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Serge Aurier denied entry to the UK, misses Arsenal game

In a rather bizarre turn of events, Serge Aurier has had his visa to enter the UK revoked at the last minute, and will not be available for PSG tomorrow night.

The Ivory Coast international is currently in the midst of an ongoing court case in which he’s been charged with the assault of a police officer.

The French club say that Aurier was granted a visa after an initial application on October 18th, but say, “However, on 16 November, his visa was finally revoked by the British Ministry of the Interior, who justified their about-face by citing Aurier’s conviction on 30 September, 2016.

“Paris Saint-Germain had, in all transparency, informed the British authorities of this conviction, as well as Aurier’s appeal against this decision (and the legal suspension of the ruling) from the outset.”

They go on to say, in a statement on their website, “Paris Saint-Germain strongly regrets that the presumption of innocence has not influenced Britain’s decision.

“On several occasions, UEFA has also transmitted its total support of Paris Saint-Germain to the British authorities regarding this case, in order to preserve the integrity of its competitions.

The club also deplores that the final decision of the British authorities was only communicated at 14:00 CET on Tuesday, despite the club working for the last six days to find a solution to enable our player to travel with his teammates to London.

“Paris Saint-Germain considers this extremely tardy response as a flagrant lack of respect for the club, given that its player could have been training with the team just hours later at Emirates Stadium.”

So, a bit of a weird one, and given the problems he caused us in the first game, it’s perhaps a small boost to our chances tomorrow night.

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Goon Army

Monreal’s job just got a whole lot easier


WTF. Did you Brits really gone bonkers? I feel for you, normal people.


I sincerely apologize for my improper reaction, only now I’ve came to the realization that Aurier was clearly threat to the national security. Well done then, and my apologies again!

Clive St Helmet

Thanks for that.


Apology accepted.


Feel sorry for him, but while they are at it, can they revoke Cavani and Di Maria’s visas too…

Bryce Hauver-Reeves

Let cavani in because i think he will help us more then them.


He was their best player last time. Glad he is out.


I would apply for Cavani’s dual citizenship after watching him play in the away leg in Paris.

Eternal Titi Berg Pat Nostalgia

Feel sorry for him too. Even though this is good for Arsenal, I am very critical of british oficials. The guy is not a criminal. He lost temper and confronted police. I am very critical of France too. Aurier grew up in France from young age. Why is that he does not have french citizenship ?


He elbowed a policeman in the face. Hardly a mere “confrontation”


Did the policeman dive to the ground clutching his face trying to force a booking?


You made my day Zigmiyahu.

Julian Ghooner

I’m sure he’s a French citoyen, he probably chose to represent the Ivory Coast.


well, if he’s a French citizen, he doesn’t require a visa to enter the UK, right?


Gooners in the immigration office?


Amber Rudd almost certainly a gooner

Brother Roland runs a firm called Finsbury…..on the internet that constitutes incontrovertible proof




That match was almost worse than the Man Utd game except that Man Utd didn’t create chances and Man Utd also don’t have a plastic mop as their forward. Here’s to topping the group for the first time since….*hold on, let me check*


Home Office is a Gooner, Home Office is a Gooner, LALALALA, LALALALA


Your visa looks a bit jaded, it appears to have the handbrake on 😉


He was fantastic in the first match we had against psg, good news.

Yorkshire Gunner

Turns out the border control are gooners

i rony

Good news especially if alexis plays on the left.


Good one


I feel like the presumption of innocence only applies to people who have not been convicted. Convicted people have been convicted, and need not presumed of anything.

Nz goober

Well it’s strange. It says that he is convicted but then says that the Court case is on going. Maybe he appealed the decision and PSG are saying that the appeal should be taken into account


I’ve seen this before and I think it’s something weird in the French legal system.
When you file an appeal it becomes “Ok, we’ll ignore that conviction until such time as the appeal court confirms it”.

I suspect that the reason he’s suddenly visaless is that someone in Immigration noticed that, by British legal standards, he’s currently a convicted thug.


Wow!!! This is so cool. Can the home office revoke the visas of the entire Bayern first team if we ever draw them in the next round? They are second in their group….


and that Trump fellow too…


We should let him in so we can make him disappear

Edu's nose

Imagine is serge were an arsenal player…
“Serge did not travel because has a little bit of the border problem, so we are light in that area”


No Serging down the wing for him at the Emirates then…

An Ox-sized Coq

I hope they revoke Messi entrance into the UK…seeing how he’s a tax evader…


Careful what you wish for… or we might have to never let Alexis leave the country again.

Arsenal's Vardy

This is a scam againt us so that we finish 1st and get Bayern or Barca in R16


The border control people are not gooners, they are inbred scum bags! = From a British Citizen who’s been dragged through the mud by them.


That’s a lot of thumbs up!??


I totally disagree with what happens on this planet. There really shouldnt be any borders to patrol in my opinion. But thumbs up to them all the same.


Tags: madcunt ? Love it. The first of it’s kind. But also couldve been used on articles about our own players in the past im sure


That should help our Monreal.

Hope Wenger does not put Ramsey left side again. Play Alexis there. Put Giroud up top.


Understand the initial joy but we are a class team and this is really disgraceful really from the British state.


This is so unfair against the lad and I really feel sorry for PSG here…Hehehe…hahahahahaaaaaa!…:-)

Lord Bendtner

I suspect a Gooner at the British Ministry

*standing ovation


The people at the ministry a gooners?

Dr Duh

Sorry zero sympathy. He belongs in jail, not on the pitch. From Fox Soccer -He was *convicted* of elbowing a policeman in the throat while resisting a breathalyzer test after leaving a club and trying to get behind the wheel. To me that says he’s entitled, extremely reckless and willing to use violence to get his way. Just because he’s rich, famous and good at kicking a ball around doesn’t mean he gets to assault police officers and put the lives of pedestrians and other motorists at risk because he doesn’t want to spring for cab fare. Corroborating my impression:… Read more »


Spuds just denied entry into CL group stage…haha Europa League beckons you mouth always open bunch of cunts!


I can understand the British authorities coming to such a decision, but giving the club the final decision in such short notice seems incredibly unfair.


PSG knew six days ago there was the possibility of this happening, and should have prepared for the worst case.


I can only applaud the European authorities’ tit for tat decision to ban Spurs from the continent on Tuesday and Wednesday nights


Remember a few years ago when we thought we were gonna sign this guy, the stuff he’s got up to since, wenger must have known he was trouble

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