Saturday, May 18, 2024

Video: Arsene Wenger speaks to BT Sport

Ok, it’s from before Saturday evening’s 3-1 defeat to Liverpool, but it’s still a very interesting watch.

Arsene Wenger talks about the current situation at the club, his future and more.

Read today’s Arseblog on the Alexis Sanchez bust-up and more

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When all is said and done, we’re never going to find another manager with Arse in his first name again.

Alexis, Atom & Humber

Good interview by Humphrey and I’m happy he pressed hard with those difficult questions. Wenger was defensive and it shows further why he should no longer lead this team and announce that he will leave in the summer so we can have some clarity.
He has lost the edge or maybe he never had it in the first place and you need that to manage a big club with big players with massive egos.


Umm.. he never had that edge? He bossed Ferguson and United in the first few years of his time here. He won the league without a single defeat after he predicted just that. He took a team to the CL final that was never supposed to be there (that team did not concede a goal for almost 10 games and the back-four was mediocre at best). That’s pretty impressive for a guy that supposedly never had “the edge”.


Decent interview but pressing hard by attacking him during a difficult period is almost like kicking him while he’s down. Arsene is a classy man and deflects well so it’s no surprise he kept trying. Asking about his contract when so many other factors are uncertain is a bit pointless imo. It’s almost as if all the press want him gone, but then who will fuel their cheap headlines and articles? Probably focus on the players next when they won’t have Wenger to shield them from the media. How many players have come out recently and tried to bear a… Read more »

Stringer Bell

Very interesting. Fasten your seat belts guys our man ain’t going nowhere. Unless we drop out top four.


Car crash will continue then


A decent interview this, and credit to Wenger for actually having the satchel to sit through it and be as honest as he could of been. I genuinely do owe this man so much, he has given me so much joy as an Arsenal fan since I was a boy. If I ever have the pleasure of meeting him the first thing I will be saying is to him is, thank you. With all that being said I just really hope he steps down at the end of the season. He has done everything he can do for this club,… Read more »

Mr November

That was painful at times.

Al Gilmore

I felt very strongly that AW had earned the right to have 2-3 seasons of competitive spending to be judged. I totally accept that to finish top 4 was the only aim during the austerity years between 05-13. And he achieved that. And no one else did that and certainly not with the budget we had during that time. I also accept that as a business our board wants stability and consistency more than anything so there will be no massive splurges of cash on multiple players at their peak for a “dart/punt at the big prizes”. So AW has… Read more »


I keep saying this.. Arsenal Holdings plc and Arsenal FC are 2 different entities. The former owns the latter, Arsene is general manager of Arsenal Holdings plc thus the manager of Arsenal FC. That being said, the board believes he is the most remarkable manager on earth for his business achievements and to top it off his remarkableness was seen on the pitch as well with his unbelievable immortal unbeaten run, which he predicted. The cash is coming in bruvs, the board are ready to wait for the light at the end of the tunnel with regards to Arsenal FC..… Read more »

Granit(e) hard!

Ridiculous comment!….even Arsenes worst critics, and I am talking professionals, not some angst blinkered fans never said he is in this for money, He is a multi millionaire many times over and he has been offered much higher wages top clubs in Europe during his illustrious tenure with us….yes illustrious!, including an offer from China to become the highest paid manager in the world a couple of weeks ago which he turned down. Now I share the same sentiment as you that we need a change, and as you might guess, I was one of the die hard Arsene supporter… Read more »

Cliff Bastin

It’s sad really. He gave us a period (even if it wasn’t one whole season) where our lethal one-touch counter attacks where the best in the world to watch. Now it feels like he stayed a tad too long.

Would like to see a Conte + Adams/Arteta (for the dressing room stature) combination with Bergkamp as head of youth because he can’t fly.


When asked what it means “… to take the club to the next level” all he could offer was a litany of past accomplishments. While these are certainly not nothing, the very best he can offer – by his own admission – is what he’s already delivered. But what is really sad is that revelations like those from this interview put past events in a different light. Where he may have enjoyed the benefit of the doubt earlier that is questionable now. His accomplishments and (apparent) loyalty deserve respect – and that they have received in full measure – but… Read more »


Interesting watch.
I’m one of the very few Arsenal fans I know that can keep my distance from a bad result and foul media. I love Arsene.
Whether or not he leaves or stays, I support Arsenal football club. Win or lose, I’m always support whoever manages the team, and the players


I felt the same while watching it. Twitter & social networks don’t help too much as emotions are clearly laid out without taking anything with hindsight. When you analyze numbers, compares them to other teams with more financial power, people will realize the situation is not as bad as it is now. I still believe AW can us a step forward but this will require some painful analysis from big games. I believe we are not prepared enough tactically and mentally for a fight. It is very easy to put down all these in AW but players should be accountable… Read more »


Say what you like about The Gaffer, he never shirks any of this. Would be nice if some senior members of the Board would come out of the woodwork every now & again.

As for Jake Humphrey, what an absolute tool. You think he would talk to Jose or Fergie like that & get away with that? Think even Klopp might put one on him.

Time for a change this summer, certainly. But wouldn’t it be nice if the current manager was treated with a bit more respect. By everybody…,

Northern Gooner

I hate to say this as I love and admire Arsene Wenger. Modern day Arsenal wouldn’t be the same without him and he has carried the club as far as he possibly could and most certainly further than anyone else would have. Having said that, Arsene needs to do the decent thing now and leave at the end of the season, Announce it now so the players have a chance to do him proud in the games that remain. I also find it odd that the Alexis row was leaked so quickly. Usually this things emerge after a long time,… Read more »


Excellent interview. I liked that he pushed hard, makes for a refreshing change.


what a man. thank you AW for giving 20years of your life and some of the best memories I have. I truly love AW.. I would love you to stay, I would love you to win the league again, to win that championships league, to have it all. But you live and die by the sword, and unless AW has a massive change of well everything and clears out the dead wood and nearly good-enough plyers… freshens up the coaching staff, (I would like to see some invincibles)…. and goes on an absolute spending spree and gets us 2 or… Read more »


AW is a great manager and a good coach but its time for Arsenal FC to move on we usually say no player is bigger than the club bcos of one issue or the other I think it should also go the same way, I mean no Coach is bigger than the club & sometimes coaches resigne or r been sacked not bcos they r not good enough but new ideas r ready required to inject belief and positive mentality to the group (team), for that reason it will be honourable for AW to announce that he won’t extend his… Read more »


Please accept my due apologies for my comment, which is apparently considered offensive given the facts (i) it is still “awaiting moderation” and (ii) several comments that were submitted later have passed your review and have been posted. Please note also the qualifying ‘due’. While I find nothing in my comment that is even remotely objectionable, as Mr. Wenger would certainly point out we are all entitled to our own opinion.

If not too late please do NOT post my comment. I will reciprocate by resisting the temptation to visit your site.

John C

Some of the crap this man comes out with is incredible. He talks about taking a distance with one result as if losses to Chelsea and Bayern are isolated results. We’ve lost 4 of the last 6 games, including being heavily beaten by 3 of the teams we’re supposedly competing against, conceding 11 goals in the process. In our last 21 matches away from home against the current top 6 our record is, 7 draws, 14 losses, and 0 (Zero) wins. Total of 7 points from a potential 63 and of course that doesn’t include the hammerings we receive in… Read more »

He's got no hair but we don't care...

We’ve all been used to his stubborn ways for years now and although we haven’t looked like winning the league for a decade, we’ve been placated by the odd cup and finishing above the scum.

However, he’s now pressing the self-destruct button and that changes things. Our best player possibly leaving in the summer, who next? Bellerin, Ozil, and then..?

We stopped having to sell our best players once we were financially secure but if that begins again because they’re fed up with not competing, we’re utterly screwed.


There are a couple of things (in the sea of already spoken ones) to be said. 1. Arsene says, to paraphrase it, “I know what and how much I’ve given and sitll give”. And there is no man on this earth that will question that. But if you are smart enough you put it this way: Is that enough for what has football become these days? Does that adapt to the conditions of modern football? Obviously not!!! And that’s a fact. 2. I will refer to Al Gilmore couple of comments above. We need a couple of seasons of spending… Read more »

John C

Chelsea are still in the FA Cup as well


The only way (90% impossible) for Wenger to stay is eliminate Bayern and win the FA cup. That is the only way for his actions to speak louder than his philosophy. Full stop. Period.

Lula da Gilberto

Very good at deflecting the direct questions on his future. But it is interesting that for a time he spoke of his contributions to the club in past tense. He completely dodged the penultimate question which was the most pertinent. Obviously, I hate how this is filmed to look as gritty and to the bone as possible. I’m sure there are more than a few at BT who would love the idea of Wenger leaving, but they’re irrelevant. More to the point is this, I don’t think he has an answer for the quite reasonable disappointment and disaffection the fans… Read more »

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