Monday, August 8, 2022

Video: Mesut Ozil doing things to opponents

Via YouTuber SEN 31, enjoy Mesut Ozil doing things to lots of opponents. He’s very handily provided captions so you can see exactly who he’s doing it to as well!

Watch above in large size, or here.

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We are lucky to have him. Looking forward to the next few years now you have your house sorted Ozil.


We are not lucky to have him, we are meant to have him. Arsenal has always been a place for world class players.


You weren’t a supporter in the 1950s, 1960s, most of the 70s and 80s then…


Well I am sorry I am not 60 or 70 years old.


Worth a look back at the tables then to see how low we came eg 17th, if you are interested in our history. Though I wasn’t supporting (or alive) in the 1950s or 60s but did have a lot of pain after the joy of the 1971 double, when most years we weren’t in the running.

Similar to the pain of the years after moving to the Emirates, hence informative.

Sheffield Goon

Reports of Ozil going to Utd and Sanchez going to City (The Sun and Yahoo).

Utter shit (vote green) or something to worry about (vote red).

mlog oghale

come & take them there! spreader of false rumor!

Godfrey Twatschloch

Considering how Man U are playing after 600 million spent since AF retired why would he go there? If it’s for money then sure but to lift trophies, not a chance. Man U can offer money, as can we, but they are shit which we are not. I think we can rest assured that at the very least he won’t be heading there.


Two words in there that just threw your entire comment into disrepute. The and Sun. Do yourself a favour dude don’t pick up/click on anything from that absolute toilet rag.


Brilliant! Bet one could make a montage just as good for Santi.

The comment that didn't get published on Arseblog News

There you go:

It’s by no means recent (2012-2013 only), but demonstrates nicely how complete a player he is. Well worth a watch. The music is also good!

.. that makes a change!


Reports coming in that Ozil contract extension is confirmed at 200k per week for 4 years, an he has went ahead and bought a new mansion at Hampstead worth 10m.

The upside dowm

Gone to sp*rs


Really feel for Eric Abidal


I was going to say the same. He must have dreaded every Clasico.


great players? yeah right

Arsene's Zipper

“He is still not good enough” – Media


” I don’t care what the video and indeed the facts say; Ozil is still nicking a living. ”
N. Ashton.

Godfrey Twatschloch

“I think he’s had a really quiet season.”

Mark Lawrenson

Godfrey Twatschloch

“So he’s improved his goal scoring a bit this season but he’s still no James Milner, is he?”

Michael Owen

Scott P

I should hope not!


But can he do it on a cold Tuesday night in Bulgaria?


“Everything you read on the internet is true”

-Abraham Lincoln


Brilliant! – makes you want to get down the park and try a few of those tricks yourself…oh it’s dark already – maybe tomorrow…

Kostafi's Mustachi

What a way to nick a living. Absolutely top 10 in the world


Title of the video should read – Mesut Ozil Humiliates Great Players, and Ashley Young.


And Ashley Cole


They missed my favourite where he made two players run into each other and fall over!


Swansea you later

gunn cabinet

yea. that was ashley williams and some bloke. i can never get over that one!


He does humiliate some great players in this video, but let’s be honest, some of them are not so great… like can, allen, rose, alli, and Ashley young.


How could this guy forget his cruyff turn?

Fadhili Deche

Am I the only one who was earnestly waiting for the moment he would humiliate Messi like the thumbnail suggested?

Le Jim

Always find myself grinning like an idiot when I watch these youtube videos. He’s very Messi-like his in feints and ability to change his balance almost instantly.

SF Gooner

Real stretch calling that spuds kid a great player…

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