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Reports: No KSE payment this year

Arsenal’s latest accounts show that the club will not make any payment to KSE (Kroenke Sports Enterprises) this year.

In each of the last two years a £3m amount for ‘strategic and advisory services’ was listed in the company accounts. That payment is not in the current set of accounts, released last week.

There were questions from fans about what exactly these services were, but no detailed explanation was ever given, leaving rise to speculation that this was Kroenke essentially taking a dividend by another name.

Traditionally, Arsenal’s directors have not taken dividends, although The Telegraph report that the same ‘services’ are still being provided to the club by KSE.

Kroenke remains the club’s majority shareholder with 67.05%, while Alisher Usmanov’s Red and White Securities Ltd hold 30.04%.

For a more forensic look at the accounts, check out the latest post from the always brilliant Swiss Ramble.

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Cornelius P. Snuffington III

Probably stating the obvious, but he’s surely just getting his money via some other channel.


Bit of a weird one, this.


No big deal, last year Arsenal got the last stamp on their KSE loyalty card which meant they got the next strategic and advisory services for free.

Will be back next year.


The money wasn’t paid to Kroenke himself. It was paid to one of his companies, for services rendered. And it has been explained, this can be found on IG said our answer remains as previously stated. KSE is one of the leading sports companies in the world and has tremendous expertise and experience in a broad range of areas and we are fortunate to be able to draw upon their support. This covers broad areas including our commercial development strategy (revenues have doubled to over £100m per annum in three years), facilities development and stadium management, CRM systems, digital… Read more »

Ted E.

If they pay dividends, all stock owners would receive them, eg Alisher Usmanov. A consulting fee could be a way to extract money for majority owner, without paying minority ownerships.

Andy Mack

The net amount Stan can get after tax etc would be less than he’d get from offering 3m across all the shareholders. Unless he prefers to pay to the taxman than other shareholders, it’s a really inefficient way to do it.

Al Gilmore

It’s a bit naiive of any fan of any club to think the club owner is not in it for some sort of return. What businessman works his entire life to get to where he is only to go “fuck it – I’ll spend the lot on a football club to make a bunch of people happy that I don’t know and who will prob end up hating me for one reason or another. Answer no one. Now these businesses may have different strategies and a timescales in mind for the return on their investment and may indeed only a… Read more »


“What businessman works his entire life to get to where he is only to go “fuck it – I’ll spend the lot on a football club to make a bunch of people happy that I don’t know and who will prob end up hating me for one reason or another. Answer no one.”

I mean, that sounds like Abramovich exactly. the cunt


he did not contribute a single cent to Arsenal FC.

he merely made the previous shareholders rich by buying over their holdings.

I believe i contribute more to ozil’s salary than him after buying a new set of arsenal kit for myself and my family for 3 seasons.

Andy Mack

He’s like the previous shareholders then.

215 Arse

Good. Fuck em.

Karl M

When you think about it, Kroenke hasn’t put one penny into Arsenal. Sure he’s bought shares but that just benefits the former owners of those shares. He has no interest in Arsenal as a football club and just sees it as an investment for the future. Meanwhile most owners of other clubs invest into the club hoping it will bring competitive and financial success.


The rich find ways to get richer..tis life ?

Kronke the Kunt

Get out of our club.


I never understood why people have a problem with Kroenke. 1) He is silent. So what? I personally prefer him to be silent and leave the football matters to people who know better. Why on earth do you want someone to meddle? Remember Leeds or Newcastle? Meddling owners often lead to disaster. 2) He takes money out. Its his perogative but we do need to grow our commercial revenue stream to balance out ticket prices which we are still too heavily dependent upon for income. If his company has the expertise to do so, they should expect some payment. Its… Read more »


L is an opinion worth listening too.



Do not trust people sporting moustaches.

Vincent Kompany's Forehead

I don’t get the issue with the KSE payments.

Stan is a majority shareholder so surely he’s entitled to get some earnings from Arsenal.

The issues with the transfer budget in the past I can completely understand but the KSE issue? No.

It would be nice if he had an actual non-financial interested in Arsenal, but Arsenal is a business after all. The only alternative is to go and support a Bundesliga team, where alot of clubs have fans as shareholders.


This year our profits are very thin, so maybe no “dividends”


If he cared about the Club he would never have taken money in the first place. He’s only stopped taking the money because of pressure and bad publicity. Until we get rid of him we will not be competing for the top prizes.

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