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Wenger ready to give Alexis a run up front

Arsene Wenger says he’s ready to give Alexis Sanchez a run of games up front for Arsenal as he gets no closer to solving his striker dilemma in the transfer market.

It’s well known the Gunners are after someone to get goals, but after the pursuit of Jamie Vardy fizzled out in June, there’s been little else happening in terms of new arrivals in that position.

The Chilean found it tough going against Liverpool last weekend, but the Arsenal manager seemed quite bullish when asked if was prepared to give him a run in the side in a slightly new position.

“I think it is worth it to try as he has the quality to go behind,” he said. “Honestly he did not have the most convincing game [against Liverpool] – he is one of them who is not completely ready physically.

“We did not dominate the game as much as we would have liked in midfield and he suffered a little bit from that as well. But on the flanks he uses a lot of energy by chasing back and I would like to use his energy sometimes a bit more efficiently by going behind the defenders as he is a good finisher.

“He has played centre forward at Barcelona.”

Wenger said there were similarities between te 27 year old and Luis Suarez, who replaced him at the Camp Nou.

“He has similar qualities and he has a good timing to run behind the defenders. His run through in the first half, when Monreal gave him the ball, he was just offside, by a fraction.

“Let’s see. It is interesting to see how well he copes there. He is technically top.”

It sounds more and more like we’re going to see another ‘internal solution’, and the Arsenal manager’s words about potential new arrivals up front are both very familiar and a bit worrying.

“I believe a club like ours is focused on giving chances to the players we develop in our own club,” he said.

“We have a few strikers who have a chance, if we find the right players we buy. But if you ask people ‘give me names’, you see that it is not that easy – look at a club like Real Madrid, who have they bought? Up front, it is very difficult.”

Might it be that Real Madrid haven’t bought up front because they already have Ronaldo, Benzema, Bale and now Alvaro Morata back in the fold? That’s a good reason not to buy after you’ve just, you know, won the Champions League.

I mean, I think that might be why.


“We have Giroud, Alexis, Walcott, Akpom and Sanogo who is still here but is injured at the moment – the players we buy have to be better.”

Tough gig all right, finding someone better than poor old Yaya.

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I do believe Alexis can make it at CF but that then means we need to replace him with a 15-20 goal a season wide man, either way squad needs an upgrade in the forward areas


It’s fucking madness. Sanchez is a quality player sure, but we need an actual striker. We need to stop shoe horning players into positions they don’t naturally play because it doesn’t work especially when you’re talking about a player of Alexis age and experience. It’s not like he’s 20 years old and he’s still learning how to play and Arsene can mould him into a striker. He’s been playing out wide for too long to now expect him to be able to adapt well enough to play up front for a Premier League team. Absolute madness. What are we doing.… Read more »

Harish P

I could believe it if Alexis would work on using his left foot as our CF. It’s easily his biggest weakness as it makes him more predictable. Also, I think this means Wenger will see Ramsey or possibly Wiltshire as the wide replacement. Internal solutions and all.

Harish P

* Wilshere. Funk you, autocorrect.

Harish P

* fuck you, autoconnect has got it in for me today!



Mr Gooner

Watch as Alexis score with his left foot against Leicester. Put a tenner on it! ?

David C

we’ve tried Alexis as the main striker about 5-7 times that I can remember. I don’t remember him having one good game in that position. It’s a bit too physical for him. Alexis would be amazing at the Griezmann role with Giroud to feed off and with Welbz out, we still need another striker/attacker. It’s that simple. This is Wenger preparing us for another non-purchase…. Man City bought Nolito (looks great so far) and Gabriel Jesus (looks like the next Neymar in the Olympics). Man U brings in Zlatan, and Chelsea bought as well. There’s players available Wenger! Stop treating… Read more »

Coq au Vin

Hoofing high balls to Alexis in the middle is never going to cut it… That’s exactly what we did last weekend.


Was going to say the same. I don’t think he won a single aerial duel. Turned possession over every time. Him, Walcott, and Ox front three and we can count on defending for our lives.

I’m also wondering if he’s going to be playing the whole season on a bad ankle. Even an “out of shape” Alexis (the ridiculousness of that statement..) isn’t off the pace and out of the match like we saw at ‘Pool.


This is the thing, what Wenger doesn’t seem to have thought of is that in doing this we are loosing one of the leagues best wingers to gain a CF who is a gamble, we haven’t gained something extra from doing this. Also our wide forwards were a bit of a problem are anyway, bar Sanchez we dont have any real quality out there, this has just shifted our problem not solved it


Alexis started off as a striker but needs a another striker to play off of. I hope Wenger realizes he can play a 4-4-2 with Giroud or even a 4-4-1-1. Can’t we sign Cesc back?! He can contribute 15 goals a season.


I could stomach this if it meant getting a good wide forward in. But are we going to?

Alexis’s quality isn’t the problem, I think he could succeed there if the rest of the team was good enough. The problem is that we’re going to field a front three against Leicester of him, Walcott, and Oxlade-Chamberlain and the latter two players are nowhere near good enough.


If we are to play someone like Sanchez up front, it takes away the target man whom all the players can pass the ball to. It could obviously work if the remaining two of the front three have got a bit of technical ability and an eye for a pass. It is for this reason that loaning away Campbell seems an odd thing to do, especially if we intend to play Sanchez as a striker throughout the season without buying anybody else. Walcott and Ox are an absolute wank and should have been binned this season if we were serious… Read more »


Having Sanchez as a CF I think would need a formation change with someone to support him up top.


And yet they both scored against Liverpool, unlike Sanchez! Give them a break and get behind them, let’s see what they can do this season


There is a difference being behind a player like Walcott and being behind your team. Big difference.


How? If Walcott plays you need him to do well for the team to do well. So what’s the difference?


Difference is being stuck with a player like Walcott while we could upgrade by transfers or even internally. Difference is mistreated Campbell. It’s a real striker Lacazette. Difference is in those case senarios we would have a more potent squad obviously. Difference is backing your team to be better instead of backing its vulnerabilities.


Backing Walcott is a totally separate issue from everything else you’ve said, things 99% of Arsenal fans would agree on even though Lacazette is definitely not a sure thing. We should strengthen, yes. But I’m not going to slate a player when they do well, even if we could get a better option. We didn’t do it in the market, that’s on Wenger, but now fingers crossed Walcott, Ox and co can deliver. Anything else is self-defeating!


Stop fucking lumping ox in with Walcott. They are two completely different players at completely different stages of their career. And anyway, all this negativity has a major impact on the team, so, I dunno, support the team?


Yeah, Alexis could work up there but Walcott and Ox are hardly the two players you can play behind him. Need players of technical quality behind him. Three extremely direct players up top is going to be a disaster unless Sanchez can shoulder even more of the load by adding a bunch of assists to his game. Possible it could work with Cazorla and Xhaka behind Ozil though


Ox—Sanchez—Jack would probably work better with a better balance and a left footer on the left and a right footer on the right.

But even that line up is underwhelming.

Where is Jack? Wasn’t it meant to be a little niggle and he would only miss the Coty preseason game?


I guess we will soon see.

Either way, we arent ready for this season to kick off. I just dont know who to blame haha.

Alexis' Sanchez CD collection

Probably wrong, because it would make too much sense, but if Alexis is moved centrally and seeing as Joel Campbell has gone on loan I wonder if we might be in for a wide man. We did appear to have interest in Mahrez, and Iwobi’s inclusion last match suggests maybe he wants that sort of “wide playmaker” in the side but perhaps Iwobi isn’t ready to play week in week out. Would make too much sense though so I’m not expecting anything haha


Does anyone know how this Nabil Fekir guy is like?

Gutbukket Deffrolla

As its only a loan I can’t see why they would let Campbell go there before they got the deal finished for the Mysterious Mister X on the wing.

Its a strange loan anyway unless Campbell has demanded it because he’s fed up with being ignored.


That’s that folks. This is the signing in the striker department. Sanchez up front alone is an interesting challenge. He seems most effective when he has space to run beyond Giroud, playing him alone up front would negate that space and ultimately his effectiveness. If he fires, which we know he can, would be great news. But, does this mean we don’t need more sources of goals in our team? Someone who can replace Giroud and Walcott when they historically have barren phases? Seems like Wenger thinks no. And that’s just another example of him turning a blind eye to… Read more »


60m for a defender is crackers


However he has already spent £65M and I bet he gets HIS targets!

Gutbukket Deffrolla

Strangely enough Conte, the man backed by a billionaire who DOES want his team to win championships and who IS willing to spend big to get the players he wants, is saying exacly the same thing as our manager who is backed by a billionaire who couldn’t give a shit about Championships and who seems at best ambivalent to the need to buy new players occasionally.

There is probably some deep conclusion to be drawn from this, but I’m too thick to see it. I don’t think the correct response would be a shitstorm of renewed hate against Wenger however.

broken red army

so you people remember when we signed Xhaka and some said this is only for tickets and stuff and we we wont be signing the priority striker we need? ok so know that those people were the only realistic ones here. remember that next year when being fooled again by Mr. Arsene “we’ve been very busy” bulsh*t Wenger. ’cause of course he will renew his business contract with our brand.


Eh? That makes no sense to me! Why would Arsene Wenger buy Xhaka ‘to sell shirts’ (he’s not a massive name after all) instead of using the money for a forward? He didn’t buy Xhaka to spite anybody!

Sure, people can have negative opinions on Arsene Wenger, fine by me, each to their own, but I can’t go with what you are saying there – it’s like you’re saying he bought Xhaka and not a striker just to annoy people!


Lol. Here we know one man who’s already fooled for that next year @It’sStevenBouldTheBigDefender


What are you talking about, saying ‘fooled’?

If Arsene Wenger was going to spend £35 million only to appease the fans and for no other reason, he would have clearly bought a striker! So the argument makes no sense to me, that’s all.


Youre right no striker was available as an upgrade to Walcott and Giroud. Market is crazy. Lets not forget we have Welbeck coming back. Alexis is our Suarez. And we were very busy all summer and just couldnt find a striker. Youre so right and Im the fooled.

Gutbukket Deffrolla

Fool, Yahin. Not fooled. You are a fool.

If you are trying to convince us all that Wenger would spend 35 million to spite a bunch of strangers he has never met then yes, you are definitely being foolish.

I wouldn’t spend 10p trying to fool you, and I’ve actually read some of what you’ve written, unlike Wenger, so why would he do such a thing? You don’t seriously think that he hates you as much as you obviously hate him, do you?


First being fooled and being a fool are two things. And I’m amazed you are literaly reading my mind as I didnt say a word you are conviced I’m trying to. You must be the genius around here. Lol. Just take your frustration and go somewhere else really really smart fella ?

Walcott's Agent

“We have Giroud, Alexis, Walcott, Akpom and Sanogo who is still here but is injured at the moment – the players we buy have to be better.”

Someone joked he’d say this on the Campbell loan story, it’s actually quite sad that he’s so predictable now, all the top teams will be looking at us this season and going for it, they know we still have the same old weaknesses.

Cliff Bastin

I’m curious to hear what Wenger would say if someone asked him if Pogba would have improved our team.

Gutbukket Deffrolla

You would have improved our team, Cliff. Even though you are very very old now.

Cliff Bastin

Well thank you son


Not to mention Alexis needs time to settle into that position. I wonder if there was some kinda time period where teams experiment with new formations and such before the season begins proper. Does anyone have any ideas?


Off topic but I wish your egg was cooked more. 🙂

Gutbukket Deffrolla

Oh no. Runny yolk is best. You can’t dip soldiers in a hard yolk.


How about playing him in his strongest position (wide attacker) and sign a fucking striker?

After all you’ve only had 24 months…

broken red army

those 24 mounths we’ve been very very busy. its hard to find players who would be an upgrade to Walcott and Giroud. this market is crazy. dont forget we also have Welbeck coming back. Alexis can be our Suarez. by the way our objective is fooling fans enough to earn most by spending least a CL spot would do that. and this squad I believe has what it takes for the 4th spot trophy.

Bob Davis

He’s a wide playing attacker. He looked completely lost against Liverpool.
Benteke has gone to Palace for £27million. I bet he would have loved to come to Arsenal!


The annoying thing is he only needs to find someone as good as Danny to help Giroud. That player must be out there??
I am losing my patience with Arsene…not that he cares but I fucking do, I used to think he was great…:-(


I thought it had been 4 years since Van Persie left?


think he meant 24 months since Alexis was “announced”

Chris Royer

Wenger, Wenger, Wenger…The Real Madrid forward situation is not comparable to ours by any stretch of the imagination. I have no more interest in hearing what he has to say, it has become so predictable.


Re Sanogo.

Bizarrely, I think he would actually have made a difference up top last weekend.

He might have confused the shit out of the Liverpool players (and ours) but he would definitely have been a presence.




I prayed that this season goes VERY,VERY WELL…..Starting from today…


There he goes again? Yeah, Madrid strike force is at par with ours, and Madrid didn’t buy any striker, why should we? Makes sense….at least to Gazidis and Kreonke ?????

Tanzanian Gooner

Actually Madrid bought Morata. They didn’t bring him back for free, did they?

Eternal Titi Berg Pat Nostalgia

Madrid even had the luxury to sell Jese Rodriguez an attacker who will play as a CF at PSG.

Granit(e) hard!

Am i the only one decoding this as meaning “we won’t be buying any striker, we will instead find internal solution from the players we have”?……….not that i am surprised!.

Just one more season left, tops!….surely?


Nope, new contract is Kroenke’s andWenger’s decision to make and as it’s so beneficial for both parties I say he’s here to stay.


It might also be a ham-fisted attempt to convince a potential seller that we don’t really need the striker we so obviously do need.

But it’s more likely a way to squirm out of the striker* shortage question/problem.

*effective, useful striker.


I fully expect tomorrow’s news to be ‘Arsene Wenger kicks puppy in the face’.

I don’t think I have ever been this depressed as an arsenal fan and I remember us signing Chris kiwomya.


#suarez-comparison: alexis is less cunty but more predictable cause he always uses his right foot. better keep him wide.


But He is just as predictable from wide :/


Also, Suarez is about 5 inches taller than Sanchez, making it easier for him to spearhead an attack without the need to play off of someone.


Everytime he opens his mouth these days, the sound bites become more embarrassing.

No one else is coming. Stale team, stale tactics…..just stale.

Is the season over yet?

An Ox-sized Coq

Can Alexis be a success up top? Sure. Could he score 20 or so goals? Absolutely.

Only one problem. We’re still not adding goals, we’re just moving them from out wide to up top. Who will score the 15 goals that Alexis used to provide out wide?


Ya money in the war chest is safe! Fooku you Wenger!

Dan Hunter

Yeah,what that guy fookuing said


I do believe Sanchez has the necessary qualities to be a fantastic ventral striker, but I have two issues. One: We have had Sanchez for two years now, and he has played up front about five times in that period. This suggests Wenger does not have faith in him as a central striker. I distinctly remember Sanchez starting upfront away at Everton and being subbed off at half time, for instance, and Wenger not playing him there until an fa cup match against hull about four months later. Two: If Sanchez is to become an out-and-out striker, he will need… Read more »


long season ahead.?


And inevitably an unsuccessful one. If it is as bad as I fear, Wenger is digging his own grave because even Arsenal’s supine fan base will turn on him eventually.


Since I feel we won’t purchase a new striker, Sanchez would do well up front after a couple of games in that position. He has those attributes.
But if Wenger is looking for an internal solution for the striker/winger situation,
why does he have to loan out Campbell.


Not sure why everyone says Ox isn’t good enough. He’s been so unlucky – he was on fire right at the start of last season then got injured and couldn’t get his confidence back, after quite a run of bad luck with injuries. He could be a big player for us, he’s got all the attributes.

Not saying we shouldn’t buy up front by the way – we blatantly need to do that I think!


101 PL games – 8 goals and 11 assists.
Yeah, this guy’s on fire :\


I said at the start of last season, not on fire for his whole career!! Read what I say before replying please!


I like Ox but he is more likely to be a bonus rather than a solution.


I had a “face” on me last night as the SKY/Man U love in went into early season euphoria.
How quickly the sickening Mourhinwhore has been embraced by the football “puritans” at the Theatre of Moneybags.
Immediacy …………its what its all about. Personally I give it one/ maybe two seasons.

We have a club, we have an ethos, we will prevail.

broken red army

so you think all the swearing and disrespects makes you so different to Mourinho?

Lord Bendtner

How can he use Real Madrid as an example!?! I am absolutely baffled right now! We are not utter idiots


So is he saying Alexander lacazzette is not a better player than Walcott sanogo and akpom?!!! I cannot wait for this season to be over and see the back of wenger! Knowing our luck the useless kroenke and gazidis will offer him a new 8 year contract.


well, at least now i have 4 strikers in my FPL fantasy team..


Which ever you look at this, it shows the all too similar failings of Arsenal as a progressive team. Other teams are busy spending the money given to them because of the TV deals. They have recognised weaker areas of their teams and strengthened accordingly. Wengers faith in his signings of years past have consistently proved they are not capable of improving enough to take the team to the next level. This decision is down to the manager. We can also look at the boards seemingly commercial interests and comrades to the conclusion, reasonably and say they care not who… Read more »


Comrades should be come.


Corbyn to the rescue


Well he is a Gooner. Although he’s a socialist so probably won’t spend any money either.


Did Wenger really ask you Real Madrid has bought upfront?Smh…I can’t begin to stress how absurd this question is,Wenger’s comments lately are very worrying,some of the reasons he has been putting up for not being able to upgrade our team where needed are downright ridiculous,The more he tries to defend his Transfer policy the more it seems to me like a well ochestrated scam,Our team is not that bad,but it’s blindingly obvious where upgrades are needed for us to have a better chance of competing for top honours.

Petit's Handbag

This is the end


Yep, Benteke at £27M, no way would he be better than Akpom and Sanogo


Let’s get used to the idea of another season without a challenge for the title.
Yes am sure we’ll have our usual good run of 6-7 victories and everybody will think, yeah we can, but with this squad it’s 100% we actually have no chance. And looking at man U’s first two games one gets the impression of real power there.

Dan Hunter

I think man u will lose a couple of players to injury Mourinho will go mental,or both,and United will drop off. I think City will win this title


Either way it’s not us

1 year to go hopefully


“But if you ask people ‘give me names’, you see that it is not that easy – look at a club like Real Madrid, who have they bought? Up front, it is very difficult.”

I know it was mentioned in the article, but I’m going to mention it again because of how ludicrous this statement is.


I love the guy, but Wenger is a politician now, aswell as a money-maker for our board members.


But Madrid had a buy back clause.. you think they or anyone else could have got Morata for that price if it wasn’t for that?

Wenger’s comment isn’t ludricrous but yours is misguided..


We’re not obliged as fans to give Wenger a pass, especially on this subject. That’s one of the most stupid things Wenger has ever said about us not being able to buy a striker.


Of course it’s ludicrous!

How can you justify our shambles of a transfer window by comparing yourself to one of the best teams in the world?! It smacks of trying to placate and brainwash the fans, especially if you couple it with his remarks about welbeck.


Can I just say this new Paul who gets thumbed down a lot is not me!! Change you name please?


Andrew, can’t you stop duplicate names?


Afobe is better than Akpom and Sanogo. Why not use our buyback clau….

Oh yeah, we didn’t insert one.


I feel like this is in the lead up to buying a winger to play on the left.. there seems to be more of them available that decent strikers.. Lewandowski, Aubameyang, Dybala, Benzema, Morata, Griezmann, Cavani, Suarez.. none of these players are for sale.. so we’re already looking at the second tier strikers.. and we already have Giroud and Welbeck who are in that category.. people may crow about Lacazette.. but he’s effectively scoring Championship level goals and no-one in that league is worth £60m.. Just a word on Mustafi as well.. Koscielny struggled early to adapt to the Premier… Read more »

Dan Hunter

All players are for sale. All players have a price. Griezmann is available for £85m. If you think that is a ludicrous fee, Wenger has spent £300m in the last 5 years. Around 110m on players he had let go or he does not currently use. In addition,the players he does use, at least 4 or 5 are pretty average and have not significantly improved the squad. Add to this the huge wage bill because of these experiments, then one can see that Wenger is not as economical with the clubs money as everyone is suggesting.


Griezmann has said he doesn’t want to leave.. or are we just kidnapping him now.. you realise the player has a choice too!!

Dan Hunter

How many players have said that in the past, I wonder?


Not me


@Fake Paul ,change your damn name,ps no one agrees with anything you ever say ?


I just have one question, do we have a title challenging squad? Were we prepared against Liverpool? It’s been 12 years and Wenger couldn’t produce a team that even came to winning the league.
All I want is him to leave when his current contract ends if he fails to win and don’t want him to extend his contract for being a good bargainer and a shit gambler.
Since when has buying cheap become the primary aim for a football manager?

Cyprus The Immortal Gooner

We don’t want a Suarez type signing…A Vardy type will do! Or you want to tell us that there is no Vardy quality in the whole world??? Because he bid for Vardy almost 3 months ago and he thought at the time that he would add quality to the existing team…


1. To suggest that Ligue 1 is no better than the Championship is incredibly disrespectful to French football and is typically blinkered English football bias. Even if (which I deny) the Championship is relatively on a par in terms of competitiveness (because of intensity, physicality), there’s no doubt that on the whole Ligue 1 is at a higher level technically than the Championship. 2. Lacazette has 5 goals in two games now. If he stays injury free I’d put money on him getting 30+ for the season (last year he had injuries and problems with the manager for the first… Read more »


PS Just because Lyon say they want £60 million for Lacazette doesn’t mean they wouldn’t bite our hands off if we offered in the region of 45 or even 50, or wouldn’t have if we had made that offer a month ago so they had time to find a replacement, or that we shouldn’t at least TRY to test their resolve with a proper, non-insulting, bid, and see what they say. But no…


Alexis is a wonderful player, and we need a striker in addition to Giroud, but this is typical rubbish thinking from AW.

Giroud on the bench so that Theo, Ox and Alexis can play together is nonsensical.

And as much as I like Alexis (a lot!), Suarez is far, far better and had always played striker, so what’s the point of this talk?


It looks like another season of underachievement, but hopefully Wenger’s last at the club. Roll on 2017-18 when we might at least have a Manager with some ambition.


*sigh* Enough of this bs already. Unless he buys a prolific winger (by prolific I mean 20 goals a season at least), we will not do well this season.


With Joel on loan, unless Wenger pull Mahrez out of his ass, there is absolutely no way in hell he can get away with this.

emmanuel ndiokwere

‘If we find the right players we will buy’ and ‘if we buy we will let you know’. These are familiar words of a sinking, but frustrating and provokingly annoying man. How can a reasonable man in Wenger’s position liken his team to that of probably the best team in the world at the moment, Real Madrid, whose squad is overflowing with world class players? Many well meaning Arsenal fans have on occasion cried out about how Wenger is slowly but steadily killing the Arsenal as the club is gradually being left behind by rivals. Yet Wenger doesn’t seem bordered.… Read more »


Wenger, this intelligent, proud and dignified man, continues to show his blindspot when it comes to strikers. We all saw him try to shoehorn Gervinho into the no.9 role and here we are again with Alexis. Alexis is not a striker and never will be, no matter how many goals he scores in that position. We need Alexis’ “energy” on defense and starting counter-attacks from deep in our 3rd, not running down blind alleys in search of through-balls. That’s Walcott’s job remember? If you don’t think Walcott’s good enough to do it then replace him and stop re-defining player’s positions… Read more »


I’ve been anti-Wenger ever since he sold RVP to Manure. My mate is a long time Wenger apologist and even he has had enough of his bull. Don’t get me wrong he’s changed the club in a positive way, but the last decade just shows how poor of a football coach he really is and this transfer window shows how many lies he’s been telling the fans over the years. 1st it was because we had to balance the books over the stadium move. Then it’s because oil money came into the game and inflated prices. Now it’s because of… Read more »


Wenger giving an excuse not to sign a striker. Lacazette is an upgrade over what we have, Icardi as well. Now maybe he pushed for an elite striker and was unsuccessful. Then why waste time and not try and sign one of the only 2 left??
Arsenal is in shambles. Big club with a small club mentality.


Wenger can’t make Alexis play upfront just because he can’t get Suarez.
Or that both of them are South American.
Or that out midfield is pretty packed at the moment.
Or that we can’t get in a striker.

As much as I respect him. I hope we will have a new beginning next season…… With another man in charge.
And a new football director handling all the transfers…
And a new board.

Man,i think I asked for too much.
Or did I?

Landycakes Donovan

I honestly wonder if Wenger’s ego is so huge he’s now decided to punish the support that dares question him. When people are rich famous and powerful for long periods they can really lose the plot ego-wise and reality wise (I worked in Hollywood for years and saw it over and over – they go bonkers, the rules don’t apply, nobody dares question them etc) And I think it’s like a cult with this club, one man all powerful. Look at the way Bould sits there staring ahead not saying a word.

Hank Scorpio

Hopefully Wenger’s last season. It seems he’s very keen to ensure he goes out with a resoundingly underwhelming whimper.

Indian Gooner

Covert the best winger we have got on the books and let the next best winger to go out on loan!
So who exactly are we planning to play on the wings?
Chambo will be injured half the time and so will be Wilshere!
Ramsey is a liability most of the time.
The road runner has got no fucking brains inside!
So it is going be a case of extreme liability on one wing and a roadrunner with no brains on the other!
Fuck me!

Indian Gooner

Convert!* Autocorrect always has it’s say.


I hate Arsene’s Arsenal these days.

So utterly depressing


You ‘hate’ your own team?? If you hate Arsenal then stop coming to games, stop supporting the team and stop posting about it. Simple!

I was in a cab in Finsbury Park last week, and the driver was a gooner – he said that he did not want us to win the league this year so that Arsene Wenger could go. I think a lot of folk have this kind of attitude at the moment, I cannot and will never understand it!


I’ve rented out my season ticket, cancelled my sky and BT subs until Arsene has moved on. He’s ruined my love of the game. Sounds melodramatic but Ive invested too much emotionally in the past and will no longer be taken for a ride by that man. I still love the Arsenal just not Arsene’s Arsenal anymore. What’s there to understand?


Hey maybe we could’ve bought the real Suarez instead of like, you know, dicking around trying to be clever with stupid plus £1 bids.

Grrrrr I’m as mad as I’ve ever beeeeen.


Be careful, delusional Arseblog fans will thumb you down if you even suggest that that +1 pound bid was normal, respectful of Liverpool and more important, respectful of Arsenalàs dignity as a serious club… you dare!?……. 😀

SoCal Gooner

This man is not going to win the league and he’s go to sign an extension for another 3yrs. And you know it…

Lone Star Gunner

The game has passed this once great manager by. I am left hoping the October deadline passes without a contract extension. Maybe it is Kroenke who prevents a rational transfer policy, but I’m ready to give another manager a try to find out.


Yes let’s bring somebody like de Boer , Koeman, Laudrup if available next year. Younger, taste for good football and with experience. Then we’ll see if they can actually buy somebody or the board prevents them from doing so

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