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Oxlade-Chamberlain: We won’t be looking at Bayern history

Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain says that Arsenal won’t be worrying too much about their past record against Bayern Munich as the Champions League clash looms on the horizon.

The Gunners face another showdown the German giants this week, and it hasn’t always gone well.

Bayern will be favourites as Arsenal look to progress beyond the round of 16 for the first time in seven seasons, but the Ox views it as a chance.

“You don’t look into history too much,” he said. “It is just two games against a very good side. But we are also a very good side.

“We have to make sure we play well on the day because we are going to have to if we are going to beat Bayern Munich. It is as simple as that.

“It is a massive opportunity for us to go far in the Champions League. We know that we can change some of the negative feelings around because of what’s going on in the Premier League at the moment.

“You are going to have to beat Bayern and the other best teams in Europe to win the competition. So I don’t know if you can get an easy game at this stage.

“You just have to take what you have got, take it in your stride and go for it.”

It may well be worth remembering the fact that although the knock-out rounds have not been good for us, we have had some success over Bayern in recent years.

Last year goals from Olivier Giroud and Mesut Ozil gave us a 2-0 win at the Emirates in the group stages; we drew 1-1 there in March 2014; and in March 2013 Giroud and Laurent Koscielny scored the goals in a 2-0 win at the Allianz Arena which meant it was only away goals that saw the Bundesliga side through.

So, it’s going to be difficult, but not impossible.

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Please, just shut up.
Put in a good performance.
Then we’ll talk.


As much as I like him, he and Theo just regurgitate this recycled motivational bullshit all the time. How about giving Gabriel the mike once in a while. He looks like he’d say something frank.


Leave me out of this.


You do realize they’re required to do media interviews, right?
And we would have nothing but made up tabloid stories to read if they didn’t.


We hear this rote-response all of the time.

It doesn’t matter a fig whether or not they are ‘required’ to do interviews, as even on those occasions that they might be they have full control over what they do and don’t say even if asked something directly, full control.


You go out and tell television cameras and every paper and website with the kind of guaranteed coverage he’s facing and say Negative comments about your boss and coworkers, then go on in to work for the next few months. If you last that long.

Sure, you’re in full control of doing it.

Besides, he might actually like them and want to be positive.


Who said it has to be negative? Watch out those moving goalposts don’t hit you or that you trip over that strawman.

So many morons around.


You mean because so many people critical of these quotes just want the players to say something uniquely cheery?

Heh. Yeah.

If that’s actually where you were headed with it my apologies. Otherwise you’re the only one moving goalposts.


Well said Bro. These boys are full of empty talks. He should do the talking in the field.


Yeah – just bored of hearing all of this total breeze before a big game against top opposition. We need to put in a performance against Munich. I dont mind losing as there is no shame in getting beaten in the allianz arena. But can we keep the tie alive? I’ll take a 1 nil defeat, or a 2-1 defeat, or any sort of score draw and obviously any win. I just cant bear to watch us take a fucking pasting and be out of the tie before it gets to the Emirates. Keep the tie alive and you never… Read more »


This result will ultimately determine the outcome of the manager and a number of players contracts. Failure to show up in both games and take the game to Bayern will no doubt confirm the growing consensus that this team under the current manager are incapable of competitively challenging for the major silverware


End of season will determine Wengers future NOT any one game.


The end of the season will see arsenal limp into 4th place, and make a deep FA cup run. The champions league will have long been forgotten since February, and all is right in the world with the arsenal faithful. Pathetic.

DAC Gooner

With respect, I don’t agree. I do believe the time has come for a change but… I don’t think he will leave at the end of the season. If things go badly I reckon he will sign a one year contract because the board will have realised they need him to be part of succession planning. It wouldn’t be just a coach we would lose if he left this year, it would require an infrastructure and that needs to be put in place with careful thought. I think he knows his time is drawing up a close and as always… Read more »


Really really liking the look of Ox in the middle. Pace, power, vision, discipline. He’s been unrecognisable.

Could also be a blessing in disguise for his injuries as well as playing on the wing needs more explosive moves which really don’t seem to have agreed with his muscles over his career so far.


Watching Chelski vs Burnsly and I have to say I’m jealous. What I wouldn’t give to have a winger like Moses or Pedro. Naturally wide players that run and run and then run some more. They do a job defensively as well.


Willian, too! I guess it is a different mindset – this thirst to steal possession. Only Coq has it in right amounts at Arsenal. These days even Alexis doesn’t bother as much.


I dislike Chelski.


Doesn’t everyone? 🙂


They were really poor in that match though


I don’t think it was so much chelski being poor. I think it was more that burnly set themselves up so well defensively. They were disciplined, they had a plan and it worked. How about conte making changes to go after the game and give all to win it. That was at 1-1 and at burnly would Wenger have done the same. I have my doubts. Throw on giroud at 78min and hope for the best.


Arsenal have beaten Burnley home and away this season.

Mas moiderer

I don’t think he’s ever been a natural winger. Wenger has this obsession that players must learn their trade on the wing before moving central. I think it hinders progress. Henry was a one off. Look how long it took to put cazorla there! Surely is better to play players in their long term position from the off. Fergie did it no matter the age of the player


Putting midfield players out wide who are not natural wing players but prefer to play centrally is beyond me. Especially in our system where players have a tendency to drift to the middle which clogs the passing channels and allows for easy defending. Walcott might be our only wide player but he cant beat anybody one on one unless you count himself. I’m not a chelski fan by any stretch of the imagination but conte certainly got it right with Moses and Pedro. Natural width, blinding pace and they love taking on defenders 1 on 1. I always thought Walcott… Read more »

Andy Mack

Cazorla played mainly as a winger in Spain.


Worst Bayern side we ever met though and they lost some of their German Machine team identity under Guardiola. So there are reasons to be more optimistic than we normally would be imo.

Still they are the favourites but I would give us a 30% chance up from 10% in the past. 😉


We have to progress. I have funny feeling this term. Who knows? We might bash Bayern 1-5 inspired by a certain Ox Chamberlain. He is that good for me. But as he said its all about performing on the day. A classic final v Real would be just alright.
I’m not kidding.

MrBrain + Ozil's vision

Bring home the 3points pls

Clock-End Mike

No points awarded. Just the goals count. It would be good to have some, and if possible, more than Bayern.
Clean sheet, anyone?

Roof attack

Good. Don’t look because it makes for depressing reading.


Ya, we never look at what opposition does anyway. Ask cesc, he’ll tell ya.


If we draw the first we have a chance. Xhaka back will be a huge boost.


I wonder do you play xhaka with chamberlain or play him with elneny? I do think coq goes to the bench though. Maybe chamberlain for Ozil and push Ozil wide. Would really like to see Perez and welbeck.


Agree with everything you say. Would like to see

Back 4

Giroud to replace Welbeck after 65 minutes to come and bully their centre backs and score a late goal.

Don’t think we have a chance if we start Coq in mf or Ozil as a 10.


Bayern will want possession at home. Xhaka + Ox is a tasty proposition going forward but defensively it is suspect to say the least.


Was thinking of Xhaka-Elneny-Ox midfield 3


I wonder if he will sit xhaka and elneny in front of the back four allowing them to break up play. Hopefully this stops Bayern from developing any sort of rhythm. Then try to catch them on the counter with xhaka spraying longer balls. Chamberlains pace could prove vital in this match. I doubt Ozil will be dropped even though this is a situation that is begging for the ox.


A high scoring draw. Or a sneaky win. I don’t think a clean sheet or a great defensive job at home is a certainty.


It would be a massive miracle if we get anything from this game. Not getting my hopes up though


You’ve figured out life, man


Aren’t all miracles massive? 🙂


I’m hoping for a ‘Return of the King’ Battle of Pelennor Fields style intervention by loads of dead / retired players who jump off of a ghostly ship, and basically just butcher everyone. That sort of thing would give us the edge, certainly over the 2 legs.


I hope Xhaka has spent his time off meditating on his reputation in the media and among refs, and in a few tactical sessions with Bould.


He should fucking do the talking in the field. That is a child’s talk.


I would be very surprised if we didn’t win the Champions League this season.
I fancy us strongly for the FA Cup too, but I think the Premiership could be just out of reach.
That’s the spirit eh?!


Absolutely, though I must admit I’m kinda tempted to put a fiver on Leicester becoming what would surely be the first team to win the champions league and be relegated from their domestic league in the same season!

Aleksander Włodarz

Let’s just hope that the ‘Diving Divine of Munich’ will not be playing … or/and that Ospina will be sharpish and close but no touching 🙂


Unfortunately robben was rested this weekend. He only came on in the last minutes of the match to secure the points. Arsenal will need to do a number on him. Our wide midfielder will not be able to shirk thier defensive responsibilities. I wonder if playing Gibbs as a wide midfielder might be wise. Walcott will get torched and imwobi is often times out of position or has to cover inside for Ozils lack of backtracking. Maybe welbeck. COYG


Would like see Coq and Theo gone. Both are huge disappoints and they bring me down down down down down

uncle D

What will be will be! Frankly I think social media is playing on their minds! Guess what most footballers do that are not married and are not training or in a game? I guess they watch and read a lot of media stuff….which most are junk…. Hey Gibbs must be learning he has not come to the press and said it is a must WIN GAME!! We still have a young inexperienced squad that will mature nicely I believe under Wenger.

Lord Bendtner

Now we are 10 points behind Chelsea. Could it happen?!?!?!?!!!????!?
I’m getting Hypertension…


Indeed its a long shot but we should not lay down like some fans feel because its ‘pointless’.

There are 13 matches to go 39 points!

A couple of insipid performance by the already champions as championed by the facile media and that gap drops to 4.

What we need to do is to maintain at head of the chasing pelothon.

If the leader tires or gets complacent on cruise control, we are there to pounce at the end.

dr Strange

You’re fucked if you can’t learn from history.


But you’re really fucked if you can’t see the future and push forwards instead of always looking back.

History is meant to be written. We need to do the writing not reading.


I agree with dr Strange. History is the key. Leicester won the title last season at odds of 5000/1. I’ve just bunged a ton on Middlesbrough to do it this season. History can’t be wrong!


This does have the taste and similarities to our tie vs Madrid many years ago. Like back then, we are struggling with our confidence, double digits behind the Prem leaders and in a real scrap for the 4th place trophy again. Yet we produced a gritty performance and Thierry did his thing at the Bernebeu and essentially, our season really got going from that game. We need to conjure up that spirit and let déjà vu repeat itself. I really hope Arsene learns from past mistakes and makes a couple of interesting changes to the starting 11 in Munich. The… Read more »


I mean we’ve won against spuer teams carrying some mediocre players in the squad on the day.

We have currently the league’s top scorer to unleash on Bayern.

If we get the mix right, we can be a handful.

bring back a draw (and some away goals) or better and we set ourselves for a fitting opportunity at the Library.

Lets go for it.


I would be happy if dholio gets to pick the team for this one.
And take over from Wenger when he decides to go.
The chap has done his homework!


I look at it as an opportunity because our gaffer has been so consistent delivering at MINIMUM fourth place or better for over 2 decades. Over last 3 seasons we have certainly finished better than 4th and added 2 FA cups. If we feel we can’t win the CL, then we have already lost. Remember Liverpool who have been inconsistent in and out of CL (like United) and who have never won the title in a Quarter of a Century. They won against Milan….with a decidedly very average team in a finals they were 3 goals down. Can our team… Read more »


Midifled for midweek will be key. There may be a temptation to persist with Ox and Coquelin because they are beginning to find a balance. OTOH, Granit has played with Coquelin and they also work reasonably well together. Coquelin is best hunting higher up the pitch which is why he fits well with Santi and Granit both of whom prefer to sit deeper. Certainly as an away game, we could also play a 4-4-1-1 and try and take them on the break. Ox looks sharp and can tuck in to help Coquelin/Granit partnership but also spring on the break. Tucked… Read more »



Big night for Ospina.

I think this represents a good balance of speed on either flank and experience which will be critical in the away leg, both going forward and defending.


Imagine as well Granit will tuck in just ahead of the Cbacks (almost a 3 at the back) and Coquelin will ravage forward to help try and turn the ball over quick which will benefit Alexis and Lucas.




How we hunt the ball back higher is key. Alexis, Ozil, Lucas, Ox and Coquelin have to be responsive but also hunt as a pack in close proximity.

Mustafi, Kosicleny and Granit hold a firm base triangle at the bottom in case the press fails and they counter.

Our fullbacks should play like wing backs a bit.


I still want dholio to pick the team.


I like Ox in the middle.
A Granit Coq is not the answer in my opinion.
But I am not a lady.
Gnite x


The other thing I’ve noticed with our attacks is we tend to ball watch too much. We need to anticipate better. For instance the front men (whoever finds himself near the box in the Alexis all over the place system) need to get close into the 6 yard box when they see either of Monreal or Bellerin accelerating with ball to byline. Most likely there will be a cross and to near post (which is what Giroud thrives on) Similarly, we do not move diagonal enough. Case in point late against Hull Walcott was waiting for an ambitious ball to… Read more »


Remember vividly Ox bossing the midfield when Poldi scored THAT banger against Bayern in 2014. More of the same please lads! (Apart from the result at home, which was 3-1)


I just hope the club do some specific tactical game-planning and homework on Bayern this season; their weaknesses and make adjustments to take advantage of it.

Lol, who am I kidding. A man can dream, right?
Let’s just hope for the best and hope we can screw them over.

Lars G. Ehn

Ox is in love and he seems to have found balance in his life, hehe


I advise you guys not to get too hyped for the game.

Arsene Gonner

There’s only one way Arsenal can win, if Bayern play like shit. Wenger doesn’t do tactics and Arsenal only ever beat a good team if they have injuries or are in some sort of crisis.

Bayern only have to be adequate to beat Arsenal, because they will do their homework and Wenger won’t. And their players aren’t a bunch of chicken shit pussies that bottle it every year because they have no belief in their own manager.

Arsene Gonner

Oxlade-Chamberlain is just a brainless runner. Play him in midfield with Ozil and expect to lose, because neither will chase back and even if they did they’re not defensively educated so it will just be numbers at the back ball watching, not defending. Seen it all before 1 million times. For once, it would be nice if Wenger would admit Arsenal are inferior, analyse the opposition and spend a week on the training ground figuring out a system and adapting the players to it. But no, he will just send them out completely underprepared. At this level, details matter, and… Read more »


That guy needs to start Imo he is full of energy and will scare any defender


Basically everyone, I mean everyone, has to turn up for these two games. We have Ospina in goal, that would boost the defensive lines. He is really a very goalkeeper especially saving close-range shots and during one-to-one situations. Ozil is playing on home soil. He will want to play well…and he will try his best to do so. We need speed on the flanks and upfront. And we cant have a forward (Alexis) missing, literally, by dropping back so deep. So play him on the left, Lucaz on the right and Danny upfront. Midfield-wise…Granit back in with Ox. We can… Read more »


Well said bro we don’t see at the history and we can beat Bayren GO ARSENAL GO GUNNER


It’s difficult to be up beat about this game after watching the recent poor performances. will the boss pick the right players in their best positions? Can we hang in their and try to keep a clean sheet if it’s not going well? Will we go all gun ho and forget about tactics, Like keeping shape ect Has this team learnt not to fold when under the press. Will needless individual mistakes cost us. Can we start a game with the right tempo to give ourselves a decent chance. Will we wait until 70th min to make changes. These things… Read more »

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