Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Report: Juve lining up cut-price Sanchez offer

Juventus will offer Arsenal €30 million for Alexis Sanchez this summer, according to a front page splash in today’s Corriere dello Sport. 

Buoyed by the Gunners failure to tie down the 28-year-old Chile international to a new contract the reigning Serie A champions believe they can snatch the striker on the cheap.

“Here is Alexis Sanchez – Juve, another champion!” reads the headline in the Italian publication, which seems somewhat optimistic given Arsene Wenger has already said he’s willing to keep Sanchez, who signed from Barcelona for a fee in the region of £35 million, until his deal ends in July 2018 even though that would mean forfeiting a transfer fee.

Sanchez, who is understood to have turned down a contract from the Gunners taking his wages to £180,000 a week, is thought to be open to a return to Italy having enjoyed a previous spell in Serie A with Udinese.

Sanchez has also been linked with a move to big-spenders PSG who’d likely be able to blow the Old Lady out of the water if a bidding war was to ensue.

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Evacuated my bowels on that one!


10 poops. Not because he wouldn’t leave, but because we won’t be offering discounts this summer.


Sanchez needs to stay if Özil stays! He sulks, he snubs the fans, he behaves like a 3 years old child, he shoots like a headless chicken and still fans love him. The good guy vs bad guy works and i’m sure Sanchez won’t find this comfortable situation elsewhere!


If Sanchez wanted out I’m certain we would recoup more than what we paid. €30m is a lot but its probably cheaper for Arsenal to forego that sum & get another season out of Alexis


I honestly think Juventus are interested…but 30mil buys you a Bolasie not an Alexis feckin’ Sanchez. Would rather keep than flog him cheap like that.

Getso gunner

Iam tired of all this, give him what He want or let him go but if he goes, very difficult to replace Him


Kroenke will sell because he’s an oxygen thieving fuck witt.
we need to get this cretin out ASAP.
Leadership comes from the very top, as long as we’re turning profits he considers us to be successful.

Bill mcbillerson

No Kroenke won’t sell because they offer less then what we paid for him. Say what you will about him but he is a billionaire business man, and even a poor chump like me knows it’s not good business to sell product for less then paid for.


It’s obvious he will leave. Not solely down to the money. But he wants a crack at a title and the Champions League. He won’t get either at Arsenal. And it’s a van Persie situation all over again.

We are attractive only by virtue of the money. No one who is serious about medals will come to us in the current state. Which is why we need to change it.


We can give them his jersey for 30M, get the fuck


Alexis Sanchez not for sale at any price!


Utter bollocks


If this was football manager, id tie him down to 500k/week contract and sell a year later. Never let anyone go for cheap

Kwame Ampadu Down

I can’t help thinking Arsene going would make Alexis staying much more likely.


Surely that depends who replaces Wenger? Can’t see him hanging around if Owen Coyle gets it ?


Agreed, but what about if Holloway takes over? I think all our top players will stay just for the ride!
In Ian I Trust.


True. I have the same feeling. But if it comes to that – choosing between the manager who we owe soooooo much and Alexis, I would just say – ‘get the fuck out Alexis!’

Kwame Ampadu Down

That’s hardly the point though is it ? No-one’s suggesting it’s either or.

What I’m saying is the ‘all our best players will leave if Arsene goes’ argument (that is always put out there as a reason for him to stay) no longer rings true…….


What ? You mean van Persie, Fabregas, Nasri and Cliche might leave if Wenger does !!! Perish the thought.


He wants to leave. His attitude sometimes on the pitch shows a frustrated figure. He is nice and committed. But clearly he does not believe he can achieve major success here. Who can blame him? And South Americans strikers are not known for incredible fidelity to european clubs and its normal, its not their continent, they are far from home and most of them are fans of their boyhood club which are often south americans one. Thanks Alexis if he goes. We will keep the good memories !


It’s Corriere dello Sport guys, so move on…


I think there’s very little chance of Alexis still being with us next year. The most important thing is 1) Don’t sell him to another English team, and then 2) Get as much as you can for him. Try and get a bidding war going with Juve and PSG.

And then of course, reinvest it once done.

For €30m we’d be better off keeping him.


I think he will end up going to Juve or Atleti. Atleti is my bet since it looks like they’ll be selling Griezman… they’ll be in need of a wc player and Alexis is somewhat similar to him. They’ll splash the cash if Wenger asserts that we rather keep him and let his contract run out. Use the money to buy a younger replacement.

Xhaquelin Kostafi

Atletico are approaching crossroads of sorts as Simeone is definitely leaving, summer of 2018 at the latest. Does not look a perfect setup for a player hungry for an established contender


Blogs, I do wonder why you post bogus transfer news like this? It really only perpetuates negative vibes and stirs shit. We’ve got enough of that at the moment.
Spreading it is only a level above the drivel that the newspapers invent and we all know you and this website is so much better than that.
You’re a very credible news source these days and lazy journos love to take your material, so why give them another outlet to spurt this shit on their own mediums?
Why does this get coverage compared to other news trash? Just curious

Stewart Robson's therapist

So that we may all indulge ourselves putting emoji shits on them.


Well at least we can agree that both Arseblog and you are in denial.

Winterburn 87

€30 million + Pjanic as Santi Cazorla cover for next season

Stewart Robson's therapist

For £30m, what would be the point? We may as well keep him and have a fighting chance for the league next year.


I poop like 3-4 times a day and never get thanked. Arseblog, you truly appreciate me *tears of happiness*

Christopher Wreh

He looks frustrated he really does, he wants to win. I’d still risk keeping him for another year though, he alone will be fantastic drawing power for players and, dare I say it, a new manager. What if we win the league next year *chortles*? Then we’ll be in a great position to keep him and Ozil.

Huge summer for the future of the club ahead, I’m apprehensive.


But if we dont, then Alexis goes to make CFC, City stronger. Sell Alexis and buy a younger replacement with that money. There will be a lot of strikers available this summer.


Hope there are quarantine laws from UK to Italy. That would put him off.


In other news I am going into Jack Barclays this afternoon and will be offering them 30 bob plus yesterday’s Evening Standard for a brand new Roller.
Let’s see how I get on….

Big Dave

Sanchez has a history of only staying at a club for a couple of seasons then moving on…… unfortunately.

Ex-Priest Tobin

Sanchez is a winner and he is working under a manager who is these days perpetually a loser. He is 100% going in the summer and I support that to be honest, he deserves better. We need to ditch Wenger and build anew, but we all know that isn’t going to happen.


I really think he’ll leave.
If Arsenal haven’t tied him down by now, then really, it’s all over.
I think he wants out of this ‘nearly’ club.


We let our best players get to the final year of their contract. That’s our our policy. Wenger and Gazidis have been here before. Countless times. How can you be surprised.

If he wants £250k they should have given it to him with a 5 year contract. Then if he wants to leave we get £60-£70m for him instead of peanuts.

I don’t get it. After 10 years of this why couldn’t they anticipate this exact scenario when many of us could?


I’m surprised anyone is even contemplating this?
I think it probably will happen under this owner.
But it shows how the club have zapped all enthusiasm from It’s fans, that there’s an air of inevitability that we’ll lose our best player, and some are already resigned to it.
No ambition to do anything but run a profitable business


Sell Alexis if he doesn’t renew. We’ll get more than €30M for him. Buy younger replacement who won’t need to be put on 200K-250K a week. Buy world class winger to help make up for Alexis’ goals and assists.

Jack Kelsey

Hmmm – but are the ‘world class’ replacements everyone keeps talking about likely to choose us when the Chavs, City, MU, PSG, Barca, Bayern etc are also in the hunt? Ozil and Sanchez are the only ‘world class’ players we’ve signed in the last few seasons, and they were tempted by what appeared to be the prospect of significant silverware with us, which hasn’t happened. So with nothing likely to change there and the big money on offer from other clubs with a better record of success, we’re likely to be left looking at the good-but-not-quite-world-class individuals again. Groundhog Day… Read more »


£250k a week is £12m a year.

Letting a player of that calibre in his prime go to the last year of their contract costs a potential £50m when you have to sell.

Maybe I’m terrible at basic arithmetic and accounting but I can’t see the decision here? No brainer.


Right. N if Arsene retires or moves up the board at the end of this season n allegri replaces him? 30 mil for dybala + alex sandro?

Thierry Bergkamp

Bring in Allegri or another manager who is a proven winner. That may brighten the mood and raise the quality and expectations around the whole club. Only that way might Alexis be tempted to stay. Keep Wenger and Alexis should pack hisbags at the earliest opportunity.


I’ve had a CUNT of a week and now you post this shit
Fuck off
He’s staying


We didn’t do it to annoy you


Entirely possible, we’ve seen exactly this happen before.


Is already quite clear in my view. Arsene will sign. Hes not teady to go. Alexis will leave. What possible selling point do Arsenal have to keep him? We haven’t met his salary.. the team has struggled against good opposition again… my focus would be on keeping others like Ozil and Chamberlain and buying some quality in what would be Wengers last year or two year deal. Dump our shit players and be ruthless.


Thnk8ng about things like succession. .. would it be a good thing to have Bergkamp or Henry type come in as assistant to work with Wenger during his final contract?? I think Arsenal are a fifferent type 9f clib and therefore we need a difgerent approach. If Wenger does go now or later if we do not build now for the future we’re gonna be in a worse position than United/Moyes and the dutch psycho…

George the Gooner

Kroenke Out!


Klopp also interested according to German paper. And honestly Sanchez is like the super version of what Klopp looks for in his players. Big engine, unbelieveable work ethic, rarely injured and can just go go go all the time.

But they probably cant afford him, more likely end up at Juve or Psg if he goes. And besides I truly hope we are done supplying our direct rivals with our best players. Sell him abroad even if a English club offer more money.


Yeah. Please don’t sell him to city or chelski. When he goes send him to Italy or France, for that matter anywhere but England. Thanks for the memories Alexis.


Not less then 80mil if poga is 100 mil then alexis is 150mil. If he wants to leave china will be there to pffer the money.

Anteneh Ademe

Come on guys. What’s the worst that can happen if he leaves? Finish fourth in the league and get blown away at the knockout stage?

Jack Action

I would think he’s gone. I’m putting money on us not making the top 4 this year. It had to happen eventually. He won’t stick around for a team playing in Europa league.

Mickey C

Clearly he believes, as do many of our fans, that there is no hope of success under the current regime. And if he does go I will aplaud him and thank him for what he gave to us in the short time he was here. Scandolous that this contract situation wasnt sorted at the start of the season and we thennall wouldn’t be in limbo and that, my friends, is down to one man!

Alexis – the only “winner” we’ve got!


£180,000/week is the wage that arsenal are prepared to offer Sanchez. Who the fu$& are they kidding. Are they having a laugh. That is mental. I’m not saying pay him China wages but for fu$&s sake he has got to be in the neighborhood of 220 or 230/week. Arsenal are crossing the Rubican here. If they fail to secure Sanchez or Ozil and it is for the sole reason of being cheap bastards well the writing will be on the wall won’t it. No ambition or motivation to keep star players and no chance to win trophies. And that is… Read more »

Andy Mack

Without knowing the rest of the contract he’s being offered, just the guesstimated weekly salary means very little. You really need to know stuff like Image Rights etc


He has been good this season but 200k/w plus is silly money to pay for a football player. He could lose form next season (as he did last season). Would rather see us buy 3 top young talents.

Colin hockeysocks

Im not trying to be pessimistic and im gutted to tbink it but i genuinely can see him leaving this summer .

Andy Mack

Whilst it’s true that Alexis looks frustrated at times, I’m pretty sure it’s because he knows he’s not played especially well for most of this season. Chasing after the ball is one thing but his shooting has been pretty poor this season in most games (down to the same level as all the non ‘world class’ players we have…).

Manu Eboué

Sell him and bring back Nick Bendtner!!


Nothing the board can do about signing him on for an extension. Offer has been tabled but Alexis will likely weigh out his options end of season (or close to). Wouldn’t you? All these whingers prattling on about “the board” and its ‘failures’ miss the point. It takes 3 parties to make a deal. The Board can table an offer, a buying club may express interest, but the player (and crucially his agent) also has to agree. Right now, everything is up in the air. 1) He doesn’t know if Wenger is staying or leaving, nor does Wenger who will… Read more »


Rather sell him to PSG for 50-60 million than let him leave for nothing next summer. Though if wenger extends for 1 more year it is possible we will let him run down his contract


Sell him to the highest bidder and move on, to say he is irreplaceable is bullshit. He is very good, world class even but he is no messi or even Suarez.

Godfrey Twatschloch

I agree on this. Great player who has been excellent for us but bottom line is if he doesn’t want to stay then by all means he can go. He might be missed but we’ll manage.


I think that top 4 spot or not is going to be deciding a lot of things this year. Hang on folks, this is going to be a short-pantstainer of a season end.

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