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Coleman questions Arsenal over Ramsey absence

Chris Coleman has questioned Arsenal over the injury to Aaron Ramsey which will see the him miss the latest round of Wales’ World Cup qualifiers.

The Welsh international suffered a hamstring strain in the second half of the opening game against Liverpool, having complained of tightness at half-time. He hasn’t played a game since.

Speaking ahead of their games with Austria and Georgia, the Wales manager said, “It’s disappointing that he’s not fit when we expected him to be fit.

“He expected to be fit sooner as well so it’s disappointing for all of us. I know what Rambo’s like – he’ll want to be on the pitch.”

Having been given the nod from the Gunners that Ramsey was not fit to travel, Coleman continued, “He doesn’t belong to us, he’s Arsenal’s player and it’s their call, they pay his wages, and if that’s the decision they made it’s up to them.

“We don’t know exactly what he does every day at Arsenal. They’re a great club, but it’s disappointing to lose a player of his importance.
You always look at their history in training, his loading, the games he’s played and you ask could that injury have been prevented?

“He’ll be gutted.”

His absence is untimely from a personal point of view as well, as he’ll know have to fight his way back into a team that is performing pretty well without him.

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King Kolo

A sign Wenger is serious this year? I wouldn’t be surprised if Rambo is fit enough to go off on the internationals…

Also not sure Ramsey knocks Cazorla out of this team, which is the place he’ll be after next to Coquelin/Xhaka etc.

Stewart Robson's therapist

On current form, no. But I doubt Wenger would have given Aaron the number 8 without intending him to play a big role this season.

Stringer Bell

Squad player at best. Not technically good enough to start but good cover I guess.

Jay Song

Squad player at best?? Are you joking? He was our best player in a million miles only 2 seasons ago when he scored a FA Cup winning goal?

He was alright for the next 2 but we both know if he’s 100%fit he will be a huge player for us.

I also think that Xhaka was bought to partner Ramsey in the middle since he had his best season with Arteta and Xhaka is an upgraded version of Arteta.

Don’t wirte him off like that mate. Look at how Theo is playing right now.


If we was “our best player in a million miles” 2 years ago, then I fail to see how he was “alright” for the next two.

Complete wank would be a better choices of words to describe his performances for us over the last season.

I know Wenger will start him but I wish he doesn’t end up disturbing the balanced midfield we have right now, which it almost certainly will with his incessant dwelling on the ball and not doing his defensive duties.

Uba Ngenegbo

Massively overrated is Ramsey. No surprise the team has gelled in his absence.
Bench player at best in the current set up .

David M

If you want to criticise ramsey you have to really look a bit deeper. His best role is Mesut’s position. They are very different in that role, but at Arsenal the role becomes a fulcrum and Mesut is almost the perfect player for our system, especially with his current fellow attackers. Ramsey makes runs, does more off the ball, scores goals, but he is not the guy who touches and distributes and then needs another touch another pass guy. My problem is that he simply doesn’t fit well with our team and setup. I still think with Mesut in the… Read more »


If we can get him back to his best he’s one of our best players

Uba Ngenegbo

There is always a “if” with Rambo, always a caveat.
Truth is that he shown good form for six months and has been cack ever since!

arsens army

I agree. Their is no way that Ramsey takes on a first team role. He is a squad player until someone is rested or god forbid injured. He is not going to take carzolas spot and at this time I would play xhaka, elneny, and coquelin way before him. The team is really starting to gel. No need to go about tinkering with the starting eleven to much.


Let’s not write him off too quickly … look at Walcott. Also he was very good for Wales in the summer.

Whether he gets in ahead of some of the others at the moment is perhaps another matter.


Elneny? Computer says no. If Rambo hadn’t been suspended, Wales could have won the Euros. Portugal did. He is the new Walcott. Gives us extreme uber-depth. And that goal v Spurs.
Now, let’s batter Burnley. May the good vibes continue …

Beezus Faffoon

“Computer says no”???

It’s 2016, for fuck sake!!


HA HA HA.(costa costa costa) You’re funny.




Haven’t we learnt anything about not writing off players and getting behind all of them wearing the famous red and white?

I understand slagging players off but by no means is Ramsey in the league of cygan or denilson. He couldn’t have done those heroics for an entire season back then.


I mean I get what you’re saying but Jack Wilshere took the #10 a few years back and Wenger just sent him on loan, Lucas took 9 and it seems like’s probably going to be 3rd or 4th choice.. I wouldn’t read too much into the numbers the players take.


In the past we’ve been happy to let players recovering from injury go to Internationals to gain fitness (e.g. Wilshere)


As much as I’d love him to, Santi’s not going to play 2-3x / wk all season, so A-Aron will get a run to be sure. Ozil and others will need breaks too, so with the shuffling for that position he surely gets a shot at a good role attacking or box-to-box. And as much as it is out of position for him, Theo’s going to need some breaks too and those surges forward are something in A-Aron’s magic book. Jack’s on loan, so any of those players take a break he’s in once healthy. Oh, and Mr. Coleman, with… Read more »


Serious good problem


We don’t need him and last season he was damageale to the balance of the group. I do hope Arsène won’t bring him as a starter as soon as he is fit! Bench is a good place too.
And if Mr Coleman is not happy about it, well, who cares?

Mr. G the Welsh Gooner



He has a point, obviously, but there’s no need to have a passive aggressive go at the club in the media like that. This isn’t the first time either.

Let’s just remember this was the guy that told the media he’ll have to ask Ramsey if it was ok to call up Ryan Shawcross to the Welsh team. Pretty sure he said it close to a game at Stoke too, guaranteeing he’d get more abuse if he played.

If he gets questioned like that in the media again, I’d hope he gives a more dignfied response. Twatbasket.


Wouldn’t surprise me if he went with the message from Wenger and the medical team that he shouldn’t play more than 30 minutes in each game and they had made him go 2 x 90 minutes and he’d return all broken and battered and out until after December. National team managers don’t really give a crap about how the players are after the international run for the most of the time. It seems as long as they return fresh for the next international run, maybe with a few games in their legs as warm up then that’s perfectly fine for… Read more »


Heh. They’ve done it to Aaron before, which is probably why Arsenal have said no and he’s left whining like a schoolboy about it.


He should shut up and stop being a prick. Ramsey hasn’t played for us, so he isn’t ready to play for them either,


Gandalf – exactly right about the passive-aggression. And actually, he doesn’t have a point, since omitting Aaron is not Arsenal’s decision – the club has to release the player under Fifa rules. Coleman once again not taking responsibility.


Where does Ramsey fit into our system at the moment? I know for a fact that Wenger will start him as soon as he is fully fit. Now that Theo is in the form of his life, he can’t play on the right so do we drop an in-form Santi to accommodate Ramsey? I say we sell him to Barca if they offer anywhere close to 50 million.


You ‘know for a fact’? How? IMO, Wenger will not tinker with a team that is not only winning, but playing very well with the game-plan Wenger desires. I do believe that Wenger has faith in Rambo (and he’s better positioned to judge than either you or I). We have being saying for years that we need a balanced squad to provide back-up as well as a ‘plan B’. Rambo very much (currently) fits into this seamlessly. He can cover for a tired/injured/suspended Santi. He would make an alternative contribution in the No.10 role as a replacement for Ozil –… Read more »


Coleman can be quite a dick a lot of the time. Imagine if we had more Wales players. We’d never have any peace

Arsene Wenger's Zipper

I love how we want to ensure that Ramsey comes through the other side of the international break healthy and ready to play for Arsenal, and that somehow signals a sinister cabal by Arsene to keep his players injured and unavailable. Not like Rambo has been injury prone or anything…

Mr. G the Welsh Gooner

The obvious frustration from Coleman’s (and all Welsh football fans’) point of view is that Ramsey’s injury may well have been prevented if he’d been substituted as a precaution when he first complained about the injury at half time.

After Bale, Ramsey is our best player and we really do miss Ramsey when he doesn’t play. Pretty much all Welsh football fans are frustrated at the circumstances of Ramsey’s current injury, including us Welsh Gooners.

occam's hatchet

“You always look at their history in training, his loading, the games he’s played and you ask could that injury have been prevented?”

Coleman has been great as Wales’ manager, but he has a real hard on for Wenger.
Remember, this is the same man who played Ramsey the full 90 min in that meaningless match against Andorra.

Edu's Braces

To be fair he is a qualified doctor.

Oh no wait, he isn’t. What’s the opposite of a doctor?


In Coleman’s case it’s an asshat.

TR7 > CR7

Someone who makes you sick.

So a Jose Mourinho.

Antispuds returns



A Jose, seemingly.


Undoctor or Anti-Doctor are both acceptable.


Oh fuck off Coleman, every time he speaks it just sounds like the kind of “nothing’s wrong” the girlfriend gives you when something is evidently wrong.


He was playing with Wales practically all summer! Perhaps Chris Coleman should consider that before accusing Arsenal of mismanaging him, one game into the season.


Sam ridiculous nonsense about this person knocks that person out of the team. It isn’t a zero sum game. Walcott may be in top form now but at some point he may get injured or lose form. Ditto anyone in the team. We need EVERYONE to be sharp. Ramsey brings a very good and different set of skills/characteristics to the team. In many ways he brings more offensive power and creativity than say Elneny who is more workmanlike. So he will get his opportunity. I think he is best played as alternate to Ozil or should (god forbid) Ozil get… Read more »

Campbell's forehead

Do you feel better now mate? A lot on your chest?


Spot on Santori. A voice of reason.


Good grip


I didn’t think Arseblog was into Daily Mail style headlines?


How else would you title an article about Coleman questioning Arsenal over Ramsey’s absence?


Who is this prat?

Its not rocket science that Ramsey is obviously fragile as glass and has had a bit of an injury record.


Coleman needs to shut up and just be thankful he somehow bagged a worldie for his wife.

Gooners & Roses

And the story from his ex wife just proved he is a real life cunt then.



Wow, what an utter cunt!

Campbell's forehead

Fuck off Coleman.

Erdinch Suleiman

and take your mustard with you


I was impressed by the achievements of the Wales team in the summer, but Chris Coleman comes across as a massive twat.


Dear Chris Coleman

Fuck Off




A healthy Ramsey will give Wenger another formation option when we really want to press the opposition and play on the front foot with a 4-1-4-1, with Ramsey tucking in beside Ozil to create another option in attack (while still having the engine to get back and help out). Cazorla will need some rest here and there, and I really think Wenger will rotate more often with such a deep squad this year to keep the opposition guessing and the players as healthy as possible.

arsens army

Ramsey tucking in beside Ozil is an accident waiting to happen especially if arsenal are playing against a team that sits back and waits to play from the counter attack. And thats how everyone plays arsenal now. Xhaka or elneny will have a big ask in holding down the middle of the pitch.


Coleman’s ego has grown in parallel to Ramsey’s private medical bill.

Ramsey clearly not happy at Arsenal – nothing on his twitter feed about us for a long time now so he’s obviously got a sulk on. Might be time to cash in?


Sure, hadn’t seen that. Still pretty light on content since the summer though right? Not going out of his way to give the impression that he’s happy.

Personally it appears to me that he’s gone a bit billy big bollocks and is getting his knickers in a twist about not playing in the middle.

Hope I’m wrong.

Bendtner's Ego

Coleman can go do one.

Clubs pay the players. They’re the ones that bear the financial risk. Any matches they are available for international play is a bonus, not a given right.

Arsenal doesn’t exist to generate players for home countries, but some of these managers seem to think so.


Coleman is really starting to become one of these high and mighty twat managers! F*ck off!


Really going to be a tough call for Wenger what to do with Ramsey when he returns. He clearly views Walcott and Carzola as key players and I can’t see either going to the bench. One option is to move Carzola to attacking mid and Ozil wide left (which obviously wouldn’t be where he would be stationed most of the time as he moves all over no matter his position) at the expense of Iwobi (which I would hate to see). Wenger is going to have to figure out some kind of way to start rotating players once Ramsey and… Read more »


I often find with Ramsey I have contradicting feelings. I genuinely think he is one of the best midfielders in the world (I am Welsh though) but I am not sure he is right for Arsenal. I look at the stability having 2 solider passers in the centre of midfield holding their position brings when they don’t go running into the box every 5 minutes leaving the defence exposed and I think why change that? But equally when playing well he can be devasting, this leaves the question how best to get this quality from him with out sacrificing the… Read more »

arsens army

The last thing that Wenger needs to do is unbalance the squad. And I think moving Ramsey into the starting eleven at the expense of Ozil and imwobi will do just that. In no way shape or form should Ramsey start ahead of a healthy ozil. not now not ever. And imwobi has been playing at another level he has been a joy to watch. It would be criminal of Wenger to force him to the bench in favor of an out of form Ramsey.


The only positive to Ramsey’s injury is that it fucks Chris Coleman off, coz he’s seriously one of the bigger ball bags ever to come out of the principality.


I would really, really love it if Coleman was one of ex Premier League Managers still to be exposed by the Telegraph. Twat.


“A little hamstring strain”
35days and counting.


Unfair pressure on ‘Rambo’?


Coleman lost his shit recently asking Wenger to butt out of his business when this went down the other way….not that long ago…he can fuck off…hypocrite

Nobody really

Coleman’s a rubbish manager who has had one good tournament and all of a sudden he feels emboldened enough to voice an opinion. I don’t remember him doing it as often when he knew he was rubbish


It is against the rules to withhold players from international call ups both qualifiers and friendlies. So if Arsenal are breaking the rules then he is obviously right to be upset.

But to me Wenger seems like the most squeaky clean rules rider in the game and I doubt he could break a rule playing monopoly much less official Fifa rules. So if he says Ramsey are not fit then its probably true.


I’m sick of Coleman: STFU.


Coleman wouldn’t say Jack shit if you swapped Giggs/Ferguson for Ramsey/Wenger. Don’t recall a single Wales manager raising half a peep about Giggs’ constant withdrawals from Welsh squads over the years. Completely different respect levels and no logical reason for it. Likewise, no-one ever questioned West Ham’s managers, training methods and medical staff when poor Jack Collison went through his endless injury woes. Again, no logical reason for accepting that as rotten luck, while Arsenal injuries are somehow suspicious and likely the result of mismanagement or error. At 25, Ramsay is 20 caps behind Giggs’ 64 already, despite the year… Read more »


OMG The internet is full of ignorant over reactionary fools, if they were typical of the human race it would have died out long before the internet was invented.
Be thankful there are some sane offline people.


I can’t help but feel like Coleman is bang on the money here.

Ramsey has a history of hamstring problems, so I have absolutely no idea why he was played in the first game of the season, when everyone else who went to the semi’s was rested bar Sanchez. He may look fit, but someone has got to start reading the signs with this one because it’s not the first time. Worst of all, this injury could completely scupper the fantastic form he showed at the euros.

I am a big fan of Rambo.


Frozen gunner

Ummm, Ramsay was suspended for semi finals AND given adequate time off….his injury had nothing to do with him getting rushed back. With his record, his first game could have been next week and he’ll still tweak a hamstring…


Ramsey is a super player, would possibly fit with Xhaka.

I don’t think there is a need to push anyone into the team without genuine merit or need to rotate but he practically dragged Wales to the Euro finals


Go fuck yourself Coleman, I’m taking my Rambo and going home.


I used to like Chris Colman, it’s amazing how ones quote can change your opinion. #disappointed


Yeah, fuck off Coleman.

Not that it hasn’t been said enough already.


I’ll thumb you up, because it bears repeating…


Can’t say I am surprised by this. He had no alternative option when Aaron got suspended for the semi-final. It was a shame because I backed Wales at 80-1 from the start. I truly thought they could go on to win it. Problem was (It seems to me) that Coleman only had one way to get the team playing. Hats off he got two great players performing well together for the same team. But when one got suspended he didn’t have another answer. IMO he should have changed formation. Bale was out of the game being that far up the… Read more »


As has been pointed out thoroughly: AR has a tremendous upside. But his fragility is a huge liability, especially when so many players are going to want his minutes. Managing a bunch of guys who are all good enough to start for Arsenal, but can’t… I don’t envy Wegner. Does anyone think AR will be satisfied off the bench? Lots of ‘what ifs’ here, but I agree that having a quality rotation for Santi, Ozil, and the other MFs is going to be critical for season and cup success. But I can’t help thinking Wegner’s loyalty to him has the… Read more »


Coleman Balls.


If Ramsey had done his hammy in the semi final, would AW have moaned about him being overplayed – probably. He wouldn’t have kept on about it though at every press conference as the main excuse his team may not win.

Giggs withdrew almost every game for Wales – broken nails, the lot – but Fergie got no stick because Wales were nowhere then. They have just 2 decent players and have been on one decent cup run.

Just add Coleman to the hated list along with Pulis and Moremoanio.

gunnerfan ov crystal palace

Ramsey being injured is a big loss to arsenal fc team even when he was given red before injury in euro tournament sad dismissal looking at santi he on form the team looking fresh gd new faces have shown strength to team ramsey can get better and see from there congrats to mr arsene wenger 20 yrs at arsenal fc manager


Xhaqzorlamsey midfield
Just move Ozy up instead of Iwobi or Walcott (I don’t trust them quite yet for the very big gales)

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