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Monreal included in Spain squad for Interlull

Nacho Monreal has been included in the Spanish squad for their upcoming internationals.

They face Macedonia in a World Cup qualifier on Saturday 12th November, before they play a friendly against England on the following Tuesday.

The 30 year old left-back was called up during the last Interlull when Jordi Alba suffered an injury, and with the Barcelona man still sidelined, keeps his place in the squad.

Thankfully, there won’t be any repeat of last month’s antics where, after his late call up to play Albania, he had to take a roundabout trip to get there.

Flying from London to Rome, he then took a train to Lecce on the east coast of Italy. There he met a man named Marco who smuggled him onto a fishing boat where they crossed the Adriatic, landing at a fishing town named Vlorë.

From there it was a cattle train to the capital Tirana but, with the game taking place 100km further north in the town of Shkoder, he then had to get a taxi to the match.

He just about made it on time as the taxi driver had to stop on the way to drop off something at his fearsome mother-in-law’s house, and she spent an hour berating him for not taking his wife to dinner on their anniversary.

His insistence that he had to work provide for their three kids didn’t hold any sway over here, but in the end he got there just in time to win another international cap.

This time, Nacho can just get an EasyJet flight to Madrid and … oh … well, happy trails to him again.

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The comment that didn't get published on Arseblog News

As an Albanian, I find this hilarious. 🙂

How the fuck do you know about Vlore (or even how to spell it correctly)?


Are you Rambling Pete in disguise Arseblog? Well played 🙂


So there’s a Nacho, AND a Monreal in the Spanish national team?

E9 Gunner

Because Spain have a better right-hand than Bellerin. Using the international team a carrot to lure Bellerin back to Spain to either Real Madrid or Barcelona… ridiculous


No way Carvajal and Sergi Roberto are ahead of Bellerin in terms of ability!


Sergi Roberto really


I had to crosscheck the author of the article. Sounds so familiar.


Rambling Pete style, eh? Well played Arseblog 🙂


I thought it was written by Ramblin Pete but it ended too soon


Not Nacho. He’s our hidden gem.

Armchair Expert

Not sure if this was written by Blogs or Rambling Pete 😉


Blogs masquerading as Pete heh.

It Is What It Is

There is not a day that I’m on arseblog news, that I don’t think about Rambling Pete.

Just let us know you’re alright mate. Only ‘cos we’re, evidently, very concerned about your welfare, and I don’t want to be accused of wasting police time or tax payers money.

Reach out mate, we’re all here for you.

It Is What It Is

Thinking about it…blogs could be Rambling Pete, and just slipped up.

Or, also just misses him.

Either way, thanks blogs ?


Not a racist but I found at least 4 Coutinho face in the squad pic but realized he is from Brazil

Boombastic Shaggy

We miss you Rambling Pete! Come back to us.

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