Friday, February 3, 2023

Arsenal draw Southampton or Norwich in FA Cup fourth round

Arsenal’s reward for beating Preston North End on Saturday is an FA Cup fourth round pairing with either Southampton or Norwich.

The pair drew 2-2 at the weekend, and are scheduled for a replay to decide who will face the Gunners.

The game will be played at either St Mary’s or Carrow Road, at some point between 27-30 January, sandwiched between home Premier League games with Burnley and Watford.

Arsenal are bidding to win the trophy for the thirteenth time since 1930.

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Norwich please.

remember the invincibles

both are bogey teams. Southampton always hand us our asses on a plate.

remember the invincibles





Always? Once recently.

David C

Southampton have a crazy schedule coming up including the FA Cup replay and 2 EFL semis against LiverPOO. They’re going to have big problems with their rotation heading into the game.


Nice info mate cheers!


No Fonte as well. If he leaves, which seems likely


I hope we get Southampton so we can thrash them.

They think they can run their football club in a sustainable way, develop youngsters and give them the chance, than come and knock Arsenal out of the EFL Cup?



Stripey bastards


So Southampton are going to knock us out again?


No they are not.




Hope it is Norwich, but if we are to play Southampton I would like for us to beat them! Feels like ages since we beat them (I know we beat them at home this year, but that was way too close!).


We need to do to them what we did to Villa. Smack them so bad that they inevitably get relegated the following season and end up starting all over.


Whichever club we end up playing, it will be tough away match given that we will be resting some of our key men.

Mick Malthouse

Home game would have been nice. If you can’t beat either of these two away, you wouldn’t win the Cup anyway.


On current form I wouldn’t be confident we’d win even against the lowest rank side so whoever of the two we end up getting a much improved performance will be required than of late to stand a chance of progressing.

Jack Action

Allow me to be Negative Nancy here – I think we have trouble playing either team on the road if we field anything less than a full strength team. St. Mary’s is a stadium made of garlic and crosses with a pitch sprinkled by holy water.


Hang on a minute – so who in our team is a vampire?!

David C

Vlad Dragomir!!!

non-flying dutcman

Granit Xhakula?


Pure genius this one, Granit Xhakulah!


Cup draws are odd for us. We either get a run of home games or a run of away games. Seems like we never get a good mix.

Obviously I’d settle for the next ten ties to be home games lol

Kwame Ampadu Down

We’ve had 10 home draws out of 12 rounds in the FA Cup in the last 3 seasons before this one. We were due some away games.

Anteneh Ademe

weather or not we win this tie depends on Wenger. 😉


Or the weather?? 🙂

Santi's Smile

FFS we’re talking about Norwich and Southampton, not late ’80’s AC Milan or Barca of the late 2000’s. Again, the Gunners will play either a Championship side or a mid-table PL squad, who by the end of January, will have played 10 matches. in the month. Think they may rest some regulars? Actually glad it is an away match. Traveling Gunners sounded great on my stream Saturday. Mind another headline on Arseblog News and be more positive about the F Cup.


This exactly. Our fans are amazing away and I’m not sure that the attitude of ‘oh dear Norwich/Southampton’ is going to do us much good against Bayern. Ffs, we should wanted Chelsea/Liverpool so we could have spanked them.


Agreed. A club of Arsenal’s stature should not fear the likes of Southampton or Norwich in the FA Cup. No disrespect to the two clubs, but no need for false modesty either. We have to play at our level. No shitshow ala Bournemouth or Preston please.


I do wonder which cup Soton would try harder to put their eggs in though. Being mid-table, and a notch above the relegation threatened, not much to play for but cups unless they’re on a viable run for Europa.

But as mentioned above might still be better for us due to sheer attrition.

Yorkshire Gunner

Given we have Watford on the Tuesday after , I wonder if this will be the Friday night TV match?


No chance of that if Southampton beat Norwich. Southampton play on the Wednesday night in the second leg of their EFL Cup semi-final. So, if Southampton beat Norwich, our match against them will definitely be on the Saturday. Should work out well for us – that match would be the third of a run of four in ten days for the Saints.

Timorous Me

Yeah, I doubt we get the Friday night game, unfortunately. Not just what you mention, but you also have around five other Premier League clubs playing on that Tuesday who also advanced in the FA Cup. Since the TV schedule will surely, I’d assume, be released before the Norwich-Southampton replay, I’m guessing they’ll play it safe in case Southampton advance and place our game right in the middle on Saturday.


I agree with Arsepedant, although it will depend who gets the selection BBC/BT. Don’t totally rule out Sunday and Watford game moving to Wednesday (Soton game at Swansea move too) – that way we’d have less recovery time before Chelski.

Friday games should be banned – travel is a nightmare and it’s a pub night!


Hopefully a trip to Carrow road.

Soton can be extremely tricky and we have enough high level match ups to come as is.

Could do with something slightly less (not to underestimate the Canaries)


Carrow road has those horrible camera pits that they pushed Alexis and Mesut into. We’d be safer at St Marys and Southampton have lots of games to play, it’s time we gave them a hiding.

Bendtner's Ego

Just need to start Mustafi. He’s never lost a match in an Arsenal shirt yet.


Leave Giroud on the bench and defend for 87 minutes before subbing Olivier on to score the winner in Giroud Time…

Can i coin that? Fergie time be damned –

87-93 minutes is hence forth “Giroud Time”


Everyone hoping Norwich knock out Southampton because we can’t do it supposedly. 😛

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