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Injury, not mad decision, rules Cech out of FA Cup final

Easier on it emerged that David Ospina would play in the FA Cup final.

It seemed as if it were another one of Arsene Wenger’s odd goalkeeping decisions but it seems that the truth is more mundane.

According  to the Guardian, Cech picked up an injury in training and is said to be devastated at missing the game.

It certainly makes a lot more sense than dropping an in-form goalkeeper. As it’s likely to be Ospina’s last game, let’s hope he goes out a hero.

Vamos David!

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Where the haters at?

Hear, hear

I’m here. Couldn’t they release both pieces of information at the same time?




Just heard conflicting reports that he’s actually fit so…..


Me too Frank, I also heard through a friend of a friend of a friend of a friend of a friend that he’s actually passing on the Final tomorrow to go run a 5K in London. Can you believe that?


Go and read any of the articles on it, even the Guardian, who this story quotes, changed their story to say he was actually fit

Kwame Ampadu Down

All the do-gooders will queuing up to apologise to Frank now….right?

La Défense

Can’t believe the hate. Ospina is a great fucking keeper.

Kwame Ampadu Down

So thinking one goalkeeper is much better than another is ‘hate’ these days ?


I was referring to the Wenger hate mob!


The sad thing is that Wenger could have actually made the decision based on his own logic.

The fact that we all made the same assumption just shows the boss’s increasingly flawed decision making. Love the guy but he needs to win the cup get an amazing send off.


Desperately scrapping the bottom of the barrel there.


Anyone wanna get injured?


We now have a pretty strong team of 11 who are out injured, or are somehow being patched up for each game. Worrying stuff.

Gabriel, Koscielny, Mustafi
Oxlade Chamberlain, Santi, Zelalem, Gibbs
Perez, Reine-Adelaide

Win the cup, then put your legs up boys, and lets start next season fresh and injury free.

Gunner in Canada

Ox is starting, Cech on the bench


At least the game will be played tomorrow. A couple more days, and we’d be looking sternly into reserves to replace all senior players out in the meantime.

lovely arse

Better choice anyways… in case we go to PKs..

La Défense

Absolutely! Cech is shite at penalties. Watch as Ospina puts in a hero performance tomorrow. Arsenal fans just can’t be happy sometimes no matter what. The cribbing is getting tedious…


By this rate, there’s a good chance we might see Bould again in the back 3.

Goonerest Gooner

Ridiculous decision from Wenger…Sorry, I mean the injury gods.
Reading the comments on the previous post, it’s amazing to see how quickly people jump to conclusions.




With our back line down to the bare bones, one thought I really can’t shake right now; Koscielny, I love you, but you really were an absolute stupid wanker on Saturday.

David C

considering it turned into a pointless game on Sat too.

I’ve got Bonnie Tyler’s I Need A Hero on repeat!



Ospina proved to be a quality keeper despite not regularly playing so why do we want to get rid of him?? Surely he is a great back option if he is happy with that role

Shere Willpower

Problem is.. he is not happy with that!


Because he has repeatedly said that he’s far from happy with this role and because there’s a certain Pole in Italy who’d like to come back home now.

Kwame Ampadu Down

In your opinion, he’s proved to be quality. In my opinion (& I know a lot of Gooners who agree with me) he hasn’t.
Anyway, good luck to him tomorrow !


He wants to be the 1st choice and he deserves it


We have a much better keeper in Szczesny who hopefully we will bring back

La Défense

Chesney is tripe. Sell him to Wolfsburg.

Kwame Ampadu Down

Ah, so ‘hate’ is your thing. It’s actually people having different opinions to yours that’s the problem


That’s the right attitude to the story. When I read stuff like that, first thing is to seek out the plausible reasons before drawing conclusions about Wenger’s state of mind or sobriety. Some fans couldn’t just wait to jump on the bandwagon of Wenger being mad or sentimental. It will be hard for Cech to take. But if he is injured, Ospina is capable as replacement.


That’s a good observation in the hindsight.

But you can’t blame us for being mad at that point. Coz Wenger has a history of picking the back up keeper for the cup finals like Fabianski, Szczesny.
And there wasn’t even a slight mention of Cech’s injury in news or the manager’s press conference. So that was the natural conclusion. Even blogs was pretty upset.


* “some fans” and that twat merson….i am sure people would be willing to crowdfund to keep him off air

Julio Baptista

VAMOS CAMPEON – let’s get it!!!!!

Kanu\'s Big Toe

The Guardian has edited it’s story on this to say dropped. Cech suffered a knock, fit again, now on the bench. If true, absolute madness.


Well, the stars are certainly not lining up in our favour are they..

Stuck on repeat...

Prefer to take the view that everything needs to be in balance…you’ll always have a mixture of good luck & bad luck. We just seem to be getting our bad luck out of the way early, which is both fine & good. The only day we actually need to have the good luck is on game day, & so far we haven’t cashed in any good luck. Ospina will be just fine. COYG we can do this, & how sweet it’s going to be : )


You’re absolutely right. Our good luck will all come at once during the match tomoroow. Watch – Costa and Hazard will both get sent off in the first minute, Courtois will score a hat trick of own goals in the next five minutes, and then a time warp will change the clock to 96 minutes and we’ll win the cup.


Or are they?????

It’s a funny old game!


Bob\'s Mexican Cousin

If stars had anything to do with it Mourinho would be sweeping toenails in a North Korean beauty salon



Well, the summer’s almost here. Let’s steal this game with Bramall, Lucas and Inanimate Carbon Rod (the latter on pain-killers)! To be completely serious, the pressure is completely off us now. Not even Conte can call us favourites.

…then we can get on to feeling rotten about the lack of activity on the market. Or hope for a change. (Yeah, right!)


This is true!


Inanimate has a ban for nutting Mike Dean at a brothel they both frequent.


I can see where this is going. I think the team tomorrow will be:-


************Sir Chips****Wenger****Gazides***********





The Real Doctor Strange

I’d reread the David Hytner piece again, Blogs.

“Petr Cech has been dropped by Arsène Wenger for the FA Cup final against Chelsea on Saturday and David Ospina will make a surprise start in goal. Cech is devastated by the decision. It was thought that he suffered a slight knock in training but he is now ready to take his place on the bench.”


Yeah it changed it


Talk about falling over the finish line.


RIP our defense, need a shit performance from Chelsea to win the game tomorrow. But most likely won’t happen. At least we aren’t hurt because we have no expectation tomorrow.


That’s the spirit. With brilliant support like that, how can we lose?


Just the ultimate for Ospina, no? Final game for the Club, the last time Wembley will mean something – before it’s irrevocably and irreversibly tainted by cocks, winner takes all … c’mon … we’ve all dreamt of be being there! Fuckin go get em David!


So guys I need a reason to believe we can win tomorrow, besides randomness in football (which is actually not that randomness).


Only if all Chelsea players eat some eggs with salmonella for b-fast 🙂 otherwise, not many reasons to be optimistic with a has been manager of ours with no winning mentality in him.

Downvotes start in 3,2,1…


It’s funny. Just a month ago you would’ve gotten so many upvotes

Stuck on repeat...

Simply because: We ARE the Arsenal!

Kwame Ampadu Down

Guardian have now changed their story to say Cech has been dropped. In a weird way, I hope he is injured. I really hope arsene hasn’t made this decision cos if he has, it’s idiotic.


This has become way beyond ridiculous, even for Arsenal standards. Let’s hope the healthy lads do the job they’re capable of.


Szczensy on the bench?

Teryima Adi

Waiting with bated breath…


How quick people are to think the worse. Says a lot about them.

IF Ospina so be it. It may well be his last game for us so let him bow out in style.

He’s not good commanding the box so we will have to watch their set pieces and Costa. Perhaps in that respect, Metersecker may be helpful.

But he is IMO a better reaction keeper than Cech so he has some very worthy merits to bring.

Northern Gooner

The Guardian has now changed back to the Mad decision story.


It truly is a mad decision. My God. Ospina cannot catch.

Terry Neill - never again

Three consecutive cup wins and our goalie plays his last game for the mighty Gunners. COYG slay the chavs.


Funny cos I could swear I saw BOTH Koscielny AND Cech in the last training session. Maybe Cech got injured after that but what we Koscielny doing?

Cunning ploy by Wenger?Hehehe


Hold the press. Arsenal in crisis story.

Except, unfortunately, it’s a bit true.

Bruce Lee

Shouldn’t that say earlier?

Santi Cazorla\'s nipple

Why are we so certain Ospina is leaving? Isn’t that what everyone said last summer? Would love a link to a report

Original Paul

Don’t worry folks, the Metro is reporting that Chelsea are reverting to a back four… :-/


Fuck it. We are going to absolutely destroy them tomorrow. 4-1. Have faith. Support! COYG!!!


Ospina, please play it safe. None of this passing it backing forth to the defenders under pressure, please! He’s a fine shot stopper, but doesn’t have the best judgment.


Ospina is better at saving penalties than Cech. Arsenal to park the bus for 120 minutes, ospina to save 3 penalties and win it. Brilliant management. Wenger forever.

not so fed up

Wow how did we end up in this mess, I seriously can’t believe how the defensive part of our team has been decimated in the space of a week!!!


I heard someone broke his arm in order to escape a Nazi football match at half time.

Emperor Arséne of House Wenger

It said injury scare in the article. I hope it isn’t bad.


According to the Guardian, Čech is okay now, which would mean that Wenger isn’t.


hahahaha it actually was a mad decision

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