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Usmanov: Kroenke bears ‘huge responsibility’ for Arsenal issues

Arsenal’s second largest shareholder, Alisher Usmanov, says that Stan Kroenke must ‘bear huge responsibility’ for the problems at the club, and has suggested that Arsene Wenger should be involved in the process of selecting a new manager.

The Uzbeki oligarch owns 30.04% of the club’s shares, but remains very much on the outside and does not have a place on the board.

He has no relationship whatsoever with Kroenke, whose KSE holding company owns 67.05% of the shares, and he has criticised the American in an interview with Bloomberg.

“I personally, unfortunately, am fully isolated from decision making in the club,” he said.

“All the responsibility for the fate of the club rests with the main shareholder.”

There has been continual focus on the future of Wenger, but very little clarity with the manager unwilling to discuss his plans, while Kroenke has had nothing to say at all.

Usmanov clearly has doubts about the board’s ability to find a successor, and seems to want Wenger himself to play a role.

“Some continuity is needed,” he said. “This includes the need to prepare a successor for Wenger, but in a very respectful way.

“I can suggest that Wenger himself can prepare a successor.”

The Frenchman has often said that he would not be a part of that process, but his input wouldn’t necessarily be a bad thing given that his football knowledge certainly outweighs that of Stan and Josh Kroenke.

Whether Kroenke will respond to Usmanov’s criticism remains to be seen, but chances are he will do what he always does and remain silent.

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Whatever else you may think about Usmanov at least he seems to give half a shit about the football. You can’t accuse Kroenke of caring beyond what effect it has on the balance sheet.


I disagree respectfully. I see this and other antics by Usmanov as mere corporate posturing and nothing more. If he ever becomes the majority stake holder, there might just be more sound bites compared to what we hear (or don’t) from Kroenke – but at the end of the day they are both business men here to make money.

Clock End 20

I’m not sure about that. Kroenke’s made his cash running sports clubs, it’s his bread and butter, so no surprise really that he bought our club to make money.

Usmanov made all his cash in mining and steel, he’s also worth twice as much as Kronke. I think it’s possible he’s interested in the status of owning a successful premier league club, as much as the financial investment.

John C

Kroenke’s made his money in land speculation, sports teams are just something he puts on his land. It’s not a coincidence that he got involved when Arsenal were basically a property company.

a different George

Kronke made his cash by marrying a Walton.


Exactly, one doesn’t make their cash by running sports clubs (especially in the US franchise system). One makes their cash first, then uses that wealth to run sports clubs.


Not here to defend him just make it clear that he made his money long before marrying into the Walton family.


He was a billionaire before the Walton money. Exactly what the other poster said. He was a real estate guy

I wish he was more aggressive owner but no need to disrespect that he worked hard to build his wealth.

a different George

He was, by ordinary standards, fairly wealthy (as was his father), but nothing like rich enough to become a team owner. He was 27 when he married into the Walton family. The major real estate developments all came after that and, indeed, all as a result of that.

Joe Bloggs

Usmanov is a lot closer to an Abramovich than a Kroenke – hence he might throw money at the club to get some glory.

Bendtner\'s Ego

Usmanov made his money by cozying up to a Putin.

Let that sit in for a minute while you think about what that entails.


Yes, but Uzi has a different approach of speculative investing, as opposed to Stans ‘take the money and say nothing’ approach.


Maybe it is corporate posturing…. and maybe it’s not. At least there’s some uncertainty there whereas with Kroenke it’s clear as crystal he’s here for the money and for his son to pick up a cushy management fee for doing fuckall. I have other objections to Usmanov – as I do to any Russian oligarch who has ripped off the people of that country – but I think he at least wants Arsenal to win trophies.


If like Sheikh Mansoor/Abramovich he only wanted a football club to play with he would have by now moved on. Yet I can’t seem to bring myself to believe that this guy is a fan and is here to help us win trophies.

It’s just that he has made a significant investment and is now waiting like a fat cat for Kroenke’s stonewalling to finish. I trust neither and consequently believe that we are caught up in a bad place between two devils.

Sir Henry Norris\'s Brown Envelope

He’s not Russian. The Arsenal is pocket change to him, he is not at The Arsenal to make small change, he wants The Arsenal to be WINNERS!
Fuck off Kroenke and take “Silent Arsene” and his smug “I will tell you when it suits me” grin with you


Don’t forget he usually offers his 2-cents this time of year when the season has de-railed. Mostly always to drive the dagger in deeper, and look like the saviour who is blocked from being allowed to do so.

I trust neither of them.

Faisal Narrage

Not that you’re wrong, but it’s sad that the biggest issue of your statement is that it seems this time every year is when our season de-rails.


I agree massively with this. I think I am correct in saying that Usmanov does have superior wealth to Abramovich at Chelsea, and look where they are now? They’re going to win another title this year which is their 4th? (I think) And they’ve won two European cups in the time we’ve been to the final once and lost. That should of been us. Not them. In 2007 when Stan took over this club as the majority share holder, if he had any desire and bottle to have a successful football team he would of made that happen by now.… Read more »


Stan bought his first shares in 2007. He bought out the Fiszman and Bracewell-Smith shares to become majority shareholder in April 2011.


Yeah – well at that point in 07 he still had his claws in the club.


Your comment is the very first comment I’ll be liking on Arseblog and I’ve been reading this blog since forever!

Most sincere comment I’ve read all day. Thank you.


Thanks Tim


I think it’s a joke that we have an investor like Usmanov who’s worth $12b ($3b more than Abramovic, and double what kroenke’s worth), who actually cares about the club and wants to be involved but Kroenke is freezing him out. All you Wenger out fans, you need to redirect your efforts to Kroenke out, seriously! It’s a fucking joke that this piece of shit can just run our club like it’s any other business he invested in. The man does fuck all, and just takes his dividends each year without injecting any cash in. USA fans, its down to… Read more »


I’ve got news…Kroenke doesn’t listen to fans of his American teams either. Just ask them in St. Louis.


Why doesn’t he just buy another club? Prove that he would be a better owner? He has no track record whatsoever as an owner of a club. Let him buy Sunderland and spend and see how well Sunderland ends up?

I think he’s just all talk

Arsenal Pakistan!

Off topic but Asano scored twice for Stuttgart yesterday as they regained top spot in the German second division with 4 5 games left


That’s a difficult run-in though, 45 games in four weeks.


Usmanov & Kroenke, two billionaires who between them own our club and neither have ever put a penny in to help it. In fact, Kroenke just takes. Be it his 3 million advisory services divided (finally stopped after fan protest) or using the club to finance his other ventures.

Whichever way you look at it, neither particularly cares about the sporting side, just what their bank balance can gain from owning a piece of it.

What I wouldn’t give for a new owner, new blood on the board and fresh ideas.


Usmanov wanted to put in moneu to the club via a financial rights issue. Kroneke just couldn’t be bothered. Why bother anyway, as long as arsene keeps the balance sheet fresh for him.


While the board dont even spend the whole yearly income available, 1. what would you think Kroenke would do if some more millions were added to the famous cash reserves of ours 2. they firstly dont even need financial help from shareholders they just have to keep themselves from taking the money out of the club.
Yet again Usmanov had previously said he would spend his money regardless if he was given a chance to do so via a spot in the board. Funny how he has third our shares and isnt even allowed to do so.


If Usmanov is worth more than Kroenke then why doesn’t he mount a takeover? I would imagine that he could if he wanted to but he probably doesn’t want to be responsible for the day to day running of the club, much like Kroenke.


Like Kroenke would sell his most beneficial club.


Kroenke is a vile passionless leech who only cares about money. If he could make a big enough profit and he benefitted from a sale in the long run he’d take it.


True. But i could see it as a possibility after the Inglewood project is completed. That monstrosity should rake him in millions and millions. Couple that with the chance Arsenal don’t qualify for CL…. Then maybe he’d sell…at a still hugely inflated share price.


Why doesn’t he just buy another club??? Prove himself lol

Masked Gunner

Usmanov is bang on. Kroenke is more Stinky Stan than Silent Stan. He’s only interested in the cash flow, like a slum landlord who doesn’t invest enough in the assets he has. Please sell Stinky.


No doubt the club, players, fans, media etc would be a lot better offbif a decision was made either way. I dont care whether Arsene stays or goes or whatever but enough is enough. Those in power at Arsenal need to grow sone balls and let the people know.
Let us all move forward knowing whats going to happen… atleast a decision lets those anti wenger or wenger supporters draw a line in sand and come together and cheer the squad to top 4 and that FA cup victory.

Sir Henry Norris\'s Brown Envelope

How is Wenger who has less top six victories than Bolton Wanderers going to overcome two top four teams to win the FA Cup?
Kroenke OUT! Wenger, please go while there is still of modicum of respect on your side

Glen Helders Left Foot

In fairness why would Usmanov put any money in when he has absolutely no say in how it would be spent, in fact he has no say in anything which I find absurd considering how much of the club he owns


Why should THE ARSENAL rely on any cunt be it english american russian or chinese putting his money in?

Isnt this what Arsene Wenger has worked for for odd 20 years? To make THE ARSENAL an autonomous independent entity that relies on no fucker’s pockets?

Oh but the other kids (teams) bring their sugardadies and then we win fuck all…

Suck it up then. Bite the bullet. Grind it out. They cant do that forever…

Do we want a football club that relies on its self sustainability or a club that is the hobby of a richman?

Oh No Not Again

The problem arsenal have is unless they start spending the cash on players and wages we will not compete with the big teams. I don’t know if it is down to the share holders or the manager but we need the cash and quick to buy decent players or we will soon be in the championship.

I think football players get paid far too much and the money in football is radiculos but if we don’t keep up with the likes of Chelsea, City and United we will only get the left over players that aren’t really good enough.

Ricky D

In the championship lol do me a favour


I think relegation is a little far fetched but there is no doubt we are regressing at the moment. Money is very important but we spent 90 million in the summer and we are somehow worse.

What the players need is proper coaching and motivation, two things that money can only partly buy.

The whole situation at Arsenal is cosy with no accountability for underperformance, that is our main problem (among several others).

Faisal Narrage

Spurs are ahead of us by quite a distance, and have seemingly improved since last season.

What’s their excuse?


They dont call him silent stan for nothing


Day by day Usmanov looks like the lesser evil.

Winterburn Wanderers

I am under the impression that Usmanov wants to put money in but has been prevented from doing so. Or would do if he were given a seat on the board? More in the Abramovich mould of ‘money is no object’.

Surely this season has disabused most of us of the notion that our different way of doing things – sky high ticket prices and contentment with second best – is in any way better than how our rivals operate.

Cape Town Gooner

Contentment with second best? Haha. I’d kill for second at this stage… ?


The Arsenal cash cow continues to grow fat under Silent Stan.

Every trip made to the stadium is a substantial percentage of my take home wage. I feel like I’m being made a mug of everytime I visit.

Red But Not Yet Dead

How can it be that a shareholder who has a third share of the club be totally excluded from everything. Sums up everything really.

Ally daraja

Problem in arsenal is about payment wages for players is not reasonable compared with other clubs like chelsea,city,man u they pay much money acolding to the performance but for the gooners its not


Dien brought these two so Usmanov would be the generous mainman with the help of businessman Stan. While things were going other way round and he warned us bad things (lack of ambition and lowered goals) will happen the American board had him sacked. DD dismissal was the catalyst of our progression as a club. As all clubs in England kept their upward flow in past couple of decades it seems we stood still (to say the best). Some people may think Wenger was the reason Arsenal became worldwide but the fact is EPL as a whole went through that… Read more »


Perhaps a period of being also rans ,missing out on the champions league etc is no bad thing. As it stands with the club worth 2 billion it leaves available to only the shallowest pool of investors. This club is Londons most successful by miles and it’s most high profile . A new ambitious owner and within two seasons we’d potentially dwarf the clubs in the premier league. Wenger is not the guy for now and that’s a shame but Stan has stymied our ambition for far too long. Its time to hit him where it hurts. In his pocket

Bloody Hair Ljungberg

Who is this uglyass shitbag talking about our owner? Kroenke is the one responsible for buying bests in the world Ozil or Sanchez or Cech.

Corona X

That you Josh?

Bloody Hair Ljungberg

Who the hells Josh. Look at my thumbs btw. No wonder we are kneedeep in shit. With fans that prefer a russian bitch to their clubs owner


I don’t care what his motives are, it’s just nice to see someone call Kroenke out.


Stan couldn’t give two fucks about what Usmanov has to say or anyone else for that matter. We are stuck with the twat until he decides otherwise and that can only be bad for Arsenal football club.
Depressing isn’t it!

Northern Gooner

It’s a sad state of affairs when our hope for a better future for our beloved football club rest on a Uzbeki oligark and an American man uninterested in football

Stuck on repeat...

…And into the void of deafening silence steps Arsenal’s second largest shareholder, Alisher Usmanov. You might agree with him, or maybe you don’t…you might believe he offers the solutions, or maybe you feel he’s something worse…but at least he’s saying something. The board have been beyond incompetent in their handling of the situation facing the club, & for me the problems we have faced start at the top. As for Kronke, in my humble opinion he remains the biggest twat, & his lack of ambition outside of personal fortune is one of our biggest woes. Just not sure that Usmanov… Read more »


Stan does bear some responsibility, but the players bear more responsibility, in my opinion.

They had every chance to win the League last year and couldn’t get it done. They were capable enough but didn’t execute.


Lack of depth in the squad was to blame last year, and when it comes to lack of depth that is down to Wenger who is too honourable and too nice to have great players on the bench and in the squad and not playing. Do you think Mourinho gives 2 sh*ts what the players think of him.

Per\'s Labyrinth

Let’s not let the fact we are disappointed with where we are as a club presently distract us from the fact that Usmanov is a quite possibly a mafia boss (at the very least he almost certainly has substantial links to them), has been accused of a number of serious crimes, has censored journalists critical of Putin causing 60 of the journalists to sign an open letter saying that he was causing them to be ‘cowards’ and has enforced practically a complete blanket ban on any outlets or blogs in the UK publishing findings or allegations about his history. From… Read more »


This read has more resembled the FT today than say a tabloid back page, but fascinating reading.


There is a different between owning a club and at the same time being a fan. kroenke is just the owner(business) and doesn’t give a fuck about other aspects. Any club where the owner is equally a fan, the difference is always there. Honestly, you will never find a club of Arsenal caliber in Europe with many trophy-less years and the manager still remains, regardless how much the manager has contributed to the club.


Of course he suddenly gives a shit now and comes in at a time he can create mischief to elevate his position.



He may look like Jabba the Hutt, but he knows what he’s talking about here.


I’m suspicious of his agenda, but it’s difficult to disagree with any of what he’s said today.


Why doesn’t he sell his shares which he won’t be able to influence anything at Arsenal.

Then buy Sunderland since he really doesn’t care about making money just winning trophies and prove he will be a better owner?

Instead of complaining he’s not allowed to do anything at Arsenal lol


Kroenke out! It’s the only way we can compete on the biggest stage. Dein new that and the board got rid of him. It’s time they accepted their mistake and made amends.

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