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Happy Alexis wants Arsenal to show confidence in him

Alexis Sanchez has declared himself very happy at Arsenal, and that his future is in the hands of the club.

The Chilean was speaking to Sky Sports, and you don’t have to have a first class degree in reading between the lines to understand what he’s getting at.

Asked about his contract, which still has 18 months to run, he said, “To be quite honest, right now I’m more focused on winning football matches. I’m staying concentrated on that side of things.

“It doesn’t really depend on me so much as it does the club, if they want to show confidence in me.

“I’m very happy here, I love it here, I love all the staff, the cooks, the employees that do so much for us.

“I’m very grateful to everybody, and as I say I’m very happy here. So it depends on Arsenal.

“I really enjoy the relationship with the fans,” he continued. “They go every game and they fill up the stadium, they’re cheering and they’re passionate. I really love that.

“I want to win, and I want to achieve my objectives … more for them, because they’re always at the stadium, packing it out.

“So I want to win the league with Arsenal, and the Champions League, because that’s what the club is missing.”

There’s certainly a touch of ‘Show me the money’ when it comes to his next deal, but then if he does commit, it’s basically his last BIG contract of his career at a time when he’s in his peak years.

Let’s hope the club do what it takes.


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El Nino, really hope Alexis leads us to a league or a CL win and retire at the club. (I know I am asking for a lot but you never know)


260k a week gets the job done. Save $ on Debuchy and Sonogo salaries next year. What’s so difficult about this


I want us to pay him, but let’s not suggest it’s easy. When we broke our previous pay structure to accommodate Ozil and Sanchez, every agent with a player at Arsenal takes notice and adds xx% onto their next contract request. That’s life, and the board know if you pay Alexis and Ozil 250k/week each, the next five agents in, massively inflate their players value. It has to be done, but there is consequences that make it more complicated than it might seem.

David C

I imagine we could pay Sanchez and Ozil 300K a week, but the problem will be that everyone else will want a massive raise too.

Come on Sanchez, give us a nice hometown discount 🙂


Well everyone else can have that massive raise when they’re at the level of Özil and Alexis. Here’s what you could earn if you perform to this level. Players of this calibre command a pay rise because they have upped their game and are our best players. If someone wants a massive pay rise then they have to show they can perform consistently at the level to earn it.


I know, the trick is to get him to sign a 190k a week contract and then give him a massive sign on bonus as well as image rights etc.


Who else deserves a massive pay rise?? Debuchy?


They may want whatever but if no other club would give them what they want why should we be concerned?


The Manchester clubs will always pay over the odds.


Think Alexis and Ozil can justifiably be paid a lot more than the others

joe baker

No not a lot about some loyalty to the club that has helped resercted their carears. Ozil & Sanchez were surplus too requirements at barca ; Madrid


This problem seems hugely overrated to me. If we pay Ozil and Sanchez 250k a week each and then Aaron Ramsey or somebody comes and says he wants that…you just say fuck off mate, and sell him if he doesn’t like it. Unlike those two, he isn’t irreplaceable, so he doesn’t get those wages. Pretty simple. Worst comes to worst you ship out one player who won’t take no for an answer to show you’re serious. It’s a lot better than the alternative of losing your two best players because you’re afraid your not so good players won’t like them… Read more »


Sanogo’s probably on £4.50 a week or something


Sadly I think you’re probably mixing up your full stops with your commas, as well as getting the decimal places kind of wrong 🙁

£40,000 p/w gross I would dare say.

I’m off to go rock myself to sleep whilst weeping uncontrollably.


17% of the World’s population cannot grasp sarcasm.

84% of statistics are made up.


I thin 220k a week will be job done, arsenal are offering only 180k if it is true.


It sets a prescedant. If we pay Sanchez the kind of wages he’s allegedly holding out for, whenever we try and sign another ‘top’ player, they’ll want a similar wage too.
The question is, can we afford multiple players on £250thousand plus a week?
nobody knows…except for the guys making the decisions. On this evidence, the answer seems pretty clear.


I don’t be get how cheap some English fans are. American athletes get $100 million contracts without batting an eye and we’re hesitant to give Alexis what, like £50-60 Million?? Cmon man he’s a top 20 player in the world. Sign him up for 6 years $80Million and call it a day.


Donald? Donald Trump? Is that you? Didn’t recognise you with the wigs and the bad spelling.
Oh wait. I did


I genuinely think he loves the club. He seems to have settled here more so than anywhere else he’s been.

But on the other hand, if the club doesn’t give him the same love in return (what he’s worth in current climate) then he’ll go, and he’s probably right to.

Arsenal absolutely have to do everything to keep him, and Ozil. Confident it will happen, but not before a bit more back and forth in the press and a lot of anxiety for fans.


Meant to thumbs up, sorry got gloves on!


No. It is very obvious that he really really appreciates and admirers the club. But not love – even he is very careful about that word. I could take that. I am actually more infuriated by those ex-players who were singing all the love songs for Arsenal only to jump ships at the first opportunity.


You’re probably right. But it’s clear (to me) he’s happy here and would resign if the deal was right. He doesn’t seem to be agitating for a move.


Do you mean resign or re-sign?
That hyphen is small but makes a huge difference!


If the Blue Man had Yaya Toure’s ordinary best at 200k+ and the Red Man have Pogba at his overhyped best at 200k+, Alexis at his peak is well deserved to be the first Arsenal player to hit 200k. Of course its a battle for equal wages, in some ways. Why should the statistically best player in the league deserve any lesser that the most average players? He’s gonna get that money, with us or without us, no brainer. It’s our call really. I hope we do the right thing.


I’m obviously a glass-half-empty person, but he seems to be preparing for “if I leave it’s Arsenal’s fault”


His agent probably saw how Walcott’s agent took advantage of his situation and got the absolute most he could out of the club.

From the bottom of my heart I hope Alexis’ agent is just trying to milk the club into the best deal possible for his client, and that he has no intentions of leaving.


Nice, blame Walcott.


God, I’m going to be frustrated if he doesn’t sign a new deal.

Mr Gooner

Just waiting for the headlines with creativity. Such as,

Alexis Sanchez to Arsenal:”Show me the money”


Offer contract to the 7-11 duo buy a draxler/griezmann till next ucl and win the damn thing for arsene in his final managerial swansong(hoping he continues?)


Why Draxler??? He is much over-rated and a spoiled lil brat… His attitude with his club is a shame.


What we need is reus in place of draxler- but he’d be expensive and is cl tied.
If Leicester continue to struggle, I still think we should move for ahmed musa.
I’m regards to the sanchez situation- just pay him what he wants, we can afford it.


LOL…Ahmed Musa??

Trust me on this, i’m Nigerian and i’ve watched him play quite a lot.
yes he has a great turn of pace and can take on players every now and then but that’s about it. he’s wildly inconsistent and has very very poor finishing.

he’s like a poor mans walcott, and i mean the walcott before he hit this recent form. think Kalou-esque.


if reus was up for sale and proved his fitness i am sure half the world would be after him. lets just make sure we keep what we have and offer sanchez the contract that his calibre of player gets nowadays.


I sincerely hope we do the needful to tie him and ozil to the club.. there are no better players out there and we might be spending lot more to get them. I hope he stays.


We should give him what he wants or close to it. He’s the best player on our side, along with mesut. If we lose these two, the years of work to get us into a competitive side will be diminished.

Let’s hope we are not that stupid.

Fireman Sam

Don’t forget Kos – for me he’s just as critical as the two stars being discussed


Considering what it will take to replace Ozil and especially Alexis, it doesn’t make any economic or football sense for Arsenal to lose them.


Give them both £250k a week and 4 year deals.
Yeah, we can get others for those sort of wages, but it would cost at least £150 million to buy them.

Just do it Dick!


Let’s all have a whip round, lads.


I personally think both he and Ozil will sign. Just a hunch.


Given that the cost of buying a new player of Alexis’ calibre will dwarf whatever increase he is asking for, the club should pay up. He’s been a world-class performer for three years, and we have seen how hard it is to find elite strikers on the transfer market. It’s not the time to be cheap – pay up for him and Mesut and move forward.


It’s difficult to say that Sanchez delivered last season. That spell when he & Giroud couldn’t finish cost us the league. Yes, he had an injury but his finishing was nothing like this year.

Edu's Braces

Hope they stay but I am a little apprehensive about the way Alexis and Ozil are becoming bigger than the club. They’re clearly demanding big money, fair enough. But on the pitch any bad pass they get they’re giving shit to the rest of the players and they definitely seek each other out first. A bit like Henry in 07 it could eventually inhibit the other players and actually make us easier to play against because everyone knows where the ball is going. Im probably over thinking it because obviously without them we’re not half as good but still, i… Read more »

DJ Destiny

Pay Sanchez and Ozil the going rate. If Arsenal don’t then the club are a joke. Arsenal have the highest ticket prices in the country and they certainly can afford it. These two are no mugs and other clubs won’t hesitate to pay the going rate.


He’s basically spelling it out for them. ”I’m happy here. I want to stay. But you gotta pay me what I want. It’s a two way street guys. Come on now. Don’t be shy”

Arshavin's fake moustache

“My dogs love the local park”

Joe Baker

My wife loves the London shops.

Viva la Prof

I think Alexis and Mesut are easily worth 250k a week each for the simple reason if we don’t pay it somebody else will. We should just consider their current transfer value and offer them that minus 18 months. I’d hate to be the club that over pays for mediocrity, but some individuals are worth every penny. Think about when we didn’t want to offer more than 40 million plus £1 for Suarez now most big clubs would bite your hand off for 140 million plus £1 for him now.


£167.5M plus £1. That’s his new release clause. And if he’s worth that much, then so is Alexis, because Suarez is one of only three or four players in the world who can replace Alexis.

So please, Arsenal, pay Alexis what he needs to get him to stay.


The trouble is, when is enough enough? Say Alexis gets £300,000 a week and then Pogba gets a new, bigger contract,. Does Alexis’ agent then come back for more? Of course Alexis is one of the best. But we didn’t beat Everton with him. There are other crucial players on the pitch needed to win trophies, all with agents looking for a big payday. Give all the players £150,000+ a week and the club will go bust. And If the club can’t afford to pay them all, and they all leave to get more money elsewhere, will Alexis stay around… Read more »


Then how much money Arsenal gets having him or Ozil. Arsenal din’t win everton but won Loudigrets, Bournemouth, Stoke, Chelsea, etc. q


You would be asking players then to not put themselves first by having some consideration for the fans aand for the club. But why would they do that. Almost all the players who play for Arsenal have never been fans when they were young and arent fans now, why should they put the club before themselves? They are doing a job which they are very good at, for which they can expect lucrative returns. I wonder how many fans would stick around at their current place of work if they got an offer at anothet place for almost the same… Read more »


No signings in January, new contracts for Ozil and Sanchez… Wenger: “It’s like I have two new players at the club.”


If that’s how you feel, then just sign, Alexis. I can’t go along with the argument that we should pay him anything he wants because it would cost us more to replace him. It’s entirely possible that we can’t afford to pay him what he wants *nor* can we afford a readymade replacement. Comparing his salary to what stars get at Man U or Man City doesn’t work either- we don’t have their money. Plus there is the cost of improving the contracts of all the other players who will then feel underappreciated. Plus there is the PL wage limit… Read more »


Play Football Manager 2017… Arsenal are a very rich club and yet pay the least of the big clubs. I know it’s just a game but a lot of research goes into that game and it’s not as if it’s entirely wrong. Arsenal share holders meeting would suggest the game is really on track, profits every year, biggest ticket prices in PL, and second or third largest stadium that’s filled every game. Add deep FA Cup runs, and the CL money… Finishing second in league and TV money. Huge sponsorship deals. Arsenal aren’t Man United rich, but they aren’t far… Read more »


Also, there are two FFP rules. One a club can’t make a loss of more than 15 million, or they lose points in the table. Two, a club has to stay under a salary cap… Or pay a fine. Man City just pay the fine. Man U may this year, lol. Chelsea will most likely in the future.


Offer him £100k a week and a playroom full of puppies for his exclusive use at the training ground

Tom Bush

250k is not too much to folk out for Sanchez. Free Sanogo,Debuchy, Campbell et al. Give him what he deserves.


The whole lot of them are money grabbers! Win us the league first then pay!! Zzzz

Joe Baker

Sanity at last well said Bizzie, Jack can replace Mezut Ozil if Jack stays fit, Sanchez can go to China if he wants 300k a week, Barca wont want him back. Arsenal if the worse comes to the worse must make them see their contracts out, never again the RVP fiasco..

The Gooner7

One on hand, this is very good news. Because it really seems like Alexis is happy to stay as long as his financial demands are met. So at least theres that.


He loves Arsenal. He loves the fans. He wants to win for Arsenal.
Let’s pay him now.

Joe Baker

Please dont be naive, it is just a job to these guys..sorry not meaning to be rude, but enough is enough..


The greed of football players pisses me off. The money they’re on makes any increase redundant as no human being can possibly spend such massive figures. Why does it even matter if you earn 200 or 250? Both sums are absolutely absurd.


No player is bigger than Arsenal.


True. But Your point is irrelevant.


All the top clubs, who have world class players, have to pay the big wages and they do. This feels like a pivotal moment for Arsenal in the current age.
To lose Sanchez and Ozil would seem to be a sign of not being ready to take that next step to become a European super club, which is where these two are at performance wise.
As far as upsetting the wage structure goes…..fuck it.
Offer the money and sign daaa tiiinnng!!


Wage structure has become redundant in the current market. You need to pay what a player is worth oyherwose they can get what they are worth elsewhere. Also paying these guys what their worth doesny mean we have to upgrade other players unless they deserve so which could serve as a motivating factor for the players to perform


Do not let this man Alexis go. Pay him 300K a week. He is the future of Arsenal. The Great Redeemer. The chosen one.

Joe Baker

If he wants 300k a week let him go to China and play there,,


All this talk about players loving their respective clubs, it always comes down to money to tie them down. Look at messi, been at barca all his life, but on mega bucks to keep him from wandering. If arsenal want success, pay what it takes to keep our top performers, or we will never get where we want or deserve to be.


Arsenal need to pay him to set precedent. If they dont our chances of landing big players will decrease dramatically. If we dont pay him, we are sending a message that says “We know you are a superstar and youve been playing great but we are not willing to pay you what every other major club is willing to pay you”.

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