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Wenger: My future not tied to Ozil & Alexis contracts

Arsene Wenger says his contract situation has no bearing on the futures of Mesut Ozil and Alexis Sanchez.

As two of the club’s star players, both inside the last two years of their current deals, the club are anxious to tie them down for longer. But when it was suggested to the manager that his own contract – which expires at the end of the season – might be creating some uncertainty, he was quick to rule that out.

“No, I don’t say that,” he replied. “They are happy at the club and I want them to commit to the club because they believe they are in the right place.

“We are always in touch and that’s our desire [to extend the contracts]. Mesut Ozil is 28 years old, in the prime of his career and of course we want him to contribute to the success of this club in the future.”

At this point it does feel like there’s a bit of posturing going on from both sides, and the recent form of both players will strengthen their hand when it comes to negotiations.

However, if Arsenal can continue to play well and keep up this kind of form, any doubts the players have about their ability to win things here will lessen.

Wenger was also asked about his intentions, but once more would not be drawn.

“I don’t want to speak about that,” he said. “I’ve spoken about that plenty, and nothing has changed.”

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David C

I’m getting that feeling that there’s too much being said about these contract negotiations. I hope I’m just worrying too much.

I’m sure they’ll all wait to the summer then all 3 will sign. Let’s hope so, until then I’m really enjoying this season! Those Lucas assists were beauties yesterday and my son still can’t understand how Sanchez chipped that first goal, sublime!


These negotiations are tougher than winning the EPL. Might be more definitive of Wenger’s reign than anything. Cuz if they do not sign, and he leaves, I feel the club will have lost its appeal to star players. The negotiating team needs to be on its A game this time. No player is bigger than a club. But its the players that have contributed (in no small bit) to our status as well.

IMO, they must stay. No other option. Interested in your opinion on this . . .


Saw an interesting comment r.e. their wage demands – their families and investments are both abroad (they both only rent in England, like most international players and have most of their savings ‘back home’) so this means that after brexit and the fall in the £’s value they will have to be paid around 15% more to take home the same amount in Euros, for example. Therefore, considering they could both reasonably expect a 25-30% pay rise to match what they could earn at other clubs, this would have to be a 40-45% pay rise in real terms to compensate… Read more »

The Blerch

It’s like the situation the PSG were in a few years ago (are they still?)- the tax situation in France was punitive for players earning Ibra-scale wages. I guess with their backers they were able to shrug it off, we may find it more difficult


I think you’re mistaking Monaco for PSG. It was PSG that were complaining about the fact that Monaco was offering ridiculous salaries as it was tax free and that they couldn’t compete because it was an uneven playing field.. the irony.


You are both right – France briefly introduced a 90% top rate of tax on non French nationals (or it might have been non EU nationals I can’t remember) which hugely increased their wage bills to compensate, and they then rightly complained that Monaco had no such problems since it is a tax haven. PSG covered this by introducing a ‘Qatar holidays partner’ who sponsored them for £200m/year, I don’t think we will be so lucky!

The Blerch

@GoonerAbroad- That’s the one, couldn’t remember it right. Crazy situation in Monaco as well as @AGunner says.

Either way- these contract sagas are getting fucking ridiculous. Anyone else noticed that most football journalism has two phases- from March to September and November to February it’s all about transfers, and in the remaining months it’s all hype about contracts. Wenger must have unbelievable patience in these Q&As


I love Ozil like I would a brother and hope like hell he stays, but no player is bigger than our great club. We survived RvP leaving, devastating as that felt at the time, and we would survive this. That said, I think they’ll both sign if we make it through the round of 16 in the champions league and if we are still in the hunt for the league then.


I would also point to Atletico Madrid as a club that often seems to lose marquee players but replaces them with quality and still competes. Top of la liga at the moment.


I agree with you and you know what? Özil also would survive leaving Arsenal…


Of course he would, he’s a class player. But let’s hope he has enough reason to stay and gives us enough reason to keep him.


One of the real reasons rvp left was because we didn’t have a playmaker. You know how long it took us before we found a player on Cesc’s level?? Make no mistake about it, it will be extremely difficult to replace Ozil.


Unless we change manager, not everyone takes the years that Wenger takes to find the “right” player. I’m not saying I want Ozil, Sanchez, or Wenger to leave, everything looks great right now, but to ignore the deficiencies of previous years is to be willfully ignorant. While nobody wants to admit it now, people were done with Wenger last spring, with even Blogs here wondering if change would do us good, because of the same mistakes year after year. I’m cautiously optimistic, but I am not delusional either, we’ve been here before and it does not always end with a… Read more »


When joining the club both players mentioned their admiration and respect for Wenger as major reasons for signing with us. They will probably want assurance about Wenger’s long term future at the club or at least know and accept the new manager before extending their contact. I suspect all three will stay, especially when we cruise to the premiership title and they come to the realisation, as we all do, that this is the greatest football club on the planet


The TV cash has gone up, so, distasteful though it is to pay anyone that much, I think it has to be done. If we dont pay them what they want, plenty of others will be happy to.


I think we should just pay them. The increased amounts of money being ploughed into the premier league should be passed onto the players. They are the ones providing the entertainment not kroenke or gazidis. I know some will argue that ticket prices should come down but there is a massive demand for tickets so the prices understandably are high and that is fair enough. Arsenal are not a charity and nor are the players. If the club can afford 250k per week, and they can, they should fork out and get it sorted.


While there is a lot of chatter about the contracts for those two players, there is very little about Wenger’s own. I’m guessing the club will be happy to renew his but there are probably less than a handful of people who know what he is going to do. Given the current form and depth of the squad he painstakingly built, unless he wants to retire, he wouldn’t go any where else I think. The only reason he would go is if it turns toxic like it was towards the end of last season. If we don’t have the nasty… Read more »

Antispuds returns

I knew it! There was speculation last month in France that players are dragging contract talks until the Wenger situation is sorted. Wenger won’t sign new contract unless we win something this season. He did that before. The board won’t listen to wage demands until we win something. Logic= winning something this season= the status quo is maintained


Which is why people who comment on spending money in the transfer window need to understand where the money goes.

Clearly we have to also make allowance for contract improvements.

Winning Gunner

Maybe I’m reading too much into this but the way The Boss is speaking these days is a little scary. He seems to be keeping his options open to even coaching another club. Many of us could be frustrated with him at times but I can’t imagine Arsene coaching another club than Arsenal. National team may be, but I want him to retire at Arsenal. He played a huge role in transforming the club into an elite club in the 21st century. From business perspective, the brand is bigger which means we can compete on the field with the big… Read more »


So lets go win the league and champions league ?

Chris O.

Yes, Arsene, but are THEIR contracts tied with your future? That’s the real question that’s being asked right now.


Win the league push for champions league contracts signed problem solved coyg


Blogs, doesn’t the key passes stat work as a meter to gauge the creativity of a player?

Arsene Used To Know

Ideal scenario will be that we win the league and/or the CL. Ozil and Sanchez signs, Wenger retires on a high and we get Simeone from Athletico since he wants to leave as well. The timing will be perfect for all parties.

Jonathan Witkin

Mesut & Alexis are world class player, and Wenger is a world class manager.
Happy birthday Arsene, please sign da ting!!!!

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