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Platinum members set for 3% ticket price increase

Arsenal’s Platinum members have been informed that their tickets will be subject to a 3% price increase ahead of the renewal for next season.

The following information was sent to members in that category this morning:

“I am writing to let you know of our pricing plans for next season in advance of the renewal window for Platinum Membership, which will open on Wednesday, 1st March.

“Having held Club Level seat prices flat for the past two seasons, there will be a 3% increase in the cost of your Platinum Membership for Season 2017/18.

“In reaching this decision we have taken into account rising costs and the need for continuous reinvestment and upgrades in this premium area of Emirates Stadium.”

Platinum Membership on Club Level starts from £2425 + VAT per person with the option to upgrade to seasonal dining from £1579 + VAT, so this is an option for those with some spending power.

However, given the income clubs generate from elsewhere it’s sure to frustrate some fans, and will generate worries that it’s the precursor to ticket price increases in other categories.

In February last year, the Arsenal Supporter’s Trust urged the club to freeze ticket prices until 2019, stating, “There would be no reason for putting the prices up in the next three years other than greed.”

Arsenal have assured Arseblog News that general admission prices will be frozen until 2018/19 as per a statement released last March.


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Shocking! Not only have the prices of prawn sandwiches and gourmet hotdogs doubled in the last few years, they’ve also stopped taking American Express at Club Level…

Ridiculous, what has this club come to?

chippy's chip

I think they call it a cash cow.


I’d like a 3% increase in matches won.


And a 3% decrease in injuries please while you’re at it, thanks.

Arsene's handkerchief

Beggars belief that this is happening, absolutely no need for it. How prices can be increased when the team is noway near competeing for the league or champions league, not to mention the huge revenue generated through tv deals. Every year this club continues to lose its values and identity.


Why only platinum? Given the teams performances this year I find it offensive. At least in years gone by we may have been finishing 4th but at least played with some swagger. Now we don’t even play decent football and only seem to turn up in the 2nd half. So perhaps the pricing system could follow suit, free for 1st half then paid 2nd.

Really starting to lose my affection for my football club. They certainly won’t be having anymore of my money until things change.


I’ve sold my ticket, for last season and this one, as it sends my blood pressure through the roof.

This club needs change and fast.


I wonder how much Kroenke Sports Enterprises will be stealing from the clubs coffers for ‘advisory services rendered’?

Possibly somewhere are the total of a 3% increase in ticket costs for platinum members?

Call me an old cynic…

David C

I wish I got a 3% raise every year at work!

Kroenke also moved his NFL football team from St. Louis to LA this year, he sure knows how to piss people off…

Matt K

Well well well Platinum Members, how much do you love Sanchez and Ozil? Your choice….YOUR CHOICE.


When it all comes down to it, the board are more interested in profits than success on the pitch. I can think of an 8 million pound yearly outlay which could definitely be written off. No personx regardless of their own personal wealth, should have to pay more money for this low standard of football by a team of perennial underachievers. The prices are already among the most expensive in the world, despite it being quite evident that this team isn’t even the best in London!


Don’t start moaning about this again. If you think it is too expensive just don’t buy the damn tickets. Same goes for shirts. We don’t NEED the new one yet we keep buying it every season. You do it for the club. Simple.


Just another example of the soul of football being jettisoned into the ether.


Its a business people. I know we don’t like it but that is the way it has become. And we have all contributed to this. Anyway, 3% increase targets the rich platinum members, not the general admission. Nothing to whinge about here.


Yup. This is, at least a price raise targeted at those who can afford it. Bloggers, Podcasters and such 🙂


So because these people pay a high price for tickets and are therfore probably richer than some it’s ok to rip the arse out of them ?
It’s ok to increase tickets prices of arsenal fans as long as it’s the platinum section.
Reidiculas argument.


Well it’s an argument that works with the taxation system.


I gave my season ticket away 2 seasons ago after our yearly collapse. I cannot justify paying that sort of price anymore. I am not sure how they can expect this hike unless something is dramatically going to change next season.


Absolute joke




I think if it was 2 pounds to go and see them play I still wouldn’t pay it,im still so disappointed over that performance Tue night even if we do go and beat Chelsea on sat I don’t think its going to make me feel any different,we blew once again…..

Micky budge

Typical, once again it’s us corporate shills who have to pay the price whilst the prols in the cheap seats will have their ticket prices frozen, shocking ?


If people don’t like the prices, simply don’t pay and stop going. Attending football is not an essential cost. I have stopped going due to financial reasons and I will go again once my situation improves, im not gonna complain about the prices they charge or increased pricing. Its upto every individual to analyse whether or not its viable to themselves at that time. If you don’t like the prices don’t go.


Also those who constantly moan at the need for pricing reductions would probably not get a ticket due to increased demand if they did. Supply and demand. They still sell out (or fairly close to sell out) every game, why would they feel the need to reduce prices if people are willing and paying the prices they already charge.


Does this apply to the fora?


its not just the season tickets prices along with the bus rises and the train rises and throw in a hotel its steadily going from working class being unable to afford to go, long term effect the youth wont attend because there parents cant afford it snowball effect, being more widely available on line and on tv people will stay away, but through gritted teeth and the love of the Arsenal on we trundle


And to think our primadonna players get paid for the kind of effort on tue evening. What a job. Get st.uffed blood suc.king worms.

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