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Wenger targets ‘big’ wins to bolster title tilt

Arsene Wenger says his players are expecting Sp*rs to be at their best when they visit the Emirates on Sunday despite them coming into the fixture without a win in six games and with injury concerns over key players.

For all their recent problems, including a second ‘home’ Champions League defeat at Wembley on Wednesday, Mauricio Pochettino’s remain unbeaten in the Premier League and have the meanest defence having conceded just five goals.

“It is an interesting clash,” Wenger reflected on Thursday. “For us it is a very important game because we are in a strong position in the league that we want to strengthen.

“Overall Tottenham [are in a good position] as well, so it is very tight at the top of the league. We are more focused that it is a home game, and whether it is Tottenham or somebody else, we want to win our home games because our position in the league is very important.

“We go into a period where we play big games and we want to win the big games.”

The Gunners have never finished below Sp*rs during Arsene Wenger’s 20 years at the helm; a record that was surprisingly extended last season courtesy of a late season collapse by our neighbours [LOL]. Asked whether he thinks the white sliver of North London has an Arsenal complex, the boss was as diplomatic as ever.

“I don’t know, you should ask them that,” he replied. “We try to do as well as we can. At the moment I’m more focused on the fact that this is more than a derby.

“It’s an important game for us because it’s a big home game and we have an opportunity to show that we have an interesting role to play in this Premier League, and that we can win these kinds of games too.”

Arsenal’s cause could be helped if key duo, window licker Harry Kane and defender Toby Alderweireld, remain sidelined.

“It is difficult to speculate on any weakness to Tottenham,” added Wenger. “I prefer to concentrate on us, to be strong and to turn up with a top-level performance.

“We have to expect Tottenham to be at their best and respond really with a performance that will be effective. I believe the mastery on our side will be no matter who they play, how well they play, that we are strong enough to win the game.”

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Xhaka Demus, no Pliers

Classy and diplomatic as ever from Le Boss. Wins in our next three games would be a great demonstration of improvement and a statement of our genuine title credentials.


Wicked name….
What about Sanchez??

Campbell's forehead

‘…if key duo, window licker Harry Kane and Defender Toby Anderweireld’. That line was quality – had me in stitches.


Somebody should make a list of all the names Kane’s been called on this blog. Two of my favorites have been ‘mouth-breather’ and ‘window-licker’ ?


‘Crayon-eater’ has been one of my favourites.


No surprise Kane is getting stick.


From licking cold windows?

lovely arse

That’s not a window, Harry.. that’s the side of Danny Rose’s face.


Not very diplomatic that one


I thought he’d go for “thumb-sucker”


All talk about form is all fine but let’s remember that it’s a Derby. Form goes out of the window and even last year, Sp*rs performed very well despite having horrible results either side of the matches.
They have trouble scoring so getting past their mean defence will be key.

Campbell's forehead

Fair assessment – but we do generally up our game when we face the scum. Remember, we’ve had some horrible results the game before them but we always seem to pull something out of the bag.

Samuel Ogungbayi

Prof. Wenger should get his line-up right without sentiment.This is not a match start match-rusty players or play people out of position.l am surprised however that Wenger sits down watching his attackers trying to go through the middle several times instead of using the wings to break down defensive teams .Is there no match-reader among his backroom staff?

Asat Sanchez

Dear Samuel,
You just earn yourself a job with The Arsenal.
Sam The MATCH Reader!


I read the match too some time on Arseblog live cast… when I cant get home fast enough.


If we had to pick just one of the next three games to win, which one do we want most?
PSG and qualify top
Man U and Mourinho

NOrmally that’s an easy question – Sp*rs. This time I’m not so sure!


Still Spurs.. If we drew the other 2 it wouldn’t be the end of the world


But if we drew against spurs it would be the end of the world?

You can’t look at it as which would be best to win out of the three because that’s just not how the world works. If we lose to spurs and beat man u, then or beat spurs and lose to man u it’s the same number of points. Arsene will play the team and tactics he thinks are best to win all three. Let’s hope we win them all.


BUT! Its s*urs!


First in the group isn’t as big as it has been in past years. As it stands now 1st will give us a 50% chance at drawing Bayern, Real or Juventus while 2nd gives a 50% chance at drawing Atletico, Dortmund or Barcelona.

But in any case let’s win all three matches.


With our luck, this is quite horrible prospect tbf.


Silly question. We’ll win all three.


ManU and Mourinho #1, Spuds #2, PSG #3. Any team Mourinho coaches will always be #1. Can’t hate him enough. Spuds #2 because they are the Spuds and the game is important for the BPL. PSG is #3 because even if we don’t finish on top of the group, sooner or later we will have to beat the top clubs for the UEFA. Why not earlier than later.


Not PSG. We have already qualified for UCL & there are a couple of horrors lurking in the second places in some of the groups! I can’t bear the thought of not beating either of the other two!

Dan Hunter

For me, getting one over on Mourinho tops beating Spuds any day


You are all crazy, clearly home game to Spuds most important to win no question it’s not like a decade ago, they are probably closer competition than ManUre at this point (even wityh a bad run of form) and PSG game is a nice to win!

lovely arse

We. Are. Lions. Wwwoooaarrrr.

Still the hardest I’ve laughed in AGES.

Teryima Adi

I believe the cannons will come out blazing on Sunday. 3-0 to the Arsenal. Their unbeaten rule shall come to an end on Sunday. COYG!

The Only Olivier is Giroud

Not gonna lie I am BUZZING for this game!

Jack Kelsey

So far most of our games have been against teams we should be beating anyway, the only big teams we’ve played are ‘Pool, who beat us, and Chelski, who we beat when they were playing rubbish. I doubt we would beat the Chavs as easily if we were to play them now. Ludogorets carved us open to score twice on Tuesday, and threatened on several other occasions, suggesting that our defence is not as secure as we may think. Sp*rs also have the ability to hurt us if they bring their A game to the fixture. So this will show… Read more »


Aren’t you all sunbeams and flowers?


Glass half empty, eh?

Gutbukket Deffrolla

It’s not important whether you think the glass is half empty or half full.

Some fucker spat in it while you weren’t looking.

A Different George

Is it okay for me to point out that we played Liverpool without Ozil, Alexis, Giroud, Koscielny, and the BFG?


And Mustafi.


aka the LFG.

Gudang Pelor

Come on, don’t make me ask.




Hopefully we will wipe the floor with them. They look weak at the moment.

Never can tell with these sorts of games but there hasn’t been a better time to play them for a while.



BIG wins.

Plus emphasis on BIG.

Come on Wenger, deliver it.

I want the SPurs and United wins the ost. Losing to PSG won’t be a disaster but we want one over the great pretenders, put them in their place and deliver a severe crushing blow to their psyche (not to mention destroy their illusion of being ‘undefeated’)

Ruaridh Aitken

The window licker reference is NOT Cool Blogs…


Oh do get a grip.

yaya sanogo's wacky waving inflatable arm flailing tube legs

Somebody get this guy a safe space.

by the windows preferably.


It’s offensive to windows!


This week, Spurs had the biggest ‘home’ crowd in the CL.

Or more accurately – Spurs, disappointing more people than any other side in the CL…

Woolwich Peripatetic

Only Spurs could wait nearly twenty years to imitate us then proceed to do the full Spurs job of it…

Gutbukket Deffrolla

Spurs have conceded five this season. My dream result would be a win that at least doubles that, and that Harry has a multi-own goal shocker, followed by an early red card, followed by a freak tripping-and-breaking-his-metatarsals-by-slamming-his-teeth-into-the-soles-of-his-feet accident as he crosses the touchline on his way to the (not working so walk home whiffy, you bastard) showers.

Reality will be a long way from that, I suspect.

I hope reality gets drunk at lunchtime and wakes up when its too late to stop my dream from becoming fact.

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