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Iwobi: I want to play Wenger at FIFA

Alex Iwobi reckons it would be a ‘banter’ if Arsene Wenger was a secret FIFA player, sitting down at his PS4 or xBox to play the popular video game, and says that he’d love to take him on if so.

The exciting youngster was talking to BBC’s Newsbeat, and when asked if he thought the boss was a FIFA guru, said, “I don’t know. I’d be surprised if he has played FIFA but if he has then that’s banter.

“I’d like to take him on, yeah.”

Gotta say, we like the idea of Wenger being a late-night aficionado of the EA Sports game, making people rage-quit the world over.

Iwobi also talked about the influence Wenger has had on him as a player and says the Frenchman will help him improve the weaknesses in his game.

“At the moment, because I’m not really the best at defending,” he said. “He says I need to treat it how I treat attacking.

“And that’s something that’s really rung true with me. I love attacking, but I hate defending and it’s something I need to add to my game.”

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The lad has all the potential to be a star.

Only took Theo 10 years to make the same realisation about defending haha



That’s banter!


We all know Wenger is a man who likes quality and fine things… he is actually a Pro Evo player 😉

Giroud's bulge

As well as being a romantic and trusting his players. I’ll bet he won the league with Dodo pulling the strings in midfield and Gutierez and Castolo putting away the goals.

Crystal ballz

Hamsin was my beast


Haven’t played the new Pro then I take it? It’s all about big Marko Yankov up top!


Fucking Castolo..You sir are a true PES vet. Personally i was a fan of Miranda

Le Jim

On the contrary, he’ll absolutely relish bringing Alex Hunter from the academy to the top of world football 😉


More like Flight Simulator. Maybe the for all the calming reasons Dennis would disagree with.

Indian Gooner

Bantz Iwobsey! ??

Stewart Robson's therapist

Well, we know what formation he’d use.


Actually we all know he would just auto start.. Wenger doesn’t do tactics..


Think it’s incredible that a 20 year old has suddenly added an entirely new component to his game, seemingly in a matter of weeks. Takes some offensive players years (often never achieving it) to get to grips with defensive duties, but he’s really been having a good crack at it the last few games. Alexis’ influence over him and indeed Walcott’s effort levels can’t be underestimated either.

Silky Smooth

Great comment.

David C

I just don’t get it, you’re a professional footballer! This is a 2-way sport: attack and defence.

Imagine Theo said this quote…

We’ll let him off the hook because he’s young and wants to improve, but I can’t believe he openly admitted that.


Theo basically did yesterday and was roundly praised on this site..


Iwobi is becoming more likeable by the day


lol…and people used to say Wenger doesn’t care about defending…yet here he is encouraging Iwobi to place just as much emphasis on that side of his game.

Little Mozart

I would pay my wage packet for this month just to take Wenger on in FIFA. I know that probably seems pathetic but it would be so worth it to me.


I’d like Wenger to bet his wage packet for the month against mine! 😉


How can you not like defending, especially when you get the chance to take out costa or Ronaldo?

Silky Smooth

That’s called dating…

Cliff Bastin

He probably never presses R2 so that his wingers have the stamina to last until the 70 min substitutions.

Vincent Kompany's Forehead


made my day good sir

Tri Vu

Fyi, Arshavin is still learning.

Evang. Femi

I bet he won’t buy players on FIFA. He will make them stars…… Iwobi on a mission


If he can improve his tracking back and defensive awareness then he will be unstoppable in couple of years. I really didn’t think too much of him when he first came through but this boy is something very special. The way he drifts in front of the opposition’s defence and is able to receive the ball in tight spaces (Theo’s goal this weekend a prime example) is something very rare. The key to his effectiveness is having players like Santi and Mesut in the team who can utilize his movement. He is one of those players that needs quality around… Read more »


When’s your Fifa match scheduled with James blogs?


I once dreamt of a FIFA match taking place between us, Blogs. And after having been spanked by me, you proceeded to let me host an Arsecast Extra. . .

Wenger's Smirk

A worldwide Arseblog league will not be a bad idea though. Us international Gooners would appreciate any chance to be part of this community!


I am pretty sure wenger play fifa. Afterall,that is his one source of scouting truth….

Okay I will get my coat….

tanned arse

The thing with this lad is that I get the impression that it’s not just him saying the right things. I have no doubt he’ll apply himself in every way possible and will learn quickly. There’s nothing in his game that is fancy. He does the right thing at the right time (and generally does it well) and has a great understanding of how to work the ball through his own off the ball movements. His mind is continually active and I think that bodes well in regard to switching on defensively once he has a proper understanding.


If he’d play Fifa or Pro Evo he’d play the same team every week and everyone would get injured probably.


Iwobi wan kenobi


Blatantly plays football manager.

Higuan is available? Naaaaah


If Wenger played career mode who’d he pick


He’s a very likable guy, can’t help but hope help things continue to go well for him.

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