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Walcott: Shit was just incredible

Theo Walcott led slip his hidden personality tonight, not just in the two goals, but having a little swear on BT Sport.

Speaking after the 2-0 win in which he scored both goals and played excellently, the 27 year old praised the defence for keeping the team’s third clean sheet in a row.

“We were very professional today,” he said. “The intensity was there from the start, it died off towards the end but you can understand that.

“But again, clean sheets. We’ve always said that if we keep clean sheets – this guy standing next me [Koscielny] and his new partner – shit was just incredible.

“It just shows how far we have come, it can’t stop now. This game’s going to be forgotten about now, and we know we need to move on now to Sunday.”

Touching on his own form so far this season, he said he’s enjoying himself, as you’d expect, scoring goals and making chances.

“I am working hard, enjoying my football. I just try to improve everyday. Things are going well but this will all be forgotten about really, it is all about the next day.

“We cannot get ahead of ourselves, we have a lot to do and hopefully the past can change. We have so much experience in the Champions League realise how important that top spot is.”

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Evang. Femi

Well I always love this shit to happen consistently


“Consistently in patches “


I’m pretty sure it was a pause between the words “partner” and “ship”….although shit WAS incredible

Fat Tony

He actually said SHIT – ship was just incredible ?

Norn Iron Gooner

I like this guy, who is he?



The Gaffer

I’d be one of Theo’s regular critics but I hope he makes me swallow my words

Kosc' Pocket

May be he was thinking about Sp*rs……….


“Your ship’s incredible”
“No, your ship’s incredible”
“No, YOUR ship’s incredible




I remember back when I was a student and working in an IT call center, we would play to moron game, when speaking to a customer we had to try and stick the word moron into the convo and the one at the end of the week who pulled it off the most got a prize.. for example, can you press more-on the space key… Part of me hopes this was planned and actually a game the players are playing…trying to stick in as many swear words under the radar as possible… we to focus more-on the up coming games/… Read more »


Also sorry I probably should of used c%@t instead of the c-word, it wasn’t till i hit post i realised that Bloggs might ban my ass for swearing…

Burn Baby Burn

I started reading your post and thought rambling pete was back


haha nopes just a drunken Irish man who has had one too many Rum and Cokes… in hindsight I probably could of skipped the first paragraph 😛


Nah, keep that ship! Builds the scenario, nice departure from the heave-ho.

king Julian of Draxlanistan

i miss rambling pete!


If that were true, nobody would be beating Plezguelo (or however you spell it) when it comes to post match swearing.

Although I recall Ljundberg giving it a try.


It’s the born again Theology that won’t alienate your friends.

David C

How this doesn’t have more up votes is beyond me. Well played!

Granit(e) hard!

I agree….”Theology”….love it!


Trying to work out if blogs actually heard it as ‘shit’ (even though it wasn’t), or it was just a conscious click bait article? Hmmm


Shameless click bait

Why not

Nor should you.

Theo's new persona

He’s deliberately done that to harden his image, hes got a point to prove to pretty much everyone. You can almost feel those adrenalin at last eh.

And I trust the fans who shout at Theo at games how useless he is, are eating their words.

Theo's new persona

*Theo’s adrenalin…


Player of the month hands down. Between him and Alexis but due to his turnaround should be Walcott.


Koss might have a shout as well.

Godfrey Twatschloch

Close call between the three but in the end has to go to Kos for his exquisite take down of Costa.


On that basis, dunno- Mustafi’s in with a shout for multiple exquisitely timed Man+Ball tackles that left Costa a bit twitchy.

The beauty is it is so difficult to pick one player of the month.

Ozil anyone? Marked out of the PsG match but He’s continued to pull the strings masterfully.


Or Xhaka for those two thunderbolts.

Granit(e) hard!

And based on their individual performances in last few games, I could throw santi, iwobi and bellerin into the mix!….’ship’, you know your team is doing very well when you have problems picking the player of the month!


He was top, top, top, top, top, top quality.


THEO come and he scored some goals,
Me say goals,
Me say goals etc


Have to admit when I first watched the interview I was sure he said ‘shit was incredible’

But then my brain caught up, and realised he said ‘partnership was incredible’

Either way, he’s right both the partnership of Kos and Mustafi was incredible, and shit! The team were incredible!


If Arsenal win the CL or the PL this year Blogs will have to change the motto to “shit was just incredible”


Let’s be fair – we tossed that team around like a cat fucking around with a half dead mouse in the back garden. If they went into the final third, which they did roughly three times, we just took the ball away from them and went back to waging ping pong knives out mindfuck warfare on their back line. They’ll be off having nightmares about Sanchez Ozil and Walcott. I haven’t enjoyed 45 minutes like that first 45 in donkeys years. That was pure murder.


Donkey’s years, since the first half against Chel$ki anyway. We’ve actually had brilliant first halves the last three or four matches then kind of closed up shop in the second. Maybe against Burnley on the weekend we’ll just keep hammering them in the second half and set a PL record for goals scored in a match.

meh as fuck

I was keen to see the back of Theo in the summer but I’m happy he’s proving me wrong. Long may he continue to work his hole off and score goals.

Lord Hall

I’m waiting for news of the “real” Theo’s release from kidnappers – hope its not too soon I like the robot version better


Squandering chances has never felt this good…


The future looks bright, but I’m sorry to disappoint you Theo, the past cannot actually change as far as I’m aware.

Kampala gooner

Yeah right about the past not changing kept on wondering how the man that used to coach Bolt

Kampala gooner

You are right about the past not changing kept on wondering how the man that used to coach Bolton the kind of football they used to play could end up as England manager. Would like to join the FA on one of their binge nights. And please pows off our manager.


Am i the only one who starts getting nervous when Theo is on interview duty? i remember a few seasons where he starts well, talks us up and then it all falls apart….
keep Theo in the box, let him concentrate on his football.



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