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Cech calls for consistency after needed win

Petr Cech says Arsenal must treat each of their remaining games ‘like a final’ as they look to close a 12 point gap on leaders Chelsea.

Alexis Sanchez hit the goals as the Gunners overcame Hull City 2-0 at the Emirates; a victory that should restore some confidence after two disappointing defeats in a week.

Arsene Wenger’s players now turn their attention to the Champions League and FA Cup with Cech underlining the need to put together a run of results.

“We need to be consistent, that’s the first thing,” the keeper told

“We have periods when we are doing really well, then we had a week when we lost both games and didn’t play well, so we need to make sure that after a performance like today we carry on and improve where we can.

“We need to make sure we are ready for every game because each game will be like a final.

“We really needed this win. We fell 12 points behind and there are not many games to be played now. They have a big advantage, Chelsea, so we need to make sure we keep winning our games.”

Arsene Wenger echoed Cech’s take on things by urging his players to stay focused despite the fact their title hopes have faded dramatically.

“I said on Thursday that we have to fight no matter what the gap is,” the boss told his post-match press conference.

“The best as much as we can and the first to find some confidence back. When you lose two games that’s what you fight for. For us, it was just important to win today.”

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The Mert

You want consistency? Start Alexis, Welbeck, and Lucas up top ?

Tom Gun

And that would be consistent would it?! A brand new front 3 who have never played together!!

I do get your point and I like that as a front 3 too, but it’s anything but consistent!! ?


You mean drop our most consistent and best performing forward player this season (Iwobi) for a player coming back from a lengthy layoff? Thanks God you’re not the manager.


Now I can guess how Lucas, Joel and Ospina feel sitting on the bench every match day regardless of their form. I’ve been commenting on this site for 3 years, never contravened any rules, but I’m always on moderation.


I noticed Theo wearing a short sleeve shirt yesterday against Captains protocol as everyone else had long sleeves! Has discipline broken down?


He also recently had Flamini’s portrait tattooed on his bicep, maybe he just wanted to show it off?


Lead by example.

Consistently prevent shots from going in at your near post. Heard everyone talk about Cech bringing a mythical 12 points to our team when he was signed.

Boy could we do with 12 points now

Discerning Dodgem

Interesting to note that we are behind Sp*rs on same points because of an inferior goal difference. If the points and GD are same, how are the teams ranked then? Is the Goals For the next crtierion for ranking?


Goals scored is the next criterion. The tie-breaking rules apply to all levels of league. If two or more teams have identical points totals, goal difference, and goals scored, and their positions in the table do not affect European spots, promotion, or relegation, then the tie is a tie. However, if European spots, promotion, or relegation ARE affected, then there will be one or more tie-breaker matches played at neutral grounds, the format and order to be determined by the league.


I would like to see Elneny Ox and Xhaka in the middle with Welbeck and Lucas on the wings with Sanchez up top.
However, I am not known for my football management skills!


I agree with that. Thus Ozil would be dropped. Given his recent performances and the fact he’s been anonymous against Bayern before this would be for the best. Let the team be picked on form players.


Ozil will fare better in Europe and against a team that will not sit back and pack the box. He will also be very important for breakout balls to relieve pressure and attacking on counters.

I dont think we should put it all on Ox and mr 70% passing Alexis for all of our chance creation. We need Alexis to get in behind as well.


I was thinking Ox and Xhaka could hit the breakout passes? I just feel we need three strong CMs against Bayern.


Firstly you do not want to change things too much against a strong side. Secondly we need a balance between speed and youth and experience. A bit of calm thought and composure is important. Thirdly we need to transition quickly which is why Granit is so important. I belief the benefits could out weight the risk. He will need to be discipline of course. Fourthly Coquelin is needed. He is best played foraging higher up which is what Granit provides because Santi and Granit both tend to be positionally deeper and more conservative. In essence we will have Ox and… Read more »


Quick transition will be key. We can use both of them AND Coquelin. Ozil is also key. Last game he provided two very good chances for us early on in 7th and 8th minute. The first he intercepted and put Iwobi through only for the youngster to pass it back to him by wich time Ozil was closed down. the second he instinctively headed Alexis through but the Chilean had no purchase with his control in front of the keeper. Why won’t you play Ozil in this type of game. You’d be insane. He showed a lot of frustration and… Read more »


If we are going to be consistent then we are going to lose two out of the next three again?? 🙂


Well its always easy to take the negative stance and the “I told you so” approach.


As far as the “I told you so approach”… you seem pretty well versed in it. Jesus you’ve been calling out the people who wanted AVB as manager, what was that, 5 years ago?


Here’s hoping Ospina puts in a solid display against Bayern and keeps his place as a result, unlike Perez and Welbeck who despite playing with initiative are consistently benched for underperforming players.


Welbeck I understand. He’s returned from s long lay off after returning from another long lay off.

Perez however, I cannot explain. He’s this year’s Joel Campbell.
There’s always one.


We play consistently better with Ospina in goal.

Mesut O'Neill

Yes I remember everyone saying that when he flapped that goal in against olympiakos.


Not neccesarily.

Both keepers have postives and negatives.

neither is complete.

I think cech is better making decisions commanding the box and collecting crosses.

Ospina is the better reaction keeper.

So the disadvantage agianst Bayern would be Ospina collecting crosses. Lewandowski will be dangerous and we must prevent them from putting in too many crosses. Pressing them quickly in the wide areas will be key.

Toure Motors

The new djorou, petr newrou


Sorry, but no. Nice sentiments, but ‘Watford’ should have been one of these finals. I do not doubt Cech’s sincerity, but things really need to be internalised for now. Just start each game like you mean it and take it from there.


Arsenal fans are the worse. No fight. Today, Chelsea dropped points to Burnley. Seemingly on cruise control 13 games to go, they take the proverbial foot of the pedal. And the gap is cut to 10 points. You never know, a couple of back to back shock losses and that gap will be rapidly down to 4. If the team show the sort of belief some fans do , we will certainly have little chance to claw back the gap, even if seemingly close to mission not quite so possible. But the tepid atmosphere at the Emirates along with the… Read more »

Mesut O'Neill

So the team that chokes every year to let us finish above them has no mentality issues ? Go figure!!


Not that I don’t have issues with the atmosphere at the club, but as someone who gave his season ticket a few years back (got made redundant), I find it utterly difficult to criticise attending fans from the comfort of my own home. Those tickets aren’t cheap, so criticising them whilst being able to bring nothing to the atmosphere myself is something that irks me, so I stay quiet on. I’m not sure how you’re able to do it so brazenly (I’ve already asked you in another threat if you attend games and you said you didn’t). I dunno, maybe… Read more »


With regards Ozil, he’s the new lightning rod for unwarranted criticism. He made the two biggest chances for us to score early on in the 7th and 8th minute. He robbed the ball high up with an intercept and sent Iwobi through into the box. Iwobi then inexplicably over complicated things and squared it back to him by which time Ozil was closed down. A minute later he instinctively headed Alexis through into the box but the Chilean could not cushion the ball sufficiently. He was not want of trying either. Ozil looked up for it and was pissed off… Read more »


So, if Ozil is the lightning rod, does that make Theo the inanimate carbon rod?


The media won’t say it but Alexis is top scorer at the moment.

NO doubt they will turn it into a negative and say he is leaving because no contract and Arsenal are too small for his ambitions.

Arsenal fans are easy prey to the crisis mongers.

Coming soon to a theatre near you.


I don’t believe in the mental issue in the team is due to the weakness in the mindset of the players. If that’s true Arsenal has consistently over years bought quality players with a mental flaw in their baggage and that I don’t believe. What I see is a team too often lost in a lack of guidance of how to play, a team expected in the tactical world of modern football too find the “flow” and play by instinct. Due too the quality of our players, we most of the time succeed , but facing teams with equal or… Read more »

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