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Burnley 0-1 Arsenal: By the Numbers

20.7 – Number of dribbles Arsenal average this season (6th in the League)
24 – Number of dribbles Arsenal attempted against Burnley
13.7 – Number of successful dribbles Arsenal average this season (3rd in the League)
15 – Number of successful dribbles today against Burnley
6 – Number of successful dribbles by Alexis Sanchez (of 8)¹
3 – Number of successful dribbles by Theo Walcott (of 6)
2 – Number of successful dribbles by Alex Iwobi (of 4)
27.7 -Tackles per game Arsenal average this season (11th in the League)
25 – Tackles Arsenal attempted against Burnley
18.7 – Tackles Arsenal win per game on average this season
18 – Tackles Arsenal won against Burnley
4 – Tackles per game Mustafi averages this season³
6 – Tackles Mustafi won against Burnley¹
4 – Attempted tackles by Theo Walcott
2 – Tackles won by Walcott
14 – Tackles Walcott has won this season (2 per game, average)
18 – Most number of tackles Walcott has won in a single season (League play only)
15 – Shots per game Arsenal are averaging this season (8th best in the League)
18 – Shots Arsenal took against Burnley
9.4 – Shots per game Arsenal average inside the penalty box (2nd best in the League)
12 – Shots Arsenal took in Burnley’s box
5 – Shots on target per game by Arsenal this season (8th best in the League)
3 – Shots on target Arsenal managed against Burnley
1 – Shots Arsenal got on target with Koscielny’s arms after he got a touch but then Ox tried to clear the ball but accidentally kicked it toward his face
0 – Shots Theo Walcott got on target (of 5¹)
10.7 – Shots Arsenal allow per game
10 – Shots Arsenal allowed Burnley to take
1 – Shots Burnley got on target
1 – Big chance for each team
1 – Big chance missed by Volkes (header)
1 – Big chance scored by Kosox
7 – Number on the Fernando Torres Scale of Missed Shots by Alexis when he volleyed wide on an open goal
599 – Passes per game Arsenal average this season
741 – Passes Arsenal attempted against Burnley
104 – Passes attempted by Santi Cazorla
102 – Passes completed by Santi Cazorla
11 – Key passes per game Arsenal average this season
8 – Key passes by Alexis Sanchez against Burnley¹
4 – Through balls by Alexis Sanchez against Burnley¹
12 – Number of Alexis Sanchez’s 55 passes which were either through balls or key passes


Al stats from Opta

¹ – Led all players
² – Led just his team
³ – Leads Arsenal


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Shit is real


1 – header won in the box by Walcott versus their centre half, assisting our goal.

Has this ever happened before?


1- Question asked by CB which no one would probably ever know unless they watched all the games Walcott has played throughout his career


I asked the question as most Arsenal fans know the answer.

Demonstrated by the fact that there are lots of fans on this site and no-one has come up with a game that he has ever done this.


You know Walcott has headed over the bar from a corner this season.


Alexis created 8 chances, that’s ridiculous.
Love that we got a result. Wonder where Perez was? Would’ve been nice to bring him on.


He had a “slight” knee problem

Third Plebeian

Question: If the ball hadn’t hit Koscielny’s arm and deflected in, was Ox’s shot heading over the bar? Certainly looks that way to me. What an amazing bit of luck.


Also kos was ahead of Chamberlain and therefore was offside. Very lucky.


If Ox had touched the ball it would have been offside but he didn’t. For someone called truth you don’t seem use it much


At first I also thought it was an offside goal, but the picture clearly shows Kos’s boot touching the ball before that of the Ox. Therefore Not offside.


Ox didn’t touch it. Kos kicked it on to his own arm.


How come Ox ran off celebrating like he’d just scored a goal, leaving Kos the scorer all alone?


All forwards are taught to claim any goal that might remotely be theirs. Ox might not put boot to ball in front of goal sometimes but he’s never forgotten his claiming-the-goal lessons.

Andy Mack

Because Ox kicked Kozzers foot and assumed he’d actually kicked the ball.

SA Gooner

Can I ask a desperately ignorant question here?

What is the definition of a ‘dribble’?

Do you have to beat a man? Run a certain distance?

Please and thank you.


Trying to run with the ball and getting past opposition players. If you manage to get past them you’ve had a successful dribble.

Bendtner's Ego

# of dodgey goals scored in the final seconds of stoppage time this year: 1


2 Cazorla vs Southampton was a dodgy pen.


I am sure it was to you looked fine to me


More often then not Sanchez was trying to play in midfield, dribble, create space and pass. The problem is that Ö didnot made any attempt to play as a striker at that point so either he had Theo to pass or just pass horizontally. It was a common theme. I wonder where are Sanchez shooting boots these days.


Sanchez has to stick to his position, basta!

Crash Fistfight

Ma perché?


We also missed Giroud in games like these. He attracts atleast 2 defenders that helps create space for others.


Yes, a game where the opponent plays defensively and leaves minimal space for Sanchez and Walcott to get in behind is a game where (when fit) we ought to still be playing Giroud at CF.

Bern pero

Leaning an axe against a ailing tree often causes a miraculous recovery! Theo …..

john wafula

OK, it was a must win for Arsenal and that was it


1 – quality Sanchez moments towards the end of the game where he was pressing high on his own and he waved his arms madly around to encourage the other forward players to follow his lead.


Özil does it all the time but noone ever notices.


2 the number of times the ball hit the hand of Burnley player in penalty box in the 2nd half .
Because it was ball to hand or not intentional our what ever the current rule is no penalties where given therefore the ref applied the same rule to Kos.
As it was pointed out by Mike Ox did not kick the ball it was Kos who kicked the ball on to he’s own hand and the rest is history.


Arrghh, aaaand the interlull is back. Time for me to check the arseblog archives for some pure gold. Anything with Gervinho will do


There was one about Wilshire and space panthers about 3 years ago in the fall… worth the dig for it.

sixteen swans over ainola

93. Minutes you hang in there weighing up the consequences of a 1-0 defeat … (Would two losses this early in the season be too much or not?) or a 0-0 (unlucky us) draw thinking it may not be our day and wondering where the style of Chelsea and Basel fucked off to … Hanging in there to the very end not really believing that a last-kick-of-the-match goal was ever truly on the cards (statistically anyway), but doing it despite the probabilities. Hanging in there, hanging in there. (Just two minutes? … fuck you officials!) Just take that fucking corner.… Read more »


Any stat for the number of times Mustafi headed the ball last night?


Özil: 4 shots (only Walcott had more), one on target. Arsenal only got three on target in the whole game…
72 of his 80 passes completed (90%) with 99 touches.
Nobody made more passes in the attacking third, nor completed more, with 39 of his 44 successful.
1 created chance.
Won the ball back twice. One interception, just one fewer than Mustafi and the same number as Walcott, Koscielny, and Bellerin.

(source: arsenal site)

A Different George

Ozil is a genuinely rare talent, and his performances are (and should be) judged according to a very high standard. By that standard, he did not have a good game yesterday. Just as the statistics sometimes fail to show his brilliance–the one touch or amazing vision that can change a game–they also sometimes fail to indicate when his influence on a match is not nearly as great.

Granit(e) hard!

1…number of Arsenal players that completely turned himself around for the better.

Walcott stats – 18, number of tackles in any single season, …..14, tackles already this season,

This, as at game number 7 out of 38?….Amazing!. Complete turn around. Well done Theo!

Merte Xhaka

95 – Number of times I nearly shat in my pants during the whole match

1 – Number of times I ran crazy at the pub after Kos bundled it in


I feel like this set of numbers is basically saying “Arsenal played fine, lived up to their season averages, had lots of shots within the box, dominated the game, just didn’t have much luck with the shots until the winner at which point the luck came all at once”. And that’s probably not unfair.

That’s football for you… scoring is such a rare event that “expected goals” doesn’t necessarily even out even over the course of a season the way it does in a sport like basketball.


Very interesting read, thanks for posting that.

Those who read my earlier comments on the subject know that I thought it was a handball and should have been disallowed. My interpretation (and I’m a referee) was that Koscielny’s hand was in an unnatural position. However, if Dermot Gallagher is going to tell me that the hand position was natural because he was using it for elevation, then I’m not going to argue. I’m going to learn from it.

I said earlier that referees get decisions wrong sometimes. Well, I guess I got this one wrong. Mea culpa.

Finsbury Pk

Cazorla’s way of playing involves too much sterile short passing in the 3rd quarter of the pitch. As the game went on, it was obvious that Burnley’s defence wasn’t penetrated by it, and therefore some different way of playing was called for. I would’ve wished Cazorla were taken off and Elneny put in his place.

Diaby's Glasslegs

Cazorla really. I think Theo’s got a taste of his own medicine and i think it works best on him. Give the same to Szczesny, Wilshere, Gibbs, and the rest of our ‘immune’ fellows and a world class assembly we’ll finally have. Up you Gunners

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