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‘Deeply disappointed’ Ramsey says players have let Wenger down

Aaron Ramsey says that the players have to shoulder some of the responsibility for recent poor results, and that pinning all the blame on Arsene Wenger is ‘unfair’.

The Welsh international has been sidelined for some weeks now, but could be in contention for a place in the squad for the trip to Anfield on Saturday.

He spoke to TalkSPORT about the last few weeks, including demoralising defeats to Chelsea and Bayern Munich.

““Obviously we are deeply disappointed with the results we had,” he said.

“It is not nice suffering a defeat like that. The team is going to be disappointed and suffering a bit but we are professional footballers, this is what is asked of us, how we respond and how we bounce back and we play every three, five days so we can’t let it affect us.

“We need to put things right and hopefully respond against Liverpool.”

And on the manager, he continued, “He’s been a great servant to Arsenal and great manager for me and the players.

““We have let him down at times. It is unfair some of the things that have been said.

“People are entitled to their opinion but he has been great for me personally.”

Let’s see if the players can show a bit more mettle when we face Liverpool on Saturday, and if they do feel like they’ve let him down, perhaps that will be reflected in the performance.

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Ramsey is going to come back from this injury a different player, just watch! I have a good feeling we’re going to see him return to that 2013/14 form!


Pigs will fly and the moon will be blue

Heavenly Chapecoense

Pigs never flew before but Ramsey once showed word-class quality.


For about 6 months in a career which has spanned nearly a decade.

Faisal Narrage

Remember when Djourou had that great 6-month Purple Patch of looking world class?

I don’t see anyone claiming he’ll get that back too.


Ramsey has proved he has potential to be world class. The raw talent is there, and as someone who follows Arsenal very closely, I know the commitment and dedication is absolutely spot on. Maybe it’s time for some of our shit fans to get the fuck off his back, And the back of players lik Ozil and Giroud. Just so we don’t pull a Liverpool and talk history, just this summer he was one of, if not the standout player of the euros. So it’s time for us to take a closer look as to what’s happening. The thing is… Read more »

Big L Hop



I’m starting to get sick of this trend that as soon as anyone voices a negative opinion on a player the first response is that it is the pundits that are to blame for the negative opinion.
Some of us watch just as much football as you others who have the different opinion. I find it pompous to suggest that your opinion is correct and based on the game and anyone who disagrees has been brainwashed.
Sorry to disagree with you I think Ramsey has been shit for Arsenal for the last few season.


I say this because the media feed off the reaction of stupid fans that don’t want to educate themselves about what they’re arguing, they just want to get to emotional conclusion that are ALWAYS controversial. I’m sorry when I find a big group of “fans” being harshly critical or advocating for the same wrong cause that certain parts of the media does (In this case im talking about people repeating the utter garbage hugely influential people like the Neville twats, Alan Shearer etc) then I’m sorry, you can’t get to a better conclusion than people today scream like they’re so… Read more »


Hmm.. fairly strong words from Aaron there. He is right, the players have let the manager down massively, but how many times have we heard these sorts of comments?? Every season its the same, and I’m as bored of reading these stories as much as I am bored of the poor performances. Ultimately stating the obvious doesn’t cut it anymore. Yeah Aaron, you and the rest of the players have let him down, but why is that? Every year you do it? Every year you totally bottle it in the big games and you leave it to the manager to… Read more »


I keep hearing about this Xhaka – Ramsey centre midfield that is so promising. On what basis? As far as I remember they started against Bournemouth, Swansea and Burnley at home. We asbolutely shocking against Bournemouth until they had a man sent off and we had a decent win against Swansea who at the time was losing to everyone. Burnley are shocking away and we were winning 1-0 with half an hour ago when Xhaka got sent off. Is this really you case for it being a very promising partnership??


I like Xhaka a lot, I think he will be a serious player for us, but our midfield needs another player like him to just martial the centre of the park. I hate to say it, but someone like Dembele at Spurs; a big physical ball playing CM, who has great feet in tight spaces, and has the ability to pick the ball up from deep and start offensive manoeuvres. For me Ramsey is not the answer. He isn’t a good enough as a box to box midfielder. He loves getting forward, but not so much getting back. His decision… Read more »


police helicopters

check mate

Planet Ape

Some positivity. Much appreciated in these times. He s been such a huge disappointment and I don’t see him coming back. I would sell him and Walcott in the summer but still hope he s somehow coming back.

An Ox-sized Coq

Walcott…the guy who has scored over 15 goals this season, from out wide as well, and has shown the desire to track back.


Yes, because we need world class on the wings and Walcott isn’t world class. If we can do better, we should.


I feel only a change of manager could possibly save his Arsenal career. Ramsey said a couple years back Wenger had told him to focus on his offensive play. That to me has been feeding his goal obsession. Need the engine Rambo back.


About time they start coming up in defense of their manager, they have really let him and the fans down a lot


Is there any manager in world football that protects his players like Wenger does? Can’t recall the last time he blamed a player, criticised a player or outed a player, especially in public. He even talks respectfully of those that left in contentious ways.

Our players need to stop hiding behind him and start taking responsibility. Good to see Ramsey defend him. Both he and Wenger are lightning bolts for fan frustration most of the time, and usually it’s more than *just* their fault. I personally feel as though the team have let him and us down more than anything.

David C

Great comments, I agree to a point. I am not Wenger out, I’m more stuck on the fence 🙂 I think Wenger needs to change his formations and tactics at times. I watched Leicester destroy Liverpool with quick balls over the middle yesterday. How great would we look from time to time just mixing it up a bit and pumping a ball up quickly to Sanchez even if it meant bypassing the mid? Xhaka was doing this a bit at the beginning of the year. Wenger’s principles have brought us this far, but I fear his stubbornness might be holding… Read more »


If memory serves, I feel like Arsenal used to play a more direct style during the earlier years of Wenger’s tenure, even up to the invincibles, but we slowly but surely migrated away to this slow, laborious tiki taka style that’s just old and predictable now. I’d love to see some quick long balls from defence to attack to open up defences but it hardly happens anymore in a Wenger team, it’s all about having as much possession as you can and doing jack all with it.


I think Wenger needs to adjust his tactics and the squad based on who the opposition is. Their are matches when possession and a slow methodical build up will take the day, but other times against better teams especially champions league teams arsenal need to change their approach. They need to stay compact, keep their shape and defend as a unit. I sometimes think the players lack the mental toughness it takes to win in the bigger games. Wenger deserves some of the blame but not all of it. The players need to start shouldering some of this seasons shortcomings.… Read more »


It’s been a few seasons I have had high hope that Wenger would change our style a bit. Make us a bit more solid when we need to do and play with a bit more pragmatism. I would love him to change but he is so stuck in his ways after so many years I have given up hope on this


Didn’t we go 19 games (or something like that) unbeaten in the first half of the season, during which we were playing with style and with steel (i.e., bit more pragmatism)? We also went unbeaten in our Champions League group stage, topped the group, and we beat Chelsea rather comprehensively during that spell, too. I know we’ve been quite a bit off form recently, with disastrous results, but I don’t think Wenger is incapable of change and I don’t think we play a “slow, laborious tiki taka style that’s old and predictable” as the commentator above you suggested. We have… Read more »


I’m in exactly the same place as you sadly


If you look at how the team has played last couple of seasons then you will see arsene has cha ged the tactics, we do go more direct…..I feel like people are commenting arsenals style without having watched a full game for years. Arsenals style has changed, but everyone keeps saying were playing shit or unconvincing etc etc. Its changed, its less tipee tapee and more direct either with dribbling or long passes with a possession base.


It’s more than just mere tactics. Wenger isn’t ruthless with his players. At one time when we had a bunch of kids and lower-league nobodys it made sense to shield them no matter what. Now when they are grown up and superstars in their heads it’s completely wrong AND unfair on those players who are actually doing well but find little support.


I get that players need to be held accountable for their performances on the pitch, but how does throwing them under the bus help either. I think each player is different some need a kick in the pants while others need a hug and a few encouraging words. At least that has always been my experience playing. The problem is when nothing is getting through to the players. I just hope that’s not the case. I hope they haven’t quit on Wenger and the fans.


Well said mate

Gooner4life Foz

Absolutely spot on. Time and time again I’ve told Wenger haters that the players are responsible for every loss. The manager sets the team up and picks the players but ON THAT PITCH the players play! We have a great squad of players but unfortunately some are too lazy and arrogant to perform week in week out. Start performing or F##k off to Chelsea, city or China and count your money instead. Sick of it week in week out. Fair play to Rambo for defending Arsene. The rest of them need to take a long hard look at themselves and… Read more »


If they don’t perform it is because the players have stopped listening to Wenger – and they have. They have heard it all before – and so have we. The job of the Manager is to get the players ready and focused and tactically aware, so when they cross that white line, they know what to do. Well they don’t – and that is down to Wenger. It was down to him at Old Trafford last year and it was down to him at Stamford Bridge and Munich, this year. It’s rubbish to say that this is nothing to do… Read more »


The rest of them? Ramsey is the biggest culprit of all, he’s been rubbish for years and any other manager would have sold him long ago.


What’s puzzling about Ramsey is how he can play so well for his welsh side and then turn around and look utterly useless for arsenal. It drives me mental.


Who brought these players to Arsenal? There is not one player that was at the club before Arsene joined. It’s not like he can blame previous managers for the squad he has been dealt. He is in the enviable position of having hand picked every single one to suit the style of play and the character he wanted.
Sadly the buck has to stop with him.


The buck can’t just stop with him. That’s being to simple-minded. Everyone – the club, the fans, the staff saw the talent of these players, commended Arsene’s mature approach with them. Just because it didn’t work out as well as we’d hoped, it doesn’t just become Arsene’s fault. This isn’t some puppet show where Wenger holds all the strings. Ramsey’s lack of form and injuries aren’t Wenger’s fault. Wenger has made Ramsey a better player and given him numerous chances to own a spot in the midfield. If Ramsey fails, it isn’t ONLY Wenger’s fault. Ramsey IS responsible too. If… Read more »


Absolutely it is not Wenger’s fault if Ramsey is playing. It is Wenger’s responsibility to decide how to deal with him playing badly though. And his response is to blindly continue playing him as soon as he is back from injury regardless of form.
If it had happened with other great managers they would know about it and they would get stick from the manager and they would be forced to sit it out until they show more fight and improve their performances. Mediocre performances would not be deemed acceptable


Big job for whoever is in charge next year is to get the best from Ramsey. Regardless of what you think of his form in recent years, he’s capable of being one of the best midfielders in the league, and we need to get him fit and find a system that suits his game, as we can’t rely on having a Santi in the middle of the pitch anymore.

Terry Henry

I agree, but is he a square peg in a round hole in this Arsenal team? Will he therefore be sold if a big offer comes in?


Change the hole then. No one else is filling it…


Ramsey-hate is giving you downvotes but I don’t think anyone can really disagree with what you’ve said. Getting the best from Ramsey is clearly challenging, but he’s already proven with that deep purple patch a couple of years ago how well he can perform when the team balance is correct for him. I know it’s a pipe-dream but I love the thought of Ramsey, Wilshere and the Ox all in one line-up, particularly if you have Welbeck somewhere upfront… The physicality, creativity and goal threat there would be something to watch. Might be a little lax defensively however!


What Ramsey truly wants is Ozil’s spot. He doesn’t want to be a CM. That annoys me a lot because if he lets go off his Hollywood tendencies he could be force to reckon with. Santi has the wiles and the gumption to play there, Ramsey has the wiles but also too much ambition for his present ability.


Spot on Vicks (minty days!)

Heavenly Chapecoense

He was very good in the EUROs just last summer. Our system doesn’t seem to suit him.

Stringer Bell

He was very good against rank average championship teams.




Why should any manager focus on getting the best out of Ramsey. It’s not as if he is Messi who we need to build the team around. The main job will be to get the best out of the squad as a whole. If that means Ramsey becomes a squad player (which he should be on form) or sold I couldn’t care less.


I’m not really sure what Ramsey is anymore. Is he a number 10, is he a holding midfielder, is he a defensive midfielder? presently he is a liability at all of these positions. If Wenger continues with a 4-2-3-1 then their has to be a like for like replacement for santi, and that’s a big ask. In that system Ramsey is useless. wenger can’t play him alongside santi because he cant seem to stay in his holding role. And he won’t push Ozil out of the lineup for the 10 spot so that leaves Ramsey out wide where he is… Read more »


Can’t wait to see him back at his best, referring of course to that goal against Galatasaray.


Says the man who always get starter spot in the team when there are a better player on the bench.



Nic Bell

“If you play hard and respect the shirt, they remember that”. This should be written on the walls of the locker room. We won’t always win but we should always turn up.

Brendan from NY

Ramsey needs a sandwich, a pint, and a pie. A few extra pounds might toughen him up a bit. Right now he looks like he would blow away in the wind


That’s not a bad idea as I need a sandwich, pie and pint.


Maybe he can sign a deal with Sun Bets to sort that out…

David C

it was a pasty!!! haha


Cultivate mass!

Al Gilmore

Did anyone else listen to Klopps interview after the defeat to Leicester last night? Klopp – a coach many wanted at Arsenal – is now being accused of being tactically naive and one-dimensional- exactly as Wenger is. Yet 3 years ago we were told he was at the vanguard of modern football tactics. And specific to the game last night he openly said, that he had talked with the team about the threat Leicester posed on the break and how to deal with it. And yet it looked from the outside that his team played right into Leicesters hands. So… Read more »


Bit opposite to Arsene as he has no problem getting results in big games but struggles against struggling teams.

Said it before though his squad at the bin dippers is shit.

Andy Mack

They had a few decent players before he arrived and he’s added 5 in the summer window. So it’s quite a ‘Klopp’ team.
They are lacking a bit of depth in their squad but most teams are in the same position.


C’mon. They are the only team after Arsenal who are worth watching when they are in full flow. The only positions where we indisputably better them are at CB, GK and a beast like Alexis upfront. Once Klopp rectifies those I’d say they have a league winning team.


So you’re saying basically the manager doesn’t matter and only the players? I wouldn’t say thats an argument for or against Wenger, by that thinking we could have anyone as coach and it wouldn’t make a difference. You also saw last night Leicester players suddenly turn up just down to a change in manager and no change in tactics, read in to that what you will

Andy Mack

Didn’t Klopp say that his players allowed Leicester to ‘Turn up’.
They ran on confidence last season and the poo players allowed some of that confidence to return (the same way that we haven’t turned up a few times this season and let lesser teams beat us).


Basing so much on one game??


Liverpool’s squad is shit mate compared to ours. Outside of the usual media hype early in the season, Klopp has them being greater than the actual sum of their parts.

Only Mane and Friminho can truly be considered as top quality. Whe all fit we have a midfield built around Xhaka-Santi and Ozil. Theirs is built around Jordan facking Henderson; a sh*t Aaron Ramsey.


Firmino and mane the only good players? Have you heard of Coutinho?

Faisal Narrage

Sorry, I meant Coutinho, and not Firmino.
Though Firm isn’t too bad either.

Andy Mack

They’ve more than enough decent players. Maybe not quite top class but more than enough to beat a team like Leicester, Between Wijnaldum, Can and Coutinho.
They bought 5 players in the last window (under Klopp) and had a decent PL team when he joined.
They aren’t shit but they do lack a bit of depth like many PL teams.

Mustrum Ridcully, Unseen Academicals

What about Coutinho and Milner? Sorry friend, you are atlkimh through your backside?

Heavenly Chapecoense

If I am forced at gunner point to pick one between Coutinho and Ozil and not both, it is Coutinho.


The thing with Henderson is that he knows his place in the universe. Ramsey doesn’t. Also, for the style Klopp prefers, his squad is a force. In your hypothetical world, Xhaka would be swamped in Can and Winjaldum; and Ozil would be bruised out of the game by I’m-not-even-a-shit-Ramsey Jordan facking Henderson. Coutinho and Firmino and Lallana would be traumatising Mustafi and Kos. Part of the problem with Arsenal is the superiority complex. Matches aren’t won on paper. Have we forgotten the first match of the current season? It’s a travesty that no one is screaming for us to give… Read more »

Cliff Bastin

“The only thing a manager can’t control is the result. Seriously, when it comes to our clubs, when you reach a certain level, we have almost total control. But this is an unpredictable sport; it’s a low-scoring sport where individual episodes have an outsized influence. And a manager can’t really control that. There are good managers and there bad ones, sure, but nobody can control outcomes. All you can do is give yourself a better chance to succeed and you do it by working well and performing well. Of course, good performances are correlated with good results, but only in… Read more »


Özil = 6 tackles against Bayern. More than Xhaka + Coquelin. But yes, Özil… nobody thinks of defending him, btw… and why after all? He is very convenient.

Cliff Bastin

That wasn’t a knock on Ozil, he’s my current favourite player but the point was there was room for sensible tactical switches.


There would have been no possibility for an ‘out’ ball without Ozil. It would have then led to a barrage of attacks. Sadly Arsenal don’t know how to defend for a result. You can’t script what was happening between Coq, Mustafi and Gabriel. Tactical awareness isn’t limited to one player. The whole team was shitting in their pants.

Godfrey Twatschloch

If Wenger goes I still want Klopp.


I want Ian Holloway and I am being serious.


With a translator bloke…It would be great!


Or a translator woman…ooooooppps!


I want Gunnersaurus. He doesn’t need a translator. AND HE IS ACTIVE ON THE TOUCHLINE, TOO!

Matt P

Liverpool have many similarities to us – frail, inconsistent, flakey. We probably have slightly better players, but not by much.
We need a world class midfielder and striker, and a decent fullback, if we are to have a genuine title challenging team.
I would really like Aubameyang but that is wishful thinking


Yes, the players should have done better, but this kinda shows Ramseys lack of ambition. He is happy with what Wenger has done for him and the club. He should leave with Wenger and take this acceptence of mediocrity with them.


This comment doesn’t make any sense to me, he states that they Let down Wenger, how is that accepting mediocrity? It’s obvious that he wants to win, and coupled with Kos the Boss saying that they players should hate defeat, the player’s are attributing the blame to themselves. I feel this is just Wenger hate for the sake of it, and not grounded in facts. He’s the only manager I’ve known and even though change needs to happen, we don’t want a repeat of the dark (never experienced those) George Graham days?


The George Graham days were pretty enjoyable for the most part actually.

Synonymous with the famous back 5 plus Rocky, Smudger, Merse and Wrighty. Great days!

Andy Mack

The results were often good and so was the celebration but the losses were worse. Too many losses and draws where we didn’t even try to play for a win.
We now rarely play away hoping for a draw which we often did then.
The memory of the spuddies chanting about how they finished the league above us and that we’d never beat them again was sheer agony at the time…


I’m guessing it was much worse than last season’s debacle ?


Thanks for telling me, as like I said, I wasn’t born back then ☺


It is accepting mediocrity because nothing changes. Wenger and the players keep repeating the same mistakes year after year. The say they are sorry, but every season it’s the same. That sets a standard of mediocrity. We are good and accept that we aren’t great. I don’t think that’s good enough.


Coyg! Lets run riot at anfield and give it one last push. Chelsea are actually vulnerable, they have though away games to Stoke and Westham. They also have United left at OT, city at the Etihad and a tough away trip to Bournemouth and many more. And lets not forget we have a game in hand. All this negativity isn’t helping tbh, lets support the team, rather than going to auto-self destruct.


Nice to see the players beginning to speak out in defense of the manager. Wenger is not solely culpable for big defeats…


Nor is Özil…

gooner of Oz

When you consider he has been in charge of everything for everything including signing every single player of his squad, team coaching and club managment even the stadium and sponsors. And still nothing changes with many years past. When you consider those its safe to say he is solely culpable for big defeats. I mean even if couple of players didnt turn out what expected and we lost to SAFs United by 8 goals 8 years later the man uses the majority of them in his squad. He loses to Mourinho no matter the team or player for god sake.… Read more »


“People are entitled to their opinion but he has been great for me personally” Oh we have no doubt he has been great for you. I’m sure the likes of Gibbs and Theo would say the same. I mean why wouldn’t you? He’s giving you infinite chances when most manager starts would’ve been rid a long time ago. The real question is whether his goodness to you has been at a detriment to the squad itself. This comment also annoys me because it shows something about Ramsey that we all get a sense of whenever he plays and whenever he… Read more »


@Stillmatic, no, I don’t think you are wrong in your opinion about Ramsey, I think he has too high an opinion of himself. Plus, I don’t rate him as a team player.
I’ve noticed him far too often lurking in and around the box seemingly unaware that he is often in team mates space, in their way in fact.


Nothing will change. Our defence from our midfielders are too soft and hence we always leak more goals then we score.


Leak more goals than we score? Have you seen our goal difference in all comps?

Aleksander Włodarz

Get going together and beat them … there’s hoping

Blackky Jhide

Ramsey is the chief culprit and I am not surprised he recognise most of them have let the manager down. Wenger had a blind faith in them insisting he doesn’t want to block players progress year in year out and we kept on getting the same results. It’s quite unfortunate that most of these player’s arguably not improved over the years but gone backwards. The likes of Gibbs,Wilshere,Ramsey,Walcott, Coquelin,corporal,AOC,Scezceny, And a host of average senior players like Metasacker,Giroud,Gabriel and many more injury prone players. The manager was not ruthless enough and it shows in the performance of the players. It’s… Read more »


“It’s difficult to look back so far this season and think of any special performance apart from Chelsea at emirates earlier in the season.”

sometimes I marvel at how people are quick to forget the good times when the sky turns cloudy and grey.

Have you forgotten so soon Ludogorets away, WestHam away, Burnley away, Southampton in the FA Cup. What is the point supporting a team you can’t stand by in difficult times, eh!?

Anteneh Ademe

Wenger is entirely to blame for signing soft players like you since 2004.


“To blame” for signing Ramsey???? He is anchorman brain and engine of his National side. Is Guardiola to blame for playing Messi upfront too??

Stringer Bell

You have just compared Ramsey with Messi ?


Ramsey is not very popular with the Welsh fans I know, they reckon he’s a glory boy with an attitude who leaves others to do the hard work. Sums him up, really.

Troy McClure

Ramsey – of course he loves Wenger. He’s on the “golden boy never drop” list of players that can do no wrong. Wenger gave him a massive contract too. Ramsey can be terrible or spend 2 months injured during crucial stretches of the season, and Wenger pops him back in the lineup with no repercussions.


Spot on. Our tactics and plans have always been the best around its individual error that lead to few defeats we had. Still no problem we will response in coming games and win the league as an apollogy to the Boss.


“Our tactics and plans have always been the best around” – riiiiigggghhhhhtttt


Can I have whatchu smoking please?


Nice to see the players to back from injury but we need though and we won’t win the games.


Says the biggest disappointment…STFU!!
A new coach and Ramsey is a goner not a gunner.


The fan group really is divided and it is getting more and more difficult to understand each other. That is probably going to be a much more important thing to resolve than weather or not Ramsey plays. We need to be able to disagree without wanting to kill each other.

Chert Merman

Ramsey seems a nice guy and
I wish him success, but why on earth does his opinion on the current situation matter when he’s hardly played this season. It’s like having the mascot speak for your team.


You may be onto something there mate??…”In Gunnersaurus I trust”. 🙂


I feel that to give the team the number of bodies in central midfield to b competitive with teams tt play a 3-man midfield, we need to play 1 DM n 2 CMs in the middle, coq/ elneny at the base for screening, n ox/ram/ xhaka ss the 2 CMs to give us equal bodies in midfield to win the midfield battle. Shift ozil to the left with licence to drift n we can cope with his lack of tracking back with the extra CM to cover the middle of th park n the left flank. Drop iwobi to the… Read more »


Thank goodness you ain’t the gaffer. Drop Iwobi to the bench??? You need a chill pill.

Cory Austen

Pigs can fly. You just need a big enough slingshot.


Every time I say Wenger out, it feels like I just punched a wall bare knuckles. It hurts me a lot, don’t you forget that! I love and respect the man immensely. I know and will never forget what he has done for us. But there has to come a point when one has to draw a line. The lineup that faced Milan in that 4-0 defeat was totally different from the one that recently lost 5-1 to Bayern. How can you then ask me to solely blame players without pointing a finger at the Manager? Do you honestly believe… Read more »


“Deeply disappointed” ?
I count myself amongst the “Deeply Dippy” that hope you are going to be something special for us Aaron.
Please just forget the “Hollywood” and come good?


If Aaron forgot about trying to Messi and concentrated on being David Platt then all would be good imo.


Ramsey is just one more piece of dead wood a new decent manager would get rid off in the summer. Hopefully no trace of him nor Wenger next season a Arsenal..

Cheesed off

The one word that stood out in this interview is the word “hopefully” – there is the issue with Arsenal football club and players!! “Hopefully” we will perform against Liverpool, not we are going to work our socks off to do so!!! I could hope I get my work related bonus but what good is hoping if I don’t put the effort in to make it happen? Ugh!!! Rant over!!!

Ï äm Kãnnän

Wenger never plays to the strength of the opponent. You have a team like bayern where you need results and experience you need fast legs. You put iwobi that what will he do to the bayern defense? Playing against bayern entauls work rate character positional discipline composure and professionality. You go there as if your playing against burnley.

He's got no hair but we don't care...

An Arsenal player saying they’ve let us down, yep, we haven’t heard that before.

Samuel Ogungbayi

The front windscreen of any car is bigger than the rear screen. Why? There should be less emphasis at what is behind ,rather the driver needs to have better view of what is in front as he moves on . There is every likelihood of a crash if the driver concentrates in looking at the rear and not the front where there is a larger wind screen. Some Arsenal fans are glued to the past when many fans and neutrals have dispationately talked about the problem in Arsenal as that of management. Those glued to the past praise Wenger’s past… Read more »


They let Wenger down every year.


Winning teams have consistent players.
Good coaches breed consistency in players.
The only consistently good players we have had in our team over the past 2 years are Kos, Monreal and Sanchez.

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