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Wenger reacts to Henry transfer claims

Arsene Wenger has reacted to Thierry Henry’s suggestion that big players may not want to join Arsenal.

Speaking on Sky Sports last weekend, in the aftermath of the 4-3 defeat to Liverpool, the club’s record scorer said, “The thing I don’t understand is, we’ve been told that Arsenal are wealthy, that we have money, that we can compete against anyone in the market.

“But when the season starts, we can’t compete in the market. So which one is it? I just don’t understand.

“Are Arsenal still the first choice in England? If a big player becomes available on the market, first of all, can you compete? Can you put the money on the table?

“That’s something we all need to take into consideration. So are we still the first choice in England? I don’t think so.”

But speaking today at his press conference, Wenger played down the suggestion and said there are lots of players out there who want to come to the club.

“I don’t feel that, no,” he said. “We have plenty of players who want to join us. I would say even all the players who left, 99.5 percent of players have asked to come back even when they left.

“He’s one of them! So I don’t think there’s a problem to attract players.”

Here’s a little thing for you now. Watch the video below. Now, whenever anyone says ‘lots of X’, where X = something, like ‘Lots of players’ or ‘Lots of transfers’ (haha etc), try not to use the last line immediately afterwards.

You’re welcome!

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Olawale Olayemi

I wonder what the relationship between Wenger and Henry is really like these days. They rarely ever say the same things

Mr. G

Henry knows Arsenal have cash to splash and that there are plenty of players around who can improve this squad. We have to spend big because we’re an English club, but we can afford to do so.

Wenger has become so arrogant he ignores pretty much all of that and believes he has a squad that can win the title, and after spending big on one player he will only add more to the squad if he can get a player for a price he feels is right (in other words, what they would have been worth in 2008).


It’s same story between every Arsenal fan in the World with Arsene.


You are wrong Sounak, not “every” Arsenal fan, just the vocal and verbose minority.

Cyprus The Immortal Gooner

So all in all you’re happy with Wenger’s transfer policy??


Yeah. It’s really not that bad. Mustafi isn’t any better than our first choice centre backs. Sure he’s better than our backups, but if you think paying 30 million or whatever it is for a guy to come and cover for a couple of weeks than you’re in dreamland. Same goes about the strikers on the market. There’s lots of short term possibilities on the market, but no significant upgrades on what we have. The only player who moved this summer who could have upgraded our forward line would have been Higuain, and he went for £75m. And just imagine… Read more »


At last a person who thinks with his head and has an IQ more than zero, if been saying the exact same thing all summer “like what happens when Welbeck is back , his only out for most of the season not all his career “. Too many people get fifa confused with real life and have no idea of how hard it is to keep a squad of real life players all happy. What quality player is going to come in and only want to be a second choice when everyone is back because there any better defenders out… Read more »


You’re absolutely right. People are delusional. Look what happened with TV5, we sign a centre back to cover, we get a good partnership going in Kosc and Per which keeps TV out of the first team, he gets the hump and wants to go to Barca. It’s not as simple as signing super stars willy nilly. You have to be responsible and you have to think about the team dynamic. Wenger is right. I’m sick of these plastic fans booing and carrying on like we are entitled to the premiership. Support the team and create an atmosphere that boosts morale… Read more »

Tasmanian Jesus

Fifa is more real than you think sometimes. Debuchy moans from being on the bench there too.


If you really think Mustafi is not any better than Gabriel then I’m simply speechless. Now I love your faith in our team but Mustafi would massively improve our starting line-up.


Gabriel isn’t first choice. He’s 3rd choice. I’m happy with Mustafi joining us, but he’s a short term fix for Mertessacker’s injury. You don’t pay 30m plus 3-4 years of wages for a short term fix. Come on. And if it doesn’t work out no one will take him off us. No resale value whatsoever, only marginally better than Gabriel, it makes no sense. Personally if we were going for a short term fix I would have been happy with Ashley Williams, but you know his price tag would have tripled if we had bid for him. At this rate,… Read more »

Blitz Bailey

Allthough i agree Mustafi has been abit overhyped considering Valencia finished 12th last season with Mustafi a integral part of their defence, I still consider Mustafi a decent upgrade on Mertesacker and the natural first choice alongside Koscielny if he was to join. Per being the captain dont mean anything when you consider Vermaelen and Arteta was captain. It does not give you a get in the team free card. 24 year old international player in this market will cost you 30mill more often than not unless there is a clause or their on the last year of their contract… Read more »

Gervinho is Driving

I agree on the CB situation. Only reason to spend big on a first-team ready CB is if you think (1) BFG’s age and body mean his career is winding down, and (2) Gabriel, fit, isn’t up to making the position his own. I think (1) is likely true. On (2), we’ll see. Certainly Gabriel is not so bad that we have to act drastically in this window. On attack, however, we have seen enough to know that we need more goals. That’s not an indictment of Giroud. In fact, where we’re missing goals is from No. 10 and the… Read more »

The Jinsta

Where I follow Arsene’s reasoning is that if we buy an expensive player, and he ends up being the wrong fit for us, it has become almost impossible to replace this player since not only is he too expensive but his wages are a barrier for most clubs.

think Walcott, who is ready to pay his 150,000 sterling a week?


I guess you found the way he handled Suarez and higuain earlier sensible too. He spent 35mil on a mid fielder when we so many mid fielders but isn’t willing to go up by 5 mil for the much needed defender

Dan Hunter

Griezmann is available… £85m. Make him an offer he can’t refuse. If you think that is a lot of money, since 2011 we have spent almost £300m, and from that around £110million on players we have barely used or sold on. The point is obvious. Rather than spending 10-15m on potentials, most of whom turn out to be average, such as Theo or Ox or Ramsey, why not spend that money on a truly marquee signing? 85m on Griezmann or Lewandowski… just pay the fee and get what we need to complete the puzzle,rather thanring 5or 6experiments that mostly yield… Read more »


It’s not only about this one season, but, is it? We have been in need of a forward for good 3 seasons now. Let’s see what happened in some of the other clubs in those 3 seasons – Lewy moved to munich, dortumnd bought and sold immobile and then bought Auba, Costa moved to chelshit and atletico bought Griezmann, Suarez moved to barca, neymar moved to barca, Higuian moved to napoli and then to juventas, Zlatan moved to utd, Icardi moved to inter, Dybala moved to juventas, Schurrle moved to dortmund. When the other clubs are so easily acquiring top… Read more »


Not “all” but mostly content. I’d rather he was in charge than anyone else who is realistically available. I respect him and value what he has achieved in transforming my club. I also don’t assume to know all the facts, I suspect Gazidis is more culpable than what’s reported. Conversely I have no interest in quick fix solutions to satisfy Arsenal’s impatient and vocal online following. The majority of real fans support Arsene, as proven by the muted protests at the Emirates last year. Genuine supporters adhere to the adage ‘you only have one Mother and one club’, opportunistic followers… Read more »

Dan Hunter

You’re not the Guv’nor from thegoonertalk are you? Anyone who says Wenger has no money to spend, since 2011he has spent £300m minus change. What do we really have to show for it? 2FA cups? We like to make fun of Manchester United for spending money on flops, but from that 300m, we only really have Cech, Özil and Sanchez whom we can call world class.. That’s around 87.5m worth of signings. What about the rest of the 200m plus? That’s not even taking into account the huge wage bill. Economical my ass. Wenger in fact has wasted far more… Read more »

hillbilly bob

You’re right, mate. not every arsenal fan, the the ones with sensible thoughts


I’m as big of an Arsene Wenger fan as there is in the world, but objectively, this transfer window has been an abject failure.

Bobby P

I feel the same


Not me. I with Arsene all the way.


You see smart, mature and professional people don’t let difference in opinions affect their relationships.

Reality Check

If articles were rated like comments this one would get zero thumbs down.
Henry just said what’s on every fan’s mind and shame on wenger for low balling him by getting personal. If you want to prove a point do it on the pitch or in this case, in the transfer window not by putting a spin on it by bringing up ex players who were sold mostly for not being very useful in the first place.

Jack's little finger

The beauty of life is that things always change. That is life. Change will come at Arsenal both at boardroom level and on the technical bench one day.

It sucks that we are where we are at the moment but Ill support the club until the change we all so badly need comes.



Agree with you, every game is one nearer him leaving


Yeah, but, new is new.


Just spend some fucking money already. Its been a long time since the granit xhaka announcement and the last time we geniunely had something to get excited about. Just give us something man.


how about a fourth place trophy


And also the customary run in the CL where we will persevere to f*ck the group stage up so we can meet Barca or Bayern in the round of 16.


The only reason Xkaka was signed early and Winger came out and said we can compete with anybody in the transfer market is because ——–

Season tickets went on SALE !!!!

Not that hard to work out really and once they are all sold look what’s happened !

Taken for MUGS Lmfao


Do you not know there’s a massive waiting list for season tickets?


there might be but it doesn’t mean they’ll buy. We’ve done it for several years now, we’ll either buy or Gazidis will spout some utter shit about us buying just at the right time… and then promptly do fuck all.


See this is the problem. We spend 30m on a new player, play him for half an hour in one competitive game, and were already bored and looking for our next transfer fix.

Modern football!


Clock-End Mike

Agree with @Cracked. Apparently the reason “fans” want to buy is so that we “geniunely had something to get excited about”. What rubbish!

The reason for buying new players is to improve the squad, and at the sort of prices we seem to be talking about, not just for a couple of months, either. Get real.


Wenger’s a dinosaur, as said it may be – This guy isn’t relevant for a decade.

Le Jim

What the fuck’s a Lommy?


That’s literally the first thing I thought of when I saw that video posted


Henry who…?


The best Premier league striker.


What kind of clown makes a comment like “Henry who” further more where the hell have the halfwits who thumbed up the comment come from….

Frank Bascombe

I did. Just to annoy you. Here’s another one, Henry who- jumped ship when the club needed him most.


I think Henry can speak as a fan now, and that’s the difference. He isn’t employed by the club, so essentially he is like the rest of us. He has the same questions we do, like, why the fuck haven’t we bought the players we have needed for over two years now?

Jeremy O Dwyer

‘Are Arsenal still the first choice in England?’ Seriously? Like is that honestly a question he needs answered? I love Arsenal, I think Arsenal is the best team in England, but whatever Arsenal can do to try to win championships, there are 3 other teams that can always do more. As a destination, unless you’re a fan, Arsenal are the 4th choice club you would go to if you want to win titles in England. I don’t say that as a dig at the club or as an excuse.That’s just a fact. I say that because United, Chelsea and City… Read more »


If I was the club’s top scorer of all time I’d want to go back just to show Theo where the fuck the goal is. I’d even do it for free.


This whole wages thing is such bullshit but gets repeated ad nauseum

2015 wage bills
Chelsea 216m
United 203m
City 194m
Arsenal 192m

There is a maximum 10%, ok maybe 15% difference in the total wage bills.
I don’t understand why Arsene does not sell some of these players who fail to come good year after year and invest in some new talent, we will do the same things this year because we are the same team managed by the same flawed manager


Wenger persists with players he believes will come good. Sometimes his beliefs get us an Henry, sometimes a Bendtner. There’s nothing wrong with doing that. The only beef I have is that he doesn’t always pay over the odds for genuinely top talent. Not Lacazette or Mustafi level stuff but top top talent. Higuain moving to Napoli was a prime example of this.


Chelsea and city can afford more wages? Last time I checked arsenal had the bigger spending power. Chelsea and city can’t rely on their sugar daddies anymore in the transfer market. Sure they can build better bigger stadiums and improve their facilities. But FFP have restricted them in overspending on transfers and wages. The reason we are 4th choice is the fact that out of the top 4 we are the only one that haven’t won a domestic league title in donkey years.


This is just getting to embarrassing. I don’t feel any desire or excitement about watching the game this weekend, none whatsoever.


Henry and others who have created a bound with the club want to come. Okay. But what about if a player has a choice between working with Mourinho, Guardiola, Klopp, Pochettino, Conte or Wenger? In that particular case, I’m afraid that 99,5% would decide to join every team but Arsenal. That’s HIS responsibility !

Jeremy O Dwyer

I can understand being disappointed or angry at our manager but do you really believe that 99.5% of players would prefer to play under either Klopp or Pochitino at Liverpool and Spurs than under Arsene at Arsenal?

I could understand the others, for financial and title winning chances reasons but those two?


Mind you he came back because he was too old and he loved the club. Also he didn’t leave Barca to come to AFC.


For that matter, could add Koeman to that list.

If I were a player, and I’m not, but the manager was the deciding factor, yes, Guardiola would be 1st choice. But Wenger would be 2nd. Mourinho might win more in the short term but he’s nuts. I guess it’s a personal preference: do you want the trophy more than you mind putting up with that? Some obviously do. I can’t believe he hasn’t burned some bridges with some players.


“He is one of them”….slam dunked him.

The Wizard of Oz(il)

Yeah, I saw how Pogba tried to push the transfer to Arsenal, to bad he wasn’t up to our standards… Those “top class” players Vardy and Mahrez also… Hope someone answers to that e-mail Messi sent month ago…

Andre Santos: Talent Scout

He said the players who have left Arsenal expressed a desire to come back. The Nasri’s, Fabregas’ and RVP’s of this world.

Pretty sure he wasn’t suggesting that Messi has been begging us for months to take him away from Barcelona.


The agent of Johnny Evans called and wanted his client to come to Arsenal, so I guess that means all the top players want to join us.


It is a non story. A lot of big players want to come to Arsenal. But these players have no say over transfer prices. Arsene doesn’t want to pay the big money that clubs now want …


/Players want – another overlooked factor.


Well said. Paying over the odds means destroying all the work he has done over the years. People forget that of all the teams Leicester won the league last year. Now since pogba signed for United and pep is at City the Leicester league win is history and is a one off. Things change quickly these days and wenger is not willing to give up his core values. He is constantly provoked by hypocrites and glory hunters. He is a wise man and I will always admire him. We will appreciate him more when he leaves. If not us then… Read more »


if Wenger can just shut up and not buy anyone else i think i might feel better.


He won’t shut up as he is constantly nagged about transfers. None of the journos are even interested in the Liverpool defeat, transfer gossip is all they want!


Which arsenal fan wants to hear more about the defeat to pool? Even for neutrals, it is already a week old & frankly, the majority of people attribute the defeat to ineptitude in the transfer market so how are the journalists the issue?


Just watched wenger’s press conference and my inferences. I really hate wenger right now, so much, but why do i still have that feeling that he doesn’t like to buy players who he feels are average for a huge amount of money… we didn’t hear arsenal played hard ball on ozil or sanchez’s deals…i feel if ozil was going for 60 -70 m this season he would still buy him if he’s not convinced of the talent of the player, he most times opts no to buy and if he’s signing an average player, it doesn’t go more than 10… Read more »

Dave Gooner

Neither Lacazette nor Benzema made the French team in the Euros on which our current striker was number one choice. I don’t personally get why we should pay over the odds for players who really aren’t very good. Thomas Muller now, I’d cough up for him, or Robert Lewandowski, but I have to confess that I am in agreement with Wenger – otherwise we end up with another Chamakh or two on our hands. Where we differ however, is in giving all the other Prem teams a head start of a match or two because our players are ‘tired’. Our… Read more »


Dear everyone, PLEASE STOP POINTING OUT THAT LACAZETTE DIDN’T MAKE THE FRENCH EURO SQUAD SO THEREFORE CAN’T BE ANY GOOD!!!!!! (Benzema didn’t make the squad for entirely non-footballing reasons, so we can set that one aside.) Aside from this claim being about the least original point made on an Arsenal blog this summer (I must have read it 50 times in the last 2 months), it also happens to be idiotic. This shouldn’t need saying (again), but here goes: making or failing to make an international squad for a summer tournament tells us approximately fuck all about that player’s quality.… Read more »


So anyone with eyes can confirm Lacazette is better than Giroud except for the Arsenal scouts, manager & France national team coach. Now that statement doesn’t say much about your judgement does it??


Deschamps picked Gignac due to having worked with him at club level and because hes a target man like Giroud.
Now if you said Lacazette was dropped for Griezmann, then fine. Lacazette is a better finisher and goal scorer than Giroud. Anyone who says otherwise is just being Crazy.


Or maybe Deschamps wanted a target man. I’m not clear on how you know that Arsenal’s scouts and manager think Giroud is better than Lacazette. Had a conversation with them about it? Or is it because one of them has been bought by Arsenal and the other hasn’t. By parity of reasoning, we could then conclude that the Arsenal scouts and manager must think Giroud is better than Messi too, no? In fact, given that Arsenal put in a bid for Lacazette this summer despite having Giroud on the books, I’d say that’s decent indication that they think the former… Read more »

Dave Gooner

I will still go with the Arsenal and French management teams over…you. Neither Lacazette nor Benzema (who didn’t make the team because he is not good enough, whatever HE might say – if he was good enough he would most certainly have been there, and we all know it) will be an improvement on what we already have. Buying either will just be a waste of money to appease the shout-y brigade. Wenger is sometimes still correct, unfashionable and all as it is to say so. So I say try Muller or Lewandowski, and pay whatever it takes, by all… Read more »


Benzema is way better than Giroud. Only a fool would argue this in 2016. Faster, WAY more skillful, WAY more technically gifted, more versatile and of course a better finisher. Oh and I forgot FAR FAR FAR more creative. Benzema does what Giroud does and much more.


he’s just scored a proper hattrick on the opening game of the season …


… lacazette, i meant 🙂

Arteta's Silky Bush

Oh good, we can attract old players that have left… just not new ones to improve the team.


Watching the press-conference, he was quite relaxed today. He wasn’t defensive about lack of transfer activity really, and the questions didn’t seem to agitate him like I was expecting. The main theme was inflated prices for English clubs, which he talked about repeatedly. Which is basically a tacit admission that we don’t want to pay what we are being quoted. So, he has a choice it seems. Pay in Euros, or pay in extreme criticism and possibly even the loss of his job at the end of the season. This time, failure to invest will be the end in my… Read more »

Cyprus The Immortal Gooner

I think he’s got a guaranteed contract extension if he finishes in the top 4. The board don’t give a s**t about fans. I reckon the only way to “listen” is when the stadium is empty. As long as the money keep coming in, nothing will change…


The board definitely want him to stay, nobody think’s otherwise. It’s not up to them though. I don’t think Wenger believes top 4 is good enough now. In the past it was, and that was realistic. Now the targets have changed, I think he knows that. If you think he’d stay after another poor season at the end of which his contract is up- I think you’re doing him a disservice.

I hope he wins it, but he needs to help himself.


Let’s give some respect to Arsene even if we are frustrated by the lack of actions in the transfert market. There is a feeling that it’s his last year.Henry has chose sky money over working through the ranks at the club so Arsene could have hand over him! So my modest guess is that the relationship is cold now. Henry is playing a dangerous game if his real ambition is to manage The Arsenal in the long term.We all know Arsene will do a Ferguson and decide who is going to take over. And it won’t be Henry.


My favourite quite ever from Game of Thrones… blogger you’ll be proud to know that I used this line at work, everyone laughed. I was fired.


Imo, i think our spending is done. Will Wenger buy? I seriously wont think so.

emmanuel ndiokwere

I think Henry may be right in this case. I’ve personally wondered if arsenal have not lost the attraction for top players. Wenger to me is a hypocrite and a liar and so will not admit this fact publicly. If players like Holding and Takuno would jump at the chance to join Arsenal, what about Higuain, Jamie Vardy, Lacazette, Griezmann and the likes. It has to do with how Arsene Wenger has succeeded in downgraded the Arsenal with his penny pinching attitude to player transfers.


The football of today. Some of arsenal players are not realy fit to be there for sure. And yge trophy will be forth position every year. Arsenal is a big club, to have Giroud as a first striker is shame. Henrys idea is realy. Top player will not come to arsenal because of salary and not competative team. Even Ozil and Sanchez will leave the club. I think the quality of arsenal as a team. Should be of Everton, stoke but not big club like arsenal


Does Arsene still have a supporter except Stan his arrogance is not good for the future of Arsenal the greatest club the world has ever seen I must add. Just put the money where your mouth is Arsene the market has changed and must change or drift to mediocre. God how it hurts losing to Liverpool in the manner that we did. Leister God help us.

Eternal Titi Berg Pat Nostalgia

Players who left asked to come back when they are 34 years old.


Like Febregas, Flamini, nasri.


well fabregas was 27 if ‘m correct and he begged to come back, ended up at chelashit because wenger was right to snub him as we have the best play-maker in the world which we wouldn’t have if the snake stayed at the club so I’m happy. Also I’m sure hleb after one year at barca wanted immediately to come back same as song.

Eternal Titi Berg Pat Nostalgia

Other than Fabregas, the other players you referred to are top top players, aren’t they? Wenger himself said Fabregas had agreement with Chelsea way before. That’s why Arsenal didn’t bother.

femi Jacob

All other clubs buy players to tell the players in that position that he step up his game but Wenger will be waiting for the one coming from injuries as new one


Henry is just doing his work as SKY pundit who gets a hell of a salary.

We will definitely sign 2 players and Arsenal and ARSENE do have majority support.

Not a few hundred poster boys

Rob Fuller

Other clubs are inflating their prices because they know we need players but when it comes to transfer-deadline day itself, these clubs that have want-away players and need the money (Valencia) will have to come to an agreement. It’s called haggling, negotiation. Our spending policy differs greatly from that of ManU Chelsea and City in that they don’t actually have a policy as such, it’s just a case of whatever it costs, is what they pay, and they can do that with sugar daddy owners and billions in sponsorship deals with every corporation under the sun. Our policy is still… Read more »


Di Maria is a prime example. A British record fee, then effectively forgotten within 12 months.


Ferguson blew a lot of transfers. BUT he kept trying. United had enough infrastructure to overcome a Bebe or even Anderson type purchase. Wenger has never been able to do that. He feels he has to “win” every transfer. That hesitation is what has cost us, over and over again. So this leads me to believe the club needs a player personnel director. Someone who can overrule the manager. This person was David Dein. Truly believe if he was still at the club that we would have purchased C. Ronaldo, and many more players who would have kept us at… Read more »


It seems our policy is to wait for the big spending clubs to do their business then take the players that are surplus to requirements at that big spending club. Look at Sanchez, Ozil and to an extent Cech, these have not been bad signing but maybe we should be pushing more and not waiting for our turn in the transfer chain. Also, Emiliano Martinez puts a picture of an Arsenal BBQ at the training ground on Twitter. First comment underneath? “Stop having a free lunch and sign some fucking players.” Who would want to sign for us with this… Read more »

Anthony Payne

Of the so called 99.5 per cent of ex players that allegedly wanted to come back under Wenger’s watch (Martin Keown returned under George Graham’s) only Nickolas Anelka was still a top player and even then we let Avram Grant’s Chelsea get in there before us .Neither Henry, Sol nor Flamini were still top players when they came back , so Wenger’s ” he’s one of them” point is moot.


Don’t forget about cesc

Anthony Payne

About that. Even if we didn’t want Cesc we could have cashed in on reselling him like Real plan to do with Morata. Personally I think he was good enough to walk straight back into the team.

Big man

Wen Alex Ferguson left untied they got moyes …… who u think we get?


I just cut off my dick reading this


Thierry Henry was spot on. Problem is that the whole world is wrong about Arsenal’s lack of ambition but Arsene Wenger, Kronke and Gozidis. It has since been proven that Arsene Wenger and Stan Kronke will be the worst thing to happen to Arsenal in modern era. Arsenal is no longer likely to be a permanent fixture in Champions League. I really don’t see Sanchez and Ozil renewing their contracts. This club is dangerously going in the wrong direction with these three men at the helm. The three main dramatic personae (Wenger, Kronke and Gozidis) are not your modern day… Read more »


I’m curious, what made you support Arsenal in the first place?


I don’t get the impression that players don’t want to come, more that we just make no attempt to buy them.

We must still be a huge draw, and if we got our shit together a bit we would be even more.

There aren’t many teams with more cash and/or more prestige than us. They only have so many slots in the first team.

Some seem to be attracted by our style of play. Alexis cited this as a reason for signing.


Arsenal can get any player we really go for. The likes of Lewondowski would not think twice if we put in a competitive offer and they were available.

This is largely down to Wenger and the Arsenal style/brand he has developed. Those that try to deny that are lying to themselves. It is imperative our next manager fits that philosophy so we can continue to compete at the top.


Anyone noticed how towards the end of the conference, Wenger said that “every transfer has a rhythm that you are not the only one to decide on”.

Seems like a big hint that the people above him (board/Kroenke) have got a huge say in how much we spend and probably wouldn’t sanction spending over the odds more than once or twice.

He also said “it’s not my money”… another hint that his hands are quite tied… as I’ve suspected for quite a while now.


So long as we sign Griezmann and Draxler I’m still a Wenger supporter.


Henry risk becoming yet another shallow pundit who has not travelled the path or got any prerequisite experience in management or transfer business to shoot his mouth and opine sweet nothings. Granit is not exactly a small signing. Nor has Ozil, Alexis, Santi or Cech. I think Arsenal should not and cannot compete at price point to some other clubs willing to over spend. So the leverage has to also be exerted on the player’s own motivation to come to Arsenal. Much of the players that come over to us I feel have motivation to improve themselves. Some feel they… Read more »

José P

It’s like you love someone but they don’t care about you anymore. A true lover will still feel that only the best things should happen to your love. I’m the lover and The Arsenal is the loved.
I hope to travel to the UK sometime this year, watch my beloved team with my true eye. I hope my love lasts the test of time


Some people…


Ofcourse there are players who want to come to arsenal but as 2nd choice destination. No good player is going to choose us over city, united, chelsea in the epl


It’s ironic that Wenger jettisoned Henry from the U18 because he said you can’t do the Arsenal job and be a pundit… But that is the exact position Wenger is in… and I believe it’s the cause of our transfer issues…. Each of the past few years we have signed one player early in the window… Then Wenger heads of for 6-8 weeks for his pundit job, we fall behind everyone else and we end up scrambling around looking for value when everyone knows we are desperate.


Where are these players who asked to come back? How many players left and won titles? Is it any of these players? Nasri, Sagna, Van Persie, Toure, Henry, Fabregas, im sure im just scratching the surface of players who left and WON TITLES. Elaborate Wenger on your stupid points. Eho asked to come back and why didnt they?

Brian wallace

I’m late to the party with GOT, just started 2nd season. That line is a beauty!


Just wait till you get to season 6 …


Last episode was a beaut

Silent G

I saw Icardi play what was effectively a glasgow Celtic B team the other day. I realise it was only a glorified friendly but Inter looked like they were trying. He is a good player but doesnt have exceptional pace, doesnt have exceptional skill and is certainly not physically strong. If this is what the market judges a 70 million pound player to be I am glad we are not part of it. Take that as an indicator of the market then an exceptional player like Griezmann could make 150 million. There are at least 5 teams I could think… Read more »


Henry is right and Wenger is wrong!!!


“We r working hard on transfer window”Wenger. Sorry guys those who trust Wenger I trust him also.but am also working hard not to trust Wenger on transfer window


I understand top talent is hard to find. I also get that Lacazette, Icardi etc aren’t much better than what we have hence blowing 40-50m on them is a waste.

What I don’t get is why we can’t fill in the gaps with short term signings. Players like Defoe & Ashley Williams would be perfect squad signings at reasonable transfer fees / wages. They’re the short term solutions we need to compete while we find those elusive WC signings.


say what?

Francis Bingham

Chinaman,your way of thinking is similar to Wenger’s and I think its so wrong. I heard some of you comparing and asking if Lacazette,Icardi,Gruizmann are as good as Giroud or even and I say yes. One all good teams in world football need good additional players to add competition and keep players on their toes.To be a world class striker you need certain attributes such as,skill,speed,ability to create goals & scoring. Tell me which Giroud lacks,I will tell you that those mentioned above have them all. Next thing is that last season Giroud got the most chances in all the… Read more »


But a lot of people DO name their swords!


You all are funny. the better we accept arsenal are not ready to spend the good for us. you all were saying fabregas was among the player that is begging for a returned to arsenal, its a lie……. There was a buy back clause in selling Fabregas to barca, which arsenal refused to activate to buy him back. And i knows in his mind, if arsenal and chelshit bid for him without the buy clause as at then, he would prefer chelshit to us…… We the fans should wake up and smell the coffee, is arsenal improving or better off… Read more »

SoCal Gooner

Saying “spend some fucking money,” I believe ignores the main issue.

Question: do u see Asrene Wenger winning the league with Barcelona’s squad? Do u see him winning the champions league with Barca’s squad??

So what’s even the point????


Umm…yes? Not sure I see your point.


fallacy fallacy fallacy!!!

They are deceiving us, let them come and tell us we are not signing any player than raising our hope, because there attitude during the transfer is giving me heartache than we losing match. because i know where we would finish from the starting of the season. Top 4, and ahead of spurs (Tradition).
we were told there’s money, but we cannot spend.
But to me i want trophy.
I want us to become champion.

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