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FA Cup semi-final date and kick-off time announced

The date and kick-off time for Arsenal’s FA Cup semi-final against Manchester City has been announced.

The Gunners will face Pep Guardiola’s side on Sunday April 23rd at Wembley, kicking off at 3pm.

Amazingly, the two sides have only met three times previously in this competition. Two goals from Charlie George helped Arsenal to a 2-1 win at Maine Road on the way to winning the cup (and the double) in 1971.

Before that Arsenal beat City 2-1 in 1931-32, and were on the wrong end of a 2-0 scoreline in the 1903-04 season.

It will be the second meeting of the sides in three weeks as City come to the Emirates on April 2nd, the first game after the Interlull which kicks in after this weekend’s fixtures.

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Really don’t want Chelsea to win the double. Also fuck Sp*rs winning it. Basically I want Arsenal to win. Amazing insight

Crash Fistfight

There’s a scenario where none of those things happen: Man City winning it.

Crash Fistfight

For all the thumbs down: I wasn’t saying I WANT that to happen! I’m not that guy.

Anyone who wants their team to lose is an idiot.

What I was meaning was that if we don’t win it, it’s possible that neither of those two scummy clubs and their shit fans will have a chance to gloat about winning it.


I think this comment will be well received.


I’m pleased our game is on the Sunday. We get to see the Chavs beat the Spuds the day before our match.
I don’t want Spuds to even have a sniff of winning a trophy.


Screw that, we’d have a far better chance against spurs than Chelsea I think! Plus a spurs arsenal major cup final would be pretty special, if terrifying..


I agree, I’d rather play Spurms in the final. but it would be nerve-wracking as hell. I’d be shitting bricks the whole week before the match, and graduate to cactuses on game day.


They’ll be many many red cards.

Feta Cheese

I’d like Spurs to have a massive sniff of winning the Trophy. Against us in the final they’ll score 2 early goals and lead throughout only for Arsenal to score 2 worldies in added time time to take it to extra time. Cazorla will return messiah-like to score an extra time hat-trick to drive home the misery for Sp*rs. They have to believe they’ve won it, before we can gloriously destroy their hopes and dreams.

José P

Can someone please advise how to buy tickets? I’m a red member, will they be on sale on website?


Probably not. I got one for the Wigan semi as they don’t have as many supporters and they became available for red members but unlikely for a game against a well supported, since they got the oil money, team.

David Hillier's luggage

There’s slim chance. We’re getting 32600 tickets. There are 30000 season ticket holders – if say 25000 take up the offer that would leave 7,600 tickets going to Silver members. Given the club tend to have ticket phases close together now (Red has been a day after Silver in the past for Semis and Charity Shield), I could see a few making it to Red

Also, City aren’t that well supported, I could see them giving up 5k.


All these rescheduling of our league matches is just going to put more pressure on our annual top 4 spot. At least then those creeps upstairs can sack Wenger

Judith Le'Strange

Do you really believe that our Board and Kroenke are likely to sack Wenger because I have serious doubts over that they would even consider sacking him, for one he makes them money and that’s all they seem to be interested in, not winning trophies of any kind. But we can always hope they have a change of heart and he’s out the door on the last day of the season. Then the next question would be, who would they bring in as a replacement? Allegri has been mentioned as a possible replacement, then there’s Diego Simeone and both these… Read more »


What has this to do with Semi Final date.


Is that David Bowie with a mexican moustache in the background?

Dan D

Exactly what I thought.


That is one hell of an observation. Attention to detail by any chance?


Thanks. Couldn’t quite work out why it was so familiar. My first thought was Ed de Goey’s slightly less unattractive twin.

Cyprus Goonatic

David bowie in the background ????


With a stick on moustache!

Moley mole the mole who lives in a hole


Crash Fistfight

There’s either something relevant about the image (not that I can work it out) or blogs got bored and just wanted to see a pic of David Bowie.

Ned Flanders Bible

Remember the 71 match, the pitch was normal in those days.
Can you see a modern day Premier League side playing on surfaces like that.

Crash Fistfight

I remembered Chelsea playing on a pitch entirely made of sand and thought it wasn’t that long ago, so I looked it up.

It was 14 years ago ffs!

Man I feel old 🙁


Great re-living the 71 footage and remember the game clearly. Can it really be 46 years ago !


Gutted it’s on the Sunday, I’m doing the marathon!! At least it’s incentive to get round quicker and in a pub before kick off!


Fuck Pep and his shitty team


I want a NLD final, where we trash em


I didn’t know that David Bowie was a goonere and went to matches in disguise – until now.


We get 32637 tickets. For 44k season ticket holders. Once away season ticket members take theirs. So let’s say 28k tickets for 44k season ticket holders. Questions: 1Will City get the same? Strange if they do as there always seem to be bundles of empty seats at the Emptihad. 2. Given Wembley capacity, where the fuck do all the rest of the tickets go? Oh yes, to the touts who simply get on the phone to their pals at the FA, comprised of such football worthies as the Oxford and Cambridge Univ football associations. I mean, how fucking anachronistic can… Read more »


There are also some 10,000 “Wembley Club” members who paid an obscene amount of money to get tickets to every event held at Wembley. They get their allotment even before the FA get theirs.

A Different George

I don’t think the 1904 defeat should count–still in Woolwich.


Is that David Bowie in a fake mustache behind them??

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