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Alexis unveils giant statue of himself in Tocapilla

Alexis Sanchez has unveiled a huge statue of himself in his hometown of Tocopilla.

The monument, which features the crests of all the clubs he’s played for and giant replicas of the Copa America trophies he’s won, depicts the Chile international in trademark pre-free-kick pose; chest puffed, hands on hips, short leg rolled up and all…

Alexis was all smiles as he carried out the unveiling in front of hundreds of locals; a far cry from the upset figure he cut in Buenos Aires 24 hours before when Chile was defeated 1-0 by Argentina.

The striker stuck around long enough to gift the sculptor the shirt he’d worn the day before and then jetted back to Santiago to rejoin his international teammates. Chile are currently sixth out of 10 teams in the South America World Cup qualification table and risk missing out on the tournament in Russia next summer.

On the off chance Alexis signs a new deal at the Emirates, bangs in another 165 goals and wins us a couple of titles he might get the chance to unveil a statue of himself in London.

Insert suitably emoji here.

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Toure motors

Sculpted by the Chilean Jez Maxwell… “I am such a big head”


Am I the only one searching for Arsenal’s crest?

DAC Gooner

There is a wider view photo that shows it to the right as you look at the image.


It won’t arrange his already huge ego…

Heavenly Chapecoense

Just that the money to thank Tocapilla with a new football ground will be on top of his contract demand.

Little Mozart

He has to stay at the Arsenal now or else this grand statue will be outdated within a few months. Priorities, right?


I know we all love Alexis, but isn’t this a bit ridiculous? When it came to light that Mario Balotelli put up a statue of himself in his house everyone thought he was a nut job. Alexis gets one put up in the middle of his hometown and no one bats an eye?

Terry Neill\'s conscience

He didn’t commission it himself!! He has done a huge amount for his hometown…….given lots of money and set up charities and he loves his dogs……top bloke…….oh course unless he leaves this summer then forget everything I just said!

Bould\'s Eyeliner

You have forgotten that when Mario Balotelli did it, he asked for it himself. This was a gift to Alexis from his hometown. Very different to wank one out or get a blowjob… if you need a clearer comparison…


The comparison was spot on.


I agree, toe curling cringe!!

George Graham.

Ankle looks ok.


Only player who is trying at the moment………get to fuck away from Arsenal Alexis.
Also why does a great guy like Coleman have to suffer?
Woke up with a sinus job, and Im rightly pissed off today.

canon 10000

I know behind closed doors, consenting adults, none of my business and all that but sinus job sounds down right painful. Feel better


100 National selections, 2 Copas, highest transfer amount in the Country. Big thing for a town of 20,000. Good to see he’s got no ankle brace…

canon 10000

Trophies and club crests are all right but where are Atom and Humber????

Ashish Mann

Would they add another clubs crest once he leaves Arsenal this summer


Watched the Argentina/Chile match and with all the great players on show like Messi, Kun, Di Maria, Higuain, ect. ALEXIS was easily the best performer that day. He did everything but score. Did hit the cross bar with a wicked free kick though. Point is, we need to do everything to keep this player. He is a generational talent. It may seem like he wants to leave us, but he is a footballer after all and ALL footballers are mercenaries. Break the wage structure & make him the highest paid player in the Premier League. He is arguably the best… Read more »

Bob\'s Mexican Cousin

Fake news I hope?


Rumor has it that Alexis is demanding a larger paycheck and more passion from his team mates, to continue playing for the Chilean team. Colombia and Uruguay are front runners to sign him to play for them, with promise of quadrupling whatever Chile will ever pay him.

Mustafi love but it\'s over now

At least they didn’t give him a bulge like CR7’s one in Madeira. Still prefer the MJ one at Fulham though as statues of the living are largely mental, his is the most mental.


Another example of how full of himself this guy really is!!
Im sure he knows about the intention to build the statute and he can just simply and kindly refuse. But of course no if you are someone who is so full of yourself!


Why should he refuse ? The statue was built to honour him in his hometown. What a silly comment.

canon 10000

People use whatever they can find to validate the worst possible scenario. Says a lot about them than the subject in question I think.


Hope you watched the Venezuela vs Chile game. Same desire , same passion as when he plays for Arsenal. He should not kick the penalties though.


I just don’t get the critics about Alexis. He is the only one at the Arsenal always but always trying. If we had 11 players like him, who give their everything every single minute on the pitch, we would be Barcelona style. Why is he having a big ego, because he wants to play every single minute in every single game (and score)?
The South Americans are passionate people, I am sure he deserves a statue. I’d give him a statue any day to make him stay. And he deserves it.


Hey Swissarse………thankyou…….does no one else get it that hes the only one busting a gut at the Arse rite now?


looks like Alexis giving ‘Alexis in Disguise’ a jersey

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