Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Bild say Arsenal have approached Thomas Tuchel to replace Wenger

German newspaper Bild are reporting this evening that Arsenal have made an approach to Thomas Tuchel to take over from Arsene Wenger next season.

In news that we would take with a fairly hefty pinch of salt, they link the Borussia Dortmund manager with the Emirates job as speculation over the Frenchman’s job intensifies.

Speaking after the 3-1 defeat to West Brom, the 67 year old seemed to indicate he’d made his mind up about what he’d do when his contract expires in June.

“I know what I will do in my future,” he said. “You will soon know, very soon.”

“You will see. Today I don’t necessarily worry about that, because we were in a unique bad patch that we never had in 20 years.

“We lose game after game at the moment, and that for me is much more important than my future.”

43 year old Tuchel has been in charge of Dortmund since 2015, having spent five years at Mainz.

Bild also tends to be a bit ‘red top’ and the Arsenal board are a lot rubbish, so it’d be wise not to view this as gospel, but he is surely one of the candidates to replace Wenger if he decides not to renew this summer.

One to keep an eye on anyway.

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Tuchel also has a pretty sour relationship with some of the brass at dortmund, which is why he will be linked with just about every club that’s in search of a manager.


I’m see this guy a Wenger Mark 2. Nothing will change with him in charge. Dortmund are third in the Bundesliga like 20 points off Bayern Munich. He hasn’t won anything? He did nothing at Mainz what’s the point in getting him in? The best season he had was getting to the German domestic cup final, which he lost, and the Europa Cup semi-final which he lost as well.

This guy is not the answer.


You don’t understand football, do you?


Please – go on?


You are right though Jez. I clearly don’t know what I am talking, by saying I don’t want a manager to take over from Arsene Wenger who hasn’t won anything in his whole entire career.

In that theory we might as well get Steve Bruce in, at least he’s won a couple of play offs at Wembley.


He likes the high press and is known to regularly rotate his players, particularly using specific players and tactics for specific opponents. Opposite of Wenger.

Also calling on his record as an indicator that he’s not good enough is like 20 years ago people being mad that the Arsenal board hired a manager from Japan as their new coach.

In addition, he’s only been at Dortmund for 2 years and was specifically tasked to building a new young squad because in the tradition of Dortmund, they sold their best players the past 2 seasons.


And by all accounts he did an amazing job at Mainz, not at all a big club. But, yeah, he ain’t won nuffin!

Liam Bradys left peg

So what has he won then? Double negatives there. Tut tut. You of all people pfo

Liam Bradys left peg

Petty isnt it?


For better or for worse this guy is similar to klopp or guardiola. They care more about winning in style rather than winning itself. What you get is shitload of goals both scoring and conceding and hope to win a cup at some point.

I would have liked a more win at all cost manager like conte , Simone or allegiri.


Yeah, specifically those two, Klopp and Guardiola, haven’t won that muhc now, have they?



Klopp is a serial loser. How many cup finals has he lost?


How many did he win though? You can ask questions like these when you’re managing Barcelona, Real Madrid or Bayern Munich, but it makes no sense to demand cups and silverware from the coach of a club like Dortmund. Klopp won back-to-back championships, among them a double. That’s a singular achievement. The season before they won their first championship they came in sixth, a few years before they were on the brink of bankrupcy. So spare me that.


They only sold Gundogan and HM this past summer transfer and lost Hummels to free transfer. The year before they lost no one of significance that I can recall.

They still have a loaded squad after losing those 3 players. They’ve regularly been a disappointment this season. I’m afraid he’s a poor mans Klopp. It seems like he’s pretty much followed Klopps footsteps.


I’ll take a poor man’s club any day, remember, he won two back-to-back championships including a double and led them to the CL final. How is that for sucess.
Tuchel had to rebuild the squad after losing those key playres and they specifically brought in a new core of young an inexperienced players. Last year they’ve been phenomenal, this year they were expectedly flaky. They’re third and still in the CL, so a bit of perspective would be warranted.


*Klopp. Klopp won the championships and led them to the final.


That wuld be Gündogan, Hummels and Mkhitaryan, the three most impportant senior players and their captain BTW. Mkhitaryan was considered a flop until Tuchel revitalized him.


“As tradition Dortmund sell their best players” yeah we can talk.

Faisal Narrage

Makes him even more fitting then.


Come on you all, you know who it’s going to be with Stan in charge…

Bruce Arena.


The best name in football.


You meant soccer

High Plains Gooner

Immediately signs Landon Donovan on a free.


Is tuchel the right man to replace wenger? just curious as don’t really follow dortmund to see how he is as a coach


To be honest although I like him and think he plays good football going forwards Dortmund have been pretty vulnerable at the back with him, therefore I think we may end up with similar problems if he were to take over so personally i’d prefer someone else


I wouldn’t feel comfortable with him right now. He inherited a loaded squad 2015-16 and turned them around that season. It helped that Klopp his predecessor had a squad that played similarly to the style Tuchel plays. This season even though they lost 3 of their top players, one of them Gundogan(sp) didn’t even play that much since he was hurt in 2015-16 season, haven’t been that good compared to last season. They have been inconsistent. i think at this point he is a poormans Klopp.


Gündogan was pretty instrumental and one of their best players, so yeah, the departure was big. Hummels was their captain. They’ve been inconsistent, but that was to be expected, they’re playing not insignificantly with a core of talented teenagers after all.


A little obsessed with rotation for my liking.


I’ll take a poor man’s Klopp any day, remember, he won two back-to-back championships including a double and led them to the CL final. How is that for sucess.
Tuchel had to rebuild the squad after losing those key playres and they specifically brought in a new core of young an inexperienced players. Last year they’ve been phenomenal, this year they were expectedly flaky. They’re third and still in the CL, so a bit of perspective would be warranted.


Anyone is the right man to replace Wenger. I’d honestly, and it pains me to the soul to say it, take Alan Freaking Pardew over the delusional professor at this point.

Alexander Partridge

Crumbs. Arsene going to need his own poo meter soon. Farsene meter.

Leipzig Gooner

The Bild kind of is the German Sun and a rubbish newspaper over all, but they usually know what they’re talking about regarding sports. Interesting news!

Godfrey Twatschloch

A good friend in Berlin once told me how seeing Bild readers on the U-Bahn in the morning makes him feel trapped by the futility of life.


10 poos

The guy is staying for at least a year.

Nothing wrong here guv’ honest


Arsene will renew his contract for one more year!

You heard it here first..ish!


If Arsenal secures a ‘good ol british’ manager, would that then stop the ‘good ol british’ tackles that are flying in on Arsenal players week in week out and going unpunished???

Squillaci assault

Where’s Owen Coyle when you need him?

Godfrey Twatschloch

The press will have us going through many managers before we actually announce the one ourselves.


He hasn’t done anything fantastic at Dortmund IMO. On what basis are we going for him?


at this rate it’s going to be big Sam isn’t it…

Godfrey Twatschloch

Plenty of washed up England managers for us to choose from. Woy, Sven, Steve or why not Terry? V that is, not the C.


Quick…make sure we double the regular order of pies at the concessions.

Getso gunner

Has Tuchel really won anything big with Dortmund? Is He really the right man for us?


No. Maybe.


German instead of french. Lets do this. Lets get some englishman to get the crap mr.Wnger recieves for couple of years rebuilding. Then let trhwor rocks. Everybody is football manager nowadays. Thanks fm lineage..


To be fair he lost a cup final on penalties. And his team sat back after thinking they had already beat the bin dippers, but that was last season.

This season to many poor goals conceded, defensively all over the place.


What’s George Graham up to these days?


6 foot 1 i think


He’s under Daniel levy’s desk.


Get Lee Dixon’s geography teacher in.


Let´s get Ron Burgundy

Dan Hunter

At least we’ll stay classy

Dan Hunter

Now that I think about it, there is a resemblance between him and old man Kroenke… lovechild?


I want this guy…


Now is not the time for Wenger mark 2. Personally, I’d like to see Simeone replace Wenger. Completely different managers and he’d definitely reinstall that fighting spirit we currently lack and a “win at all costs” mentality. We need to find our backbone. We need that grit and aggression back like the Vieira days. You know…when we actually won stuff.


I’d like either Simeone or Jardim. Second tier would be Allegri, Tuchel, or Favre


Lucien Favre, hehas the formula to beat Bayern

That Gunner

Joachim Löw?


That would be awesome he could pick his nose and arsehole just before making contact with Moron-ho


If Wenger had done the decent thing after we’d won the cup ….Klopp or Pep would be our current manager and we would be much stronger. We’d have a sense of direction….instead we’re left with “yes” men to choose from.


Dream on. Arsenal would never pay for a guy of that Caliber.


Doubt Klopp would have cost that much.


arseblog quoting Bild! :O

The Sun in any language is still the The Sun


The problem i see is what has been mentioned numerous times before, no leaders on the pitch, nobody barking orders like adams, keown, paddy, campbell etc. The 2 games against bayern showed nobody in the defence or midfield had the skills or self-confidence to take it upon themselves to lead once Kos left the field. The game on saturday…if they’d worked on defending set pieces all week and not giving away corners(as you can notice with Mustafi desperately trying to not let the ball go out for a corner for the second goal), wouldn’t you think someone like Bouldy would… Read more »


Blogs, don’t we require the poometer for this ?

Too Drunk To Be Offside

Wenger needs to go, but this would be a nonsense appointment to replace him. The club needs a manager with a more proven pedigree.


I don’t recall Arsene’s stock being all that high when he arrived

Too Drunk To Be Offside

Wenger was a gamble that worked brilliantly … for a while, but then it went South again. The club needs to progress and needs a manager with a proven track record. The message needs to go out that Arsenal are looking to rebuild and become a winning club again. Replacing one manager who as not won any big trophy for a long while with another who has never won any big trophy for a long while is pointless. May as well stick with Wenger then. For the salary that Arsenal pay Wenger the best of the best will come. Target… Read more »


Give James Whitley the job!

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