happy. I’ve never done anything bad. Maybe took a few sweets from Woolworths, took a few pens from the stationary cupboard. Nothing else so please, please give us three points.


They are pretty much my past crimes as well Bob!


In fact my late mother threatened me with the police when she noticed I had a boiled sweet in my mouth at Woolworths circa 1968 at 4 years old.
I didn’t do it again!
Anyway COYG!


Your late mother really seems like a woman than knew how to get her way, and sign me up for the same crime list.


My mother was nearly arrested in Woolworth’s in the 70s when her Great Uncle Griff (who had dementia) was caught stuffing his pockets with pick n mix while she was buying a book. The shop security man was so excited to actually have something to do that he threatened my mother with prison after calling the police. In the end, the police threatened to arrest the security guard for wasting their time after seeing my tearful mother, and particularly after talking to Uncle Griff and hearing his adamant protestations that it was the damn Russians who had started the Second… Read more »


It’s the exact team I would play…we could be in trouble here chaps! 🙂

chippy's chip

Steptoe to score? Show wenger what he missed


Delighted with this line up but absolutely pissed off that the Joel Campbell rumours are probably true! What the actual fuck? Oh well, expecting a lot of goals with Cazorla just behind Alexis!


if we frustrate Vardy I can see him getting a red card today.

David C

unrelated: 2 games in a row that Chelsea win when Costa should have been sent off. Blatant dive should have been his second yellow. Oh, he’s a marked man in England, right?


BREAKING: Arsenal have signed Korean forward Fu-Kin-No-Won


“Breaking”? Nah, that joke was doing the rounds on twitter 12 months ago.


If your faith and believes contradict the chapel you go to every weekend maybe it’s time to visit a new one.


Burnley are showing how deficient we were against the mugsmashers. We made them looked like World Champions..wait a minute, that sounds familiar. Yep, we pretty much made Andy Carrol looked like a world class striker not to talk of the United teenager (Name withheld for pride sake). Anyway, let’s put in a performance that convinces Mahrez that he’s with the wrong team. All the three points please! COYG.


I am putting a quid on Hull….


This is a must win. If we lose, others will be 6 points ahead after two games. But if we win, and sign two good players, there is hope. So the massiveness of this game is indescribable. Come on Arsenal, let’s do it!


Holding over Chambers easy. I hope one day Chambers develops into a proper defender but as of right now, he is a long, long way away.




Feel for Calum. Exposed last weekend and has actually done pretty well when asked to play CB before. If Arsene wants to show faith in his players by not signing anyone, make sure those players aren’t bereft of confidence when that’s the case.


Arsenal team very small ,we mught struggle with corners and free kicks .


I’d have started with elneny. More versatile and less rash in the tackle. We now have two bigno nonsense tacklers.

Frank Bascombe

Used to have eleven.


Arsenal team very small ,we might struggle with corners and free kicks .


Kosicelny! – looks like we signed a new defender lads!

(Clutches tightly on to straws)


AW believes in his philosophy and stays true to his believes. That’s a rare strong character display to be true to your words and what you stand for. The market is bollocks and he will only buy players that are a) available b) willing to come c) club ok with selling d) will strengthen Arsenal FC e) is a bargain. No one can argue that Oezil, Sanchez, Xhaka, Elneny and more were a bargain. This makes me believe in AW, he likes to do things differently in totally mad mad fotball world. He stays strong and is wholeheartedly true to… Read more »

Cape Town Gooner

Go get it boys. We need the three points. A striker and a central defender would make us delicious. Come on Wenger! Come on!

Block 94

Theo starting oh no


Chambers cost us 16mill, so far from what he’s shown we would be lucky to get 3mill back for him if we sold him. Nowhere near PL level yet, but ofcourse he can still improve.

But I don’t understand how we can afford to take 16mill massive gambling risks on unproven players, but we can’t afford to make 30+mill proven quality signings that has minimal risk attached to them because their quality is known.

Makes no sense.


the difference is probably about £100k per week on top

Walcott as usual.

Sheffield Arse

HT. 0-0. Not bad so far.
They’re not used to not getting a penalty in Leicester though, are they?

Sheffield Arse

And, pundits are all going on about whether Kos touched the ball when he didn’t even touch the fucking Leicester player. Jesus.

Disillusioned Gooner

This team is crying out for a proper striker, an established defender and a manager with new ideas.


Ooh… how I long for the days we used to play good football. You could watch an arsenal loss over and over.

And we still got fourth place.


Xhaka’s sliding tackle in the beginning of the first half was excellent. Let’s hope for something good in the second…


Surprised nobody is commentiing on the game here. Surely it could be used as temporary replacement for the arses?


Ah they are!! Strange…. comments weren’t updating for me until now.

Disillusioned Gooner

Blogs’ reluctance to spend on world class servers is a bit Wengeresque ? ? ?


Dont you know its bad luck to cross the streams?


The 70th minute mark is coming up.

As stipulated in wenger’s contract, we are gonna get a change


Pretty much.


Why the fuck is walcott still on the pitch?

Sheffield Arse

Wow. 5 points behind MU, MC and Chelsea already. No way we’re getting above all three of them now. Title challenge over.

Disillusioned Gooner

Got away with a stonewall penalty there. Phew!


Bugger off wenger

Ancient Gooner

Delighted Kos and Cech were physically ready. They saved our skins. Well, better luck at Watford. Putting a bet on Burnley!!

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