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Video: Arsenal 8-0 Viking FK

Arsenal scored a load of goals tonight against Viking FK which probably means we don’t need a striker and that we’re going to win the league.

I have no idea what order these clips are in because I’ve had so much beer, but lets not get all prissy about pre-season. Just enjoy the goals for what they are, or maybe get a new hobby like going to old folks homes and reading them poems.

Anyway, here’s some stuff. Either enjoy or don’t but if you have a problem please contact our customer services department by descending into hell and asking for Trevor, he’ll sort you out.

Joel Campbell goal

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Leave everything else out of this moment. Score lines like these make me genuinely happy.


On a day when we scored 8, Campbell scored 2 and assisted 2 plus worked very hard. Meanwhile, Walcott scored 1 and squandered 2, or 3 ? And he seemed to be frustrated with himself…

Cliff Bastin

Man did we really have to piss off the Viking community?


Most people on the stands were Arsenal-fans anyway, they were cheering and enjoying the show 🙂


It’s easy to forget how good we are sometimes, with all this negativity flying around.

3points in the toilet

Don´t want to be negative, but the scoreline against bunch of 19yo Norweigans was expected to be high… Not surprising result, yeah we were quite good, but they were quite shite as well (after they put the young ones on at half time).


No obviously it wasn’t that much of a test but watching us play like that and scoring all those nice goals puts things in perspective a bit.

Santi was a big miss last season, when we lost him and Coq it all fell apart didn’t it. Hopefully Xhaka and Elnenny will go some way towards addressing that.

Still need a defender and a striker.


It’s preseason. It puts nothing into perspective. If that were the case, then our thrashing of Lyon last season would’ve given us perspective.

Let’s just enjoy the game for what it is rather than romantisice things by extrapolating meaning out of a meaningless games.

I’m not supporting the constant negativity of some sections of the fans, but doing the opposite isn’t helpful either.


We have a lot of good players.

It’s easy to forget that with the way things have been going since the start of the year.


Judging by the down votes, the delusion is real. Nice preseason victory against petty opposition but let’s not get ahead of ourselves.


It was an six egg omelette with two sunny side on top. I am not worried that it was served on a styrofoam plate by a 19 year old on his first day. I am enjoying all 8 because I am starving.


Genius Analogy…
But I don’t like Eggs!!!

David Lundgren

How the f*ck can you not like eggs? And ok another note. I hope we trash Man City with the same scoreline tomorrow.

Granit(e) hard!

Well played!


Perfect game, and what the fuck is craig burley going on about with wenger


And some of you laughed at me when i said Joel is better than Draxler…

Tony g

One game against vikings does nothing to further your point mate. Draxler is the better player no doubt


And we will continue to laugh


The opposition were Vikings buddy…….


OMG! even walcott scored!!


He needs to stop feeling sorry for himself.


He wasn’t very good imo.

Granit(e) hard!

I agree 100%……he couldn’t even smile when he scored, never mind celebrate!.

I think he is letting all these criticisms about his performance, (well deserved, i might add) get to him…..if he can somehow motivate himself to rise above that, who knows, maybe he might even manage to regain some of his lost form.

I know its early days, but the Ox seem to have found a way to handle it and is beginning to look dangerous and exciting again.


If you look closely you’ll notice it was going wide and took a deflection off, I think, Santi. Who had the good grace not to claim it. 1, Because it was a friendly and 2, because he feels sorry for a player who has been generally far more hapless than heroic!

Vincent Kompany/Jamie Vardinho

I do the exact same thing with my Football Manager team, play weaker teams in pre-season so as to build confidence.

Glad Wenger took my idda

Vincent Kompany/Jamie Vardinho



Hope Wenger learns to spend 200m on Messi and Ronaldo and works out a method of time travel to rewind bad results. Just a few of D’s FM secrets to success 😉


Pleasingly, shooting (and scoring) was unusally high for Arsenal in this match…


2 many 12% extra strong beers to comment

Nathan Barnwell

I love you Andrew

Super Joshi

Yes but they are half way through their season so they have a little bit more match fitness. Maybe that’s why 1st half Vikings were generally sharper.


And the first half where their first team as well. They did 9 subs. Because they are playing a match in the league in two days (sunday). And they even played a player that they currently do not own because they cannot afford him.

That said. The score in a preseason game is just meh. Does not matter if we win 67-0 or draw 1-1. Preseason is all about training and building relations on the pitch.

Super Joshi

So u made the same point that as me with more explanation.


Santi has plenty of gifts but he can not be our penalty taker this season. Let Griezmann or Laccazette take them.


Definitely not gonna score any then.


https://youtu.be/d5vZTox8TI4 Extended highlights for you guys. My main takeaways from this are: I missed Santi Walcott is still frustrating What more can Campbell do to win over Wenger? Elneny is going to play a big part for us this season. But no one appreciates how good he is because we didn’t pay 50m for him. Akpom is still fighting, but struggling to make his case as a long term striker for us Some of our kids look really really good. I’m seriously getting on board the Iwobi bandwagon, he just fits so seamlessly into the first team. But then I… Read more »


Unfortunately I don’t think a match like this does much for our preparation other than potentially make them feel overconfident. Confidence is good to have, but the games starting next week are going to 10 times faster paced and more difficult. It’s always good for the youngsters to get a chance, but the match Sunday vs City is going to tell everyone much more about our preparedness for the season.


Good to see shots coming from outside the box, have we finally abandoned ‘walk it in’?


It’s only Cazorla who tries that consistently because he’s a real player not grown under Wenger’s delusional philosphy. Hope Xhaka also shoots from distance as well

Granit(e) hard!

and Elneny.


One of our problems always is the key players getting injured or switching off either midway or at Q3 of the season and invariably,AW will always brag money is never a problem but he will never spend it.(Financially,the bigger problem is not to make money but to spend it judiciously; you have enough money and so rich in name but lack success always in your carrier,you will soon fade off amongst your equals going by the name of ” past glory.”

Witty Futty

A good showing by Arsenal, Campbell really looks to be in great form!


Why wouldn’t Cazorla be fit for the start of the season? He played the whole 90 minutes and didn’t seem tired or in terrible shape at all

Crash Fistfight

He looked a bit on the tubby side to me, although I think Santi is naturally “big-boned” to be fair to him.


It might mean nothing but banging them in is a decent habit to get into

Lord Bendtner

I’m here because of the “43-0 Wikipedia”

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