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Koscielny: We know we can beat Bayern

Although Arsenal come into tonight’s Champions League tie against Bayern Munich in shaky form, Laurent Koscielny is hopeful the Gunners can come away from the Allianz Arena with a win.

The skipper was one of the scorers when we last won there, a 2-0 victory in 2013 that saw the home side desperately try to avoid conceding another goal which would have knocked them out.

A 2-0 win over Hull at the weekend has steadied the ship somewhat, and the French international is looking for the team to continue that in Munich later on.

“During the season you know we will have some good and bad moments,” he said. “During the bad moments you see whether you have a good squad or not.

“I think we have responded well after the two defeats against Watford and Chelsea.

“We know we are capable of winning here. We did it in the past. We did it last year during the group stage so we know we can do it here.

“We know the first game here is very important because we have the second game at home.

“It will be important at home if we have a good result tomorrow.”

Let’s hope we can dig something out tonight.

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Everyone is hoping for Welbeck to start tonight, but we all know when that line up is published we’re going to see a front three of Iwobi – Alexis – Walcott…


On talent, yes, Welbeck should start, but based on match fitness, don’t think he’s ready.
Which is why he’ll come on as a sub on the 80th minute.


Walcott has done nothing to justify a start, nothing. Would rather see one of the young guns start if welbeck doesn’t.


I hear Theo is on the bench and Ox starts from Talkshite.


Apart from scoring 14 goals this season. Including 3 in 4 in Europe.


Go Kos! First name on the team sheet, just what a captain should be! Love you to bits! Fuck them up tonight.

Time for change

That kind of captain has won nothing for all his career. Neither with international team nor with Arsenal. That can mean only two things: either he is misfit or characterless one.


You think it’s “time for a change” so you decide to take a dig at our best player?


Yes, i don’t get it: Özil is here for that? He is the perfect pushing-ball, no? Not our Kos!

Time for change

Cos is far away from our best player. Look, for last 6 and half years he has done nothing useful in terms of the title. I agree that he can be our best player when it comes to Venger’s top-4. Cos has big mental problems despite he looks like brutal man. Let’s remember last-season match on Old Trafford in which we really needed a better performance.


“Cos has big mental problems despite he looks like brutal man.”

You’re one hell of a psychologist.


title is not won by one man alone. the entire team and manager has to work at their full potential to acheive any titles. in terms koscielny is one of only few players that stands apart from other players. if rest of the squad had the quality and consistency or desire of koscielny we would’ve won a lot of things.

i for am glad that in these circumstances he didint ditch arsenal and joined real madrid or psg when they called. true gunner

Buzzy Gurkha

Are you a retard in disguise?

King 14enry

I think it’s time for you to change which club you support if you think Kos the Boss is why we haven’t won the title.

PS, it’s Wenger. Show the greatest manager in our club’s history some respect please.


Spud troll. Well done you got a boatful of catch. Now eff off!


Koz is always having to clean up the mess in the back. Everyone is spilling the milk and there is koz towel in hand. Mustafi has made his headaches a little less intense but koscielny is still having to bail our defenders out. He’s arsenal thru and thru.


He captains one of the biggest teams in Europe and has numerously represented one of the most consistently strongest football countries in the world. What have you achieved so far?

Make mine a Swiss miss

Well, he hasn’t won as much as Kos obviously, but in his defense he does seem to be a top class fucking idiot.


and I thought Pierce Morgan was the biggest idiot I had ever heard….unless….”time for change” whats your real name???


Are you John Terry in disguise? Fucking idiot troll, why don’t you just leave voluntarily before you’re banned.


On our day, we can do it. It’s quite simple really.

We just need maximum concentration from the start. Let’s hope we have learnt on that front.

As one of their players said the other day, a poor 45 mins in the Champions League can, and likely will cost you.

Turn up, switch on, and give our best account of ourselves and see where we come out.


We’re not exactly known for ‘maximum concentration from the start’. 🙂


But we started better the last match so let’s hope it’s a trend they’re working on.


And a bad 45 mins cost us…. 🙁


It could be a good time to play them, if the rumours are true and they have an unhappy camp.

I’m more confident after seeing the PSG-Barca anyway.


I hope it’s different this year,hopefully we can get the away goal and knock them out this time. Come!


PSG tore Barcelona a new one last night. Considering they could not beat us over two legs really says something about our form in Europe this season. We can do it! Let’s take the game to Bayern! #COYRG!!!


On that note,how amazing is veratti. If there’s one midfielder I’d like to sign it’s him, he’d be perfect for us.


He would be a perfect replacement for santi. That deep lying playmaker that Wenger so desperately needs to play in that 4-2-3-1 system. He has some bite as well. Playing him alongside xhaka would be an intriguing combination.

David C

perfect in that he’s almost always injured!!!

I’ll get my coat.

Lord Bendnter

Playing the devil’s advocate here. When we faced PSG, they were not in this kind of form. Now, they are used to playing their new coach’s tactics n style. A Cavani of current form would have scored a hatrick against us last time around. I hope we beat Bayern n it boosts our confidence n gives us motivation to play our game the full 90minutes. Then we can beat PSG, Bayern, Real Madrid, u name it


not even mentioned their new signing Julian Draxler, who has been really lethal for PSG since his arrival


The picture says it all really #surewecan?


Kos the Boss! We’ll need his leadership to steer our team, and maybe score a goal or two along the way. Can’t wait for tonight!


Blogs, I’m not sure of your approach to this game. Rather than aiming simply for damage limitation and scratching something out, I think we should go for the jugular, and do everything we can to win the match. We’ve never been good at containment, and scratching out results. We’re at our best when we go hammer and tongs, with a bit of a swagger. That’s what I’d like to see!


Yeah, absolutely. Let’s play with a bit of swagger, with our tails up! After all we are the ARSENAL! I’m getting fired up

Lula da Gilberto

Yeah I like how that sounds. But I’d go for containment in the opening stages. We can try and fuck em up later. Dont really wanna go in at half time having been caught on the counter three times and with 135minutes still to play.


i hope we play a team that played against southampton…by which i mean we drop ozil and play iwobi behind welbz sanchez walcott and xhaka elneny or maybe elneny coq behind him.


Why is it not “We will beat Bayern!”?

'desi'gner gooner

Well because his name isn’t Laurent Kostradamus…


Big games like these are what it’s all about. Sure we can win but I’ll settle for a score draw.


Big games like tonight are why top 4 finish every year is a high club priority and fantastic for true fans. I really don’t get supporters who don’t appreciate this year on year achievement.
Keep focus, keep 11 players on the pitch and no silly penalties.
C’mon the gunners..we have done it, we can do it, we will do it…


For all the focus on Mesut’s performances, its equally important we see the real Alexis tonight.

Never doubted his desire, but he’s not been in the best form recently.

I really think we need to grab a goal tonight if we’re going to win the overall tie…


You can. But you won’t.

Lula da Gilberto

I used to take the positives. For example, we have turned a corner, or to put it better turning a corner, Paris mullered Barcelona but couldn’t beat us, Munich aren’t all that this season, and going away first is usually the better order, but my better judgement tells me we won’t show up and will lose annoyingly such that the second leg is all but a complete write off, and then we show up for that leg but don’t quite make it. I really hope this year is different. I’m up for it, I’ll watch the game and cheer them… Read more »

chippy's chip

And kos has a look of real confidence! They arnt worry lines and he hasnt bitten his fingernails/fingers to the knuckle nearly!! Come on lads turn up and turn em over give us all a suprise.

Dr Zebra

I think, in many ways, this game might come down to Mustafi. If he is disciplined, calm, and smart with the ball and focused on his marking, not giving Lewandowski or Mueller any chances, we will frustrate the hell out of them and we will get a great result!!!!!!!!!
Come on Arsenal!!!!!!


I would like to see a 4-3-2-1 formation for tonight.
Coquelin-Ozil-Oxlade Chamberlin
Then at about the 60 minute mark bring on Welbeck for Iwobi.


Sure Lauren, sure. anybody can beat anybody but don’t we always say the same yet fail miserably in those big games?


In fairness, it didn’t look like he was wrong until he got injured. Sigh.


Y’all know exactly what’s going to happen…Get our asses handed to us by Bayern today then have a spirited game in the return game to just go out by a small margin or on away goals. Then because of that spirited game we’ll all get our hopes up believing this team can go the distance and that there is character and whatnots only to have those hopes slashed by this same team…it’s rather the norm for this team for the last let’s see..6,7,9,5,13 years? shoot I even lost track!


Guys remember, this is the first leg. No panic mode, please, if things go south. Salvage what we can if the script is against us, and do the job at home.

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