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Wenger praise for determined Lucas

Arsene Wenger says Lucas Perez showed determination and a good team ethic after watching the Spaniard score his first two goals for Arsenal in their 4-0 win in the EFL Cup against Nottingham Forest.

The summer signing opened his account from the penalty spot after Chuba Akpom latched onto the Spaniard’s through ball and was fouled and then netted a second finishing off an impressive run. The 28-year-old then rounded off a fine individual display with a deft pass to set up Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain in injury time.

“A striker is always growing when he scores goals and I felt that he has shown [that] tonight,” Wenger told after the game.

“I liked his second goal because it was not only technique but it was determination, to fight for the ball and finish, I liked as well the part he played in the goal of Oxlade-Chamberlain because it shows that he can combine with other people and that he is an intelligent player.”

Always eager to coerce his players into developing their game, the boss noted that he’d like to see Lucas use his right foot a little more after going full Winterburn for his second goal.

“He’s quick, he’s determined, he uses well his left foot – a bit too much for my taste, and not enough his right foot, but overall he’s like all left-footed players.”

Obviously pleased to get off the mark, Perez took to Twitter to celebrate with a quite splendid Mesut Ozilism.

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Getso gunner

Hope He start scoring in the EPL too as soon as Saturday against Chelsea


Is that a burger….and diet coke ? Hardly food and drink to replenish our top level athletes lmao.


Loved that second goal. What a fighter!


Early days, but very promising. Could have had more if he was a tad more selfish, but not a bad thing I suppose..

How good was that 4th goal? Yikes!

Gooners & Roses

a bit too much of left foot? wonder if he said the same to Alexis…

David M

why would he, Alexis is right footed 😉




Haha I loved that he used Ozil’s hashtag! Maybe our new arrivals see it more as COYG than Ozil’s (PR agency’s) bonding with the Arsenal faithful.


Probably the same agency.
He’s English, though I know he can speak it, was written way too perfectly.

Ya Trick, Ya.


Why Ozil PR ? Do you think Mesut needs his PR to like the club? Especially as he said it spontaneously after the first FA Cup…

The Only Olivier is Giroud

Loved his reaction to the penalty. No over the top theatrics and got stuck in to score a real fighter of a goal later on. Topped off with a late assist. Get in!


Short run up

SF Gooner

Who’s that knob laying on Perez after his second? Let the man celebrate for fucks sake.


he was trying to hurt perez…as most of nothingham forest players were trying to do…lansbury especially trying to hurt elneny and a few other players i think they were looking to inflict injury


The best part was a dickhead emailing in on the Arsenal player commentary about 5 minutes before he scored the Pen, saying he is concerned Perez might turn out just to be another Chamakh or Francis Jeffers.

Yep, kindly shut up and fuck off.


Someone voted you down.
Any chance it was the email dude?


Giroud? …..who he?


It is all down on me why wenger left his new signings on the bench.its just to allow them to grow into premier league game.otherwise they would hav so much pressure to bear on them, to impress and adapt.just like pogba having so much pressure to contend

Evang. Femi

What a player!


I mean…he could still turn up like that. Chamakh was quite good in his first season.


Chamakh was a very good player. Sometimes things happen and a player gets stuck in a rut. That shouldn’t take away their ability or talent. I remember Shevshenko and Torres looking like amateurs at some point when playing for Chelsea. The former never recovered, the latter is in great form for a top European team.


Definitely like what I’ve seen in the two matches he’s started. Sure it’s going to take him some time to get used to a new team, get his legs under him and get used to the new league as well, but from what I see in his movement, his work rate, his touch and ability on the ball, his vision and his fight/determination I really think he will become a great steal at what Wenger paid for him. I do hope Wenger will give him a start this weekend. He may turn out to be a bust, but I’d put… Read more »


If I remember well Chamak scored 10 odd goals in his first 15 games or so until the ‘little boy’ came back from injury, then he had to sit on the bench for the rest of the season, which was obviously disappointing but he didn’t handle that well, such are the tough knocks as an elite footballer. We’ve had many others who succumbed to the one off piece of misfortune but who couldn’t come back, tough life on £50k a week! Got to be ready to take your chance when it comes, patience being almost as essential as talent.


Been a long time since I’ve seen an Arsenal Centre forward to dribble past players with purpose and intent, and then finish it off.

Haven’t had that for about 4 years, and even then the Dutch skunk wasn’t about that style.

So haven’t really had that since Henry. Fack.


In general though, you don’t really see that many Thierry-esque goals anymore, I think probably because the league has changed so much tactically (as well as his rare talent). long solo runs past two or more players also seem very rare these days.


We saw it from Suarez, and still sometimes from Aguero.

I think it’s just more of the case of less strikers of that ilk and calibre these days.


If we beat Chelsea it will be a very strange feeling.. I think it’s called excitement. Seems we haven’t felt it for months as gooners


I think if he brings his own game instead of trying to show that he can play the Arsenal, way like the first two games he played, he will be a success. To be more of an Aguero, as in he should have his eye on the goal instead of a pass. We don’t need more assisters we need finishers. But most importantly you can tell he is a very good footballer, with great vision and touch. If he wants to play more he has to be more selfish and shoot more.


he does seem to have very good vision and link up play though. He had about 10 assista last season didn’t he?


Read that as “A striker is always growling when he scores goals and I felt that he has shown [that] tonight.” and I thought, Wenger has definitely changed his philosophy on strikers.

On a more serious note, it sure feels great to have a dynamic and dogged striker in our Arsenal.

the old chap

Im more comfortable when holding start , i dont know why but i hope the kids progression doesn’t get chambered .


he’s so calm and composed on the ball for someone his age. if it were any other club the media would be creaming themselves.

he’s a revelation, and, in my opinion, our bargain of the summer and I suspect he’ll overtake Gabby in the pecking order, if he already hasn’t.


I hope that this kicks start Perez’s Arsenal career. Although the last time our No. 9 opened his account in the League Cup (Park) he failed miserably thereafter.

All the best mate!

Friday Timothy

He is better than Groud 100% so my request is that,he should play against chelsea

darth binks

what are you?


We now know the value of Giroud as we seem lost at times with the positioning of our front players when he is not there. His movement off the ball ball and his touches around the box with his feet or head to setup someone.


Was watching him and a lot of his runs off the ball where not seen by his players and I was waiting for him to get frustrated but he did show great determination and maturity and waited for his opportunity! Nice to see players with the right attitude, mental and emotional maturity come to Arsenal. Maybe some of the existing players can have a pounder about their characters. Definitely the right influence the side needs again.

darth binks

We haven’t scored that kind of muscular goal in a while (correct me if i’m wrong but you know what i mean). That kind of fight has been missing.

Why not



Perez should play against Chelsea, he is tactically gifted. he has an unarguable ability of using his skill and power, so i hope Wegner will grant him the nod

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