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Report: Emirates is Europe’s most profitable stadium

A new report from financial experts Deloitte claims Arsenal’s Emirates Stadium was Europe’s most profitable football ground in 2014/15.

The Gunners left Highbury in 2006 to take up residence in a new 60,000-capacity home as they looked to build a future-proof arena capable of helping them compete on a financial level with the continent’s traditional giants.

Deloitte’s report measures profits made from matchday revenues across the entire campaign, with the Emirates generating €132million (30% of the club’s annual profit).

Much of this revenue generating comes from season tickets, which, depending on how you view the number of games included in annual package, are the highest in the land.

For more on how Arsenal’s matchday revenue compares with other clubs, check out The Swiss Ramble’s excellent dissection of the Gunners latest financial results, which claims Manchester United overtook us on this front last year.

In January, Deloitte reported that Arsenal had moved up to seventh place in in the European rich list standings.

Deloitte’s Top 10 profitable stadiums (2014/15 season)

1. Emirates Stadium (Arsenal) €132m
2. Santiago Bernabeu (Real Madrid) €129.8m
3. Camp Nou (FC Barcelona) €116.9m
4. Old Trafford (Manchester United) €114m
5. Stamford Bridge (Chelsea) €93.1m
6. Allianz Arena (Bayern Munich) €89.8m
7. Parc des Princes (Paris Saint-Germain) €78m
8. Anfield (Liverpool) €75m
9. Etihad Stadium (Manchester City) €57m
10. Signal Iduna Park (Borussia Dortmund) €54.2m

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Does this mean our season tkt prices will remain the same? Pahahaha


One of those strange slow news day stories which come out. The Deloitte report was published in January. And these figures are all revenue, not profit.

Ted E.

Revenue is arguably the right measurement, but agree the headline should be changed.


out of all those cities is London not the most expensive to live in?


Easy to check, although the numbers have to be taken with a pinch of salt:
It says that there is no significant difference between Paris and London, and that Munich, Madrid, and Barcelona are much cheaper than the first two.

Arsenal's Vardy

BvB with one of the biggest crowd attendance is below Manchester City which has comparatively lower attendance.
What money can do for you!


City have the advantage of not having to operate as a real world business but as a PR arm of a sovereign state.
In fact, given they were gifted their ground by the state, I mean the taxpayer , you could say they are doubly state sponsored.
Nice work if you can get it.

Arsenal Pakistan!



I heard India did a surgical strike on your land… Shame on you guys… Why do you love terrorists so much… Grow a spine and oppose your government who are supporting terrorism


That type of xenophobic and racist comment is not welcome here.

Arsenal Pakistan!

Thanks everyone 🙂 we all love arseblog for obvious reasons. It’s hard not to. But this is why the gooners on this site are also my favorite and why I follow comments with the articles here. You guys define class and the comments on here are always witty and fun to read.

DB10's Air Miles

Not sure what that has to do with arsenal? It’s also a bit of a mad, ignorant, generalisation….

Doctor Zhivagoat

Get out of here Xhakatastic – you are not wanted. We welcome our friends from Pakistan (or indeed anywhere) with open arms. That is how we do it here. This is the Arsenal.


Just seen this. While I know that the thumbs system allows the community to downvote, please remember you can always get in touch with us via the contact form about this kind of stuff. It has no place on this site.

i rony

I think leaving comments like this here showcasing everyone’s distaste for it might be more preventative of future ignoramus’. Would I be wrong?


Maybe you could grow a spine too and say where you come from and be prepared to face criticism of your country? (Although I’m not sure what that has to do with Arsenal)


Stop being an utter clown man. We have enough of the nonsense on the telly here without having to tolerate this insidious jingoism on Arseblog of all places.


I don’t know that guy who made that racist remark is, but being an Indian, I would like to inform we don’t share the same opinions as that guy claimed. Its our media which behaves in such a retarded way to claim such things. We all love the people even from our neighboring countries as we share so much in common. Such as both are football teams are dogshite. I have been a regular reader her, never bothered to comment. But this time I had to. Oh, and my opinion about Spurs is still the same. SHIT! Love all the… Read more »

Arsenal India



Yeah imagine if those corrupt sons of bitches Sugardaddies were not there, we would have dominated world football. Players would’ve been flocking to us for little or no money.


Imagine if they actually had good service to allow you to buy a half time pint, we’d have event more money!


Imagine if they actually sold decent beer instead of that cat piss that is probably the worst beer in the world…


Nobody forces you to buy it……grow up.


is it childish to complain the beer is crap? I don’t buy the stuff as I’d rather go without…but don’t we deserve better beer at that price and at the price we pay for a season ticket?

Crash Fistfight

I don’t see the point anyway. You’re not allowed to drink it in your seat, so you have what, 5 mins or so to drink a pint?

Fair enough if you’re that desperate to be inebriated, but I’d rather drink at a more leisurely pace in a nicer setting, before and/or after the game.

The comment that didn't get published on Arseblog News

“piss that is probably the worst beer in the world…”

I beg to differ. You should try going out in Copenhagen, where the cheapest piss is either Tuborg/Carlsberg, a pint of which will typically set you back 5-6 quid.

the beer at the Emirates is actually Carslberg…last time I looked it was selling for £4.50 a bottle…

The comment that didn't get published on Arseblog News

A bottle??

If it is a bottle at that price, then you’re right. It is daylight robbery.

the only sam is nelson

500ml bottle or just under a pint (which you can also buy and which also costs £4.50)

you’re welcome

I agree. The worst beer in the world is something called San Miguel from the Philippines. It tastes like an outhouse in the tropics smells.

Sideshow Mo

San Magoo ain’t that bad, really…. if you wanna try something REALLY skanky, try Kloster’s “Brewed Under German Supervision” from Thailand. No, it’s not Foster’s (wish it had been)…. anyway, I tried a glass in Pattaya Beach back in ’88, and not only was it cloudy to the point of murkiness, it had assorted bits of um, stuff (like dandruff?) floating in it. The taste was somewhat comparable to boiled sockwater, and I could only imagine that the “German Supervision” had been provided by a German Shepherd. 🙂


A German Shepherd would do a great job 😉

Boombastic Shaggy

Damn. I thought I was alone in my hatred for that beer.

Andy Mack

Do they own and run the catering?
I’d assumed that they’d just sold the licences for a set fee and any profit/loss would be down to whoever had the licence.

Winterburn 87

Can we please not called the Stadium Emirates, Ashburton Grove maybe

Cliff Bastin

Because we can do wengerball goals like the recent one against chelsea.


At least we’re top in something!

On a more serious note, top of the table at the end of the season would be more meaningful. Let’s get it done. COYG


Isn’t this great news, and a testament to the financial wisdom of Wenger and the club?
But of course the conspiracy thinkers will twist this as evidence that Arsenal and the board are only interested in money and squeezing out the fans till the last drop.


If Arsenal was a car we would be about an Audi R8, only it is Priced higher than a Mercedes AMG Supercar (Barcelona) and a Lamborghini Centenario (Bayern Münich) and so on, which is abit sad.

When you pay for a Premium Product you expect to get your moneys worth. What i’m saying is if Arsenal was a product you could buy at the store no one woyld buy it when there are better and cheaper products available.

They are really taking advantage of the undying loyalty of supporters which is not classy at all imo.


With Brexit around the corner all clubs are going to suffer with the exchange rate so shit.

Wenger's Economics Degree

When you look at the cold hard facts – it looks like the club are doing increasingly better in the transfer market.


The plural of stadium is stadia. No shit.

Antispuds returns

OK now it’s clear we need proper football to commence otherwise it’s getting desperate. First of Blog get bored, lack of valid topic and comes out with an outdated topic. Then readers started on it. It went from commenting on the topic to a bit of dig at $hitty then some morons brought terrorism in it followed by some beer connoisseurs. This is brilliant but we it shows that we need PL to start before some become poets and that will be tragic.

Teryima Adi

Nice to know we top on match day revenue generation- heartwarming.

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