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Ramsey admits ‘pain’ over mistake, and his sockless response

Aaron Ramsey says the mistake he made which led to Man City’s goal was ‘painful’ but that he tried his hardest to make up for it as the Gunners looked to hold Pep Guardiola’s side to just the one strike.

The Welshman gave the ball away on the edge of the City box, but it was the first of a number of errors which saw Aguero score. Xhaka and Monreal were caught too far upfield, and Petr Cech didn’t cover himself in glory either.

Speaking afterwards, Ramsey said, “I made the mistake for their goal, that was painful for myself, but I know in these situations that you have to respond to it and you can’t let these things get to you.

“I carried on going and trying to work my socks off, get into position and tackle and you know, ultimately, it paid off.

“It was important to win to have something to look forward to at the end of the season but now we have another seven cup finals to try and finish off and get into that top four.

“We know we’re more than capable of doing that and winning every single game but we’re going to have to be so focussed in every single minute.”

He also reiterated his comments from a few weeks ago about how the players have to take their share of responsibility for poor performances and results this season.

With regards to the manager he continued, “We’ve let him down at times this season.

“But he’s kept believing in us and the quality we have and we wanted to get to the final and now hopefully we can go on and win it for him and for ourselves.

“I absolutely love this competition we’ve been quite successful in recent years and you can see the passion that the players play with.”

Replays show that Ramsey was still wearing socks at the end, but he did play his part in a hard-working Arsenal performance, one that sees them through to Wembley for the final on May 27th.

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Indian Gooner

Ramsey looked like a better player inspite of the mistake(that little moment where his inner Ramsey took over) but definitely improved which was kind of encouraging.


The mistake he made kind of summed up his season really. Just unnecessarily complicated. He should of just popped the ball off, or had a shot when running on to it. To try and take on Yaya there was obviously the wrong decision. Aaron is at his best when he is just doing the simple things. That’s what he does for Wales – simple stuff, just quick passes in and around the box, looking for angles, and late runs. Nothing complicated. But for Arsenal he does try far too much complicated stuff, at the wrong times on a pretty consistent… Read more »


Yes, he lost the ball and, yes, they scored as an outcome but where were our 3 at the back at that time? A simple lob forward and Aguero had no one anywhere near him. At least we learned from that and we’re more disciplined afterwards.

Having said that Ramsey did make another two errors which could quite easily have been punished but then so did Sanchez.

Lack of Perspective

Yeah but he isnt alexis. He isnt allowed to make mistakes. Fuck this guy and his lack of dogs.


If you score 24 goals and give 18 assists I think being given a bit more leeway in terms of mistakes is to be expected

Lack of Perspective

What has ramsey done expect be injured from the start of the season? After a summer in which he stared for wales?

Merlin\'s Panini

I didn’t realise he was in a staring competition as well as the Euros. That must have been knackering!


Got the kind of persona that suggests he’d be jolly good at a staring contest!


He has a dog

Raoul Duke

Why is it always a mistake (individual or a team) that make our players give more and push more. Why not from the first minute?!


I guess that’s gotta go down to the manager and pre-match preparation

Lack of Perspective

Or just a natural reaction to a mistake. Every player even the messis and ronaldos make at least one mistake every game. If the opponents catch you on it, it feels worse. Natural.

We won, and he should feel bad if he made a mistake, but even more proud that he helped the team win.

Some positivity please.

canon 10000

Make no mistake (see what I did there? :P) people have forgotten football is a game for humans and not robots. Even Chelsea made mistakes yesterday and looked liked were going to lose the match. Point is that they won. And point is that we won, too. Wenger was right – people won’t see if he gets it right they will tell him he why wasn’t he right before. Unwinnable position. Easier to let people be.


It shouldn’t take years of dissatisfaction and high levels of fan unrest to try something different

canon 10000

Wenger doesn’t put out a team for fans. He did it because he wanted to give players more security. Don’t take too much credit now.


Lol get a grip


Yes, Ramsey lost the ball in an attacking position. BUT all players will do this several times over a game, and we need to be set up to expect this to happen time to time, and not be surprised by it. That Ramsey made a stray past near their box should not have led to a 1-1 in our box.

Heavenly Chapecoense

Any player can make that error, especially Sanchez who loses the ball a lot then win the game for us. However, for Ramsey’s defensive blunder at West Brom, Wenger has been too nice not to bench him for a long time.


Losing the ball on the edge of your own box is unacceptable, losing the ball on the edge of opponents box when trying to break through opponents defence is to be expected.

canon 10000

Ramsey has had a tough time this season. First the injuries. Then the hare-brained decision making. He has been told off by Sanchez, fans and yesterday even Giroud was pissed at him for not running up for his flick ons. The only way for Ramsey to make it through is to keep his head down, work with Xhaka and keep fighting.

On a side note, isn’t Ramsey a bit light-weight for his playing style?

jack jack jack

Like much of the team, absolutely worked his hole off yesterday. I thought he was brilliant in the middle there, quite obviously not Zidane vs Brazil 2006, but he got up and down very well and formed a good shield with Xhaka.

The mistake was a mistake, but there’s no way losing the ball on the edge of the opposition box should lead to a one-on-one and a goal. In my mind that’s the fault of the players behind him for switching off.

Lack of Perspective



I’ve said this and will keep on saying it – a fit and inform Ramsey is the most Versatile, complete midfielder we have in this team. He can attack, defend, score and create goals. Yeah sure there are times he gets too full of himself, but I’d rather have him like that than the hollow shell he was for 2/3 of the 12/13 season. Injuries haven’t helped him as well. He needs a run of games to really do damage. Oh and it doesn’t help that 80-90 percent of the times he plays without scoring or assisting, fans think otherwise… Read more »

Stringer Bell

Didn’t you also say before kick off yesterday that Wengers team selection was going to cost us.


Did Welbeck introduction change our front 3 or not?? Anyone with half a brain knows a mobile front 3 is needed in a 3-4-3 formation. Guess the truth hurts

Heavenly Chapecoense

He can attack (OK), defend wut?


Ramsey is good defensively. He’s played as a rb and DM for us. He’s also brings balance when he plays on the right.


He drew away a defender for Monreal’s goal. Ramsey ran into the center which created space for Monreal on the flank to volley it in.

His willingness to sprint into the box and the sprint back into midfield to contribute to build-up play is what makes him heroic. It is a nightmare to mark this type of player, and generally mid-fielders don’t do it because it takes an insane engine.

If he leaves Aresnal, I will be gutted despite what people say.He is a true leader in the sense that he will never give up.

canon 10000

Many players sprint and add to build up play. De Bruyne for example is all over the pitch all game long. Ramsey’s recent lack of form and obstinate playing style does colour opinions but to say he is a ‘true leader’ is definitely stretching it. He has not been even 10% of a Modric or Vidal or even Spudsy Dembele or Herera for that matter. Onus is on him to grab this chance and cement his place.


Ever so focussed.


Funny this, there were a couple of zealots earlier denying he’d made a mistake.

Inspector norse

Mistake is a little harsh. Especially on the edge of the enemy penalty box. The mistakes were made by Monreal and maybe GX, there really should have been a third dude next to monreal GX was in good position for a deeplying dictator i think.
It was more of a calculated risk than a mistake. Our attacking players are supposed to attack by the enemy penalty box.
Dont you think ?


The mistake was made by Ramsey as he needlessly gave the ball away. His error was compounded by Shaka and Mono-rail being too high and too slow. It was further compounded by our keeper not making a definitive decision and that fellow playing for the opposition, being world class. At the end of the day Ramsey played a mistake but more than made up for it with the rest of his contribution. The same can be said for all the Arsenal players involved.


Made, played. Stayed, laid, raid, aid…

Inspector norse

Yeah he lost the ball i guess we can call it a mistake, but it is not the mistake that got us one behind. And was it really needless ? He was on the edge of the penalty box facing yaya toure. I guess he could have passed but it is within his ability to go past one single dude. It is rather necessary to actually try to create something to score goals which win games. So on the edge of the penalty box i do not find it “needless” to try to create something it’s par for the course… Read more »

Walcott\'s left footed curl

I saw a comment on Arseblog earlier today, saying that the reaction to Ramsey losing the ball was way to harsh. I’ll admit I blamed him during the game, but, as the previous commentator stated: Surrounded by three opponents right outside the box is a time during a game when it have to be acceptable to lose the ball. If not then, when? Even if it looked a bit reckless at the time, I think in hindsight that we’re to harsh on him. So thanks other arseblog commentator for that insight!


He made a mistake, he owned up to it and, as SullyTaylor says, he made the run into the box that helped make Monreal’s goal.

The formation helps with greater stability in back, and more options to move the ball forward. It’s brought better stability to our midfield, not sure if that is typical with three at the back or not, but it’s helped us.

Not overly fussed about the rest of the league season, but want one more FA Cup win!


I was at the game and right in front of that incident. it was his mistake and I and a few others were very angry at the time but he worked hard to make up for it. Chelsea fans will tell you that if a striker is one on one with Cech then the striker will always score. On another note the City goal that was ruled out, I definitely thought the ball had gone out, when the ball goes across goal Cech knocks the crossbar giving the effect of the ball brushing the net. As no one in the… Read more »


His mistake? Was it his mistake that left us with only Monreal as the last defender? A misplaced pass where he was should never lead to a goal like that. Where was everyone else?! Why was this Ramsey’s responsibility?


I hope it wasn’t too painful beacuse he makes similar mistakes in every game I’ve seen him play. I’d hate to think that he goes through life in constant agony


Mistake or not, how about we actually have a guy who goes out on the pitch, actually performs week in week out and doesn’t make us have zillion conversations going on for couple of years about whether he is good enough to play for Arsenal.

I mean – that would be nice.

Talk less do more

Overrated player, please go this summer.

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