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Wenger on the win, defensive stability, and top four chances

Arsene Wenger spoke to Sky Sports after the 2-0 win over Man Utd this afternoon. He was in better form than last week, that’s for sure.

This is what he had to say.

How welcome is the win?

I think it was a patiently built win. In the first half the team were a bit nervous but in the second half we had a good spell, took advantage of it and scored two goals. That was the win.

On four wins from five with three at the back

Well it gives us a bit more defensive stability, it’s not perfect but ~I think we’re a bit more defensively focused than we were a month ago and it helps us a bit as well.

A first win over Mourinho in the Premier League

Well, we had many draws as well, I don’t think it’s manager against manager. Sometimes it happens you are less successful against some than others.

A good day for top four. Where does it leave you?

We have a chance. We still need some help but the best help we can get is to win our games.

On his future, do you flip-flop from week to week?

Let’s focus on Wednesday.

Read the match report and see the goals here

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Patrick Ljungberg

Keep going Arsene, and then go. Please.


All things aside, I am really happy for Arsene that he got the win yesterday. It would of been too hard to see him lose to Maureen again. It would of killed me seeing him rub it in Arsenes’ face in the post match presser.

I also really enjoyed Arsenes’ sarcastic little tap on the side as he shook his hand, it was sort of like a ‘thanks for turning up,’ kind of thing.


Yorkshire gunner

In these unstable times, we need a strong and stable defence
– Theresa Wenger


Arsene, head for the beach at the end of the season with those flip flops and let someone else take the helm

George Lane

I am shamelessly Wenger In. I’m Californian, have no family or regional ties to Arsenal as a club, and have been watching Arsenal since 06-07 because of Wenger. I certainly understand why many want him gone, but I’d still love to see him win the league again and perhaps one day the CL.

Cyprus The Immortal Gooner

No shame for your love and support to Wenger. I guess we all love him but some feel that we need a change…


I believe there needs to be change but it should be incremental and at a time when the club is in the champions league or more attractive to top managers and players. For club and XI there needs to be change this summer. I am Wenger In, but only if he strengthens the team during summer. Arsenal fans calling for change just for the sake of it remind me of Brexiters who voted out because ‘we need a change’. We cannot expect progression to be linear always.


I don’t love him, speak for yourself and other deluded ones like you.


And I thought I was the last person on Wenger Island before jumping off this last Marc, kudos to you! That’s as admirable as it is insane.

There’s still a tiny part of me that mutters in some deep dark corner…maybe…just maybe, if next season…he does this… and maybe a bit of that… nah fuck it, Wenger out.


Was just thinking …. when was the last time that this happened in an Arsenal goal? …. scorer : English, assist: English, pass to the player to assist: English! thoughts?

Merlin\'s Panini

Thoughts? Some players are from England, some aren’t. Really doesn’t matter to me where they’re from as long as they do the job.


Probably Chamberlain passing to Walcott or Gibbs to welbeck.. why don’t u look it up if you are curious

Lord Bendnter

At this point in time, my primary reason for wanting us to get into the top 4 is so we can make big signings and keep our big names.


Good win but let us all be happy that fans don’t have a real say on who is the manager. Judging on some comments and their ratings on Arseblog, Wenger would be fired after every defeat and re-hired after every defeat of his successor. I believe that our greatest manager ever has to go and it doesn’t have anything to do with NLD result or Man Utd result. It’s down to lack of progress, lack of playing style, not doing enough in scouting/recruitment department and suboptimal use of club’s vast resources. Why not try to find an upgrade, there are… Read more »

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