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Report: Bruce wants Akpom at Villa

According to the Birmingham Mail, Aston Villa are one of a number of Championship clubs interested in taking Chuba Akpom on loan for the second half of the season.

The England under-21 international worked with Steve Bruce at Hull last season where he appeared to both wow and frustrate his coach in equal measure.

Bruce has guided the Villans up to mid-table since taking over in October but has a number of issues up front, including one striker, Ross McCormack, who skips training because of a dodgy gate and another, Jonathan Kodjia, who is on his way back from the African Cup of Nations.

After an injury-hit start to the season, Akpom could definitely do with regular game time. The striker appeared in the EFL Cup win over Nottingham Forest but then suffered a back problem that kept him sidelined for three months.

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Get him off to Villa.

Highly unlikely he will play centre forward for us this season with Alexis, Giroud, Perez and Welbeck in front of him.

Mr November

I don’t think it would be a good move for him. Villa have good depth in forwards, and like Hull last season, a few indifferent performances will see Akpom dropped and he needs to play every week. On the other hand if he can win his place and keep it, it will be a great move, and ultimately he needs to be doing that to make it at Arsenal. It will be sink or swim.

Alan Pardew's Peaches and Plum Emporium

So is it a good move or not?

Mr November

Yeah, I kind of talked myself into changing my mind mid comment. I guess it could go either way. I’d still rather he went to a club that he’d be more established as a starter.

Cliff Bastin

I will use the gate excuse for work tomorrow.

Cliff Bastin

Didn’t work


This is pretty much his last chance. He threw his gloves at Bruce last year after being subbed in an act of arrogance and petulance which I thought was breathtaking at the time.

Yet Bruce wants him back! Hopefully he’s watched his best mate Iwobi over the past 12 months and seen where hard work and humbleness can get you.


Humbleness? I humbly apologise.



I prefer ‘humblitude’


Your apologity is much appreciated.

Lula da Gilberto

A rare sight indeed to see the comments filled with such humilitarity. A fine thing indeed.

Kwame Ampadu Down

It would appear your breath is very easily taken…


If it was reported in the Birmingham Mail then its probably not true. They copy/paste their ‘news’ from twitter.

Jim wall

At this stage of his career he needs to be playing,maybe he should go down to the championship ,he will get game time play with players who are not milloners ,then next year come back to us and appreciate what hes got ,think hes going to be a great striker,just needs to work harder

Why not

Seems to me he is of an arrogant and petulant nature, which is just as much of a reason to not succeed as injury. He has not really lit the world on fire when playing. Makes me like him a lot less, and also makes me understand what Arsene means when he refers to players that have been so used to Champions league etc, that it is no longer a dream but everyday life and they become complacent and entitled. I hope he can learn a thing or two from Iwobi. A proper gent and an excellent hard working player.… Read more »

Evang. Femi

Chuba will be a good player if only he can be more down to earth. Humbleness** can make the difference


Humility, yea we can see how that impacts Zlatan’s ability to put the ball in the net

Tom Entract

I’m a big fan of the Alexis ‘Good Boys’ banner, but why don’t Arsenal fans get real and create something a bit more relevant? I propose a picture of Wenger wearing a dunce cap with the words BAD BOY either side. Perhaps only then will Arsenal fans wake up and smell the coffee, and realise the that Wenger is absolutely ruining this club. #wengerout

Bryce G Hauver-Reeves



You might argue ‘not maximising’ this club. [Though we are 2nd in the PL so not too far to go to achieve that]

But absolutely ruining???

Lula da Gilberto

Just once I’d like to wake up and smell coffee.


Every time I think the general intelligence of the human race is slowly but surely increasing, along comes a post like this and ruins my theory.


Think bruce is a decent coach who doesnt take much crap from his players. Would be good for Akpom to get some games and goals. Unfortunately i just cant see him breaking into the squad with sanchez, giroud, welbeck, perez and even walcott ahead of him in the striking role.

Our depth is quite delightful up front, which is something we have been screaming out for years.


Chuba is an amazing talent. The poor guy never gets a chance to prove him self and is always used sparingly.

I watched every pre-season game, and he was by far our best player. Shame he never gets a chance to play 4-5 games in a row.

Just sell him and let him enjoy his football. He could be a future star for the England team.


It’s arguable as to whether or not he was our best player in pre-season, and if he was, it’s also arguable whether or not it was “by far”. But even it that’s true, he was only “by far” the best player in pre-season because most if not all of our regular first XI were still on holidays.


I am not sure how many pre-season games you watched? In case you missed them, take a look at the match reports. Pay Close attention to first team players used, minutes played, and Goals per minute for Chuba. I recommend following pre-season games next time.


Not a bad deal considering the present circumstances , I just hope and pray he ends up a star playing in the red n white in the nearest future

Leave a Reply

Side note. Has anyone seen the twitter pic of Steve Bruce in full Villa kit ordering a kebab? It’s everything you dreamed of

Jim wall

Wish wenger would stop signing those african players ,get some young english lads from lower leagues ,those africans are going to leave when they get famous

King of zamunda

Dude, Chuba Akpom is English. Your ignorance and general racism is bliss

Jim wall

Thats not racist,I know hes english,just saying that english young lads have more heart than africans ,plus they go away for a month of the season to african nations…


“Young lads have more heart than africans”

That is an appalling thing to say.


What the heck u talking bout jim wall??

Jim wall

Like to see the day 11 English players playing for arsenal like the old days,when men were men

King of everything south of Zamunda

Yet again I fail to see your point here? How many African players play in the Arsenal first team bar Iwobi and Elneny? and even they are not regular first team players?
The premier league is now a global business, as of this year alone there was more than 100 different nationalities playing in the premier league. I do not see you complaining when you gladly accept TV money which comes from rights sold worldwide?
Or is your issue specific to Africans alone?

Jim wall

Im not complaining about the african players we have!just saying in the past wenger has tried to sign young 15 or 16 year old africans ! There not worth spending time and money on…

Jim wall

Just saying a few years ago wenger tried to sign young african players!there not worth the money you spend on them.

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