Arsenal Player Profiles – 2016/17

Arsenal player profiles 2016-17


petr cech profile

Pros: Hugely experienced, now retired from international football so all his focus is on Arsenal. Has won pretty much everything. Great helmet.

Cons: His right-hand post from distance.

Former clubs: Chmel Blšany, Sparta Prague, Rennes, Chelsea

Little known fact: He is a keen DIY enthusiast, and back in the Czech Republic has released a home improvement DIY called ‘Cech your shelf before you wreck your shelf’.

Favourite film: The Shawshank Redemption


Pros: Good shot stopper, experienced international, seems happy enough to play cup and Champions League. Solid back-up for Cech.

Cons: If there’s a line, he’ll stand behind it. Much to the annoyance of his wife when they’re in a supermarket and he gets into the busiest queue.

Former clubs: Atletico Nacional, Nice

Little known fact: In his home town of Medellín, there’s a cocktail bar named ‘Narcos’, whose most popular drink is the Ospina Colada.

Favourite film: The Shawshank Redemption


Pros: Does not take a packet of Benson and Hedges into the showers. Is tall. Likes a loan move. Potential fan of Stuart Taylor.

Cons: Doesn’t really get to play much, needs a good run in the EFL Cup.

Former clubs: n/a

Little known fact: Changed his name from Damian to Emiliano and has just applied to change it by deed poll to ‘Macho Man Randy Savage Martinez’.

Favourite film: The Shawshank Redemption



Pros: Once played professional football, so if ever called upon again should know what to do.

Cons: Doesn’t seem to like it much at Arsenal. Nobody knows where he is.

Former clubs: Lille, Newcastle United, Bordeaux (loan)

Little known fact: Each one of his tattoos means something special to him, except the one of former child star Corey Haim which he got when he was drunk because he loved The Lost Boys but he got the wrong Corey and was gutted to wake up the next day and not see Feldman on his arm.

Favourite film: The Shawshank Redemption


Pros: Is left-footed which is quite handy for a career as a left-back. Plenty of experience, good at helping shore up the left-hand side late on.

Cons: Career seems to have plateaued a bit, second choice behind Monreal.

Former clubs: n/a

Little known fact: He has a twin brother named Daryl, and another twin brother named Daryl.

Favourite film: The Shawshank Redemption


Pros: Hugely respected, leader in the dressing room, excellent techno dancer, despite pushing on in years hasn’t really lost any pace.

Cons: Not getting any younger, a bit injured at the moment, contract situation precarious.

Former clubs: Hannover 96, Werder Bremen,

Little known fact: When Steven Spielberg was making the BFG he wanted the BFG to be the BFG but Arsenal had an away trip in the Champions League so he couldn’t do it.

Favourite film: The Shawshank Redemption


Pros: He is quick, aggressive, decent on the ball. Throws a good cricket ball.

Cons: Concentration lapses. Never seems to have fully settled, struggles with English/general communication.

Former clubs: Vitória, Villarreal,

Little known fact: Often referred to as Gabriel Paulista, the Paulista bit comes from the fact that he was the founder and long-time treasurer of Brazil’s largest Paula Abdul fan club.

Favourite film: The Shawshank Redemption


Pros: One of the best central defenders in Europe, will pop up with a crafty goal when needed, has pockets big enough to fit Diego Costa in.

Cons: Isn’t 25.

Former clubs: Guingamp, Tours, Lorient.

Little known fact: After saving an accordion factory in his hometown some years ago, Koscielny is now the world’s greatest musical instrument manufacturing philanthropist. Just last month he invested in a tuba workshop in Milton Keynes.

Favourite film: The Shawshank Redemption


Pros: A centre-half of some promise, still in the early stages of his career. His name is an anagram of Old Bighorn.

Cons: Still quite raw, has a lot to learn. His name is an anagram of I’d blog horn.

Former clubs: Bolton Wanderers

Little known fact: On his first visit to London he got completely lost and couldn’t find the stadium. Because he was still on the outskirts of Bolton.

Favourite film: The Shawshank Redemption


Pros: Consistent, reliable, reliably consistent, and consistently reliable. Can kick an orange into a fridge.

Cons: Is always having Santi Cazorla around for supper. Wait, that’s not a con at all. That’d be ace.

Former clubs: Osasuna, Malaga

Little known fact: Nacho is both fluent in Greek and finds swearing abhorrent.  His exit from Malaga, which sounds like the Hellenic word ‘Malaka’ meaning ‘man who has jerked off so many times that his brain has become soft’, was therefore inevitable.

Favourite film: The Shawshank Redemption


Pros: 24 years of age, loves a sliding tackle, has settled into his new club very nicely after a £35m transfer. Could easily pass for a young Hank Scorpio. Don’t believe us? Check it out.

Cons: His first name took a while to remember how to spell.

Former clubs: Everton, Sampdoria, Valencia

Little known fact: Went to his last Halloween party dressed as Techno Viking.

Favourite film: The Shawshank Redemption


Pros: He’s cool, he’s fast, dresses like someone who is setting the trends for 3 years from now, loves it at the Arsenal.

Cons: Has some DNA which may make him attractive to massive, preening twats.

Former clubs: Barcelona

Little known fact: Despite repeated stories that he could beat the world’s fastest sprinters over 40 metres, he can’t because he’s not juiced up.

Favourite film: The Shawshank Redemption


Pros: 100% committed Gooner living the dream playing for the club he supports.

Cons: Injured, struggled last season at West Ham.

Former clubs: Charlton

Little known fact: While his father’s musical prowess is well known, few people realise that Carl himself is blessed with similar talent. During his recuperation from injury, he’s been writing songs with Taylor Swift and the first single from her upcoming album ‘Fanta Banta’, outlining his decision to stop drinking fizzy orange, is expected to drop any day.

Favourite film: The Shawshank Redemption



Pros: On his day a remarkably effective part of the Arsenal attacking machine. Scores some brilliant goals.

Cons: It’s hard to know exactly where he fits into the side at the moment, persistent injuries don’t help in that regard.

Former clubs: Cardiff City.

Little known fact: One day he was out with his dog and it was ever such a nice day and he was walking with the dog in a field and he realised that it was slightly chilly and he wished he’d brought a jumper with him but after a while the walking warmed him up and by the time he got back to the car he didn’t need one at all so it all worked out ever so well.

Favourite film: The Shawshank Redemption


Pros: Laser-guided passes and creativity add an extra dimension to this Arsenal side. Has a left foot that can open tins of beans.

Cons: Maybe doesn’t score enough goals.

Former clubs: Schalke 04, Werder Bremen, Real Madrid.

Little known fact: His monocular vision allows him to see things that other players can’t, much like a horse, but also give him ghastly glimpses into the other dimensions that lurk at the edges of our universe. Which is why he sometimes looks terrified.

Favourite film: The Shawshank Redemption


Pros: Pace. Power. Physicality. He has it the qualities to be a top player. A witty compère for in-house video stuff.

Cons: He doesn’t always appear to know how to use those attributes. Lacks confidence at times.

Former clubs: Southampton

Little known fact: He is the third Arsenal player to have two Xs in his name after Xavier Cox (1931-37) and former Danish international Jaxx Marmaduke (1991-93).

Favourite film: The Shawshank Redemption


Pros: Has two feet. Like most players, but unlike most players can use them to kick a football with. Relentlessly happy, very rarely gives the ball away.

Cons: Perhaps not as much end product as there should be from a player of his quality.

Former clubs: Osasuna, Villarreal, Malaga

Little known fact: Is a master of impressions. His Michael Caine has the players in stitches. ‘My name is blow the bloody doors off, no?! haha!’

Favourite film: The Shawshank Redemption


Pros: An imposing physical midfielder player with a left-foot like a traction engine, destined for great things if he keeps working hard.

Cons: At previous clubs has picked up a few too many red cards. So far so good though …

Former clubs: FC Basel, Borussia Mönchengladbach.

Little known fact: His bother Taulent plays football for Albania, the country of their parents birth, but his sister is an international netball player for Luxembourg and nobody knows why.

Favourite film: The Shawshank Redemption


Pros: Is The Jeff.

Cons: There is only one of him.

Former clubs: Lens

Little known fact: There is nothing that is unknown about The Jeff. He was, is, and always will be The Jeff.

Favourite film: 22 Jump Street


Pros: Tenacious, combative, intercepty, tackly midfielder who adds some bite to the team.

Cons: Doesn’t score 40 yard thunderbolts or thread passes through the eye of a needle. Picks up too many first half yellow cards.

Former clubs: n/a

Little known fact: During his loan spell at Freiburg he got involved in a local theatre group and played ‘Robert Paulson’ in a production of Fight Club. He made his own fake moobs from half-inflated balloons.

Favourite film: The Shawshank Redemption


Pros: A really consistent midfield presence, keeps the game moving well, always available for a pass and has rarely played poorly.

Cons: Spending too much time on the bench due to midfield depth.

Former clubs: FC Basel, El Mokawloon

Little known fact: Basel supporters were so in favour of Elneny committing his future to the club that they once persuaded the White House to tweet ‘4 Mo Years’ alongside a picture of Obama hugging the midfielder. He promptly moved to Arsenal because it was creepy.

Favourite film: The Shawshank Redemption



Pros: Non-stop relentless effort and energy from a player who just wants to win all the time. Growing into a role at centre-forward. Loves dogs.

Cons: Still insists on sprinting to training from his house every morning. 20 miles from the training ground.

Former clubs: Cobreloa, River Plate, Colo-Colo, Udinese, Barcelona,

Little known fact: Has cloned the DNA of Atom and Humber so he can re-pupper them when the time comes. Has also fused his DNA with that of Atom and Humber so he can experience being a dog.

Favourite film: The Shawshank Redemption


Pros: Deportivo’s star man last season might be a bit of a late bloomer, but adds pace and power to the forward line.

Cons: Perhaps not the first on our list last summer in terms of striker recruitment.

Former clubs: Rayo Vallecano, Karpaty Lviv, Dynamo Kiev (loan), PAOK, Deportiva la Coruña

Little known fact: Everyone knows his dad owns an octopus stall in Camden Market, but his brother Enrique is a busker often found at Cockfosters doing Then Jericho cover versions.

Favourite film: Cadena Perpetua


Pros: 20 goal a season striker, sweet left foot, good in the air, on his day a real threat.

Cons: Too many other days that aren’t on his day. Beard is becoming worryingly Rasputin-like.

Former clubs: Grenoble, Tours, Montpellier.

Little known fact: Is so ripped and handsome that even his penis has a six-pack and a chiselled jaw.

Favourite film: The Shawshank Redemption


Pros: Very fast, and now appears to be trying very hard which is resulting in good form.

Cons: Somewhat brittle, it remains to be seen how long he’ll try very hard for.

Former clubs: Southampton

Little known fact: Theo has been taking his literary career so seriously that he’s forced injury and poor form on himself just so he can experience at first hand the feeling of resurrection to make his character TJ’s ‘hero journey’ even more realistic in his books. His publicist warned him off the chapter about crack addiction.

Favourite film: The Shawshank Redemption


Pros: A hugely exciting young talent who shows pace, power and creativity. Now a fixture in the first team having made his breakthrough last season.

Cons: At This Point We Can’t Really Think Of Any Although We’re Sure There Must Be One Or Two ??????

Former clubs: n/a

Little known fact: Despite spreading the rumour, Alex isn’t actually the nephew of legendary Nigerian international Jay Jay Okocha. He is though Carlton Palmer’s second cousin twice removed.

Favourite film: The Shawshank Redemption


Pros: Is alive. We think.

Cons: Injuries have hampered his development. Will be 24 in January so no kid. His chance is probably gone at this stage.

Former clubs: Auxerre

Little known fact: Once came on in an FA Cup final and contributed to Arsenal’s first trophy win in 9 years.

Favourite film: The Shawshank Redemption


Pros: He’s got the pace and power to make a real difference in that forward line, links up well with Iwobi and gives us something different up front.

Cons: Two serious injuries during his time at the club have robbed him and us of too many months.

Former clubs: Manchester United.

Little known fact: While out injured last year, Danny undertook A-Levels in both English language and literature, achieving creditable B grades in both. He’s since asked his teammates to refer to him, both in person and writing, as the grammatically correct ‘That Guy’.

Favourite film: The Shawshank Redemption


Pros: A promising young striker, willing to work hard and play wherever he’s asked.

Cons: Has a lot in front of him to get any significant playing time. A loan move is probably needed.

Former clubs: n/a

Little known fact: Chuba genuinely believes that Carl Jenkinson’s dad sang the ‘Turn around’ backing vocal on Bonnie Tyler’s ‘Total Eclipse of the Heart’.

Favourite film: The Shawshank Redemption

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Great list – but since you mentioned Carl Jenkinson in Chuba’s profile: where is his profile?

And Mesut also played for Schalke.

Public Elneny Number One

If my mate Phil’s eyes were closer together he’d look just like Carl Jenkinson

Bennacer and the Jets

Long overdue blogs, well done.

But has Carl figured out foam yet?


cant help but notice a lot of The Shawshank Redemption….hmmm


They could have special screenings that they all attend

David C

It’s seriously a great movie. I watched it last night after my ice hockey game because I couldn’t sleep. I had no idea how amazing 1994 was for movies when living through it (Shawshank Redemption, Forest Gump, Pulp Fiction, Natural Born Killers, Quiz Show, etc. all came out in 1994!). Then the computer (and CGI) ruined movies for a long time…74 of the last 100 top grossing movies were either comic book movies or remakes of older movies; pretty unoriginal and boring stuff. I think we should blame Bill Gates and the release of Windows 95. After that the movies… Read more »

Arsene's Rava Kichidi

CGI doesn’t ruin movies. Badly done CGI ruins movies because it is instantly noticeable. When done right, CGI blends in, you don’t even notice it.

Third Plebeian

Only a matter of time before John Cross asks an Arsenal player why all the players love the Shawshank Redemption so much (and congratulates Jenkinson on the new single).


Girouds little known fact made me pee a little with laughter

Eduardo Stark

let’s hope Chu-Young Park won’t make another come back in the player rating.


I was wondering what the payoff of the favourite films was gonna be.

Also Blogs, what’s your favourite film? Could it be The Shawshank Redemption by any chance?

DB10's Air Miles

You’re the best of what’s left, Blogs!

Toure Motors

Geronimo! Geronimo! Geronimo! Me!


“I want to go home with you, meet your parents, pet your dog.”

“Oh, Topper … my parents are dead, the dog ate them.”


King Arthur


Can someone please explain the joke about Carl Jenkinson’s dad? Did start it start on Arseblog as a joke and picked up by a journalist who posited to Jenks in a press conference as a serious question? That video makes me laugh every time xD




Congrats, you have just explained the joke.


Thanks. Finally I can sleep at night now that I’m completely sure of the joke’s origin. If Corporal Jenks can be dependable back up to Hector, our right back position will be 100% cockney.

Javelin Accident

Favourite album ever: OK Computer


Pity the Jeff won’t be invited to the next team screening of the shawshank redemption.


FC Shawshank


Iwobi’s favourite film is in fact Slumdog Billionaire. He hasn’t even seen Shawshank Redemption, something which The Ox finds astonishing:

A Different George

Ox: “It’s a classic!”
Iwobi: “Well, it’s a classic I haven’t watched.”


It’s Millionaire not Billionaire. Don’t give a footballer ideas about additional zeroes.

Third Plebeian

That’s right. Important to distinguish the award-winning film by Danny Boyle from the documentary made about Donald Trump.


Nay, that was Scumbag Billionaire.


Gabriel’s profile is misleading. He doesn’t have a favourite film, in fact he doesn’t even watch TV. Lad grew up without a TV.
P.S: Also doesn’t celebrate Halloween (has no idea what it is)


I started reading and saw the mention “Shawshank redemption” being Petr Cech’s favourite film, and was wondering about the blogger’s genius, the film being the story of a man escaping a shithole jail to a wonderful new world.


Lol these are great. Nacho’s favourite movie should be the notebook though!

Stewart Robson's therapist

Uncanny Ramsey syntax in that little known fact! Bless him, he’s a dull talker. He’s lucky he’s handsome.

Edmund Garibaldi

Ramsey seems like the kind of guy to share an anecdote about the last time he was in a queue at the post office when you’re in the queue at the post office

Prahadeesh Giridharan

Alex Iwobi’s favourite movie is slumdog millionaire.


ringo xiii
A Different George

Actual quote from Xhaka: “Ich bin ein futball freak.”

Le Jim

Real little known fact: The Ox is the first player in Arsenal history to have 2 x’s in his name. There have been 9 players in Arsenal history to have at least one ‘x’ in their name.

Wow. The shit I do to procrastinate from studying…

Tony g

What a great read! But to leave out Carl jenkinson, an Arsenal fan…I can imagine he is curled up in a corner somewhere crying like a little boy!

Tony g

You must have sneaked him in after I read the article?

MrBrain + Ozil's vision

The Shawshank Redemption… What a movie. Directed by Spielberg. Pls I recommend you watch it. It’s got interesting casts and storyline.

MrBrain + Ozil's vision

The Shawshank Redemption… What a movie! Directed by Spielberg. Pls I recommend you watch it. It’s got interesting casts and storyline.


Why The Shawshank Redemption is the favourite movie of all players…I am sorry, let me rephrase, The Shawshank Redemption is awesome and it should be the favourite movie all people except John Terry


It’s funny cos it’s true.
Have a friend who used to be a sports writer and he could usually write his interviews before actually meeting with the player because they all liked the same films,foods, music

Temitayo saheed

Good profiles, and some funny add up too


I hate The Shawshank Redemption.

Tony g

Are you even human? ?


I am crying with laughter at Debuchy’s profile!!


Welbecks pros: Scored that goal against Leicester


and Man Utd 😉


how come the Jeff has not watched The Shawshank redemption

Third Plebeian

Someone told him it was called The Shawcross Redemption, and he, quite rightly, took no interest.

David Hillier's luggage

C’mon guys, we all know Jenko’s fave film is Scent of a Woman:


I actually googled Jaxx Marmaduke…

A Different George

So, this means I don’t have to, right?




MUSTAFI! He’ll sting you with his dreams of power and wealth 😉

DB10's Air Miles

So it is true after all….


Did Arsenal Gent do his player profiles this season?

Clock End Mike

This, together with previous instalments of “Player Profiles”, is going to make one of the great oft-quoted chapters of that 21st-century classic “The Best of Arseblog” — when Blogs agrees to let me edit his book, that is. In 50 years’ time every player’s profile will include the entry “Favourite Book: The Best of Arseblog”.

And it will be required source material for every football journalist.


LOLLLLL. You added favorite movie category just for “my name is jeff”.

Piers Prideaux

Looking back at this it seems like the last two managers have done an amazing job in improving the profile and talents of the squad…. Honestly, the midfield options beyond Ramsey & Ozil….! Relying on Sanchez as the only forward approaching world class and a back line that looks shakey at best…. What was it with dodgy defensive signings and Wenger?


this aged well