Thursday, February 9, 2023

Arsenal give update on Bellerin progress

Arsenal have not ruled out the possibility of Hector Bellerin playing some part in this weekend’s game with Hull City.

The club have confirmed that the Spaniard is making good progress after suffering a concussion in Saturday’s defeat at Stamford Bridge. The right-back didn’t lose consciousness, however, he was left dazed and confused by Marcus Alonso’s flying elbow and was substituted.

statement released by the club on Wednesday confirms that Bellerin continues to be monitored in line with the FA’s guidelines. It reads:

“Our Spanish right back is now in the final stages of the FA return to play protocol for concussion. He has had daily assessments and successfully completed each step of the graded progression so far.

“Hector will be further assessed on Thursday and Friday, prior to a final decision being made regarding his availability for full training and Saturday’s home match against Hull City.”

If the club decided against risking Bellerin, it’s likely that Gabriel will continue to deputise.


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Well, some good news this week. Will be good to see him back, he really adds a big offensive threat to our team that Gabriel doesn’t.


Losing Hector so early on against Chelsea was such a pain in the dick. We definitely lost a lot of attacking threat once he came off. I am not too sure about Gabriel at right back either. I think he looks really poor at times. it just shows you how much of a fucking cunt Debuchy is, if he wasn’t such a fucking loser he could of been right in the mix for for first team places over the last month or so. Arsene really fucked up by not moving him on already and getting another right back in. At… Read more »


It seems a very short turn around for a concussion injury. Not sure about this. I wouldn’t like to see him attempting any headers. Vital as he is i think another week off might be the wiser option.

Heavenly Chapecoense

Totally agree but how would he look with the same hat (helmet?) as Cech ?


Like a helmet


What’s happened to Mathieu? Any updates on his recovery because Gabriel isn’t effective going forward.

Heavenly Chapecoense

As a parent, I had to read about concussions in school. First week after it happened, no sport, no activity that forces you to think, no TV, only sleep and sleep again. After he is back, the slightest symptom and it is another week off.


Even if the FA clear him or if the Arsenal doctors clear him, I still think he should be rested for the Hull game atleast. Sorry but I just dont trust the competency of the doctors at Arsenal.


You mean the same doctors who helped write the guidelines?


No rush he’s young and has a fantastic opportunity to become one of our best, his health and wellbeing comes first. It’s hull City! Not to underestimate them but surely we can dip into our big squad and find another solution.


We can be rubbish or good against Hull, with or without him so give the lad extra time. 🙂


…that’s what I heard his mum say anyway 🙂


I reckon we can afford leave Bellerin out for this Hull match away. It should be easy like the Watford game.


*Anyway (not away).

Wenga boys

Mustafi rb Gabriel cb please.


That might be good option. I agree with all sentiment here about Gabriel not bein so good going forward, but I think he’s covered Hector remarkably well defensively. I’d even go so far as to say he was one of the few bright spots on Sat. Didn’t put a foot wrong at back vs Chelski.

Why Not

Agreed. I wouldnt even mind seeing him in cb and give mustafi a break, once hector is back. Looks like the german could do with a game or two off.

David C

Mustafi might be slower than Gabriel. Jenks or Debuchy for me. Otherwise, why are we paying 3 rbs

Thierry Bergkamp

The main thing is he’s ok. If he needs more time off, so be it.


Let’s go for young guy Robb holding to take the position, for Bellerin I wish him quick recovery.

Theo's Wall-cot

Let’s not Rob Holding to p(l)ay Paul(ista). Give the young lad a chance.

Also I would not make it in the world of headline writing!


I thought Stage 1 was 14 days. Is Arsenal Football Club an enhanced care setting’?

Nasris wallet

No. It definitely is not.


Our confidence aside, If they meet certain criteria, which it sounds as if they are claiming to, then yes it is technically considered an enhanced care setting.

His activities are under constant monitoring and evaluation I’m assuming, and hoping, for the sake of his good health.


He’s going to be key for us. He just adds that much more to our attack. We should on paper have enough to beat HULL even if our midifield has been porous. I think Elneny has just come back from a tournament so the wise choice would be to persist with Ox and Coquelin. These things take time and hopefully the pair can strike a better balance. Individually Ox has been great but he doesn’t help Coquelin yet who seems panicked with the deeper role. Nor was Koscielny any good last game. He will need to step up. I’m not… Read more »


I reckon that doctors at Arsenal monitoring Hector are probably more competent and more accountable than any of us to give the ruling over whether he is able to play or not. For all that our medical team might have missed to do one can not accuse them of rushing players back from recovery and risking their health. I just hope that Gabriel wont start at RB (although I know Arsene and I know he will play Gabriel) and somebody else gets a chance if Hector sits on the bench. Gabriel is not only ineffective in attack, he is also… Read more »


Or we could go full george Graham anfield 89 and go with 3 centre backs


It’s up for grabs now…..Thomaaaas!

Donald's Trumps

Hundreds of John Terry’s crossing the Thames every day. Big danger. SCARY! #BuildThamesWall, #MakeNorthLondonGreatAgain


What on earth is going on with Debuchy? With Bellerin we have two of the best right backs in Europe. Who is managing this team ffs?


Debuchy must play


In an ideal world we have a perfectly good back to Bellerin in Debuchy.

Question is, does Debuchy actually want to play for us? With no offers for him in January, he’s probably best to get his head down and start actually earning his wages.

Of course, Jenkinson is also an option, and what a story it would be if he could get a game or two, get his confidence back and transform his Arsenal career.


I think this is all pathetic to be honest. I’ve done boxing for years and I’m still here!


3 weeks for concussion

Windell Wignal

Monreal has not been up for it this season…I would change it up and start Gibbs at LB and Holding RB..


Gibbs has been woefully under-used. He would have hacked Hazard down last week and stopped the 2nd goal. Then we would have drawn and only been nine points back. Free Kieran and Danny.


I read on espn that many fans, or so called fans and of course non-fans bashing Ozil after remarks made by Ballack about asking ozil to leave Arsenal & join Bayern.
I am angry with many of the comments coz they are untruths and half truths.

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