Tuesday, June 18, 2024

5 Arsenal fixtures in April rescheduled

Arsenal have had four fixtures selected for live broadcast by Sky Sports in April causing five fixtures in total to be rescheduled.

The new kick-off times are still subject to change but that’s predominantly based on us miraculously staying in the Champions League. Which won’t happen.

Sunday 2 April
4pm Arsenal v Manchester City (Sky Sports)

Wednesday 5 April
7.45pm Arsenal v West Ham United*
*Consequent to Arsenal v Manchester City moving to Sunday 2 April

Monday 10 April
8pm Crystal Palace v Arsenal (Sky Sports)*
*Subject to Arsenal’s possible participation in the Champions League quarter-finals (LOL)

Monday 17 April
8pm Middlesbrough v Arsenal (Sky Sports)*
*Subject to Arsenal’s possible participation in the Champions League quarter-finals (LOL)

Sunday 30 April
4.30pm Tottenham Hotspur v Arsenal (Sky Sports)*
*Subject to Arsenal’s possible participation in the Champions League semi-finals (HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA)

A full run down of the latest TV selections is available here.

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Monday night trip to Middlesbrough? That’s the real joke here.

Crash Fistfight

Yep, TV companies treating fans with contempt yet again. To be fair, the only fixture that weekend that wouldn’t have away fans having to travel great distances to get home is Everton v Burnley, and who wants to watch that?

David C

and 2 monday games in a row? Can they do that? pretty lame for the fans and terrible times for the global audiences.

we’ll have the league wrapped up by then, right?

Ohhh Ahhh Ray Parlour

The fact we have to go there at all!…


TV companies fucking about with the fixtures in the worst possible way, you say? Well I never…

What a bunch of hoofwanking bunglecunts the twats who do the selections are.


Hoofwanking bunglecunts has now been assimilated into my swear repertoire. Many thanks


Hoofwanking bunglecunts may be the best insult I’ve ever heard. Thank you.


Sorry folks but this is the price WE pay for football clubs selling their souls to the devil TV. It would be quite easy for the clubs to negotiate terms that didn’t involve weird kick off times to help their fans but BT/Sky/BBC wouldn’t have given as much money to lavish on high transfer fees or wages.

Armchair supporters can rub their hands with glee. Travelling fans will smack their fists in anger but not be heard.

Samurai Goon

Those hoofwanking bunglecunts are dishonest to their federation


I bloody love this site.. Even during the shit times I still crack a smile at the quality humour in almost every post. Two thumbs up to everyone affiliated with arseblog


There’s never a dull day at Arseblog! You, sirs, are such a happy gang! Keep writing!


Except “your comment is awaiting moderation” does me in each and every day of the last three years I’ve been on here! Blogs, Hound, et al, How much longer must a fan participate to be fully trusted? lol


It is probably tied to the device you are using. Maybe you posted something it didn’t like once upon a time and the MAC address (or some other unique identifier) got tagged on the naughty list.
I got it all the time on my old phone but this one doesn’t do it (yet) so that’s my theory.

Cliff Bastin

The answer is to stay in the Champions League.

Granit(e) hard!

To quote Blogs “HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA”…to that


when you sell your soul to TV companies thats what happens they just dont give a flying fuck about fans never have never will, only interested in viewing figures and advertising thats Sky Or BT, they dont think of the costs of travel, tickets and hotels.


but viewers are fans? and a vast majority of the fans?

Kampala gooner

@ bazza have always wondered what a flying fuck was.google just gave me options of sites I would rather not visit during office hours. Mind chipping in!


Hope nobody was traveling from abroad for any of those fixtures… nld *cough cough*


At least they left the NLD on a weekend. Anyone who was travelling for the Palace or Middlesbrough games is hooped.


TV companies, Betting companies, Media companies – who gives a fuck about the paying public, eh?


Awful changes for anyone living in Britain who’d made plans for these matches. But for those of us in North America who got up for a 4 am kick-off for the first NLD, the scheduling of this one is a breath of fresh air!

Now to go and convince my boss to let me have two and a half hour lunches on two consecutive Mondays in April …

Matt Edwards

Surely the NLD could be rearranged due to sp*rs possible participation in the champions league semi-finals…Oh wait…I meant Europa league semi-finals…Oh wait…

David Hillier's luggage

Sp*rs away 4.30pm on a Sunday? Good luck with that Met Police…

American Gooner since 1995

I’m an American Gooner since 1995 and made plans to be in London with my family of four for West Ham on Tuesday (4/4). I thought for sure there was no way they could move a midweek game after the international break with zero chance of conflict with the UCL, FA Cup, or EFL cup. But, no, they did and they aren’t even broadcasting the game. We have airline tickets on Wednesday (4/5) and I’m not paying to change four tickets. I think we might go stand on the terrace at Griffin Park that night and search for “real” English… Read more »

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