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Wenger: Money is no problem for a striker

Arsene Wenger says that money is not a problem when it comes to Arsenal’s pursuit of a new striker, but there are four things to look at when making a deal.

The Arsenal manager is on the lookout for a new, hot, sexy talent up front, but believes there’s more to making a deal than just how amazing a player’s haircut is.

“The money is never a problem if you have to pay what is requested,” he said after the 43-0 win over Wikipedia.

“The price of a player is down to four ingredients. One is the talent, two his age, three is how much you expect him to improve your team, and four his resale value.

“If he ticks all four boxes then the price is not that important. You have to find the player.”

You know where you won’t find him? Hanging around bars where girls wear backless dresses and boys think that girls who dress like that want anything to do with them. Newsflash chaps: they might or probably won’t but stop making assumptions based on what people are wearing.

Otherwise we’d think you’re a cock because you have barbed wire tattoo on your arm, you knobwobbler.

Anyway, one striker please. A good one, who scores and shit. Thanks.

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Jesus, how many thousands of beers has the author of this article had?!


I believe Morata checks all 4boxes so why aren’t we pulling all the stops to get him. 45m should do the business no?

Andy Mack

Why would RM want to sell him?

Stuck on repeat...

Credit where credit is due…the spelling in this article is amazingly good for a Friday night, post pub, posting.


Exactly the right amount. Season ist just around the corner and its groundhog day again. Please Arsene just farking sign someone. Otherwise the atmosphere will be feral..


I thought this was another google translated article.


I agree, a weird article so it ciuld be thousands of beers. A lot of waffle to tell us what we all knew anyway… Sad.

arsens army

I think a certain girl with a backless dress didn’t want anything to do with Him last night.


Just sign some players you bunch of fucking cunts.



Is,the resale value comment real? I’m not sure if Arseblog is being a scamp there..or with the whole thing!


Surely the resale value is an important factor in any singing fee?

Oleg's Oratory

Classic Friday night news post. Gotta love the Arseblog.

Tuan Nguyen

Get Lukaku and pay whatever Everton wants for him!!!


The money for Lukkaku aka trampoline shins would probably get us Greizman.

Dunno about you, but I know who is want between the two.


Both good players but sadly it doesn’t matter who you prefer as neither will be joining.
4 years and still searching for that allusive striker to move this team on.
Meanwhile one of the most creative midfield lineups in world football gets older and more prone to leaving for a successful team.
Absolute scandal.


Four years and still searching indeed. Think back four years to when Griezmann could have been had for peanuts and Lukaku was still relatively cheap. How much was Higuain when two/three (?) years ago everyone, including his father, thought he was coming to us, but at the last minute we backed out? Too late now. What we need is a really good scout with an eye for a bargain like Leicester have got. We’ve stolen their scout already, you tell me? Shame it wasn’t the right scout. That, as Leicester fans pointed out at the time, was Steve Rowley who’s… Read more »

Andy Mack

We had £30 odd million in the budget that summer so we couldn’t have bought Higuian and Ozil. Your choice, which would you prefer?
Sanogo was a free transfer and a gamble. Even with that price he’s a gamble we lost but it was a cheap bet.
I’m pretty certain our ‘terrible’ injury record has been proven a myth for many years by a few journalists.
Moshiris problem was being involved with Usmanov.


What makes you think Atletico would sell? They’ve become real La Liga and Champions Legue contenders in the past 3-4 seasons so a top player like Greizman would rather stay there unless Real or Barsa goes for him.


Rough night out?


The resale value comment was a hint to why he didn’t buy Higuain. Anyways, enough talk. Get a CF and quickly.

Clockend lover

We could’ve had higuain for 30 million 3 years ago but we insisted on fannying about with our £40milion and a pound suarez chasing whilst not giving the higuain deal the respect it deserved. My point is that resale value maybe wouldn’t have been a problem if we would’ve pushed that deal over the line when we should’ve.


We will not have Ozil if we got Higuain and so it is arguable whether he made the right decision. We have the best playmaker in the world or a pretty good striker. I prefer Ozil you may think differently but you certainly have to admit that it is not a bad opportunity cost at all.

Blitz Bailey

We could easily afforded to sign both though. Our debt is tiny compared to the value of the club. We have a debt of 10% the value of the club which is like nothing at all. In comparison i have a debt of 80% the value of my house and i can still take on more if i wanted to. But on top of that we have had a huge cash reserve for many years now. Googling i found that even back in 2010-2011 season we had over 100 mill in cash reserves, which has more than doubled since then.

Andy Mack

When we had the chance to sign Higuaín from RM we didn’t have the money.


I don’t believe we couldn’t afford both Ozil and Higuain. If we weren’t trying to haggle the 25m price tag and sealed the deal then, we would’ve gotten ozil as well. Remember we spent 75m the next season.
I don’t mind having Ozil though.

La Pulgita

Dude I don’t get why people are pissed off about the Higuain deal. From my understanding we had an agreement with Real and Higuain pretty much when Napoli came and offered like 10 mill more than Arsenal. Real and Higuain broke their agreements and Arsenal had the option of either getting pushed around or standing their ground and losing out on a player who may or may not turn out good. Obviously Higuain did alright and would have been worth the money but if someone broke an agreement you wouldn’t agree to new terms so why expect Arsenal to do… Read more »

Ducks sake

I thought we agreed a deal with Real and didn’t agree a deal with Higuain or didn’t even get round to making him a decent offer and Napoli cam in for him.


I think both the age and resale value were hints to why he didn’t go for Higuain.


Speaking of resale value,why then did he go for vardy?


Because he was relatively cheap for the premier leagues top scorer.
It didn’t matter that he didn’t really suit our style. It was all about the cost as it always is with Arsene.
That’s the reason we will go annother season under prepared to win the league and the reason why Ozil and Sanchez will probably leave without signing new contracts. Players of that calibre can go anywhere on the same money or more but to teams with ambition and the ability to win titles.


Higuain never wanted to play in the EPL. If he did someone would have paid the money and more of the top teams would have been in for him.

Woolwich Peripatetic

What are the odds that a player that “good” isn’t on the radar at MU/MC/Chelsea?


Erm.. A few whiskies this evening?

Anyway lukaku would be very nice and tick all those boxes

Calm down Badal ?????

3 strikers fit this bill: 1.Alexandre Lacazette. Tall, skillfully on ball, and have scored tons of goals in last two seasons. French, 25 yrs old. 2. Mauro Icardi: 23 yr old Inter Captain. After 6-1 loss with our shadowy neighbor, he has to assess if Inter can possibly give European football next term. Have scored lots of goals in his two seasons. 3. Romelu Lukaku: Premier League proven, Belgian has reiterated since end of last season his desire to quit Everton. He’s similar to Giroud,but I’m not complaining. With our midfield he can score tons of goals, but is also… Read more »

Andy Mack

Lacazette isn’t tall. He’s only 1.75m (so 5ft 10″ roughly).

Smashed them for 8

That’s as tall as Drogba. That’s tall enough

Andy Mack

Drogba was (is) 1.89m, so about 6ft 3″ which is quite a bit taller.

Snake in the grARSE

You forgot to tell us the nationality of Icardi and also about his and Lacazette’s body structure. You also forgot to tell us Lukaku’s age. Can’t wait for your next post.


He also said

“We do not have to panic but we are on alert in the transfer market so that we can make the right move when the opportunity comes up”

It doesnt sound much like we have anybody lined up at the moment. It sounds like we are hoping for another Ozil or Alexis type of opportunity.

If we bid 30m for Lacazette we must have thought he was worth having, don’t understand why we don’t just make an offer they can’t refuse.


That would be incredibly daft of the board. You admit there is a scarcity of strikers, yet you’re waiting for a bargain or whatever? Morata isn’t moving, Aubamayeng isn’t moving, Lewandowski isn’t moving and Costa isn’t moving. So I don’t know how this is going to work. The only 2 strikers that we can get are Lacazette and Icardi. So I don’t know what top class striker available that’s better than Lacazette and Icardi.


Munich are complaining about Lewandowski’s crazy wage demands, so if money is no object …


Lewandowski to Real and either Benzema or Morata to us is more likely.

We will be waiting for somebody to be displaced i would think.

Dr Zebra

We just need a striker who is deadly in one particular box!

Toure Motors

I like you’re thinking… franny Jeffers anyone?


Am sorry but that is bulls…t pardon my French, we had the chance to sign one of the best strikes in the world, he may bite but he is one of the best you can find in the market and what did we do we offered shit money plus £1 and did not even bother to go back with a second bid, it’s the same reason why lyon know for a fact that we won’t be back with a second bid,for a club who keeps saying money is no issue, we seem to be holding on too tight to ours

Andy Mack

We didn’t lose out on Suarez because of the +£1 bid.
It met the terms of the ‘over £40m’ release clause so Liverpoo couldn’t turn it down if Suarez wanted the move. So why would any club go back with a second bigger unnecessary bid?
It failed because he decided he was more interested in lining up his ‘dream move’ to Spain where his Spanish wife wanted to be.


It failed because Liverpool’s lawyers told them they could ignore the release clause and get away with it.

Which they did.

Andy Mack

No, it failed because Suarez decided he really wanted to go to Spain and Liverpoo offered him a lot more money AND gave an agreement that if a Spanish club made an offer (within certain limits) then he could go there.

Andy Mack

Read this article where John Henry confirmed there was a clause and that he’d lied about there not being one ;
If Suarez had pushed then it would have happened but he didn’t.


Oh good. whatever, glad we bought Higuain and Aubameyang already. Fuck to da. Words, words, bollocks.


Is James Rodriguez considered a striker? Someone’s bid 72m for him apparently…

Tom Thumb

Did he really say resale value, if so that’s worrying.


i think Iwobi and akphom can make a impact in the squad.
so dont panic guys…

we have a strong midfield..maybe need one more striker who available on reasonable price.

in wanger we trust




Looks like that 67-0 win had Wenger in a good mood. He pretty much never talks like that. At this point I hope Wenger and his people know something we don’t know regarding the availability of some wonderful striker who is guaranteed to be available on deadline day. Otherwise just shut up and spend some damn money

Clock-End Mike

Ah, but that’s the problem here, isn’t it? Like schoolkids who see their friends being bought lots of shiny new toys by their rich parents, we look at teams around us who are spending £100m on one player, or £100s of misslions on a raft of new signings, and we want something new and shiny too, “just spend some damn money”. Doesn’t matter that we’ve bought some really good players already this year (Elneny, Xhaka, Holding…), we want tiys that are big and shiny too, especially strikers ‘cos they’re the shiniest toys of all. Doesn’t matter who, as long as… Read more »

Clock-End Mike

…*millions* “toys”
(why is it we only spot our typos the moment after we’ve clicked the “send” button?)


Vicious stuff from you Arseblog. Sheesh. Maybe have some win next time it will calm you down.


Aubameyang ticks all your boxes, why don’t you go buy him if money is not an issue? Stop with the bullshit, money counts of course.



Stringer Bell

Why are you bringing reason and logic into this.


You guys do know he said he is open to other clubs and that in this world money talks, right? Besides I’m not suggesting we go for Aubameyang, I’m saying with unlimited funds you can get whatever you want but we don’t have unlimited funds.


didn’t man city try and sign aubameyang earlier in the summer and were put off by the fee and his wage demands, now that is a club with unlimited funds, yet our fans think we should be able to spend what man city would not.

Ducks sake

They don’t have unlimited fund though otherwise they’d sign messi for 300million Rinaldo for 299 million, Bale for 298 million etc etc. And pay them a million a week so no they don’t have unlimited funds. They have also bought about ten players and have lots of options up front so maybe Aubemeyang wasn’t worth it to them. We have one option up front who won’t be fit for the start of the season. So paying lots of money for him and his wages is probably a better idea for us than it is for city seeing as hd’d have… Read more »

Nathan Barnwell

Haha, I read this article with all seriousness… then aligned my level of alcohol intake with Andrew… And I concur

Third Plebeian

I love the refreshing honesty of a drunk post.

Vincent Kompany/Jamie Vardinho

Chicharito, Slimani, Aboubakar, Mitroglu, vargas all suitable if we cant get lacazette


You’re taking the piss

Bet you were one of the people that used to cry for Jackson Martinez too.

Vincent Kompany/Jamie Vardinho

I said suitable never said amazing quality.

Id love to get Laca or Icardi if thats not possible these guys would do a job.

Besides guys like slimani have a great record.

Vargas doesnt have great stats but he does have a real chemistry with Sanchez.

Your previous posts have been logical Stillmatic, Don’t be a dumbass on this one because you skim read my post.

Are you one of the delusional ones who think Lewandowski would come to Arsenal, or Auba before he declared his love for RM?

Dial square

Bollocks, re-sale value my arse, who gives a fuck what they are worth in three years time.

Dan Hunter

The original Arsenal gangster


do you think man utd would be signing pogba for £100M if he would have no resale value.

Ducks sake

Why? Are they planning to sell him already? If he’s great you keep him anyway. If he’s shit then whatever you paid is only going to go down in value.

A Different George

I think Wenger was saying that resale value is one of the four factors that goes into the transfer price–a young, possibly improving player is worth more on the market than an older player of exactly equal quality who has apparently reached his peak.


Sounds really pathetic from wenger to be honest. Almost like we dont have a transfer plan or specific targets, we are just waiting and seeing if someone comes up.

If money is no problem, then go out and sign griezmann. Or is that when money is a problem.

Giroud's Buldge

That’s when the player blatantly not being on the market is a problem…

Ducks sake

Hardly anyone is on the market. It’s not like FIFA and you can filter by listed for sale. You make a big offer the club consider it, maybe not Griezzman cos why would you come to Arsenal from AM but Lukaku yep, Lacazette yep, me yep.

Money talks, was Fabregas for sale? No but he wanted to go. Was RVP for sale? No. Was Kante for sale? No!

It’s not like a supermarket!


Let’s cut the sh!t. Arsenal have a great squad with a current first choice striker Afobe who scored 5 in 30 games for Hull last season while Real Madrid are loaning strikers to Juve and PSG. Arsene it ain’t complicated, just buy a damn striker.


Though tbh, it still pisses me off Wenger doesn’t get more grief for pushing out Afobe because he got Sanogo. Remember when Wenger defended his purchase by saying “he will surprise you”? He sure did with his shitness, particularly at Ajax.
Meanwhile Afobe went from league 1 to PL in 18 months. Wouldn’t have mind him as back up over Theo.

Giroud's Buldge

You don’t even know the players we have!

Christ some Arsenal fans are spoilt brats.

Ducks sake

These black guys all look the same.



Does Arsene just talk waffle a lot of the time?


Caviar to sausages, and now finally to the finest of ingredients: resale value. What are we, I wonder. I think we’ll spend, even if it comes late, we’ll spend. And transfers don’t equal success. But it’s the sheer lack of ambition that kills, we act like the underdog that we just aren’t. We’re not Everton, or even Liverpool. But we seem to desperately want to be perceived as so? If we won a major trophy, you get the impression Arsene’s biggest satisfaction would come from the fact that we’re the outsider, the self-imposed outsider. And the biggest fear: It’s not… Read more »

Dan Hunter

Nail on the head has been well and truly hit


I get your point. It would be nice to feel good about our team for once. I did for a while when we bought Ozil. But why does being bookies favorite matter. I do think the bookies (not actually betting people but pundits) are pretty annoying because they often get stuff wrong and go back on tv like nothing happened. Talk is cheap. I wonder how many of them can be actual managers making real decisions without getting fired. It is a good game to actually name a good pundit who has been a successful manager. From Wenger’s perspective, I… Read more »

Ducks sake

The bookies (these are betting people) are nearly always right. Pundits however are always right about Arsenal. They always say we lack mental strength, have no leaders, don’t have any fight which is all true. They always say, each season, that we are 3 players away from challenging and again always right. They always say we are unbalanced as a squad, again always right? What are they wrong about? You want them to be wrong because you want Arsenal to prove them wrong but 2 wrongs make a right and they are right. Arsenal is wrong, not showing ambition is… Read more »


sad.. but true.


You know I bet even if we got a striker he would get injured. So I’m trying to take a bit of distance from the whole transfer madness. Honestly, it’s not perfect, but we have a pretty good team. It could be better, but I’m not convinced that the sort of players available right now would improve it. We’ve finally got rid of most of the deadwood, I’m not so keen on bringing in more. I know we need a striker, but so does literally every half ambitious team in Europe right now. Ever since 4-4-2 went out of fashion,… Read more »


Stop this!! We do not have a good team. We are lacking at CB and ST. How many seasons will it take to realize that we can’t win the league with Giroud as first choice?? Giroud apart from not being world class, is the only true 9 we have. Akpom isn’t ready, Walcott is shot of confidence. So if giroud gets injured, we’re screwed. If he’s fit, he isn’t consistent enough. That’s why we need a striker. This squad at the moment is good enough for 4th or at best 3rd. City and manure have better squads and very very… Read more »

Smashed them for 8

The fact that we need a striker and a CD does not mean we don’t have a good team. We’re probably the deepest team in the prem. However, we need to buy a striker and a CD to have a chance at winning the league

Ducks sake

How did you work out we are the deepest team in the league. We have one striker and he is average.

brendan from new york

Blogs you have set a new standard for an off season post. Absolutely classic.

Snake in the grARSE

Who out there thinks about resale value when they buy ANYTHING!?

Fuck man!!

Andy Mack

I do.
House, Cars and Motorbikes mainly.


If anyone thinks wenger’s comments give us any real insight I to what’s going on, you’re wrong.
There’s no reason to believe that we aren’t really close to signing someone.
He never tells the truth regarding transfers, yet everyone gets so worked up about what he says..


Could it be that wenger is waiting for Benzema to become available? Lacazette as plan B

dr Strange

He´s waiting for you.

dr Strange

Resale value…. So Vardy had a resale value? This is complete and utter bullshit from a man that haven’t got a plan B. It´s all down to luck now.


Haven’t we heard this bullshit before. Money is not a problem. So if it’s not. Go out and buy a bloody striker. But we also know Wanker is a cheap scate. He Wil turn around and say there is no strikers available. Getting sick and tired of the shame shit every year

Cyprus The Immortal Gooner

Yeap. Won’t talk about previous year’s striker buys in case anyone says we couldn’t afford better ones, but I’m sure Vardy at 29 having one miracle season would have a resale value at 33…

Make mine a Swiss miss

Was shocked when I read this post. I can’t believe all those young ladies aren’t dressing up just for me.
Can I recommend getting hammered and having a sense of humour to some of my fellow gooners?


So why wouldn’t Wenger get Lacazzette once and for all if he ticks all boxes and money is not a f…ing problem? And we know he ticks all boxes because he’s made a bid for him this season…..


We need chacharito


I hope we don’t focus to much on the resale value. It’s not like we’re Leeds or something. Shouldn’t we rather think like Ferguson did with rvp? I bet the extra money they made from winning pl helped


Ferguson and United were ambitious and it showed. Wenger only looks for the pennies and it’s shown for 10+ years without a PL

Andy Mack

If Old Red Nose had been planning to stay for a few more years then he’d have worried about resale value as well. But he didn’t which is one of the main reasons they’ve had to spend a fortune since he left (More money than we could afford if we were in the same situation).


I’m turning a blind eye to his former Manure association but he has scored goals in the 3 best leagues in Europe.
And he is available for the amount frugal Wenger is willing to pay.


Wenger putting pressure on himself to spend. He’s not gonna be popular if we don’t buy a striker.


Oh please stop talking the talk, but actually walk the walk – I.e get a striker, winger and centre back Wenger and, while you are at it, hurry up as the season starts next weekend!!!!!!!!!


Here we go Again……we’ve been searching for a striker since 2013 and every window he says “There are no quality players available”. Its really getting beyond frustrating now. As always we keep running out of options towards the end of the window. I’m seriously worried about starting the season with Theo or Akpom as striker

Ducks sake

I’d rather start with akpom.

Theo should be Left Back

….in the changing room.


At this stage we fans dont need to bother ourselves…the board and wenger have set there priorities clears which shows that they are only interested in buying players at a cheaper prices then sell at higher price…they are just after making there fucking money…no trophies ambition as far as they are making themselves happy they dont give a damn about fans feelings


They didn’t say they need to make money on a deal, just that they don’t want to lose millions on a player that didn’t fit or doesn’t want to stay.

Tony Hall

Hi Carlo
How much do you want for Lewandoski
Here’s 10% more for a quick sale

Not that difficult is it


Hi Tony,
He’s not for sale.


I am pretty certain Augbameyang tucks all those boxes but hey who am I?


I am pretty sure Wenger is on watch. He is waiting on Real or Bayern to make a move for Aubameyang and then he will make a move for Benzema (Morata) or Lewandowski.




Seriuosly if money is no problem then our recruiting should all be resigned or get fired. Of all strikers in this world they couldn’t find one right one, whereas others top team keep finding one. Also, its not as if we have such a top strikers that theres no one better than what we have out there.

arsens army

The only person who would have a harder time finding a suitable striker is fucking moses. We are getting thirsty wenger.


Honestly reading the comments here is always so entertaining. Keep it up people !

On a separate note :

Bring on the 16/17 season… Arsenaaal will rock the league this year 😉


Comment:I think what he meant by resale value is, if the player could be sold later then that player would cost more than say Vardy. I would try for Falcao, he might thrive in our system.

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