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Report: Ozil to sign new deal, wants the number 10

There are few details on this at the moment, but SportBild are running a story in tomorrow’s paper about Mesut Ozil signing a new deal with the club.

It’s has been whispered for some time that he was close to agreeing terms, so hopefully the story is accurate.

They also say that he wants the number 10 shirt currently worn by Jack Wilshere, except it’s not because he’s on loan at Bournemouth. It could be a bit awkward, and it’s apparently not allowed for Premier League players to change number mid-season (even if this blog has apparently found a couple of examples of it happening).

Anyway, we’ll bring the details on this one when we have them later on, but let’s keep fingers crossed it’s on the money.

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Ozil in, Arsenal win the title. There, I called it early.


Give him the 10, and give him the contract. (Signs dat thing)


Hope it’s true. The team is on ood path so all hands on board.


Heh. Hat tip for the Whovian reference…


At the end of the day I don’t really care about squad numbers so I don’t care what happens on that front if he signs
demanding the #10 seems un-mesut-like to me and it’d be a little disrespectful to Wilshere who is still (presumably) regarded as a long-term player at the club

I don’t know, just seems a little odd. Only time I remember this happening at Arsenal was for Monreal’s 17 when Alexis came, but that was for a shirt number I’m guessing Nacho didn’t care about


I wouldn’t say it’s in-mesut-like.
For one, it was only last month he went on record (think it was Twitter) that he wanted the number 10. Numbers may not mean much to us fans, but they do to players (go ask that cunt Ronaldo 7).

Personally I’m ok with it. Jack shouldn’t have had it in the first place. I know it was largely symbolic, but the number 10 is arguably the most important role in the group.


Those quotes from Ozil were about taking the VACANT number 10 shirt for Germany (because poldi retired). This is different because the earliest he’d be able to take it is next summer (because squad numbers have already been finalised in September this season). By that time, Wilshere would already be back and it wouldn’t be vacant anymore.


I think it has a lot to do with his marketing and Brand Name. His Brand Name after all is M1Ö. Like CR7, he has his own merchandise around that since his time in Real Madrid, where he had the 10. Just this Season he also got the 10 from Podolski on the german national Team side. So presumably he wants the same in his club. And this is not even taking the historical aspect of the number 10 in consideration. I think the 10 is worth a lot to Özil and know in his 3rd year for Arsenal he… Read more »

Jung Beans

Major news, if true. LANS, anyone?

Mark Hughes

Why would it be LANS if he is currently playing?


Do you even know what a LANS is?! For gods sake man!!!


I think it’s more LANKN

Public Elneny Number One

i for one always enjoy a good LANK


I remember when the number of the shirt was just what you wore on the field. you know, and when Sammy Nelson got injured, John Devine would wear the number 3 shirt, ’cause he was leftback/ Simpler times….


Correct me if am wrong but I thought he wants the number 10 role instead of playing on the wings


Have you seen Mesut play on the wings a lot lately?


He definitely already has the #10 role locked down, so no it’s not about position. It’s about the shirt.


Nice one. The players are also feeling confident about this team.

Next stop Sanchez.


there are already reports he will also renew, and if ozil has already renew it i’m sure alexis will do it also.


If he stays for another 5 years and brings us a title he is in the top 5 Arsenal players of Wenger’s reign imo, an unbelievable player


I do think he should be given the Number 10 shirt o’zil is like a Hub in every match Arsenal play , when he is on tune like he was against Chealse , Arsenal can make any side look stupid . His brain and vision is next to none in the game today….


Give the man the No. 10…..


I totally forgot we had a No.10 shirt


I think he deserves that #10 jersey. I feel bad for Jack, but when/if he comes back, he can wear Mesut’s #11.


In as much as this would seem harsh to Wilshere, I think it’s worth it. Ozil is the best number 10 in the world. If the number 10 jersey is what it takes to make him happy, then give it to him.
Wilshere could do with less pressure. He could take the number 4 jersey if per leaves next season. Never was a fan of him getting the number 10 jersey in the first place.
Now let’s focus on getting Alexis to signing a new deal.


I know players aren’t the same as fans, but he does seem to love being at the club. The team is catered to his talents, built around him really. It’s quite funny that in the end, one of Arsene’s best signings in the second half of his career blew our transfer record away and it still ended up being a bargain.


I agreed. The team is basically built around him. It’s a shame that fabregas left. The team was built around him back then too. But to be fair to him, he had never commit his future to us all these time.


I think players can change numbers after half season is gone in new year, but I’m not sure but we have seen many players changing the numbers after playing their 3-4 games in august then players leave the club numbers becomes available and they change it afterwards, so they can bedtner did it with 52 if i’m not wrong. Anyway I expect the deal to be announce in the new year and after is announce ozil will change the number to 10. As for wilshere he can take Per no.4 if we don’t renew his contract will suit him more… Read more »


get in M1Ö


As for the reports from Bild, I think are accurate that ozil signed new year as the evidence was there when he taped arsenal badge against chelsea I didn’t saw him till now to do that tap the badge but after staying loyal signing new deal love the club and knows that he will be here for many years why not express your love with tapping the badge, cesc the snake did it too early and after he lived the club, that is the difference in class, ozil looks assured that he will play his best years at aresnal I… Read more »


Your English is top top top quality.

Cornelius P. Snuffington III

I’d like to see you write in Macedonian. At least the person is trying, I believe you can figure out what the post means if you really, really apply yourself and try your hardest.

Ryan C

I find it brilliant that people will stand up for the guy who’s putting in an effort, against one that’s trying to demean it. Good on you, sirs.


He never claimed that he could speak ‘top quality’ english. Only trying to communicate in the best way he can.


You take education too seriously

Victoria Concordia via Gaborone

Pipe down lads….its just banter, im sure Beowulf is just being sarcastic…


Forgive my imprudence guys. I don’t come on here with the intention to demean. My english is still not top top qualidy despite the fact my country Kenya was colonised by the Brits and my engrich teacher was an English man. This was a poor attempt at humor. Sorry.

AAAWWWWW!!! You're Hurting Me!

I wonder how your Macedonian is, or if you even speak a second language? I’m sure you don’t — because then you would’ve appreciated his English, dumbass. COYG!


Old story, Ozil wants vacant Germany number 10 shirt, not Jacks. And even if it were true, I say he can’t have it, it’s Jack’s.


Smells of image rights regarding the new contract and shirt sales to me…… Hey ho! The world we live in. I don’t care as long as Mesut keeps playing and Jack comes back stronger after his loan spell


Cheeky tap of the badge when he scored on Saturday as well, I’ve not seen him do that before!


He can wear 69 if he wants. Sign da ting Mesut. <3

Toure Motors

Zehn-y story


Our AM playing as 10.

Brothers, that is as satisfying as it gets.


Yes! Most important player we have had since Dennis Bergkamp. The love I have for this player is high. Hope he stays and becomes an Arsenal legend, because he is already creeping into my top 5 players of all time!

Thierry Bergkamp

Ahhh Dennis Bergkamp…. Time to reminisce.


I think it’s appropriate if we leave those green thumbs for Thierry Bergkamp right there at 10.


Wilshere ain’t coming back. He has found his level at Bournemouth. Time for fans also to move on. No one deserves the no 10 shirt more than Mesut.


Stop it with Wilshere, please, guys. he is not worth it! The future is not with him: they are better players around !


The last thing we need now is number controversies. As long as Jack still officially remains an Arsenal player, I say we leave his number be. Giving it to Mesut may disrupt squad harmony amongst the long serving players like Gibbs, Kos and Theo.

Please Mesut, sign da ting!


10 for Ozil and 11 for Wilshere. Job done 🙂


Jack’s still a Gunner so mesut ain’t getting his number! frankly I don’t think He’s asking for it anyways, think he’s asking for the number 10 German Jersey!
the number 11 is quite prestigious as well and it’s not like Jack’s not got the talent anyways. Not to forget about how highly disrespectful it would be to Jack.
Now if Mesut had asked for any number upon arrival that would have been a different scenario entirely and very excusable,…. but not after a few seasons and Especially when it ain’t a vacant number!

igbo Amadi-Obi

We seem to have concerns about our top stars renewing their contract. not a good sign at all.

Andy Mack

Every club has concerns about top stars renewing contracts. They all have agents which create this issue.

igbo Amadi-Obi

And I hope he doesn’t insist on getting Wilshere’s number. Wilshere isn’t going to like that, and it would have implications for his relationship with both Mesut and the club.


How do you know what Wilshere will like? He may care more about getting Ozil to stay at the club than his own ego, as it represents a greater chance of silverware for him.

igbo Amadi-Obi

And you seem to not have any issues with Mesut caring more about his own ego and Jack’s jersey number of so many years, than team harmony?

Big Dave

I don’t understand why players care about what squad number they where….. It’s not like they can see it when they’re playing!! Pay him £150k a week and tell him he can have it if it comes available. Job done.

Ducks sake

Because he has his own brand around the number 10. Like Ronaldo has a brand around CR7 or fat Ronaldo had a brand around R9.

igbo Amadi-Obi

Ronaldo wore jersey number 9 at United. He didn’t insist on 9 when he went to Madrid. Why is it not being factored that Jack has a personal brand too, and that 10 has been part of it for many years? He’s no less an Arsenal player because he’s on loan.


Disrespectful to Wilshere my arse…. Give the best number to our best player. Wilshere has done zero for us apart from being injured forever.
No. 10 to Mesut ALL THE WAY!


Jack doesn’t use it anyway so why let a precious number go stale??


Excellent, Ozil whipping balls into the Corridor of uncertainty for Alexis ‘Mr perpetual motion’ Sanchez to run onto will continue to be a thing of beauty. What handbrake..?


Ozil doesn’t strike me as a guy who cares about which number is on the back of his shirt.

This is a guy who prays before matches for the health of all the players on the field.

igbo Amadi-Obi

So good to hear that


Easy decision for me. Give him the 10 if he wants it. He’s earned it. He IS our #10, at this moment undeniably so. Jack’s got a head on his shoulders; he knows. Of course it would be disappointing but he knows the task ahead of him.

It’s a simple way for the manager to say “He’s worked to make that position his, so the shirt is his this season. Go out-perform him and take it off his back that way if you think you deserve it.”

Public Elneny Number One

chat shirt, get hanged

Godfrey Twatschloch

I’m glad that Mesut is becoming our neuen Mega-Vertrag. Rückennummer 10 becomes him.

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