Thursday, July 18, 2024

Arsenal 2-0 Man Utd – player ratings

Hurrah, a win over Manchester United and Jose Mourinho makes the mood a little lighter.

Second half goals from Granit Xhaka (via the back of Ander Herrera) and a thumping Danny Welbeck header got us the three points – read the report and watch the goals here.

Here’s how the players rated today.

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so happy, fantastic


Good win!
Not sure about Gibbs as lwb, need to either replace him with Monreal when Mustafi comes back or move Ox to the left and bring Bellerin in on the right.


I agree man, he doesn’t really do anything wrong but something about his safe passing irritates the shit out of me. It comes to him and you just know it’s going back the way it came.


I agree. His crosses leave a lot to be desired as well.


Not convinced either, feel we lose on attacking options. Maybe answer is to train Iwobi in same way as Ox?
Would you really bring Mustafi back? Preferred our back 3 as it was. Holding can actually pass, tackle and head.


For the love of god DO NOT put Ox on the left.
It makes no, absolutely no sense to put your best crosser of the ball on the opposite wing where he cant do that. Please.
He has been the best outlet for the team since the change to 3 at the back. Moving him to the wrong side makes no sense.


I hope Sp*rs have a shit end to the season and we win the fa cup and get top 4. So even in their brightest hour they are still forever in our shadow. COYG


I mean assuming IF we make Top4 AND FA cup win… Then 1) Spurs will get second best cup and avoid St Totteringhams for one season in 2 decades. Big deal. 2) City will get third and no cup. Big deal. 3) Liverpool (assumimng we can even pip them to 4th) will have again missed out on CL never mind the title for 35 years! 4) United even if they win the europa, well its a smaller trophy in Europe not what they once were in CL. And we would have won the Most pretigious cup prize in the land… Read more »

Merlin\'s Panini

Well deserved ratings this week. It’s been such a long time since I’ve felt even slightly upbeat.
Beating Mourinho is a great feeling and one I want to experience more often, whoever is in charge.
I still think it’s too late now for top 4 but we’ll see. There are still some tough fixtures remaining but none of the teams we have left have anything to play for.
If this team starts clicking again we’ll win them all… if…

Xhaka Demus, no pliers

So nice to enjoy a game. More of this kind of effort and performance please fellas


If Rambo gets his shooting boots back, it’ll be like the old days again.
He’s played well today…….occasional mistakes but drives on and keeps his head up.
Oh and…..Fuck off Jose.

David C

Thought the boys played well, ratings a bit low, IMO.

Maybe it’s because ManURE offered such a little threat…

Q Mantis

Mourinho is such a c#nt I don’t care how we played, it’s so fu*king great to take the 3pts and he can f%ck off. Hopefully the same result in midweek coyg.


I laughed so hard after the first goal, and even harder when I saw the replay. United and Moaninho completely deserve to be beaten by such a ridiculous goal. Ramsey looked lively. Do we dare to dream of 4th?

Mate Kiddleton

One game at a time, mate

Art Van delay

Kate, your sister, what’s her number?



Cliff Bastin

Well at least they rested players so that they can lose to Dennis Bergkamp’s Ajax in the final.

a different George

I am hoping that Ajax will be playing Celta Viga. The only thing that would be better than Man United losing to Celta by two at Old Trafford is watching Jose explain afterward how his players betrayed him.

Dan Hunter

It would be funny that they rested their first team in the premier league only to lose in the europa and have no champions league football…


I think the error in that passage of play involving Holding was from Koscielny. It was not a bad pass, the Boss was just not aware of Rooney’s presence. The resulting save by Cech is pivotal and he deserves a 9 IMO. I know ratings are usually high and everyone is less critical when the team wins, but Alexis was awful today. He had a 19 year old Congolese on his EPL debut to deal with and he did a shit job at it. Overall though, it was a great team performance and I’m happy Arsene finally gets the Mou… Read more »

a different George

It was an awful pass. Holding is very talented and very promising and he made an awful pass.


My thoughts exactly. The pass wasn’t great but Koscielny wasn’t aware of what was around him. As for Alexis, even his usual effort and tracking back wasn’t there after losing the ball (which happened a lot as usual). I recall one particular moment when Smalling just went past him and he just stood there


Can we put off criticizing individuals for one day? Alexis put in a shift, constantly drew attention and left space for others to capitalise on. It was a good result and team performance overall.

And we got to hear our fans trolling Mourinho with the “you’re not special anymore” chant. Good times.


Really, this is how I saw it too. Holding should have given his pass a bit stronger, but overall it wasn’t supposed to be as bad as it happened if Bossielny wasn’t asleep. Though I don’t want to blame neither Holding nor the Boss. It was just unlucky moment turned to be lucky in the end.

Dan Hunter

Alexis looked shattered to be honest. After the season he has has, who can blame him?


i honestly think gibbs wasn’t too bad. he seems to be able to get past guys but his final ball is eh


How the fuck is that idiot Coquelin getting any credit for that starfish block, so much more likely to deflect it in or give away a penalty than anything useful coming of that nonsense


Oh yes! He should have stood there watching Rooney have a free pop at goal.
Come on, you’d complain if there was no one rushing to block a shot at goal, not when someone is trying his darnest, especially in such style!

Arsene McLovin

Now I feel like giving him a higher rating just because you’re acting like such a twat


Ox had two assists. Don’t forget his throw-in to Xhaka. Very well thrown.

Come on Celta!


1) Don’t know what some people are watching. I didn’t think Welbeck was anymore mobile than Giroud. NOr did he switch to outside right at all. Just symptomatic of the nonsense people like to believe. That said he was completely the correct player to start against his old employ. He has been guilty of being ineffective last two starts and missing simple golden opportunities. He has the best attributes of both Walcott and Giroud but he has to be more composed. Hopefully this goal will spur him to greater heights. 2) Alexis. Trying too hard. Ran around but picked his… Read more »


I thought the Ox was MOTM. He gets 10 points. Everybody else gets 9 points. The lads played well today, and we beat ManU and we beat the MOUth. I am so fucking happy today.


Agree – Ox far better than MoM awarded on Sky – joke – as is the 8 and the eulogy dished out here.
Highlight was Sanchez lecturing him (Ramsey) after another over complicated attempt when there was a simple ball to be pulled back, especially as his core skill is moving the ball backwards


Ramsey was trying to play in Welback who happened to be in a better position in front of goal, hardly what I would call over complicated.

The Universal

Agree- Alexis gets on my tits when he does that


I just about had Ox MotM too, the crazy statistic is he now has 7 assists in the league, more than any of his previous seasons combined! And to think some people on here wanted him shipped out..

uncle D

10/10 to the fans at the home today! COYG!!!!


Best thing from today was stopping the Twats unbeaten run. Shame we never kicked them off the park like they did us to stop ours.


The thing is why did nt the gunners turn for the games they had previously lost.Anyway its about time the so loses to the fm.So his 25 game unbeaten run has to end.
The gunners have to move on from here and storm to the finishing line.
Even if the gunners cant nail a cl spot,its good because Wenger will be there to make up the nos.
The annual exit at the ko stage is better than to be beaten comprehensively in the qf/sf. It would be too painful to stomach thrashing by the big teams.


A bit flat as a contest, but good 3 points for us, no more Mou jinx and manure is pretty much crappy in attack, aa witnessed throughout this season. I guess our bus was parked better than theirs.


That fucking Coquelin block attempt on Rooney’s shot is worth a 10. It was probably past 2:30am this morning and my eyes were hanging out of my head when I saw this fucking human starfish streaking across the sky on the replay of the shot. Woke me back up because I couldn’t stop laughing at how much I loved it.


That Coq-Block IS the highlight of this season for me


Since moving to the 3-4-2-1 neither Özil or Sanchez has managed to put up consistently good performances. Why is Iwobi in the freeze box? He had some great games in a central role earlier this season.Think he would be cut for the left Cam role. Alexis seems to need a rest anyway. Either Alex or Theo should start at So’ton midweek.


Sorry but Ozil put consistently good performances. He was great yesterday, our best player going forward against Spurs, very solid performance against Leicester, superb against City, goal against middlesbrough…


Iwobi had some iffy performances before being dropped, which normal for a youngster, so I reckon Wenger is protecting him by removing from a team shorn of confidence.


Won a game of football: check

Beat Mourinho and forced him to pretend like he doesn’t care even though he obviously does: check

Ended Man U’s “unbeaten” run of 25 straight draws: check

Scored ridiculous goal via deflection off the cuntiest player on the pitch: check

Gotta call that a pretty good day at the office.


There’s one more thing
Goal scored by a former ‘home’ boy who goes on to celebrate as well: check

Stuck on repeat...

Good game & great result. Thought some of our passing was beyond terrible at times though. So many times we needlessly gave the ball away. Concerning & the second game in a row that this has happened.

Rambo Commando

I was listening to the american broadcast on NBCSN and Lee Dixon brought up an intersting observations about ramsey. maybe others can paraphrase Dixon’s comment better but basically: his running off the ball and his late runs into the box are extremely well timed and tough to defend, but when asked to create from deep in the midfield his decision making and passing can be suspect. i personally think his rating should be on par with Alexis, where both created chances and opportunities, but tinged with a bit of carelessness and contrived play as well. my rating rambo 6.5 la… Read more »


I thought Gibbs was alright. He’s solid and gets forward quite well.


He was ok. But at some point I’d have liked to see Perez running at that young FB. Sanchez had an off day. Not even on the bench – Perez has been frozen out by Wenger despite doing well when he’s played.


Is it just me that thinks the ox is clesrly learning from Sanchez? If he can play like this every week with a happy sanchez playing the opposite side we’d terrorise defences.


You can only beat what turns up, but MU were really poor. Just what we needed to restore a bit of morale.


Our determination to win the match made them poor. Definitely Man United didn’t come to Emirates Stadium to loose, especially with Jose M needing to hold on to his precious pride of not being beaten by Arsene W in any EPL fixture.


Only one great save from Cech? He kept us in the game in the first half with 2-3 world class saves, confident with punching when defending the corners, some good saves in the 2nd half also (Rooney free kick). He is my MoTM. Without him United would score first and we would have fell apart.


Totally agree with you. However, hope somethings good will come out of the MOTM award to Ramsey, bolstering his efforts for the remaining five matches of the current season.
I believe that whenever Ramboo (Ramsey) is on fire, it has positive effect on the rest of the team.


What game did I watch?
I kept shouting at Ramsey all game!


Alexis needs rest, he really does he looked knackered any update on xhaka injury?


I didn’t think Welbz did too much besides the goal but that’s enough. I THOUGHT HE and Iwobi had some great chemistry last season so I’d like to see more of that.

I think mustafi would be good on the right of a 3 in the back with holding on the left and Montreal as wing back.


Can we have a cunttrump card with Herrera, please! It would be a great addition.

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