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Wenger: you have to spend like it’s your own money

Arsene Wenger says he believes a manager should spend a club’s money as if it were his own, in order to avoid mistakes or to put the club under financial pressure.

His comments come in a new book in which he also talks about how the amount of money in the game can negatively affect the development of young players.

A criticism often leveled at the Arsenal manager is that he doesn’t use the resources available to him to the fullest, and his belief that he has to be responsible with his spending is quite illustrative of how he behaves in the market.

“I personally believe the only way to be a manager is to spend the club’s money as if it were your own,” he said, “because if you don’t do that you’re susceptible to too many mistakes.

“You make big decisions and I believe you have to act like it’s your own money, like you’re the owner of the club and you can identify completely with the club.

“Because if you don’t do that I think you cannot go far.”

Maybe you can go too far the other way though, taking risks is also part of the job.

Wenger also spoke about how the wages given to youngsters make them think they’ve made it, when their work as a professional is just beginning.

“I’ve fought all my life for footballers to make money but when you pay them before they produce it can kill the hunger,” he said.

“I’m scared we now have players under 17, under 18, who make £1m a year. When Ian Wright was earning that, he’d scored goals, he’d put his body on the line. Now, before they start, they are millionaires – a young player who has not even played.”

There have been countless example of this at Arsenal, and other clubs, as the salaries at youth level have reached ludicrous levels. It’s one of the real challenges for the modern manager.

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All for being responsible with our money but there do seem to have been a number of occasions where we have missed out on players for relatively small amounts. Every transfer is a calculated risk but I think a bit more risk on AW’s part would not go a miss. Most Arsenal fans are not looking for us to spank 100m on a player but it is clear that improvements to the squad overall could be made with 2 or 3 good player signings. Let’s hope we make them…


Couldn’t agree more with you, but it seems like the ruthlessness we used to have in the transfer market evaporated once the Board decided to let go of David Dein. When he and Wenger were both at the helm, Dein would push Wenger over the line to buy a player – especially when Wenger was dilly-dallying and fretting about price. Since he left I think our transfer dealings have suffered, and as much as I hope we can sign the defender and Striker we need before the deadline closes, I’m losing more and more confidence on a daily basis we… Read more »


I’ll ask you a question, if you go for a phone thats being sold around the world for £500 and ended up getting hustled and buy it for £3,500. Does that make you ambitious? Passionate? Does it mean you have desire? No, it makes you an idiot, no better way to look at it. Wenger is going for a striker, he is going for at least one CB. We know this. Hes just not going to panick buy and make sure he gets the absolute best player for Arsenal (not necessarliy the best player in the world – big difference)… Read more »


I think Wenger should spend money like its his… But he just should imagine that he is an old man and all his relatives are snivelling sycophantic money grabbers who are waiting for him to die to inherit his wealth and fund their lavish lifestyles. He should also imagine that once when he was younger and needed some money they forced him to work in their kitchens for coppers and scraps of foods. So now in his twilight years, he needs to spend the hell out of that money. He needs to have holidays and hookers, coke parties and get… Read more »

Alright Mate

I thought the headline and quotes of this article might get quite a reaction..but what a sensible and balanced first reply!

Le Jim

This is so frustrating. You don’t have to spend money like it’s your own, because in a NORMAL club, the manager has people above him providing a budget which would allow spending that will allow the club to continue functioning. And we all know bloody well that the budget for this year would be a lot higher than 30 million for Xhaka. Appreciate the sentiment, but it’s only valid in a situation where the manager has total control. Wait.


David M

“because in a NORMAL club, the manager has people above him providing a budget which would allow spending that will allow the club to continue functioning.”

Nailed it…


If the back wall of my house was caving in (ie no experienced defenders), I would spend my money to fix it.


I wouldn’t. I’d just be a dosser and leave it!!! Is Wenger a secret Dosser???


I became an arsenal fan many years ago because i loved the passion and unconditional support the fans showed the team. Today its unconditional negativity and criticism. Even when things are going great many fans just focus on what we dont have rather than the many great things we do. If you really think you know what you’re talking about, go for your coaching badges and put your money where your mouth is. Lets see if you can even be a youth coach for a third division team. Chin up Gooners, we have a solid team and a WORLD CLASS… Read more »


“Because if you don’t do that I think you cannot go far.”

That’s not true though. You don’t see the likes of Guardiola and that United cunt viewing the club’s money as their own, and they’ve gone very far indeed.

This is one of Arsene’s biggest weakenesses, it’s the reason we’ve missed out on so many transfers. He should just identify the players he wants and let the club deal with the finances.


Mourinho doesn’t do long term. He doesn’t do young players. He spends big, wins at all costs, plays his players into the ground, gets sacked after three years. I don’t think we want to go that way.

Wenger is right but he his reluctance to spend at all is very frustrating

SoCal Gooner

Some objectivity:

0 league titles in 13yrs?
0 champions league in 20yrs?
0 league cups in 20years?
0 Europa league in 20yrs?
2FA Cups in 12yrs?

A club of Arsenal’s stature, size, and resources? I can think of a million managers who can do that in their sleep.

What exactly are we missing here?????


A lot of trophies are missing…


We’ve been in a period of austerity for most of that, and the problem was compounded by the oil tycoons coming into City and Chelsea.

Admittedly now have no excuse.


That’s why have needed a DoF for a long time. He sees himself as a caretaker, not the manager. Somebody should take the responsibility for the numbers off him and let Wenger build the team, not worry about our spreadsheets.


Yep. Arsene sees it as a strength but it’s his biggest weakness. It’s the reason we won’t win any major trophies until the policy changes.

And he doesn’t take into account the added benefits that making big signings can produce – increased confidence and motivation in the team, creating fear in the opposition, enhanced marketing and sponsorship deals. And that’s before we even win the premiership or the champions league.


Yep financial strength going forward leaves the trophy cabinet pretty bare.


That what managers you refers to do, the business of balancing players in -out budget is the sole responsibility of the managers. And So it should be

Eternal Titi Berg Pat Nostalgia

Any company that does not renew its equipment because new equipment are too expensive is doomed to failure. Not comparing our great players to equipment but this still holds true.


That image you have of wenger is the image the media portrays. He’s not affraid to splash the cash.

Please dont compare us to united, they are a thousand times bigger than us and despite the ridiculous money theyve spent, theyve been shambolic ever since Fergie left. Fergie didnt spend silly money like that, dont forget their most successful players were either from their academy or very talented youngsters.


Jesus as if things weren’t bad enough. No wonder supporters are furious with the management when statements like this come out. Too much talk about transfers and no action. Same every season.


If they could just shut up and do their work. This is just Anti-PR. I bet Alexis and Özil love to hear those things when contemplating if they should extend their contracts.


They actually do, because their not in it for the money or fame, they love the game and love wenger’s philosophy. And thats the only reason they signed for us. If Wenger wasnt around they would have told us to go f ourselves. Simple as that.

Everyone is so desperate for a striker they let their emotion get the best of their judgment. Big reason why you lot are watching the game on your sofa rather than being involved. Smarten up lads and dont just follow what other people say, youre gooners and youre bigger than that.


Before I read the article:

NO YOU DON’T!!!!!!!

Third Plebeian

After I read the article:

NO YOU DON’T!!!!!!

It’s total nonsense from a manager completely out of step with the modern game. Love you Wenger, but these kinds of statements are all too revealing about why the club has been stagnating for ages.


How about you read the article rather than the headline????

Arseblog is the most honest and genuine arsenal news there is out there, but wankers like the daily star, the sun, mirror etc, know people are only interested in the title so they make it as controversial as possible so you can click. They twist wenger’s words and if you watched arsene’s press conferences rather than the interpretations, you’d realize he actually isnt this clueless fool you lot label him as. Hes actually a brilliant manager and an even better person.


He should all consider the inflation in the market. It wasn’t too long ago that the amount paid by Real for Ronaldo looked ridiculous. Its fast becoming the norm for top talent (Higuain, Rodriguez all around the £70 price bracket, Lukaku!!). There is no point sitting on that money because it’s losing value with every deal. Worse there isn’t another market to make an investment to hedge such inflation. Let’s say of the money we have, only £ 100M is for transfers, last season it would have bought 2 Higuains, this window only £1.5. There is no investment avenue to… Read more »


Exactly, his thriftiness has been all but economically sound but he like sto play it as if it was. He could have gotten Higuain for 35 mio. and is now worth 94 mio. He could have gone all out on Suarez and bid 60 mio, he could now probably be sold for 80+ mio. So his risk-aversness is anything but rational nor profitable nor strategically sound.

Andy Mack

When Higuaín was 25m we didn’t have enough money to buy him and Ozil.
I’m glad we got Ozil.

We’ve never had the chance to buy Suarez for 60m. There was the chance we could get him for 40m(+1) until he decided he wanted to wait for his ‘dream move’ to Spain.
I’m not particularly disagreeing that AW is probably too risk adverse but they’re both poor examples.

Ducks sake

Definitely had the money to buy both but Wenger being thrifty again and you are talking as if the ozil buy was pre planned. Ozil was one of those chance buys that Wenger’s waiting for this season.

Andy Mack

We definitely didn’t have the money to buy both back then.
I don’t think the Ozil buy was pre-planned but (IMO) it was just a lucky coincidence.
So which one?


Does anyone believe this?


You should read up at Swiss Ramble about the club’s finances. It’s a false narrative that we’re just some poor underdog looking for scraps. Arsenal is among the richest clubs of the world, time to act like it.

Oor Wullie

Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!! Fucking fuck off for fuck’s sake!!! Who’s he trying appease?

dr Strange

Gazidis to Wenger (as it should be): here’s a pile of dirty, smelly money. This is what the club can afford to spend. Now fucking spend it tight arse!


So you are saying the only objective is to get rid of the money by the end of the transfer window?

dr Strange

Come on now…..He should get rid of the budget. Wenger ain’t the one, or shouldn’t be the one, who handels the cashflow. He shouldn’t handle anything regarding money. He is the manager and should concentrate on preparing and manage the team, identify targets WITH his team of scouts and handing the list of targets to the economy departement who get’s the deals done and if they can’t pulled it of they ask the manager: “who do you wan’t instead of this player? What’s plan B? “


Except Gazidis is just as much incompetent in the transfer market.


Love you Wenger, but you’re stubborn and unwilling to change and you’re getting left behind. For those reasons, very few will mourn your retirement. Arsenal needs to go forward now.


At least this finally puts to rest that pocket of fans that had made some kind of conspiracy theory narrative of Gazidis and Stan coming together with secret plans to hoard all the gold and turn Wenger into some Dark Knight like figure whereby he’s taking it on the chin from the fans to protect the board and their secret plans to never spend money, and absolving Wenger of all blame and lumping it all on the board.

Simple fact is, Wenger is the one responsible for any lack of spending at Arsenal for all the arguments he makes above.


Suddenly you take Wenger’s words at face value then? He’s said himself several times that part of his job is to take the pressure for the players and the club. In my opinion he’s definitely a bit too cheap in some situations where we have obvious weak spots, but they will never reveal the closed door discussions. There’s also the bit that the ownership always praises how he does his business and constantly wants him to stay, thereby reinforcing the way they’ve been doing it and telling him to do more of the same. And he knows that is his… Read more »

Johnny blowfish

No Wenger actually you don’t!

Another season as also rans is upon us. Please step down this year Wenger, so we can actually have an ambitious Manager in charge.

He’s so risk averse it drives me insane. This Goldilocks attitude to purchasing players is idealistic and nonsensical in this modern era.

Arsenal -The big club with a small club mentality.


Oh come on! Arsenal fans are sensible enough to know their limits. We are not asking you to spend 100 million on the likes of Pogba. But there are deficiencies in the squad that need to be filled.

I have a feeling that the fact that we somehow managed to finish 2nd last season has made the club feel vindicated about the lack of investment last season.


Vindication comes when the comparison made with big spender in the particular season..not from finishing second

arsens army

It’s great finishing 2nd in the epl but wouldn’t it be a thrill to make a deep run in the champions League. I would love to have arsenal held in the same high regard as real Madrid, Barcelona, baron Munich and jeventous. This isn’t going to happen with Wenger holding the purse. Our coveted 4th place trophy will be especially difficult to win this year and the champions League is not much fun anymore knowing that the knockout game is as good as it gets. I realize tons of clubs would love to change places with arsenal but we’re not… Read more »

Andy Mack

Our CL history may have something to do with getting drawn against the teams you hold in such high regard. We’re not good enough yet to beat them consistently, so is it better to lose to one of them in the la16 or to lose to them in the semi-final.

arsens army

We should at least be good enough to win our group. And Monaco?? Really Monaco!

Andy Mack

Yes that was pretty shocking but;
1) We usually get knocked out by one of those ‘high regard teams
2) Usually one of the other PL teams doesn’t get beyond the group stage.
3) is it better to lose a semi-final or a last 16 game? We aren’t good enough to go all the way yet. Hopefully we will be soon.


Not good enough to beat them consistently, you mean get past (a 2 leg knockout) ever! It ok to fail sometimes, it’s not ok to fail with great predictability

arsens army

Exactly. I realize you can’t win everything. But it would be nice to be in the conversation that’s all.

Saffa Gooner

Wenger is right. The fact that there are a handful of exceptions in the whole of Europe doesn’t change the reality of dozens of clubs folding every year.


You might have had a point until you mentioned dozens of clubs folding every year. Ummm…such as?

Saffa Gooner

If you take Europe as a whole and their top 3 leagues, it seems to be dozens quite easily. Clubs often go into administration in the lower leagues after relegation resulting from financial mistakes, so the bigger picture is relevant.


Please give examples.
Because there are many reasons why a lower league club can go bust. And there can be a dozen reasons for why, none of them relevant to arsenal.

Andy Mack

I don’t think there are that many.
Parma is the biggest one recently.
I think most of the others are 2nd Div (France [Le Man], Belgium, Italy and Spain[Oviedo]).
Some have been big clubs but in decline for a few years.

arsens army

I don’t think arsenal is going to go into the red with the purchase of a world class striker and a center back that can slot in directly. Arsenal is so close 2 or 3 players at the most. What is going to happen however is you may see players like Sanchez and Ozil flee the club if arsenal don’t finish in the top four.


“but when you pay them before they produce it can kill the hunger,”..This is exactly what happened to Walcott, 140 for a guys who is contribution to the club doesn’t merit quarter of that amount, a player at his age is yet to figure out whether he should play in the middle or in the flank.

I mean does ever had hunger for success. ?


“but when you pay them before they produce it can kill the hunger,”..This is exactly what happened to Walcott, 140 for a guys who is contribution to the club doesn’t merit quarter of that amount, a player at his age is yet to figure out whether he should play in the middle or in the flank.

I mean does he ever had hunger for success. ?


When I need a pair of pants, I buy it. We need a striker Arsene!


Branded pants or side walk pants?………hmmm… Now you got it


A pair on markdown that feels like sandpaper for a couple years then breaks in and is the best pair ever, just in time to rip out at the knee.


What ever I can afford.


At home, Wenger walks around his house with no pants on! Just his nice white shirt and some ankle socks. And every Saturday he even stretches to knee high socks, no pants or his knickers and a wife beater vest with braces…. Holding up his 66 year old loose belly skin!!! Wenger! Rocking out with his Coq out!!!


When I need a good fucking, I pay for it!!!

Third Plebeian

Too far.


He’s like a lottery winning pensioner, who refuses to spend anything, and still lives in a house with 1970’s decor. He’s a hoarder : he’s determined to keep players who’s time has passed ‘in case they come in useful one day’. I bet he still has every copy of Le Figaro since 1983 in his garage.

Times have changed, he’s not.


My god..what was that? That never relates to anything happening in the ground.


Just curious to know who in our midst is a business man / woman? Gone are the days when football clubs were community Centres which produced public goods to for community (fans) to hang out. Football clubs are businesses. Some are run well, some are run so badly. I have been an Arsenal FC fan since 2002. This is not long by any standard as I know some have been around long enough. I do hope that I can sit on here and support this club in the next 20 years ( trusting I live that long). Whoever manages and… Read more »


Winfried Bony anyone? Seems like he would be a good signing?

215 Arse

He’s got to go, along with the board, Gazidis, and Kroenke’s awful toupee

Arsene is Arsenal

I can’t believe you lot! Who do you think we are? Some shitty club that buys titles? We’re better than city, chelsea and pool. We’ll win the title against all odds. Remember who made us a force to be reckoned with!!! We finished 4th then 3rd then 2nd and this year it’ll be first! Just look at Walcott and Ox, they’re in great form already.

Yorkshire Gunner

If it’s anything like my monthly spend we are good, namely being a tight arse all month til the final Friday before payday, in which you spend a hundred, buying everyone shots, until you somehow pull a worldie…

The Wizard of Oz(il)

To me, all that financial stability talk is a massive load of bollocks… I mean, look at the big clubs. They are all in a huge debts and no one seems to care. What, someone’s going to come and collect it? Not going to happen as long as they are successful and keep bringing sponsors! Man Utd is knee deep in financial crap and they have no problem investing in new players. What good can come from keeping financial stability in this day and age, with no results to back it up? No one’s going to come and shake your… Read more »


However they are in a different financial.
When you get guarantee Pogba money per season from ONE of your many commercial deals, then you can be in debt.

Money in the bank is terminal. Guaranteed money coming in every year is far more attractive and secure.


You basically described countries “too big to fail” with a shitload of debt. Such as the US.


I hate it whenever people hate on this legend. He always has and always will love the club more than anyone else. If you read the whole article he talks about the ‘love of his life – Highbury’, his ‘addiction to Arsenal’ and the ‘scary’ prospect of ‘retiring’. Really hope that it isn’t his last season but if it is I really hope he bows out with the Premier League and the Champions League. Yes he hasn’t won the league in 12 years but you cannot fault his commitment or attitude. That picture of him after the 2006 CL final… Read more »

arsens army

I give Wenger as much heat as anyone but at the end of the day he is brilliant. Nobody cares about the club or works harder for the club than he does. It is scary to think what might happen if and when he decides to walk away from arsensl. I hope it’s not anytime soon. Now come on and buy that striker and CB


I’d like to think that if a manager of a club claims to want to win trophies and make the fans happy and he is allowed to spend big then he wouldn’t he?

There must be more to this at board level.

Personally I think we have a squad of two many just above average players and not enough match winners.

Match winners will never join if you don’t spend particularly if they feel they will not surrounded by like minded individuals!!!


You’ve absolutely nailed it. When Wenger signed he was able to get all of his targets. Of course the market was another era at the time. The point is Wenger always got what he wanted. It all changed with the stadium of course bit also when we lost out to Ronaldo(thankfully) and countless other players over the subsequent years due to our reluctance to spend. I am a Wenger fan and extremely biased on the topic. But over the last few years he seems more of a middle man in transfer dealings rather than the guy who says, ‘I want… Read more »

Tom Gun

You’re thankful we missed out on Ronaldo???? Yes the guy is an absolute twassock of a human being but he is one of the greatest footballers ever. He won league and champions league at Manure as well as Real and you are thankful we didn’t get him? Very very strange thing to say.


Sorry for the confusion.

Let me elaborate.

NOT thankful for the fact that we missed out on an obvious talent. (I wouldn’t have used as an example otherwise.)

Thankful for the fact that I didn’t have to support his obvious levels of Twaterry and ego.


…..The Arsenal hierarchy are not very good at this PR thing….

Not that handsome French broke

I read a story on Twitter the other day about how we signed Gilberto. Wenger just mentioned to David Dein that he liked him and Dein turned up with him at the training ground a few weeks later.
We had a great player for many years afterwards and Wenger had no part in the finances.

Tom Gun

He cost 4.5m!!! Not exactly a relevant point when we are discussing spending money on the massive transfers is it?!!

Andy Mack

We had much smaller squads and we weren’t limited to 25 players (plus under 21s), so just buying a player wasn’t such an issue.
It’ll be interesting to see who else $iteh and Chavski buy so they can comply with the ‘Home Grown’ requirements.


Arsene spoil yourself for once. You’ve earnt it. Pay over the top if need be for the players you want.


He has with Chambers


Mmmm.. I harve been one of Arsene’s stark supporters but I think the time is slowly revealing to us that his money related strategies have become outdated. I mean, 200 Mn could have bought us a whole team 2 years back and hardly 6-7 great players today. 40 Mn has become an average every team is paying for the players and they all are moving to Real Madrid’s business approach – you buy a start, make money on his name, hope to win and then sell him for a minor loss and move on. In some cases, make some profit… Read more »

die hard gooner

The thing about transfer budgets is it is collected from fans through ticket sells and merchendaise sells. So you have to reasonable in your spending but also must not be penny pinching. Fans like to see their teams compete. what wenger does is leave us short of players to properly to compete.# madness. do you know bournemouth have spent more money than us this window?

Andy Mack

Transferleague suggests Bournemouth have spent £29.4m and we’ve spent about £40m.


We are known as an club with no ambition, headed by, whatever you think of him, a manager nearing the end of his long tenure.
Look at our record in the past ten years, both on the field and with our transfer shortcomings, and it’s painfully clear to see why players we want are clearly not interested.


He’s right on the youngest ones earning too much money having achieved nothing; but that doesn’t mean Wenger should not spend on the experienced CB or top striker we need. He goes too far with the penny counting.


Oh Arsene… Don’t feed the trolls.


U don’t have to be stingy like it’s yours too..


One other thing. If you squint while looking at the pic at the top, it looks like Arsene is being attacked by a lobster.


Setting aside the angst over the present lack of signings (something I must admit I’m not especially interested in following, although I’m always excited when a new face arrives), can anyone form a cogent and convincing argument against this principle: ““I personally believe the only way to be a manager is to spend the club’s money as if it were your own,” he said, “because if you don’t do that you’re susceptible to too many mistakes. “You make big decisions and I believe you have to act like it’s your own money, like you’re the owner of the club and… Read more »

Ducks sake

He’s not running a business though. He’s running a football team. Gazidis is running the business.

Also if in my job as head of IT I only spent money like it was mine then I wouldn’t spend anything because I’m from Yorkshire. We’d still be running on legacy shit with stuff falling over all the time.

Houston Gunner

Unfortunately, even if we were to look at the club as a business, this is not true. No one in a business spends money like it’s their own because we are usually inclined to be very risk averse with our own money. The problem with risk averse businesses is they tend not to take chances and they tend not to grow :/ I suppose with this attitude, it’s no surprise Champions League qualification is considered success. It’s like the payment of a guaranteed dividend at the end of the year to a risk averse shareholder. Although I intuitively know how… Read more »


Ultimately unti Arsenal can generate the commercial revenue of the Mancs, Bayern and Barca and Real, there will be a lot of pressure on any of our managers, future or present, because the club have become obsessed over this self sustaining model.

I also feel that they are scared to spend big and risk it being a flop (think Di Maria) as we can’t do it every season.

Houston Gunner

This is a chicken and egg situation. We will not be as commercially powerful as these other clubs if we don’t consistently win at the top level. And we won’t win if we only reluctantly grow our squad because we want to keep a shoe string transfer budget.

Andy Mack

I guess you mean ‘Improve the squad’ as we can’t grow the squad due to the regulations limiting the numbers.


So you say but then you go and award Walcott a 140k a week contract making him one of the best paid wingers in the world. That is the same kind of money Marco Reus is on. It is more than Douglas Costa, more than Willian and Pedro, more than Mahrez and Draxler and so on. Impossible to sell him now. No one is bonkers enough to pay him that kind of money, especially not clubs that maybe would be interested in Walcott like your Sunderlands and Boltons etc. So will have to sit out his contract til July 2019… Read more »


in reply to Frank
Sorry mate , he will not go on a free transfer in 2019, because a couple of weeks before his contract expires he will show tremendous form. Then Arsene will come up, with “Walcott is such an exciting player to watch etc etc” and will offer him a brand new contract till 2022.
Once the contract is signed both the specialist in failure and Walcott will perform as they always do.
That’s the Arsenal story these days.

Lula da Gilberto

Yes, we’re all frustrated at Arsene. We might have our differences but he has a point. The modern game is just ludicrous; at some point this speculative bubble has to stop. Its an indictment on the game and reflects there simply unjustifiable asymmetries on the global economy.


Now I can relate to this; when appraising investment decisions at work, I always say you must first assume it’s your own money. BUT, the big difference between me doing that and Wenger, is that I’m an accountant for Christ’s sake, that’s what I’m paid to do ! It’s fundamental in any successful business to have folk with a bit of vision to come up with the ideas, take a degree of risk and put forward the investment proposals. This is the role Wenger should be adopting, yet he seems to identify more with that of the accountant. It actually… Read more »


It’s like all the memes on Wenger are turning true.


I see the argument here from both sides. No it isn’t Wenger’s personal chequebook, and to an extent I agree, he does not need to be as cautious about spending as he perhaps is. However, it seems lost in the argument that for years, Arsene was tasked with spending within a constraint while keeping the club competitive. Now, given that, the period in which we rebuilt the stadium, moved etc was quite a long period in his tenure, this frugality has probably had lasting effects. We know that Arsene is not averse to spending, Ozil, Alexis, Xhaka are evidence of… Read more »

He's got no hair but we don't care...

I don’t even get excited about reading headlines like this anymore. Tired of it.

I prefer it when he just comes out with the same waffle rather than give us false hope that he’ll sign someone.


He is absolutely right We cant afford to make mistakes in the market on the premium end of prices Wenger has had his fair share of mistakes but generally those mistakes were minimised against detriment to club bc in general he spends low When you spend at higher prices, you have to be spot on. He has been thus far with panic buy Ozil, Alexis and Granit. Santi and Cech were steals Ypu only have to look at Falcao to understand how the club could be saddled with a non performing asset on a high wage that will have impact… Read more »


Im ready for him to go.

The really depressing thing is that a new manager wont really change anything because the owner doesnt care about winning.


No, you don’t.


Is he just trolling us now?


I understand his point, but there is no financial pressure for us right now. We can easily justify £150 million total spend this window (Xhaka, Asano, Holding, a winger, a striker and a defender).


Here’s my theory FWIW: Kroenke is building a new stadium in LA. The money he borrows and the deals he strikes to do that will be a lot more favorable when he is able to point to Arsenal – a global brand of which he is the majority shareholder – with healthy cash reserves and no debt. In other words: yes, Wenger is frugal but he’s operating in an environment that not only encourages it but likely stipulates it.

Bank of friendship

The really depressing thing is everytime Wenger is in the paper’s now is when he is talking about money .
Why were not spending and why other teams who are arepaying over the top.
You can feel the negativity already amongst the support.

Andy Mack

He’s just answering Journalists questions and they ask the same questions again and again.


That’s it !!! He’s just admitted himself that everyone of us was thinking. And for that reason I’m out !!!

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