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On this day, let us all remember to YARGH!

On this day in 2004, Arsenal won the title at White Hart Lane.

“Quit living in the past!”, I hear some of you cry, but no, no I won’t, because the present is so weird and scary and I was much more supple back then too.

Anyway, on April 25th 2004, Patrick Vieira opened the scoring after a lightning breakaway from a Sp*rs corner involving Thierry Henry and Dennis Bergkamp.

After that, Robert Pires added the second, the TV cameras picking up a delighted “YARGH!” from one of the Arsenal players. Listen below.

Of course the game finished 2-2, hilariously some Sp*rs players thought this was enough to deny Arsenal the title on their ground, as Thierry Henry remembered:

“I remember Tarrico, jumping around and he got a cramp out of it. Celebrating a draw! And I looked at him and said ‘Are you kidding me?’ And he went, ‘Yeeaaaaaaah!’ jumping in front of me.

“I said to him: ‘You do realise we just needed a point at your place to be champions at your place.’

And he was talking, talking, so I said ‘Watch me after the game.’

“I remember, people were saying do not celebrate. I said ‘WHAT?’ I will celebrate. And you will see how much it’s going to hurt them.

“I had to celebrate.They were coming up to me, jumping around like they had won something, so I said, ‘Ok. We were not supposed to celebrate, but now I’m going to celebrate with my fans!”

Stupid Tarrico. So, on this day every year, we remember to YARGH, because the YARGH is good. Pass it on, have a good YARGH with your mates today, it’ll make you feel better.

And if you want to watch the highlights of the game, go right ahead.

ps – YARGH!

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Those were the best days of my life..

Le Jim

That was a young Mesut Ozil.

YARGH, Gunners, YARGH.

Le Jim

My bad, I just realised I’ve unwittingly kinda-plagiarised ‘poly’. Apologies ?


I was behind the goal in the spud section where all 4 goals were scored, with a couple of spud mates. Was amazing as all their fans were happy (fools) at the last minute equaliser so I could still smile openly from ear to ear and (very early camera phone days) subtly take a vid of the Arsenal faithful celebrating down the other end. What a day!

Cliff Bastin

We have won the league more times at white hart lane than Tottenham I mean how is that even possible.




It may be in the past but at least our successful past is in colour.


Let’s win at white Shart lane and end their title hopes once and for all.
And win the F.a cup.
And we’ll end up with silverware even after their best season ever!

Cyprus The Immortal Gooner

Look at that lineup…

a different George

Martin Tyler: “What we are seeing here is what we have seen all season: the sheer class of Arsenal.”


I was there, in the Tottenham end keeping my cool, it was a dream!

uncle D

Ashley Cole is still a cunt! Great Arsenal! Arsenal great!




I’m still baffled as to how the spurs players and fans didn’t realise a point won us the league


If you were going to ask anyone at all to explain the mathematics required to win the title, would you choose a Spud? I wouldn’t rely on them to sit the right way round on a toilet seat.


A fabulous day! Not quite Anfield ’89, but bloody close!

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