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Frustrated Lucas Perez to assess options this summer

Lucas Perez says he’s still eager to prove himself at Arsenal even though he’s been left frustrated by a lack game time at the Emirates.

The Spaniard, who has started only nine games so far this season, also revealed he’s had offers from several clubs, including former side Deportivo La Coruna, and will sit down in the summer to assess his options.

“This season has been difficult because I think I’ve deserved to play more,” Perez told Spanish newspaper La Voz de Galicia [translated by Sky Sports].

“I may not have done as well as others, but if they’d have given me more minutes I’d have produced better numbers: more goals and more assists.

“I’ve spoken to the coach and he admits as much, but he has own ideas and I respect that. I’d like more opportunities because I think I deserve them, but I’ll have to accept what comes my way.”

He added: “I know I can go to the World Cup and that’s what I have to play for. The [Spain] coach has talked to some of my teammates and has told them that he wants to call me, but of course, if I do not play…next season will be very important.

“That’s why I want to end up winning the FA Cup, the oldest cup in the world, and then think seriously about the future.”

“I would like to prove that I’ve got the quality to win things with Arsenal.

“But if the moment comes when I can’t do that anymore, or if they decide to transfer me, there is always the opportunity to go back to Depor.

“I know there are other clubs who want to sign me and my intention is to play in the Champions League. But in the summer we will see if Depor is still an option.”

A dyed-in-the-wool Depor fan, Lucas also touched on why it hurts him so much to be criticised for giving life in London a go.

“People talk about you without knowing you, and that hurts sometimes. I’ve only kissed the badge at one club and that was Depor’s. I never lied or did anything behind their back.

“They could have sold me to other clubs where I would have earned more, but for a smaller transfer fee, and I didn’t accept the moves because it was my home.

“I came [to Arsenal] to try and progress. I think anyone would do what I have done.”

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He should play more


I agree before my head is bitten off but seems to be injured a lot too don’t you think? I rate him and want to see more but his unavailable a fair bit if we’re fair


He has deserved so much more. Has always looked intelligent, skillful and efficient when he’s played, despite never having a proper run of games. Only way I can see him getting a chance is with a new manager. Shame.

Heavenly Chapecoense

He has every right to be frustrated. The team was in a very bad form and he wasn’t even tried as a different option.

Andy Mack

Was that when he was fit?


what about his defence duties? ??


True , he deserves more but after reading his interview I’m starting to admire him more. He is not like the players who always moan about playing time , accepts the situation like a pro . if only I could see him play for arsenal a bit more , always rated him


I hope he stays. IF a new manager comes in Perez will surely get a fair chance. Maybe Perez should also see what happens to the manager situation first. He could be given a new chance by Wenger as well. Actually with neither Giroud or Welbeck performing that well lately and Alexis for me looking better as a striker than winger, Perez could be nailing the striker position in the 3-4-3? He would also fit perfectly as a winger in that formation I think.


I meant Perez could nail the wing position in 3-4-3 with Alexis striker.


If we are playing 3 at the back should revert to a 3-4-1-2 than a 3-4-3.

That way Ozil will be in his best position as well


Obviously they could change the shape when off the ball but definitely worth a go.


We will to start next season with Arsene and Lucas will leave.

We continue our search for the 40 goals and 20 assists a season 100m sprint Olympic gold medallist who is available on a free transfer.

Twas ever thus.


Best comment.


Yeah, not like Welbeck hasn’t been injured and didn’t score yesterday.. and we’re soo getting a new manager next season!!!


Hope he starts in the FA cup final.Thats the least he deserves.Skillfully efficient, and perhaps more importantly, compatible with both Sanchez and Giroud. Hope he starts more often for us if he stays but it looks increasingly unlikely.

Andy Mack

Doesn’t that depend on him getting fit, getting some game-time to be match fit and then staying fit, to be available for that game?

Faisal Narrage

“I may not have done as well as others”

Not true, you’ve done better than most considering the little opportunity given.

It’s one of the big frustrations of Wenger; his favouritism.

I think Perez would be such a perfect fit as a CF for us. But clearly Wenger doesn’t fancy him, like Elneny.


Give the man a few games for fucks sake. He’s done enough to warrant that. He also seems like a good bloke.


He’s also injured all the time. And it’s not his first interview where he’s complaining so I’m not sure if he’s such a good guy.


The whole injury thing started when he was assaulted by an ugly fat idiot from Reading that their Voldemort look-alike manager brought on at the end of the match seemingly to hurt someone. The unlucky one was Lucas Perez. He got over that quite quickly, but even when he played really well he didn’t get chances. He’s better than Vardy and not a weasel-faced cunt, so he should have played more games than he has, but Arsene has favourites and others who don’t get a look in. Unfortunately Lucas seems to have joined Joel Campbell in the latter.


Sorry, but he’s injured for the 3rd or 4th time this season. Does he expect to get straight in the team after a few weeks out? And every time he got a chance and did well, he was injured again afterwards. So he should concentrate on staying fit instead of bitching around all the time. He’s a good player but surely not as good as some people might think. He’s the 2017 Joel Campbell, who is so good that he’s doing wonders in Lisbon.


Yea right but it’s ok for the likes of Ramsey to come straight back into the team even when they play like crap at times and we had wallcot until of recent, it’s just plain old Wenger, He has players he likes and rubbish on the field or not he would play them and bench others

Andy Mack

Ramsey didn’t come straight back into the team, although he was quite quick to get some subs minutes, but we have had injuries in the central midfield area.

Glen Helders Left Foot

He scored a hatrick in the champions league away and was dropped, not because of injury, just another one of the baffling decisions wenger makes these days


So? Walcott has scored 20 goals this season and regularly finds himself on the bench. Have you heard any moaning from him?

Glen Helders Left Foot

Walcott has had 10 years of chance after chance to prove himself and failed, I believe if Perez had as many chances as Theo his goal return would be very healthy and he would contribute way more in general play. Why would theo complain? Nowhere else would he be on such big money and under so little pressure


So 20 goals a season from the wing without being a regular starter is failure but a Hat-trick against the mighty Basel should guarantee you a place in the starting 11 for the rest of the season? All right, mate.

Glen Helders Left Foot

Anyone with any sort of knowledge of how football is played can see that Perez has something about him and has a real football brain, Theo on the other hand doesn’t. Theo scoring 20 goals is brilliant and I applaud him but his contribution during matches is minimal,in some games cech has had more touches than him, he’s a man with blistering pace but doesn’t know how to use it


because everyone can see it he played at mediocre teams until his late twenties and was the 3rd to 4th choice striker on Wengers wishlist in the last summer. It’s so obvious!!!! It seems like you’re the only one with football knowledge. Congratz!

Dan Hunter

Oh please. Theo has been given ample opportunity, especially through extended periods of mediocre performances, all due to Wenger’s favoritism. The same can be said regarding the so called British core players, Ramsey, Gibbs and others. I would understand if Perez had scored a hat trick, was given an extended run and didn’t produce again. But he has been dropped like a stone without warrant. Surely a hat trick is enough reason to start a player, even change ones plans in the strike department. However Wenger doesn’t pick his team on form


Perez played as a right winger against Palace at home and was terrible that day, making no defensive contribution also. That put him out of contention in this position in Wenger’s mind.

I don’t think it’s favouritism. When he was fit enough to start, Alexis was playing as striker, so let’s see now what happens in the last games. He was injured again this week tho.

I think he should see what happens with Wenger first before taking a decision. He deserves another chance, but he’s​ not a irreplaceable player as well.

Faisal Narrage

Even if that is the case, how many times have Theo and Ramsey been appalling in a game, only to start the next one and the next and the next?

Elneny came in, did well, had one subpar game (wasn’t even that bad) and Wenger replaced him with Ramsey (who was even worse) and Elneny hasn’t been seen since.

How do you explain that? Why do some fail and get dropped instantly, and other fail continuously and get chance after chance?

Faisal Narrage

“Does he expect to get straight in the team after a few weeks out?”

Why not? Ramsey and Theo do for the most part.


It’s not true regarding Theo. He was on the bench quite often this season. And Ramsey can be immense if he’s played in the right system with the right partner(s) in midfield. Wenger is trying to find that formula and I’m glad he’s doing it because yesterday you could see again what Rambo is capable of, if fit, confident and in a functional team.

Glen Helders Left Foot

Championing Walcott and Ramsey(2 continual under achievers), good for you, I must concede to your immense knowledge on all matters in association football


lol, if we disagree on a topic you question my football knowledge. Now I know why you’re such a fan of Perez. You’re quite good in whining, too ?

Faisal Narrage

“Ramsey can be immense if he’s played in the right system…”
Now swap the name “Ramsey” with Perez.

Difference is Ramsey has been shit for a long time, but Wenger’s willing to give him chance after chance. Yet not Wenger? You point to Ramsey’s game yesterday, and yet Perez has had more significant performances with less chances.


And Ramsey, like Welbeck, is injury prone. I think there is a question mark over whether Perez is injury prone, but he needs to play more for us to be able to answer that question. And I’m sure we’d all rather Theo was a success, he seems like a nice bloke and will forever be remembered for the stretchered two fingers against Spuds, but my heart sinks when I see him in the starting line up or coming on as a sub.

Faisal Narrage

I do not care how others perform on loan. Not like we have a great history of loanees anyways. I care for how they perform HERE. Campbell performed great for us here. He could be shit from Frankfurt to Lisbon for all I care, so long as he plays well for the Arsenal, that’s all I care about. And he did. Also Perez wasn’t injured for most of the first half of the season yet barely got played either. The fact he was relatively injury free most of his career then came to us and got stroke with arsenalitis is… Read more »


Perez was out for 6 weeks from mid October till the end of November.
And yes, Campbell performed well, Perez did too. But not that good that you would want to start them ahead of others.

Faisal Narrage

And how many games has Ramsey performed well all season to warrant constant starts? Or Theo? Not that good for them to warrant to many chances either.


Only a fool would deny that he has been treated unfairly. I understood at the beginning of the season when the Iwobi – Ozil – Theo combo were on fire. Iwobi started to drop and yet wenger didn’t try him out. Lucas and Alexis would’ve been a superb pair. There were times where a front 3 of him, Alexis and Theo/danny would’ve done the trick, but Wenger still wasn’t brave enough to take risks. It’s sad that he gets called a flop by some…I’m confident he would’ve gotten us at least 12 – 15 goals in the league with a… Read more »

Lord Bendtner

If he leaves this summer, I wouldn’t mind because I would rather see him playing regularly elsewhere than warming our bench. And he has the desire to play and is desperate to get into that Spanish national team. He’s clearly not a player who’s just playing for the money. At the end, I think it’s unfair if he stays and doesn’t get to play at all at the Emirates. I think he’s good enough to be a starter in tons of teams and he rightfully deserves that.
If we sign another striker this summer, I don’t mind him going.


I would have Perez in more .
I believe he was unlucky this year cause when he was close to a run of games, injury struck……. Watch him next season, I think he will be a more regular starter.

dr Strange

He’s a class act. He should be a regular based on his performances when given a chance. I can’t see anything in Walcott that’s better than Lucas except maybe running fast in a straight line. He’s better than Welbeck to so he should get the nod when fit. Feels strange that Wenger ain’t using him. Feels personal.


Welbeck has scored a hat-trick in the CL too for us. As this seems to make you a wonder striker acc to some people here. Why do you think Perez is better than him? Welbeck is faster, stronger and better with his head.

Faisal Narrage

If that’s all you look for to conclude if someone is a great striker, then I hope you’re not an arsenal scout.

If you are, you’re probably the one that recommended Sanogo, as he ticks all the boxes you just mentioned.


Take out Ramsey put Lucas in

Crash Fistfight

I can see both sides of the argument that seems to be in effect here.

On one hand, Perez hasn’t done much wrong when he has played, and I do think he has deserved more chances. On the other, he hasn’t looked that amazing that I’m livid he hasn’t been in the team.

I think what’s being exhibited here is the Diaby effect: a player’s abilities are directly proportional to the amount of games he doesn’t play. For example, Wilshere got to the point he was better than Maradona, and now Santi is the Second Coming.

Glen Helders Left Foot

I fully agree with the Diaby effect but I don’t think anyone is claiming that Perez is the new Messi, from what I’ve seen of him I believe he has deserved more game time especially seeing how shite some of our players have performed this season

Faisal Narrage

No one at all is claiming he is the answer to all our ails. What we’re saying is there was (and possibly still is) a prolonged period of when our striking options looked shit. Giroud was off-boil, Sanchez for whatever reason decided wasn’t a striker anymore after impressing as one, Welbeck is decent but returning from injury and has never been the most prolific of strikers, we were clearly in need to try something. Wenger himself said he “tried everything” but that simply wasn’t true; he didn’t seem to want to try Lucas even when he was available. Fact is,… Read more »


Whilst I agree that he does not seem to have got the starts he deserves based on how well he’s performed when he HAS played, I find it odd that in this interview he’s totally failed to mention that for past few weeks he’d been injured, so unavailable for selection anyway (unless AFC are lying about that?).


He got injured at key times when he looked like maybe having a few breakthoughs… doesnt help


Another Joel Campbell, perform better than Iwobi and even Walcott, but still didn’t have the chance to play and sometimes didn’t even get in the bench.


He’s been injured at least 9 times.


This is a fucking joke, Perez should be playing. End of.

Samuel Ogungbayi

I suspect Berlingoon is one of the “Wenger knows best” members.How can an objective person be dishing out comments to justify why Lucas was shut out by Wenger ? He is not the first, Poldoski was frustrated out even when Wenger told the whole world that he was” the best finisher” in the team .He praised Campbell and said he had nothing to add to his playing style technically. He also praised his work rate ,but he was not giving him playing time when Theo ,Ramsey and the Ox were off form or injured .Fans complained about his ill treatment… Read more »


he has become the latest joel campbell played well when needed but never played when fully fit now welbs is back he will be gone shame i think he has it for AFC

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